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Hiding your bra straps


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Hi I have a couple of bardot tops I would love to wear them but my bra straps are on show and with summer coming up I want some summer dresses what type of bra do I need I am a 48b

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  • Admin

There are strapless bras available but you do have to look for them.  For a B cup, there are nipple covers also known as pasties or petals that adhere to you skin and keep the nipple from poking through the fabric. I have both and am a 46B.  The strapless bra's are a bit tighter in the band area and probably have underwires or boning.

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Sally Stone



Showing a little bra strap isn't necessarily a bad thing.  If you notice, lots of women let their bra straps show, and I believe it is actually a fashion thing.  Obviously, it might not be appropriate for all occasions, but generally, a little bra strap shows off your edgier side.  Go with it!





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  • 2 weeks later...

yes i have noticed lots of ladies showing there bra straps so i am going to give it a try i have some cami tops to wear 

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    • Gabriel
      if I could do it as...
    • Ms Maddie
      My counselors drop me.  They get tired of me because they cannot help and I'm just a Medicaid client.  There is no one in my "real life" near me. Since I changed my name and legalities, my new friends are now a handful of married cis women from a mental health clubhouse in my current county.  My conversations with them consist of me listening to them complain about their husbands  or their struggles losing weight, and their bowel movements omg.   However, I am fortunate to have a long time friend out of state who has become a licensed master's degree therapist later in life.  She knows my history and cares about me.  We don't talk often, but when we do, she gives me lots of her valuable time.   But in the past she called the police to my old address, more than once, out of concern due to things I share with her.  Since this leads to loss of freedom and forced (more like coerced) psych meds at the county, I have to be careful to edit every single thing I share with her and other counselors.  I will not share on this forum not even in "private" messages.  Thank you for offering.   I am positive I am in control of my life I am smiling beneath my mask. I swear I am. Here are my hands. Please don't shoot.
    • Gabriel
      That's a question only you can answer. I relate so much to you (if in the other direction). I didn't know I was transgender. I didn't feel I was in the wrong body. I did know that my brain worked as a male brain, I knew I could never fit in and felt something was not right. I tried to fix everything in my life and I tried hard to fit in. And like you I just played a role. I played it so well I ended up overcompensating for 8 years and overidentifying with that role.   What @Jani said just lighted up a bulb in my head (thank you Jani, understanding feels good). That's what happened to me, I discovered some videos and I realised I could. And that oppened Pandora's box for me.   For me, yes, it is worth the hardship. Because the moment I realised I didn't need to be a woman a huge (huuuuge) weight lifted up my shoulders and suddenly a new energy was there. It felt like the energy of life, like if I could be what I am life (and every single thing I need to do) didn't feel like walking in a waist deep field of snow. I suddenly felt like I was looking forward to doing something as silly as go grocery shopping if I could you as this different version of me.   But I think that figuring out if it is worth the hardship is a second step. I believe you can only assess that once you've felt, at least subtly, what it would feel to be you. Not necessarily putting a label to it, but just feeling it in your body and in your mind. And that can take some time.   One of the things I'm learning here is that it takes time, and that is ok. 
    • Sarahnr1
      Im glad youre starting  to come back my friend . trying to hide or suppress  youre inner  feelings   dont work  i can tell you that  my friend  . it only comes  back and  bite you in youre  ... when you least espect  it  . You have to deal with it  right away.  
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://goqnotes.com/68261/medicaid-lawsuit-filed-in-w-va-on-transgender-healthcare-coverage/     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.forbes.com/sites/mollysprayregen/2020/11/25/trans-can-works-vp-of-programming-on-fostering-an-inclusive-workplace/?sh=666027ce6c83     I'm proud to call Drian Juarez a friend and former colleague.  She has done extremely well for herself and for our community, and is making a difference.   Carolyn Marie
    • BreM
      Coming out 22 years was a relief for me,I was crossdressing part time at the time and was at a crossroads if I was happy being part time or fulltime as Bre.Also was weighing out things too,realized I liked dressing as Bre more.It included realizing wearing the male wardrobe was getting boring to wear.I always liked the feminine wardrobe more including the shoes.Then one day before thanksgiving came over and asked my real parents whom took me in when I was 10 years old.Told me the ball is in my court,make the right choice.It was two days later I came back finally came out I am going fulltime.Took it well and knew I was going to be much happier.It was great with my 2 younger sisters too,they have looked up to me as a big sister to this day.Best part was bringing some boxes over and dumped my male clothes and shoes in them finally getting rid of them.To this day,zero regrets and never going back dressing in guy mode ever again
    • Jandi
      This sounds hard.  I hope you can find peace soon.
    • Jennifer T
      I have no words. 😞 I can only offer prayers for your peace. 
    • Jani
      Is it worth it?  I've got a ton of money invested in myself and I think I received a good value.  As to the grief, the hard part passes and you move forward.  I can't say I've lost anyone.  I will say I've met some amazing people though.  Going with the flow is an option, albeit painful at times.  The choice is ours to make.  
    • Lyla
      I knew I could transition when Christine Jorgensen was news.  I just never felt strongly about it and there was always the internal question of if i may.  Over the years I didn't learn how to fit in but how to play a role.  I've been playing that role for so long I've grown into the part.  Is it worth all the time and money and grief to leave that role behind?  It's so much easier to just go with the flow.
    • BreM
      It is going to like my new job.New boss,she is glad I work with the transgender and crossdresser community very well including the genetic women
    • Jani
      Ahhh, life is a mystery isn't it?   Until I realized I could!  As to hobbies and such I can be like that.  If you tried to put all these thoughts aside, could you?  Quite possibly not, at least at this point.  The question really is how far do you need to go to feel happy?   Answer that and you'll be golden.   Jani
    • Shay
      I want to apologise to @Rosalina101011 and EVERYONE on this site for not reading her posting and misgendered her. I am absolutely ashamed and embarrassed. She is a very beautiful woman and I will never be anywhere near as beautiful. How she can be misgendered is totally beyond me (unless like me you misread the post which I did as I was being interrupted at the time I read the post.  Believe me Rosalina that I meant to?assure you not make fun and I pray I haven't done any more damage. I have suffered with GD my entire life of 68 years and I never want to make it worse. I know how it feels. I am not even to a point where I might even not get clocked and I can't imagine your suffering. Please please please accept my apology.  
    • Lyla
      I'm beginning to feel like I'm trying to solve a mystery.  Looking for clues in my memory.  Looking up information to try to put those clues together.  Possibly even following false leads or red herrings. I am not someone who has always felt that I was misgendered.  I have never felt that I was really female.  I have never felt that I had to transition.  This questioning is something new in my life that I'm unsure is real.  I can look back and see clues pointing towards being transgender but is that enough. The way I've always handled new interests such as hobbies and skill was to find as much information as I could about it, then find other peoples writing about it.  Basically do a lot of research until I felt I had a good handle on what I was getting into.  Then I would go at it whole hog jumping in feet first.  Usually after being involved in whatever the interest was for three years or so I would lose interest and move on to something else. Is that what I'm doing here?  Am I just obsessing about something that interests me?  If I make a decision will I change my mind a few years down the road? Lyla
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