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Strange question...


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So I have been following some amazing people on YouTube and I've been doing a lot of research. But one topic I seem to have a hard time finding information on is... ARM HAIR!


What, if anything, have other girls done about your arm hair during your transition? 

My arms have a dark brown colored hair that is VERY obvious. And it's one of the things I can't stand about my body.


Thanks in advance and tons of luvz!



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My arm hair, like all my body hair, got thinner and lighter after being on HRT for a while.  There are still a few hairs there, but not many.  If I find one catching the sunlight, I'll get it with a razor, but mostly I ignore it.


Like all things HRT, your mileage may vary.  And to a large extent, it depends on what you started with.




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1 hour ago, Juelie_Atlas said:

What, if anything, have other girls done about your arm hair during your transition? 

HRT has really done a number on my arm hair.  It’s amazing too considering I had long curly blonde arm hair.  Now it’s all but gone with very fine shorter hair...it’s truly a miracle if you ask me.


Back in the beginning of my transitioning, I found a YouTube video done by a girl who had the same problem as I had with arm hair.  I didn’t know whether HRT regimen would do it but I couldn’t go out in public without long sleeves.  She recommended using electric hair clippers along with a #1 (the 1/8”) attachment.  So I tried it first with a #2 (the 1/4”) attachment.  Much better but still slightly noticeable.  Then I did it using the #1 that she prescribed.  It was perfect.  Looked like short peach fuzz and totally passable as female.  One important note the girl in the video said was to never to use the clippers without at minimum a #1 attachment because afterwards it will feel like a man’s face with a five o’clock shadow.  I never cut it with anything else other than her prescribed #1 attachment after that.


After a few months of trimming this way, I found myself needing to trim less and less. Of course everyone is different and HRT affects people differently.  In my case, it reduced mine considerably.


Best of Luck,

Susan R?

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Right now I just shave my unwanted hair.



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I to have noticed a change in all body hair to a finer and slower growth.  I can not boost having less though and I need a weekly shave down of "everything".  

I have only been on HRT for 3 months so I am hoping with prolonged use my hair situation fades away.

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I use my electric clippers with the shortest cut attachment. It keeps the hair from being so obvious.


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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. That was one of the big topics that bother me about my body. 


Dysphoria sucks.... Lol ???

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Ok... So one more body hair topic... Feet hair? Does this do the same? I normally shave my feet when I shave my legs... But still

