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Trans fiction authors

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Trans fiction authors that I've read. (mostly MtF, sorry)  All available

on Amazon.  Who knows, maybe some of the authors are here.


TG = Trans Girl

hetero TG = Trans Girl attracted to boys

lesbian TG = Trans Girl attracted to girls

YA = Young Adult


First, kid friendly:  Zoe Talor.  Karin Bishop's YA books.
Arguably Alecia Snowfall.


Tanya Allan: hetero TG -- my age.  a variety of plots.
Married, then came out late in life and writes hetero TG


Jenny Walker:  hetero TG -- I absolutely loved "No Half Measures"


Karin Bishop: hetero TG -- some YA and some adult TG
literature.  The ones I like best are "Fool Moon" and "On
the Road - Again".  The YA novels are decent, but a repeat
of the same story over and over.  I guess I like "Fashion
Class" best of that lot.


Monique S: lesbian TG -- age 67, wrote an apparent slightly
fictionalized memoir of being trans in London in the 80's


Daring Diane: writing about keeping male identity and being
heterosexual, but cross dressing and living as a girl/woman.
Annoyingly close to my mentality, because I don't want to be
that male, but I kind of am.  I would push the Red Button to
be a real woman instantly.  She seems to indicate to us that
she would not.


Zoe Talor:  lesbian TG -- YA, very cute, very comforting to
read.  All the right advice.


N. L. Paradox: hetero TG -- Hold on to your
hats.  I've only read one by her, "Prom Changed Everything".
It was beyond excellent, but very difficult.  You can start
at chapter 3 if you don't want to be shredded by a rape
scene in chapters 1 & 2.  The rest is about recovery and
PTSD and a service dog.  I dissociated and read from the
beginning but I didn't like reading 1 & 2.


Alecia Snowfall: hetero TG -- "The Station's Late Nite
Princess" Totally awesome.  YA setting, but some very dark


Savannah Maun: lesbian TG -- I loved everything by her.
"Who the Hell am I?" is an intersex MC raised as a boy, but
was a girl inside.  I personally know someone with this
exact life story.


There are some other authors on Amazon.  I'm only including
authors for whom I have completed reading at least one novel.


Chelsea M. Cameron gets a special mention because her
December 2019 novel, "Christmas Inn Maine" had a main
character who had a female body and is "girl-adjacent" with
gender dysphoria sometimes.  Then the author comes out in
the epilogue as being girl-adjacent.


There is an adult transgender fiction site -- site is not
all or even mostly porn, just intended for adults. Some of
the authors listed above are available for free on the site:





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    • MikaReich
      It went great,she loved the black dress I wore with 4 inch heels.She said I looked gorgeous and brought this commercial that reminds of me dressed as Mika up,    
    • Just Lee
      A series called North Wood Law while I sculpt a chocobo commission.
    • Tori M
      Hi Zoey.  We have something in common... I, too, stopped HRT about 8 years ago and am hoping to get started again now.  Just waiting for a doctor's appointment.  I just joined TransPulse, too, so am only beginning to learn my way around the site.  There's a LOT of great reading here and these people are absolutely wonderful.  I think you're right about the world atmosphere... people seem a little more accepting and understanding now than a decade ago. I look forward to seeing you around the forum.
    • Erikka
      This morning DD3 took me out for coffee, a jewelry store to get me a present for Father’s Day and mostly to just hang out. She gave me a Father’s Day Card and apologized because she couldn’t find a card appropriate for a trans paternal parent. It seems to me that Hallmark and the rest of the card makers are missing an opportunity. Maybe a card address to “Happy Mother’s Day to my Trans-parent” or “Happy Father’s Day to my maternal parent”. Those of you with children, how do your children celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Days?
    • Cheyenne skye
      Let's not forget that loss of sense of smell is a symptom of THE Virus. 
    • Tori M
      Thank you, Kathy.  I agree.  ☺️  Wish I could retitle this to "Who I model myself after".  All of us gals (including cis women) look to cis women for our behavioral cues, dressing, makeup, etc.  I have a more realistic model now that I'm older and more experienced.
    • KathyLauren
      That's a really good point, Tori!  Don't compare yourself to anyone else, because you are incomparable.    It's not about being someone else, it's about being yourself.
    • Zoey4Trix
      Hey there Timber Wolf - Thank you for the warm welcome. Z.
    • Zoey4Trix
      Hi Mx.Drago - thanks for the kind words. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here.  Z.
    • Tori M
      I've got be careful about who I compare myself to.  I was learning this once but I guess I slipped back.  When I came out the first time, I felt and acted like a nervous crossdresser in public and like some crossdressers, I was comparing myself to the unrealistic "model woman".  I was just learning not to do that when I fell back into the closet.  Now I need to learn it again, but thankfully, I seem to have jumped ahead since last time.  I don't compare myself to the pretty young girls any more.  I guess I had my "maiden" voyage, and now I'm seeing myself far more realistically.   For the past week I've been shopping online trying to update/rebuild my meager wardrobe and of course have been seeing thousands of images of models.  I realized when I looked in the mirror this morning that those images had burned an impression in my head and I didn't look as good as I thought I did last week.  But I know better now.  I shook it off, applied a touch of mascara and lip gloss and went to town.  Seeing the average, ordinary people of this small, country town got me back in perspective.  When I'm in the right mindset, I can be a confident woman in public.  Being realistic is key.
    • Tori M
      I went out birding this morning for the first time in a while.  I put on a touch of mascara and tinted lip balm because if I ran into any other women out birding I wanted them to see me as one of them.  Left my hair a little messy and just wore jeans and t-shirt so non-threatening to any gals, non-attractive to any guys.  This is the andro-fem thing I'm doing right now.  I'm gaining confidence again.  I'm taking this reawakening v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y and it's feeling really good so far. I got to see some gorgeous Orioles!  Not easy to find here, I've been looking for 2-3 years.  Also watched a pair of Kingbirds working on their nest.
    • VickySGV
      For California, where you need to go for the Birth Certificate, go to Transgender Law Center https://transgenderlawcenter.org/ or go directly to the Vital Records Division of the CA. State Department of Health.https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CHSI/pages/vital-records.aspx   CA will honor a Name Change order from Mississippi for changing the Birth Certificate. 
    • Mx.Drago
      "Back for more" by Pyramaze
    • KathyLauren
      There is no substitute for checking the regulations in all the relevant jurisdictions (Mississippi and California in this case).  However, usually, your state of residence handles name changes, and your birth state handles birth certificates.    Gender is most often defined by your birth certificate (so handled your birth state), but there are exceptions.  Here in Nova Scotia, for example, there is provision to override the gender on one's birth certificate if you cannot get your birth certificate changed.  I benefited from that regulation (I lobbied to get it passed in the first place) because I could not get my birth certificate changed.  So right now, I am shown as male on my birth certificate, but legally female here.   So, definitely, check the regulations in both places.
    • Sally Stone
      Susan, Glad you liked it.  I'm a big progressive rock fan and I love Porcupine Tree, kind of saddened when they broke up.  But then Steven Wilson started doing solo projects which got me all fired up again.  He really is talented.  Can't wait for his next release.
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