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Who experience MTF Or know any Transgender

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Hi im jacob Im thing About My Gender And Im curious is there any people who experience Transgender Thing If anyone have it Reply to this topic¬† Thx And im sorry If i made Someone Uncomfortable¬†ūüėĀ¬†Peace ūüėĆ

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Jackie C.

Um, basically all of us? It's kind of what this community is about.



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Susan R

@Jacob Add me to that list! <kidding>  yeah!  you’ve hit the jackpot if you’re trying to locate a group of transgender individuals.  We all have our own yet similar stories with details being a bit different but we are all here like you searching and trying to get help along our journey.


Susan RūüĆ∑

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Carolyn Marie

Hello, Jacob.  There are forums that could help with your question; specifically this forum, the Transgender Issues forum and the Hormone Replacement Therapy forum.  I seems as though English may be a bit difficult for you, but Google Translate or similar programs may help.  Please continue to ask whatever questions you want.


Carolyn Marie

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Hey Jacob! Me too. Which is to say I'm early in the transition stage, but transitioning away from cis-male to almost female (or something in the middle).


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8 hours ago, Jacob said:

Transgender Thing


Not real sure what you mean there, but as the others have said, we probably know much more than any of us would have dreamed about wanting to know. 

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THANK U Guys for so much support and im try my best to find a way to get my answers ūüėĄ

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    • JustineM
      That first time is SO amazing and affirming. 
    • Jani
      Hi Sarah!  Another older member here.  Welcome.     Me as well.   As Kathy noted, I also could have written your intro.  You're not alone here.  I understand it scary to admit this to yourself but its all part of the process to gaining freedom in your life.     Please join in the conversation.  There are a number of us music lovers and a few sailors as well.  You're in good company.   Cheers, Jani 
    • The Viv Element
      That's totally understandable, but you came to the right place. Some might say that reaching out for help in gender questioning is a milestone so be proud of yourself  next step is identifying yourself and the lifestyle that goes with it so you feel more like yourself, I hope you find the answers you seek!
    • KathyLauren
      Hi, Sarah.  You have come to the right place.   Your story is very, very familiar.  Except for the kids, I could have written it myself.  I was 61 when I was where you are now.    If you can, I would recommend that you see a gender therapist.  They will be able to help you figure out what you want to accomplish and how to get there.   Regards, Kathy
    • SarahVA
      Thank you Viv!  It was hard to write, it's all kind of scary actually.
    • The Viv Element
      Also you look great for someone your age!¬†ūüėć
    • The Viv Element
      Hi Sarah! Welcome to Transpulse forums ¬†Thank you for sharing your experiences because most importantly these experiences¬†help the gender questioning peeps out there to see a clearer version of themselves when they realize others are going through the same thing¬†& never hesitate to open a post for any questions you might have down the road because that's what we're here for ¬† ¬† Goodluck on your Journey Sarah!‚̧ԳŹ
    • Cyndee
      Nice Dakota, thanks for sharing here, and good luck !!   Cyndee 
    • SarahVA
      Hello everyone.  Just  joined so I thought I would try to do some sort of an introduction.  I am not very good at these things.  First off, am older (64) identified male at birth, and I guess best descriptor right now would be MTF questioning.  I have felt for a long time that I am not quite right as male.  This is probably a story that most have heard before.  Sarah has been kept in a box for many years.  When little I knew I preferred being a girl.  Back then there was no "gender identity", even transgender wasn't something anyone talked about or even knew anything about.  So I liked girl things and just felt that was what I wanted.  Of course, didn't go over well, got punished, got the "boys don't do that" lectures so that's what I did, boy stuff.  Except for some playing "house" with a friend who wanted a sister, pretty much pushed it all away, figured I was weird or it was a phase.  Put Sarah in a box and kind of nailed it shut for many, many years.  Did all the "right" male things, scouts, military, married, kids.  Sarah would peak out now and then, but basically didn't think about it much, or tired not to.  Fast forward to the internet and I was able to see there were others out there and then started doing some dressing as a woman now and then.  Started with crossdressers but that didn't really seem to describe me and how I felt.  Dressing wasn't a stress reliever, or anything sexual,  it just seemed to be me.  Well fast forward a few more years and now it is more and more  emotional and feeling that it's just not me as a male.  So just trying to figure things out and make some effort to balance it all out.  Hope that wasn't all too long winded.  Thank you.  Sarah
    • Jackie C.
      Neat! So you've got kind of a Hugh Jackman thing going on now? All growly and gravely?   I'm a little jealous honestly, I wish hormones did jack-all for MtF voices.   Hugs!
    • Dakota16
      Hey everyone!   I've been away from here for awhile. Adulting and work have pretty much dominated my schedule over the last several months. When I do have time off, I've tried my hand at writing. My first book comes out on March 17th, and I'm so excited to get a new part of my life going!   I also have a smaller book that's part of an LGBTQ+ author promotion for the month of February. Feel free to check it out with the link below! My book is called Rebuilding Christmas under the pen name Lizzie McCord   https://books.bookfunnel.com/lgbtqfebruarygiveaway/41zv7v6ajn
    • VickySGV
      Not really the case I am afraid.  I had largely been ignored as my male self for some good reasons I may add.  I was simply the dad of two children who were important to their youth program.  If I had simply tossed the kids out of the car on Sunday mornings I would not really have been missed.  They began to cautiously get to know me over a the first two years, but I felt more like sticking my neck out as I Transitioned.  My longevity was a matter of space occupation not really anything more.
    • Jani
      I use an Apple MacBook Pro and have no issue.  When you say it won't connect, does it just take forever and never load or is there some other indication?  Jani
    • TrIIIy
      Week 4, and my voice is different today! Definitely a bit deeper and a little bit scratchy. So excited!
    • Jani
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