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stand up for one self

Lexi C

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So like many of you I have made no bones of my trans life. I  go out in public , I go to social and friends gatherings as a well, Yet I will occasionally be call him or he.....now here's the dilemma..I will correct the person  on the spot whether it at a bar and the said person is a belligerent drunk or doc office. The dilemma is I will feel super depress for the rest of the day even though I stood up from myself, because no matter how hard I still getting him...Breathing sucks..So when you stand up for yourself what trigger do you use to maintain the feeling of worth and dignity up for suggestions . Trying to be proud, alex

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I’m not exactly sure Alex.  I get mishendered all day long 7 days a week but I still present male in public.  Even so hearing the wrong pronouns chews on me as I know who I am.  I naturally do not correct anyone due to my presentation but I hear what your saying and feeling.  For me it’s self inflicted so I can’t say much.  In other times I do what we all did for so long and hide behind false male self confidence and bravado.   
However depression is tough hon.  It’s a powerful and sometime crippling emotion.  I never understood the depths of depression until I came out.  The inner conflict. It’s a horrible emotion.  
On the flip side pride in yourself and standing up for yourself is almost euphoric as it’s make you feel good about who and what you are.  
I think at some level it’s ok to use that old male shell to protect yourself from such things.  We had to be macho, tough, proud and strut.  Acting like nothing phased us even though we were scared or hurting inside.  Some of those learned actions and emotion eventually became a real part of us.  Use them as they too are a part of you.  
Ok so now you may come off as being a witch with a B but we as women have that prerogative too. Lol

In the end it may just boil down to self confidence in knowing who you are sprinkled with a lot of “I don’t care what they think”.  
Eventually it won’t matter to you anymore as you will solidify your feminisms and personality.  

or like I said earlier. 
Im not sure.  Lol


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Maid In Bedlam

Alex, We gotta make our own decisions Nobody can tell us what to do Keep your eye on the strongest vision as you want to be
The right people in your life will see it too.

You've tired of all the misgendering. You can really see it in your post But regardless You still breathe your still awake But everytime this happens you feel your heart sinking and a little piece of your of your personal utopia dies.

All i can say is many all the same right now and have been in the past. But We have to make it through somehow.

Just try to keep your passion We can all really see your light  shining through
Dont be obbsessed by the people that would do this just because they can.
In your mind you know the truth The world can seem so strange when you get mis represented. Got to admit. I havent been called Sir in a long time but i can still remember how much it use to ching my armour.


Going back to the above. I would believe that reading the situation is the best way forwald. Firstly, Is it worth even correcting someone? Are they your freind or your potential foe? Do you stand or walk? Which theres no shame in. its a kind of Are they worth it? As far as freinds go or people you see on a regular basis. Then maybe a correction is needed. Just so they know the mistake and hopefully correct themselves in the future. If they are not ready to apolosgise then are they really worth your time?

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I agree with Maid about determining whether it is safe or prudent to correct someone.  But aside from that, I can say it will always hurt a little when it happens.  But eventually you will get a tough(er) skin and it won't get to you as it does now.  Remember that in today's environment even cis women get called out sometimes (guys too).  Just focus on being the best you that you can be. 


Hugs, Jani

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thanks ladies...I try to follow the great advice....I keep forget sometimes but ty I really appreciated 

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My job at Starbucks is a struggle. I'm not very passing. My coworkers are all very sweet, supportive amd respect my pronouns. But I get misgendered by customers quite a bit. Sometimes it really throws me off and I find myself dwelling on it for the rest of the day. 


If the customer is old, foreign, or has otherwise been very respectful through the transaction, I try to just let it go. I don't want to cause a scene or draw unwanted attention. But I've been getting better at calmly correcting people when they misgender me... 


I dunno, it's a struggle.



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Toni I forget you have such and interacting job. Heck I don't know how you do...but thanks for the advice

