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Hair transplant thoughts

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I'm very interested in getting a hair transplant. I'm about as bald as one can get naturally, and I'm willing to try wigs but not keen on the idea of relying on them for the rest of my life.


Of course, for a hair transplant to work, you have to have hair to transplant, and obviously I don't have a lot to spare. But in reading up, I learned that there's something called a beard-to-scalp transplant. The nice thing about beard hair of course is that it continues growing, like scalp hair. And of course if I get my way, I'm going to be as beardless as possible ASAP, so why not sacrifice it?


So I've spent weeks researching websites of hair transplant specialists, hoping to find someone who will do both beard-to-scalp transplants AND states prominently that they have experience with transgender patients. I found quite a few in each category, but only one who seems to fit the bill for both. That's disappointing because I don't want to be locked into just one choice. But the one I found looks really good, he's got a fantastically thorough website. I have a consultation set for next week to find out if I'm even a candidate.


I am concerned about scarring from the extraction of the beard hair follicles. If I have a nice head of hair but a face that looks like swiss cheese, that's not going to work for me. So of course that'll be a prime topic of conversation.


I do have one question, not sure if anyone here can answer this: When it comes to transgender hair transplants, some websites say you should get your hair transplant before starting HRT, and others say it should be the other way around. Anyone have any experience on this point one way or the other?

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Ms Maddie


I had follicle transplants from the back of head to the front after starting HRT.  Still in the first year post-procedure, and it has grown in pretty good. 


It's difficult for me to really see my donor area/scars so I don't know how this might translate to taking it from the beard area.  In my case there was a strip of flesh harvested and then the back was stapled together for a while, and later removed. 

Sounds rough if on the face, but I don't know how the Dr you're looking at does it.

Wondering if you did the consult or move on this (before the shutdowns in March)?

Wish you the best.

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