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Guest anex390

Favorite Youtube Channels?

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Guest anex390

Hmm well since I am out of school, I don't have much to do on the days I'm not working, so I go to YouTube for entertainment :D

Some of my favorite channels are:

1. Petrilude

2. AmazingPhil

3. DesandNate

4. livelavalive

5. ShaneDawsonTV


7. swiftkaratechop

Do you like any of these YouTubers? Who do you subscribe to?

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Guest 1charlotte1

desandnate rox! ahh yeah


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Guest CattalieChan



And not just the lazer collection, but the billy goat caller, tha skits, and esp. kenny bassender.

Not really on youtube, but unforgotten realms is funny!

Alvin Earthworm's super mario bros. z is really well done also (better on newgrounds)


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Guest vertigo

1. Smosh - first channel I've ever subscribed to

2. Kesslers Knigge - though I don't understand half of what he says if it's not subtitled xD

3. Ray William Johnson - just like everybody else on YouTube

4. Steve Kardynal [dominater005]

5. Dance Face [danceroulette]

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Guest NatashaJade

I like redlettermedia...but I'm a geek :P



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Guest Cowboy


His stuff is GREAT.

Micheal Buckley -WHAT THE BUCK. Also funny dude.

Shane Dawson, another comical one.

Uhm, i like IshatOnU.

His sped-up voice, and expressions gets me rollin' XD

DeStorm. His videos are always cool to watch.

KeepTheHeat. His videos are similar to DeStorm's

MysteryGuitarMan. One i got into recently.

Everything else is just sports or other ppl that are obviously of no value enough to remember to mention. <_<

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Guest Donna Jean



Thanks, Hon...she was hilarious!

And I've watched "What The Buck" for ages it seems!


Donna Jean

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Guest EvenClose

=3 Gotta love Ray, his breaking nyc stuff ain't bad either. Just wish FattySpins would have made a couple more songs. Mgm is neat too.

As far as transness I like MinorQback.

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Guest Just_Lucas

some of mine are dazran303,good griefing and couple of others XD cant name them all right now.. :P

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      That's what I took it to mean, that they could do more.  I think he was just giving an honest appraisal.  30% in top management is really good and I would think this is a high number for financial businesses overall.      Jani 
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      That sounds pretty good. I wonder why he said it was a "mixed review," unless its just to say that more work needs to be done.  Thanks, Jani.   Carolyn Marie
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      Thank you all so much. I really appreciate your responses!   The consensus seems to be to keep it to myself, and be prepared to document potential harassment, and only then make an issue out of it. I think that is the route I'll take. Phew - that's a load off!   @tracy_j, your experience sounds a lot like my potential situation. I really appreciate you sharing that.   I've read the HR policy on the dress code, and it says not to wear anything casual - to keep it business appropriate, which I think even in the unlikely event I'm brave enough to wear woman's clothing to work, so long as it's business-attire, it technically shouldn't be an issue. I took your advice looking at legal issues, and if I'm understanding it correctly, both my state and the federal law protect against discrimination based on sex which may include pregnancy, gender identity, or orientation as well as biological sex organs.
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      Congratulations Shawnna on your one year anniversary.  I hope all your dreams come true!    Jani
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      Wow, it's been a year on HRT. I have come a long way in a year. If you told me I would still be on cloud 9 back then, I wouldn't have believed you. But here I am and still feeling great. Thank you all for being here and supporting me through this last year. I am looking forward to the things to come.    Hugs    Shawnna 
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