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Jennifer T

“The Game”

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Jennifer T

17 years ago I wrote this. I may have shared it here before. With the impending invasion of Iraq, I was in a funk where internal struggles were only beginning to come to light. I was only beginning to share my heart with a counselor, very tentatively, and the complexities of struggle, whether on the international scene or in a very personal level, were crashing in.


There is a ‘triple’ entendre in these 17 couplets that embraces my life.


 “The Game”


With fevered brow and thoughts of war

Redeeming time, a settled score;


Again she calls, panicked and strewn

Her mind tormented, seeking too soon


What I cannot give. Yet in her state

Seeks resolution, but can’t abate


The childhood games; one up on you,

A repertoire played right on cue.


The phone still rings, forlorn at night

I close my eyes, ignore the plight.


And yet my heart does yearn to see

Her mind at rest, but can it be?


When life deals cards, we each our hand,

And calls to play a final stand


It beckons, “call,” as time draws near

and in its wake we loathe, we fear.


Knowing full well we cannot see

What we cannot hold or cannot be;


That shade of loss, a fearful plight

Someone of flesh of thought and sight


Whose vision clears and thoughts dispel;

A game surreal, we seek to quell.


I touch the pad; a familiar tone

It softly rings, “Noone at home.”


So for this night I lay to rest

Resolve and dread of my own quest.


And with the morrow I pray to see

A path more fair, a way to be


That light she needs, serene and calm;

And play the game, a reasoned psalm.


But with weary heart and wounded soul

And spoken truth my only goal


I pen these words, a hope to be

Much more than my soliloquy.


-Jennifer T,  March 17, 2003.


It wasn’t until October, 2009 that I came out to my wife. It’s been roughly 11 years since then.  My how time has passed.


And here I still exist with ‘T’ at the helm. 


Today, in light of our world’s current struggle, I find within myself that the old pain still thrives; that I still long to be so much more than I appear to be. But I believe I am doing as I must.


I will stay my course

and pray to be

beautiful in eternity.



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    • Jani
      It seems to speak to the humanity in us.  It is haunting.  I think that's why I like it too.   
    • Jani
      Very nice @Tory Aoi Thank you for sharing.   Jani
    • Shay
      i get shivers when i hear this sing... thank you for adding it....shiver shiver....
    • Jani
      She has a nice voice.  I recall being introduced to it in a song she sang with Peter Gabriel.      
    • Shay
      i can relate to the reduction of disphoria the moment i told my doctor i wanted to go on hrt. it was an immediate easing like nothing i have ever felt, telling me it was definitely the right decision  almost made me cry and i wasnt even on hrt yet. 
    • KymmieL
      Elizabeth,  make sure you use sunscreen.  Don't want to over  bake.    Well all the opening stuff is done. So taking a break to see how my friends are.  Early shifts all week. Then open on Saturday. Well  still nothing from anybody yet. But  I am not desperate to leave. I know that I need to finally be the girl I so desperately need to be.     Have a great day every one.   Kymmie 
    • KathyLauren
      I noticed a big change in my dysphoria right away, just from the fact that I was taking steps to make progress.  That started even before I picked up my first prescription.   I didn't feel anything earth-shattering right away.  Some people do, but not me.  On the other hand, by two weeks in, there was noticeable tingling in my nipples.  At about six weeks, I had enough breast growth that I was wearing an unpadded sports bra to minimize the girls, since I was still in male mode most of the time.  Not that they were big or anything (they still aren't), but they did not look plausibly male.  I found that I couldn't trot down stairs the way I used to, because my breasts would jiggle uncomfortably.   I came out publicly and went full time about three months after starting HRT.   I could notice that my skin was softer and drier.  By about a year, my body hair, which had never been abundant, was gone, totally.  The hair on my legs, the hairiest part of my body, had thinned to normal female abundance.  It is thin enough and light enough that I don't have to shave my legs.   I also noticed changes in my face.  The first change was my lips.  I was putting on lipstick one day and realized that they were someone else's lips!  That change was quite sudden.  I became aware of other changes in my face, and now, three-plus years in, the person in the mirror looks female.  Not saying I'm pretty - that would be too much to ask - but I don't look very male any more.   Mentally, the changes were subtle, but real.  As a male, I had noticed what some people call "mental static": racing thought fragments, none of which related to anything in particular, but which, together, made enough mental racket to keep me from falling asleep.  I would get violent images that I won't describe here, that I found quite disturbing, as I have always been a non-violent person.  There was no light-bulb moment for me, but I did notice that the mental static and the violent images have gone away.  I am much calmer, and I can feel a full range of emotions.  I will cry with intense emotions, even happy stuff.   Good luck with your HRT!  I am sure you will like it.
    • Shay
      Hear is another song I want to re-record when I achieve my female voice...hope you like it.... even though my heart 2018.mp3
    • Shay
      There is just something about this song and this woman....  
    • Shay
      Keeping fingers crossed my HRT NP sent me email indicating my doctor said it takes 2 weeks to transfer records and it's been a week - but they were trying to fast track it - so maybe this week.   Could you share the changes you've seen and felt over the time you've been lucky enough to be on HRT? Good and bad.   Thanks,   Heather Shay
    • KayC
      Hi Toni.   I am a bit concerned for your safety.  Do you have someplace to go if your roommates become aggressive again?  Assuming you're still in Minneapolis area?  I found this online https://www.mntransgenderhealth.org/  Please take care of yourself❣️
    • KayC
      Nice to meet you @key plate! and welcome! You've found a great place to let this out.  We are all here facing both similar and different obstacles to transition, but all with the same hope ... to be happy. I cannot and should not give you advice about your mother.  You seem to know her well, since your are not surprised but rightfully disappointed by her response. I do hope you make the choices that are best for yourself (and not somebody else) but ... When its all said and done, she still is and will forever be your mother.  Don't let go of the love in your heart for her (it seems like she needs it)   Deep breaths ... one step at a time❤️
    • KayC
      Wow!  Thanks for sharing your photos and story @Joslynn!  That's quite a transition and very inspiring❣️
    • KayC
      That's great Jackie! Sending sincere prayers for a smooth procedure and recovery🙏  Thank you so much for all you do to share your journey with us❣️  
    • KayC
      People who are sincerely kind (without expectation of anything in return) are truly compassionate.  They are that way because they know deep down that we are all intimately inter-connected as part of this complex and eternal universe.   You figured it out, @Mary Jane.  You are enlightened❣️    
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