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Handling my friends reaction

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I'll keep myself brief about my own experience.
I was coerced into sexual actions/situations I did not want by my ex partner: not in the "dramatic movie" way but through constant arguments/whining/begging until I did not have the energy to fight with them any longer and gave in. 

Yesterday me and a long term friend were speaking.
I've already brought this up at some point in our long friendship and I've never stuck under the chair with that I'm struggling with the mental scars left from my ex behaviour towards me. 

Now she's always been the type of person that... reacts hard when something happens to her but seems rather distant/aloof when things happens to others. 
She also tends to never see her fault in an "argument": last time we had a big fight, she had made pretty hurtful comments about my suggestions for where we could go eat (I suggested a simple sandwich shop because I was not very hungry and got the comment of how "that's not even real food!" which was lovely for me dealing with my body issue/self hatred. When I confronted her with this: she was more upset that I dared to call her out and she ended up doing no self reflection, instead waving it off as a "situation that just got out of hand" without even apologising (of note was: I apologised for having hurt her feelings.) 

Somehow we got tangled up in the topic of our school time, when I dated my ex. 
I made an offhanded remark that, had I had the choice, I wish I wouldn't have gone down that rout with them. 
She adds the generic comment of: "welp, then who would you be today?" 
Now generally, I tend to avoid conflict but... this time I just felt like, I couldn't roll over and constantly be a soft bellied spineless kitty, so I added "anything would have been better than them". 
Her comment just sent the ball rolling further: "Could have been so much worse". 
I will admit I hesitated for a minute, just thought if it would be worth it but well, I took the plunge and told her the only thing worse my ex could have done, would have been if they killed me. I reminded her of the information she already knew: for years this person sexually and mentally abused me. 
And her answer was "well you should have gone to the police then". 

I think I just lost my mind there. 
That's the comment I've dreaded the few times I've dared to tell people what happened to me: that push that  I was responsible for what they did to me. 
I was stuck in that relationship, no self confidence, first time relationship with sexual action in it, a complete mind wreck being told I was NOTHING and I was worth NOTHING without my partner. And let me tell you, they were smart: of course they never did anything when anyone could hear it/see it. 
So for her to give a comment on how I should stop complaining and should have just "gone to the police then", well it just broke me down completely. 

My trouble is that my brain/mind is a wreck right now: she has always been very insensitive when speaking to people about any sensitive topics (so it's not only me that has reacted) and I know that, just like with the now rather pathetic restaurant argument, if I speak to her there is a huge possibility that she won't see her own fault here and just wave the situation off. 
I guess I'm asking for advice: should I even forgive her? I'm not that social an individual and I fear becoming completely alone but at the same time I'm also stuck in the debate if it is even worth keeping someone around that hurts me like this? 

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This person does not sound like friend.  She hangs around you because she gets what she wants from you. 


5 hours ago, YharnamDreamDaddy said:

I'm also stuck in the debate if it is even worth keeping someone around that hurts me like this? 


I don't know her and I don't know you, so I can't answer for you.  If it were me and someone treated me like this, my answer would be no.


Right now, you are angry at her.  You cannot forgive someone while you are angry; it doesn't work that way.  If you get to the point where you are no longer angry, then you can think about forgiving her.

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1 hour ago, KathyLauren said:

This person does not sound like friend.  She hangs around you because she gets what she wants from you. 



I don't know her and I don't know you, so I can't answer for you.  If it were me and someone treated me like this, my answer would be no.


Right now, you are angry at her.  You cannot forgive someone while you are angry; it doesn't work that way.  If you get to the point where you are no longer angry, then you can think about forgiving her.

Thank you for taking your time to read this all through. 
I think you may be right and I should cool down... but I'm also starting to think that perhaps what keeps us hooked together is my fear of abandonment rather than a pleasurable friendship. 
Thanks again. 

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      Wow! That takes a lot of skill to be a Jeweler's apprentice! That's wonderful! The skin of a woman portrays everything and you've got it girl! From scent to touch to dexterity it really makes a difference. I learned the basics of behavioral modification at LAFB and finished it off at UNH and it helps enhance things from all angles.  These aren't truly tests--they're gentle literal exercises of the senses to limber up your senses. No grades, no fails, I promise. I'll put an exercise here and one in a message for you tomorrow if you like. Feeling inhibited is not good and remember, I'm NOT judging you at all. You did the 2 nose to toes exercises and show an affinity for touch and scent so everything's going great. Men's testosterone skin has a harder time retaining and identifying scents that aren't their own. Yes, men can look at pics and decide they're attracted to someone, while most women are more of a hm looks good so I'll get closer for a sniff. Cologne is fine, but a person's natural scent isn't masked-just added to. Personally, Axe body spray makes me gag but some people like it.    Is one arm resting on the table? Is it on the elbow with your fingers skyward? Maybe resting a cheek on that hand? *nods*   Ok, we're going to have delicate lady fingers now and we're going to use what you have to advantage. Get 3 kinds of paper-any kinds are fine. I choose an envelope, printer paper and a sticky note for myself. Get a bottle of water and take the cap off, then set it in the middle of the table. Got your papers? It's fine, it's fine, set them down where ever you like. What was the last one you put down? Did you rearrange them? Which was the softest? Which one was heaviest of the 3? Well yes of course the biggest, lol. Put your left thumb up and slide your left hand to 1 of the papers and using just your fingers to pull it toward you to hold gently. Easy peasy right? Whats's your right hand doing? it's going to pour a tiny bit of water into the cap and set the bottle back down. It's ok, my papers are set out neatly between me and the bottle too.  Where did you set down that bottle cap of water? It's perfect, don't worry.    Water poured? Good. tap your right index finger along the paper farthest from you and slide that paper to behind the water with only your index finger. Still got that paper in your left hand? Excellent. Avoiding the full water bottle and the cap, switch hands and papers. What to do? Slide (don't lift) your right hand along the desk/table with the 3rd paper under it  toward your other hand gently til you reach the edge and hold the paper between thumb and index finger.    Now move your left paper to slide to the cap of water and put them next to each other as close as you can without them touching. Release it. Good! Getting a bit tricky but you're doing fine. Using your right hand holding that paper, place it on on top of the bottle. Don't worry-the moisture will hold it. Is your left hand bored? Now place that paper 3rd paper (from behind the bottle) exactly on top of the paper near the cap. Next, slide that wet paper off the top of the bottle and place in the growing pile of papers. Which one is wet? Are they all wet from the cap and bottle? Are your fingertips damp from this? All good. How are those nails? Ladies grow them to grasp things with--like paper. Tap the index finger of your dominant hand into the cap of water and place it on the papers while sliding them to you--stop stop! It's a mess yes? Fingernails my lady! Use those lovely nails to pick up wet paper easier and smile at another job well done.  I'll message you tomorrow and I hope you're enjoying these gentle exercises.     
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      This is a part of my reason. The other half, is why should I end my 1 ability to exist in this world, because tradition can't deal with my change at the moment. Haven't had much luck with people, and it got pretty scary when staring at trains and other large fast moving objects. Still bothers me cuz it's an impulsive feeling stuck in the mind like a black spot. So I tend to ignore it cuz standing staring is something I don't like doing to often. Especially if in the city, world's dangerous enough. You shouldn't be your own risk at least do your best be safer than sorry.
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