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Strange question...


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So I have been following some amazing people on YouTube and I've been doing a lot of research. But one topic I seem to have a hard time finding information on is... ARM HAIR!


What, if anything, have other girls done about your arm hair during your transition? 

My arms have a dark brown colored hair that is VERY obvious. And it's one of the things I can't stand about my body.


Thanks in advance and tons of luvz!



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My arm hair, like all my body hair, got thinner and lighter after being on HRT for a while.  There are still a few hairs there, but not many.  If I find one catching the sunlight, I'll get it with a razor, but mostly I ignore it.


Like all things HRT, your mileage may vary.  And to a large extent, it depends on what you started with.




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1 hour ago, Juelie_Atlas said:

What, if anything, have other girls done about your arm hair during your transition? 

HRT has really done a number on my arm hair.  It’s amazing too considering I had long curly blonde arm hair.  Now it’s all but gone with very fine shorter hair...it’s truly a miracle if you ask me.


Back in the beginning of my transitioning, I found a YouTube video done by a girl who had the same problem as I had with arm hair.  I didn’t know whether HRT regimen would do it but I couldn’t go out in public without long sleeves.  She recommended using electric hair clippers along with a #1 (the 1/8”) attachment.  So I tried it first with a #2 (the 1/4”) attachment.  Much better but still slightly noticeable.  Then I did it using the #1 that she prescribed.  It was perfect.  Looked like short peach fuzz and totally passable as female.  One important note the girl in the video said was to never to use the clippers without at minimum a #1 attachment because afterwards it will feel like a man’s face with a five o’clock shadow.  I never cut it with anything else other than her prescribed #1 attachment after that.


After a few months of trimming this way, I found myself needing to trim less and less. Of course everyone is different and HRT affects people differently.  In my case, it reduced mine considerably.


Best of Luck,

Susan R?

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Right now I just shave my unwanted hair.



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I to have noticed a change in all body hair to a finer and slower growth.  I can not boost having less though and I need a weekly shave down of "everything".  

I have only been on HRT for 3 months so I am hoping with prolonged use my hair situation fades away.

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I use my electric clippers with the shortest cut attachment. It keeps the hair from being so obvious.


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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. That was one of the big topics that bother me about my body. 


Dysphoria sucks.... Lol ???

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Ok... So one more body hair topic... Feet hair? Does this do the same? I normally shave my feet when I shave my legs... But still

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    • Dana Michelle
      Is that 15 to 20 hours per month, for the next 8 to 10 months? A total of 15 to 20 hours is very low. I've heard the average transwoman takes 200 to 300 hours of electrolysis to completely remove the beard. I've had 215 hours so far. My cheeks are mostly finished but chin and upper lip still need a lot more work.
    • Heather Nicole
      OMG, Love the cute boots!!! And the outfit!   And girl, I'm envious of those legs! Mine are like tree trunks!
    • Heather Nicole
      Hee hee, I love "Omergerd"!!     As a US-ican, I can confirm that I have Ibuprofen in my cupboard, but have never heard of "Savlon". (BTW, heading into spring and summer now? Lucky!!)   Happy for your happy dance!  
    • Heather Nicole
      Hi Aurora! Nice name!   You sound similar to me! Although I haven't started transitioning (don't believe my profile pic, it's a lie) and I'll only start gender counseling monday, I'm another 6' footer (without shoes), and I'll be 39 in December. And yes, as much as I may miss them, the 80's/90's didn't have the most awareness of this, and I too regret that fact and envy the present-day trans youth. Maybe in next life!   Glad to meet you!
    • Heather Nicole
      Those are cute. Although I can't quite decide which is cuter, the shoes, or the young model's impeccable legs! 😄   With all due respect to his holyness, Tan France, I'm not sure how much I buy into "age-appropriateness" in fashion. I mean, yea, there are times and places for certain things, and not everything works in every situation. But if something really speaks to someone, isn't denying it kind of similar to denying one's gender identity? Maybe one's "age identity"! Heck, my toenail wraps right now are super-juvenile, candy-pink with a daisy and a heart, but I love them! (Although, true, I'm not currently showing them in public.)   I'm reminded of this commercial:   Or maybe it's all just the shopaholic in me speaking  
    • Erica Gabriel
      Our sister, English actress Rebecca Root, has a nice role in this series. Much love to her.
    • Shay
      @JustineM beautiful 
    • Emily michelle
      Welcome Breanna I also feared the insurance company. When I called them originally they said no transgender coverage. I went to my endocrinologist and met with her and they were able to push it through. I have been on hrt for 6 months and have had a mammogram and insurance has covered everything including the majority of my prescriptions. When or if you decide on hrt talk with your endocrinologist. Working in a male dominated field is hard. I’m not out to my union and employer yet. Eventually I will get there hiding is proving harder than coming out.
    • Aurora
      Thank You both.  I am on the Trans pulse discord and just love it there.
    • RunValRun
      Completely understand the "work in progress" part. Websites in general, and forums in particular, are ever evolving 😃   The funny thing was, when I first opened it on my phone, I thought something went horribly wrong with the screen until I figured it out 🤪
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks for the reassurance Jani.    That is my hopes, I would hope the meds wont be much of an issue.  Its just hard hearing that when you finally open to the idea of pursuing this when there is a strong chance of it completely changing life.   I think I have other avenues to take to get the one surgery I want/need.  it will just take time and lots of appointments complaining about issues i have mostly ignored after being told its no big deal.
    • RunValRun
      THAT is what matters 😃🤩
    • Jani
      You will get swelling for a while until the hair gets more slender and your face aclimates.  I used to get quite red with swelling but it stopped after a year or so.  Hang in there and it will be gone in due time.   Cheers, Jani
    • Jani
      Welcome Breanna!  I hope your journey with your wife goes smoothly.  As to insurance, I think that is a common response.  I'm retired but I don't believe my employer covered any TG services.  My current insurance doesn't provide coverage either.  After starting therapy, you may find HRT to be reasonable in cost.     Please join in the conversation. Jani
    • Jani
      Welcome back Aurora!  I'm glad to see you've rejoined us.  Being able to post when we're down and get response is certain a benefit of the site.  Lots of caring people here!  I look forward to seeing you around!  Cheers,  Jani
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