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something to watch with my spouse

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Hope this question is ok for this forum topic. 

im (mtf) looking for recommendations for tv / movies with trans themes that are positive or affirming and would be informative for a sympathetic (cis het) partner. I’m aware of Transparent but that seems a bit too heavy on the dysfunctional side. 

Background: came out to my supportive wife almost a year ago after starting therapy and am not yet deciding to transition.  Just started low level hrt to relieve dysphoria (which she knows) and am now thinking about how I might realistically transition in mid life, if I were to decide to go that route. 




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Susan R

@Patti Anne mentioned in our forum here about a very well done educational documentary on Amazon Prime the other day.  I had never seen it but I’m sure most here have.  The 2012 movie focused on several trans individuals and their families.  Two seemed to be more of the central focus—Dr McGinn, her wife and her trans surgery practice and the other was Dannan Tyler, a cute 8 year old trans girl. It was hard to find on the Amazon Prime website without doing a direct search. Here’s the trailer. Here is a link to the Amazon Prime video


If you haven’t seen it...it’s worth your time,

Susan R?


PS: A trans movie I enjoyed was the 2014 movie Boy Meets Girl.  I have mixed feelings about it due to it being very unrealistic—almost as much as a one of those Transformer movies but I enjoyed the plot to be honest.  It’s a love story and I cried at the end.  I was very emotional at the time so give me a break all you haters.? lol

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+1 for Boy Meets Girl.  Unrealistic perhaps, but heartwarming.  

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1 hour ago, Susan R said:

@Patti Anne mentioned in our forum here about a very well done educational documentary on Amazon Prime the other day.  



thanks so much!  So I will probably bite the bullet and recommend we both watch it.  It will be educational for me too!


can you edit your watch history on amazon prime? We share with my mother in law and I don’t want her to know ... 



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Susan R
1 hour ago, Susan R said:

I have mixed feelings about it due to it being very unrealistic

To clarify what I meant about the Boy Meets Girl movie being unrealistic...the main character is written into this in a way that it is ‘emotionally’ realistic but this pre-GRS trans woman does not show many of the other issues that trans people might experience at that stage—early awkwardness of transitionIng, coming out issues, libido issues (way off on that), parental issues,  etc...  if you’re looking for a realistic view into those things...stick to trans documentaries.


I agree with @KathyLauren though, it is very heartwarming and has a wonderful ending.

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My all time favorite has always been Orlando, a film based on a novel by Virginia Woolf! 



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Susan R
31 minutes ago, RobynNYC said:

can you edit your watch history on amazon prime? We share with my mother in law and I don’t want her to know ... 

You should test this on another movie or show but this LINK says you can.  On Netflix I know it’s easy to quickly set up a throw away account and delete that account after watching...not sure if that can be done with Amazon Prime.

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36 minutes ago, Susan R said:

You should test this on another movie or show but this LINK says you can.  On Netflix I know it’s easy to quickly set up a throw away account and delete that account after watching...not sure if that can be done with Amazon Prime.

Thanks this is super useful!

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Patti Anne

I absolutely loved Boy Meets Girl. The storyline was heartwarming. Overall maybe a little far-fetched on some levels, but it was entertaining.


TransAmerica is another good movie. 

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Oh there’s a fantastic lovely comedy series called Boy meets Girl and the girl is played by a trans lady. I’m not sure if it’s still on BBC I player but my wife and I watched it when it was on in 2015. 

My wife and I came out to my mum a week or two ago and she was even more supportive than I expected and started telling is about a show called I am Jazz - I haven’t seen it myself but I’m sure either pink news or it gets better project (or both) had articles saying how good it was a few years ago. 

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  • 3 months later...

Two casuals shows that we enjoyed recently with trans characters are Tales of the City and Work in Progress. I say casual to mean that the whole show isn’t centered around the trans characters’ identities. 