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    • Shay
      Thank you and crew
    • Charlize
      I always get a giggle about the menstrual cycle or "are you pregnant" questions.  I could only wish?   A few other odd questions:  "What's your relationship with the other woman"  Answer "my oldest dearest friend"  I guess that covers my wife of almost 50 years.   "What gender are you?", a question asked by a handsome young Indian man as i left The local Hindu, Islamic Market. Answer: "trans" with a response from him: "Do you want to hang out".  I simply nodded at my wife sitting in the car and sad: " Sorry i'm married."   Needless to say this is an interesting life if i relax and enjoy it.   Hugs,   Charlize       
    • HollyNoel
    • MiraM
      I think second thoughts are par for the course.  Transitioning is a major life changing thing.  I tried to transition back in about 2000, but was not in a stable mental state at the time, and things went badly.  Fast forward about 17 years or so, and with lots of therapy, I was finally able to work on other issues in my life and got to a place where I felt ready to transition again, as the gender dysphoria was the last major issue that I was not addressing.  I have been on HRT again since January 2018 and full time since August 2019.  And you know what, there are times I still question things.  I wonder what's the point and whether or not I made the right decision.  When I think about going back to living as I was, pre-transition, I get sick to my stomach.  Even though I question it at times, I know that for me, transitioning was the right and only path.    I think doubt is a very normal thing with this type of decision.  You are the only one who can decide what is right for you, but having doubt does not automatically mean it is not the right path.  Work with your therapist and find the path that works for you.
    • QuestioningAmber
      Good Morning all. So this morning I am waiting for a call to let me know that they are en route to deliver my new car. I am really excited to finally have a second car, where right now my wife and I share a car. I think this is the weekend though where I come out to my parents as the beginning step. I have the letter printed for my dad and email is ready for my mom. So nervous to have a reaction at all. I know this may change our relationships forever in coming out, but I don't think I can live with a lie anymore.
    • MiraM
      My first endo appointment lasted about an hour.  We talked for a bit about why I wanted to go on HRT and what my expectations were, and the possible side effects, as well as different delivery methods.  This was followed by a complete physical and blood work.  After the initial appointment, he consulted with my gender therapist and primary care physician.  About 2 weeks later, my meds were sent to me.  The first follow up was about 6 weeks later to get some blood drawn and see if I was having any side effects.  I now have a followup with him every 3 to 4 months, going on 3 years now,  and they last about 30+ minutes.  This schedule works great for me since he is also the doctor doing my cancer follow ups and he does the blood work for that and hormone levels at the same time.
    • KathyLauren
      I had zero-depth vaginoplasty, a.k.a. vulvoplasty.  I am a lesbian, with asexual tendencies (or vice-versa), so I knew I would never want penetration by a penis.  I didn't want all that dilation hassle.   I thought the recovery would be faster.  But here I am, six months later, and still somewhat disabled.  Sitting is dificult,  I can't walk any significant distance, and I have constant pain or discomfort.  I console myself that it would probably be much worse if I had the full-depth version, but I don't actually know that.  I am probably looking at a revision, but that will be at least a year away.   I don't think my case is typical, so I'd suggest waiting for more responses before making a decision.  Good luck with whatever you decide.
    • Petra Jane
      Possibly due to some new effect of the updated software, the default TransPulse Green theme caused any topics with more than one page of posts to be distorted in the topic listing   And when moused over, the pages do then show:   BUT they should have been shown in a horizontal line, not a vertical one.   The only way I've found to fix this issue is to re-design the TransPulse Green theme, so if your themes have gone wild, please re-select TransPulse  Default theme.
    • ElizabethStar
      WOW your looking good Berni. You can really see the difference in your before and after photos.
    • ElizabethStar
      My experiences have been a little different. When I first met with my Endo we did the meet and greet, talked about goals, expectations and the risks. She wrote my scripts right there on the spot then sent me down the hall for blood work. I live in an informed consent state. Went beck 2 months later for a check-up/blood work and some adjustments were made. Then Covid hit and it was 5 months before my next check-up and blood test. As of now, I need to check-in with my Endo and see what she wants to do, I need refills by the end of next month and everything is still booked up for weeks.
    • DragonflyGirl
      Wonderful job! Xxx
    • ElizabethStar
      I've been contemplating the same choices but have been leaning toward zero-depth. I just don't see myself dating a guy again. If I find myself in need of being penetrated I still have that other option. But I'm there yet so I can't say that's my final decision.    
    • Jeanette West
      And here I was, looking for a place to ask: when do other girls change their names? I've been on HRT for two years, coming up in four months my FFS, so I was thinking I would file the paperwork with the courts next week. For myself I am sick of hearing my old name and really want to change to my new name.  
    • Jackie C.
      Well, I've got full depth and while I wasn't done HEALING for three to six months, I was fully active after six weeks and able to stand for long periods faster than that. Something like two or three weeks. I weathered a twenty-hour train ride a week afterwards (I hated it, but I got through it). Really sitting was the big hurdle. Dilation was a bigger pain because four times a day for the first month. That really eats into your time.   Surgical time depends on your doctor. Mine can do full depth in three to four hours usually (according to her anyway, I was out for the whole thing).   As for sex, well it depend on whether or not you want vaginal penetration. Your clitoris will work fine either way, but you need a canal if you're going to be using someone's penis from the front.   For me it was a non-issue. While I am very, very gay my dysphoria wouldn't settle for zero-depth despite the relative safety, ease, etc... Honestly, if I could have swung it, I would have gone for the abdominal pull-through method, but it's harder to find surgeons that will do it and I have additional medical concerns.   Even with the upcoming revision (and attendant scheduling nightmare), I'm solidly behind my choice.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Pretty much what @Phi said. I talked with the Endo, then she sent me downstairs for blood work. Repeat visits for blood work every two months until my estrogen levels were female-normal. That took two or three tries. Then every six months to make sure my body wasn't doing anything too out of the ordinary. Now I'm down to one a year.   Oh, I should point out that I get my blood drawn and labs done about a week before I see my endo. That way we have something to talk about during the visit.   Hugs!
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