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emily the wolf

ugh babys

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emily the wolf

well i now have a new baby sister she is cute but smol. i also finally started therapy and my parents were a little upset to know that i am not faking being transgender when i got diagnosed with gender dysphoria and they had it explained to them.. I am also finally catching up on my week of missing school work after being out of the hospital.. 



hope yall are doin good!

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Susan R

This is good news for you.  You’re probably thinking...”too bad my parents didn’t believe me when I told them”.  It definitely would’ve saved you a lot of stress.  I guess once they hear it directly from a professional, it becomes real to them...finally. I hope this eases things a bit for you. They still might give you some push back but your therapist sounds like a smart cookie.  Hopefully, they can give you some good advice if you are presented with further obstacles at home from your parents....assuming you’ll have some one on one time with the therapist.


Congrats on the new baby sister.  I bet she’s as cute as they come!  I’m sure you’ll get caught up on the homework very soon.  At least you're home and that’s much better than any hospital despite the difficulties surrounding your parents.


My Best,

Susan R🌷

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Jackie C.

Fantastic news on the therapist front Emily! Now maybe you can start to move forward with your treatment. That will be a huge relief.


Unfortunately, if you get to start hormones babies get all cute. It's inexplicable. Once upon a time, I had no use for children whatsoever. Then I started HRT and they're both interesting and entertaining. I'm not going to say it'll happen that way to you, but it completely blindsided me.



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Congratulations on both counts emily!

I'm sure your parents will settle down over the diagnosis once the denial phase passes.

Babies. There's that baby smell. But they are a lot of fun and wonderment growing up. You'll be an awesome big sister!


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Congrats Em. on the therapy and the diagnosis that will help your parents to start to understand.  That must be a huge relief and most likely one of many to come now that your in therapy.  
Omg babies!!!   I just love babies.  I always have.  
Beware as they do like to spit up and poop and bad times.  Lol

Its never a good smell either.  🤮

But they are so cute and a complete joy to watch grow and learn.  
Be apart of it as much as you can!   

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Congratulations Emily!


It may well be as Jackie says with hormones and babies. I do know some women who don't like them, but most love them and have an inground list of questions as soon as they meet anyone with newborn. It's something that comes beyond teenage years I think as many teenage girls are less than interested in them.


I would suggest as ShawnaLeigh says. It is a good opportunity to learn and get into things. It will likely help with your relationship with your parents and your sister as well as giving you knowledge of female life. It's common for big sisters to look after their younger siblings.



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emily the wolf

omg baby are so cute though i just love them. to be honest i have always loved them.

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My one superpower is being able to calm babies down enough to go to sleep. Though it has always worked better on other people's than my own. 🥰 I do not miss projectile vomiting and green diarrhoea though! Congratulations on becoming a big sister Emily, and for finding a decent therapist to help explain things to your parents.

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    • Ms Maddie
      Agree that jeans work well for you  Alexi.  Sweater too.  Whichever you feel personally more confident with when it's time to go.  I think you got this. Good luck with the interview!
    • Wes
      Thanks so much Alex!
    • Alex C
      What's Up Wes...Great name. Be safe, BE Proud and KICK ASS
    • Alex C
      Hey Zeda glad yr living the dream..Much lv , be safe, Be Proud and KICK ASS
    • Alex C
      Hey KM. Congrat's on being proud and real to yourself. Your Wife will appreciate that your honest,,,be safe, Be Proud and KICK ASS
    • Alex C
      its a Kroger Supermarket , Ty Susan means a lot
    • Susan R
      @Alex C   Just be yourself and you’ll do just fine. I personally like the outfit on bottom but I can’t see what you’re wearing below the blue sweater but the color suits you. The skinny jeans look good but it sort of depends on the job you’re taking. These are casual looks but ok for some job interviews.  I wish you the very best and hope that you are successful in getting this position.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Wes
      Thanks everyone! I told my mom and she didn't have much of anything nice to say. My dad was pretty good about it though. I'm really loving these forums!! 💞😁
    • Susan R
      Hi Natasha, welcome to the forum. Your journey sounds very familiar to me and many others posting here as VIcky pointed out.  As you by now realize, these feelings don’t go away all by themself. Dealing with it head on works so much better than burying everything.  Eventually, the issues just show up unannounced at the worst possible time.  The cycle is the only thing predictable about it. We’re here to help in any way we can.  Until you can get in to see a therapist which likely won’t be right away, feel free to get plenty of very helpful advice here. You might even meet a few new friends along the way. Thank you for your candid introduction.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Alex C
      I have my 1st job interview 2mor as Alex the transgender. I am bit nervous I never not been alex the guy before. I not using a wig ,very natural make up, no dress or heels . I am going through some outfits and this is one a choice. would like some feed back. But I understand that I am not the most popular one on this site. To tell the truth I don't like chat rooms and this the only one I belong too. Heck, I don't even use facebook that much. But I would really appreciate some feed back here so I don't make a complete fool of myself.I am submit one with out a wig and one with just in case
    • Zeda
      Ouch Sometimes I... <__< >__> sometimes I wear boxers   (Don't laugh, they are surprisingly comfy when I'm at home! It confuses the heck out of my spouse though XD )
    • Zeda
      Oh, absolutely. My spouse has been a rock in my life (really, we've been each other's) and has protected me when I couldn't muster up the strength our courage to protect myself.    Zay-Duh is how I pronounce it, but people can call me Ze for short, or if they are practicing non-binary pronouns. If that is still tough, I also accept Your Highness. And yup, I think this is my fourth account over the years (2008/2009, then 2010, then 2017, and now).  By the way, I looked up that word, "propitious," and I am still not sure what it means ^^' Thanks, it's a French bastardization of the Greek letter zeta Hi, thank you! I saw you mentioned my old account in a happy birthday post a few years ago, so thank you! (and it was a low-stress birthdy, btw!) Hi Yeah, I'm just that cool 😎 Honestly, it's really cool that there are still a lot of familiar faces here, like Vicky and Carolyn (and JJ, though it looks like he isn't very active these days).
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Natasha.  I encourage you to look around at the various forums and post wherever you like, and ask any questions that come to mind.  You'll find friendship and understanding here.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • ThrowAwayName
      I meant trans as in transgender.
    • Emily michelle
      I’m sorry to hear that I hope they will let you go to an outside consultant. I could only imagine how antsy your getting i would be well past that.  I looked at planned parenthood but they have pretty much outlawed them in the state of Missouri. So I’m stuck calling around to find a endocrinologist that’s taking patients. Then hopefully they take insurance. Problem is there I have my insurance with the union I’m in and I really don’t want to out myself to them because most likely I will be outed to my employer.
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