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    • Sally Stone
      There’s no denying I have always been attracted physically to women, but whenever I would look upon a woman, much of what I felt was envy more than desire.  It’s been this way for as long as I can remember, so, I always find myself wondering how much different my thoughts are from men that are not trans.    I can’t imagine them wondering how they’d look in that dress, or how wonderful it would be to have those shoes.  Surely, they don’t find themselves envious of that hourglass figure, or those beautiful legs.  Do they acknowledge how expertly that woman’s makeup is applied; do they recognize how flattering the shade of lipstick she’s chosen is?  I wonder, because those are typical of my thoughts when I see a woman.  Simply stated, I don’t want her so much as I want to be her.   So, when a woman catches me staring, she probably thinks of me the way she thinks of all men who stare at women.  I just wish she’d know that my stares weren’t born of lust.  If only she could know that the reason I stare is because of a collection of thoughts and feelings way more complicated.   It’s possible there is still some desire, but it is, and always has been, all about the envy.        
    • Abi
      Hi Kestrel,     Your presence could equally be critical at some point when someone sees your perspective and finds comfort in that thought. No one wants to say the wrong thing but, if we all hold back because of that possibility then the community is lost. All any of us can do is try our best to add where we can and appreciate what has been offered. 
    • Abi
      Ok so I am a FaceApp addict but, I wasn't sure how everyone looked at this kind of thing. I would say out of hundreds of them I have only really loved a couple. There is absolutely no chance I could ever look as good as this app makes me look. One thing I have found to be amusing as well is the fact that once in a while it will say I am female and offer to switch me to male. UH NO.... I am on the fence about sharing so please forgive me. I would love to share but, I have a feeling some people are bothered by this. I would love to hear opinions.    
    • Heathick
      My doc is FaceApp's gender filter I wish I really looked like that!  
    • HollyNoel
      @Heathick To be fair I had a high estrogen level before I started HRT. So I was almost in tears already, the HRT kinda pushed me over the edge.   I was watching the movie Paper Man, had Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Daniels, and Emma Stone in it, and I got to this one part which wasn't really sad, but I cried my eyes out. It's like, OMG Will You Just STOP It!!!  lol. I have depression already, so I cry anyway, but come on. Can't I just watch TV without having a box of tissues sitting within reach. lol
    • Abi
      There is nothing like a great set of brushes and they are often very inexpensive. I always clean them with an antibacterial soap of some sort. I would never use my personal brushes on someone else. I would like the idea of like a ladies night doing makeup and trading secrets but, I would make sure everybody has a healthy supply of options. The first thing I do when I'm going to do my makeup is try to have a general look in mind. Youtube has so many great artists that share their technique. 
    • Lee H
      Wow, Heathick, who's your doc? She has the magic touch.... ~~Lee~~
    • Shay
      @QuestioningAmber wonder in regard to your mom... Great you asked them to read about it.... Super you are spending the day doing something fun 
    • Victoria94
      I did let my hair grow out, but suddenly when my mother made a comment about my hair length I instantly panicked and went and cut of my hair al the way down until there was nothing left. I did this regulary before in the belief that if I looked more like what I was supposed to look like that I could eventually forget my feelings inside. Im not saying all men are bald and have big beards.😅 But that was the look I went for to try and forget. Now my hair is starting to grow ut again and I'm disguising it by letting the beard grow as well for the time being. A have always been thinking of going out of town or out of country for that sake to have a little freedom. Sorry to say that I haven't had the oppertunity for that because of money and work. Last time I was away from my homeplace for something other than buisness was about when I was 15 years old.   When it comes to lying and hurting others. Thats where I am today. I always put others before myself. I keep thinking of my friends and coworkers who are dependant on the me they know. Even my younger sister drop into my head. She is saying how she look up to her brother who always been there. If it was a bad break up or a flat tire. I keep getting back to that if I do this to feel better for myself, it's not just my life changing. Everyone I know gets their world turned around a little.       So as of now I have just begun letting the hair grow back. It's taking some time considering I shaved everything of the last time. Just wished it would go a little quicker.😥
    • Heathick
      Hi, Kestrel!   I love your name and outfit!
    • Heathick
      I haven't seen the Hanna series, but I loved the earlier movie of it.   Lately I've been hooked on Get Organized With The Home Edit (Sumner is so awesome and pretty!), Queer Eye, especially the episodes in Japan, and The Orville (not sure if that one's on streaming). Been wanting to see Picard.
    • Willow
      Thanks for all your kind thoughts.  Glad to know I was missed.  Just goes to show what good friends most of us are to each other.   Since October 11th is coming out day, I am strongly leaning towards doing that.  Since it’s a Sunday my thought was To go to church .  Any thoughts or suggestions?   Willow
    • Jackie C.
      That's funny. It's exactly how I described my bottom surgery. "Yeah, I had a couple of unfortunate growths removed from my undercarriage."   Hugs!
    • Jani
      My throat was sore for a day or so since my doctor used a scope to help determine how much he could shave off without affecting the vocal chords.  You could just tell anyone who asks that you had a small growth removed, and leave it at that.  They can figure it out themselves.  Our health history is really no ones business.  Yes there may be questions, but probably more about your looks.  You're looking good! 
    • Jani
      Great news!  Travel safely.  It may be scary at first but it will be all you hoped for.     Hugs  Jani
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