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    • Willow
      @Heather Nicole thanks. Funny thing about that picture, I as trying to post it with the caption getting ready to go to the beach.  I had changed out of my church dress and I changed my iv because of the wind.   for some reason. Am concentrating so much on getting the picture framed I forget to smile when taking a selfie.     Well, today was Monday.  I had blood work done for my endocrinologist.  The tech got a good vessel, filled the first of three quickly.  I made the mistake of saying she got a good one.  When she switched to the second vial nothing!   she had to switch arms and get three more.  At least that’s done.   Willow
    • Lee H
      HI all, I think 76 is another "unusual" age to start HRT, but that's me. Can't do much about it. I've been on E. for about two weeks. Haven't yet sprouted beautiful B cups, but I'm hoping....   Here's my strategy for living in the "reality/non-reality/hyper-reality" continuum, so far: I'm "transitioning at my own pace, going as far as feels right, and savoring each day, One Day at a Time."   This is the way I'm coping with bizzaro emotions. If I tell myself I'm going as far as ___, total transition? GCS? Boob job? FFS? throat shave? my inner voices [the "Committee"] starts reciting all the bad things I've ever thought about the whole idea, and worrying about all the bad things others will tell me too. But if I say to myself, "Ok, so stop," a wave rolls over me, saying, "Oh hell no. I like how I'm feeling." So rather than pressuring myself to hurry up and get to some feminization "goal," I'm saying to myself, "Maybe I'll call it all off tomorrow, but I'm not going to do that today. I like the way I feel." That's how ODAT works. ~~Hugs, everybody, Lee~~
    • Carolyn Marie
      OMG, thank you all for the squirrel pics and stories!  Jandi, I was laughing out loud with that video.  Absolutely amazing and charming antics and I was so impressed with Mark Rober's skills and ingenuity.   My feeder also has a dome, and I took away most the squirrel's launch points, but they now launch from a tree about 6 ft. away, directly onto the platform base.  I've also tried commercial chemical sprays, but there are too many approaches to the back yard and they just jump over or around where I put the stuff.  So its basically get rid of the feeder or put up with the squirrels.        Carolyn Marie
    • MaryMary
      I've read your post. I just want to mention that I think your posts here are always interesting and your input here is really appreciated. It's great to move on if it's something that sounds right to you. I know that myself I will always concider myself trans. mainly because I suffered from having the impression that I was alone like this when I was young. I *WANT* my kids friends and people at work to see and know that I'm trans and happy.   Good luck for everything to come, you will always find interested ears and empathic hearts here
    • Dana Michelle
      It seems like it is unusual to start at that age. It seems like most people transitioning start either under age 25 or over 50.
    • DragonflyGirl
      I never had a sweet tooth. Now I'm like a kid for anything sugary and strawberry flavoured. My taste for beer gave way to red wine, then to strawberry and lime cider, which for some reason seems to amuse my friends at the pub!   Also, I never used to like baked beans very much, now I absolutely love them. Milder varieties of curry are much tastier to me now as well. I'm not sure if my tastebuds are more sensitive or just different.
    • Sally Stone
      Shay, ours wasn't that talented.  Just a single hole initially.  I kept thinking he should have been more creative.
    • Sally Stone
      Hi Jack.  Welcome to Trans Pulse.  It is so great to meet you.
    • Sally Stone
      Hi Anna, I hope you can find the answers you are looking for.  In the meantime, I have to tell you that the fact you are trying to educate yourself for your spouse's benefit says what an amazing person you are.  Welcome to Trans Pulse.  
    • Shay
    • Shay
    • Sally Stone
      We have one that just ate through the husk of a pumpkin and then proceeded to eat all of the meat from the inside.  When he was finished, our pumpkin looked like a cyclops with one big eye.  The squirrel has been back to the scene of the crime every day to take more and more of the pumpkin away.  No doubt he is stocking up for a long-cold winter. 
    • QuestioningAmber
      Good afternoon,   It's a little late for coffee for me, but still nice to sit and gab for a minute. Fairly productive weekend, my mom played middle man between her side of the family that we weren't sure about and came out for me. It turned out well, they said they would still love and try to respect me, they may fumble with some things they did say, which I don't expect perfection. I still need to take care of two of my aunts on my dad's side and then I think I am done for the family that is going to be told directly at least.   I just got done scheduling my support groups and decided I am going to try to do a socially distanced Monopoly game. It is going to be done via Zoom, and I think it will be interesting if nothing else (I already gave full disclosure to anybody who signs up this is an experiment). I also think I found a cute outfit I am going to wear tomorrow to my trans support meeting, though it is still digitally held, I like to feel cute and look cute. I guess today just has been a nice day.
    • Jackie C.
      Not completely outside the realm of possibility. My therapist told me about a trans friend who it turns out was actually intersex. They discovered a uterus and ovaries when they went in for the vaginoplasty and just hooked everything up more-or-less correctly. She had her first period at forty.   As for the doctor's office conundrum, I come clean right away. It's legal to refuse me service for being trans where I live so one of my first questions with a new doctor is, "I'm trans, is that going to be a problem?"   Hugs! 
    • Bri2020
      I had a terrible few days and a good experience because of it.  I developed an extremely painful thrombosed hemorrhoid that made me miserable since Friday night. I got to see a surgeon today just as the pain started to become bearable.  While there, I was addressed as Bri by everyone and when the nurse was asking me questions asked when my last period was.  It took me by complete surprise and I was trying to figure out the right answer and she was like, has it been that long?  Too which my humor finally caught on and I  responded, I think you could say that.....and finally let her know I was trans so yea, it's been a minute". she laughed and said- oh, I had no idea.  Almost made the rest of the visit OK.  -Almost. For those of you that have experienced being treated as a cis woman in the Dr's office do you come clean or how do you respond?  
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