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Other side of the mirror

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Okay I know I am not the only one who has peeked at themselves in the mirror and totally didn't recognize themselves. In my case earlier today I was on tending to my plant, I was working on my desk and on my desk was a small mirror. I had cut my hair this morning and when I glanced into the mirror, I saw a guy, but like an actual guy, it was me but I looked so much like an actual dude. Of course I was stoked about this and wanted to share my little bit of happiness. This also reminded me of one of my favorite memories like this one. 


I went to the state fair with my family and we were walking around the place where people sold products indoors, well tent-like indoors. My stepmom wanted to look at jewlery and the place also had coins so I tagged along. They also had these giant mirrors (Which I didn't know) and at the time I was wearing my Naruto merch. (Specifically my Kakashi shirt) and I saw someone wearing the same shirt as me, so being the extrovert that I was I kinda reached my hand out and said "Hey, I like your shirt!" It took me a whole minute to realize I was talking to myself. I recently cut my hair around this time too. I gave myself and others a good laugh so it was worth the embarrassment. 



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I too am seeing Shawna more then Shawn while in my wig  even without makeup now.  Its a wonderful feeling too.

Now when my wig comes off is a different story and I get quite upset over it at times.  But I know eventually this too will go away as I let estrogen fill in the blanks.

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Recently been watching this tech news channel on youtube. And the host looks like me, except he has a well groomed face hair but long hair exactly like mine. Makes me kinda feel less dysphoria bout my face.

Ever since I was young, my mom use to joke bout how much I looked like my younger brother. Didn't care for the joke, but me and my brother other than gender differences we practically look like twins, except he's a darker skin tone and a bit taller for obvious reasons.

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Liam da potato

Hehe it happened to me too when I first cutted my hair, didn't know I was trans at this time, but even if it last 2 sec it felt great! ^^

Totally relatable hehe

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This happened to me a few months back. My hair just got to the length of my shoulders, obscuring my neck and shoulders. My biceps have atrophied fron avoiding hard manual labor work. I walked by a window in a dim lit room around twilight and saw the hazy reflection of a girl in the window. It was me! I see her in the mirror now too. It feels so magical when you finally start to see it...



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Yesterday we were out and in our area we are still wearing masks.  I was also wearing goggles.  My hair has gotten longer and my upper body has atrophied a bit and looking at myself in the mirror, I was like omg I so come off as female.  I’m not pursuing social transition at this point so I’m (trying to?) present male.   It’s something I’ve had to put a lot of effort into over the course of my life.  Anyway yesterday I totally got the sense I was coming off more female.  The longer hair, the body language I have always had a tougher time controlling and the mask just all combined together.  


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    • Carolyn Marie
      Rock and roll much like the bands that Cyndee liked, but also folk music (Peter, Paul & Mary, Arlo Guthrie) and folk rock (Simon & Garfunkel, the Mamas and the Pappas, The Eagles, and Gordon Lightfoot.  Later, in my late 20's I fell in love with country music, then Bluegrass, and finally classical music.  What a strange trip its been.  Oh, yeah!   Carolyn Marie
    • Abi
    • DonnaBall
      Joanna, go for it. I feel your pain from not living your dream.  Read the posts on this forum and you will learn a lot and then ask specific questions and you will get good advise. 
    • DonnaBall
      Thanks Kay, and it would be a BIG surprise since she absolutely detests any time I try to talk about being a woman.  Yesterday I was trying to tell her about my trans friend that I have been talking to and she had this disgusting look on her face and then made no comment. It's been this way for 34 years, and was always hoping I would change. We both finally gave up. 
    • Carrie
      Hi Vicky You all do such a great job!  I have been on other sites and it can be pretty bad.  Thank you for everything Carrie
    • KayC
      The root cause of ALL discrimination lies within the human condition .. it comes from a black dark hole that exists in EVERY single human being.  To identify differences and target those that are not like "us" (the majority) is within every human heart. Fundamentally its our choice if we chose to embrace that darkness and spew it back into society or see it as a challenge to overcome this within ourselves and our society. In that matter our entire Trans community shares a close connection with Black Lives Matter (and all social injustice, racism, bigotry, or discrimination) For Black Americans their struggle is systemic, historic, and will be a continuous challenge to overcome.  For Us .. .ours is just starting, but we can learn from the history of America how it can be turned against us also. When its less "socially acceptable" to openly target Blacks, Hispanics, Illegals, Muslims, etc ... then the LGBTQ+ community becomes an easy "target".  We've already seen that happen over the last decade. I think that might be why we are seeing this sudden uptick in attacks on Trans people (or maybe they are just more noticed now) Great subject!  I think I have more to add but will wait to hear from others.
    • VickySGV
      If you need some help, don't be afraid to ask for it and if you see something you think should not be please let us know.  The site does look good, but its the result of staff catching things I am sure you could believe but would not want to have around. 
    • Cyndee
      I grew up with bands such as, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Cream, Yes, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, and Led Zeppelin to name a few.   When I hear music from my youth, it's time travel back to another time and place (long ago now). Music is very chronological for me.   I remember "Boss Radio" mostly on AM in the 60's and 70's, it was a certain format to broadcast popular music with.....FM radio had college stations that played "underground music" back then 🙂   Enjoy   C
    • Tori M
      We know a NY couple that has been stuck somewhere around the French Riviera since March and can't come home.  They're not complaining though, lol.  I guess if you gotta be stuck somewhere.....
    • Carrie
      Hi Vicky It is such a small thing that I mostly would not worry about it.  It just seemed like something we could do for ourselves. I like this site very much and if that keeps it safe then so be it.  I really need to proofread before I post.  Also sometimes put more thought in as well.  Before we had word processors I learned to type on an electric typewriter which I still have and proofreading was essential on that.  I need to pay more attention when posting.  Will do so from now on. 🙂 Hugs  Carrie
    • VickySGV
      It has been considered from the beginning of the site and rejected by the Owner / Admin/ Moderator staff.  We have rules to keep the site safe in a way that no other site does, and we want to keep it safe that way.  The site was begun in 2007 and we have not had the problems other sites do that allow edits at will. We want to keep it that way, and Moderators are chosen from members who show wisdom and reliability of judgment and helpfulness to the members.  The little mistake you made above is one we can easily fix if you tell us about it.  Just PM one of the Staff, Moderator or Admin's if one of us is here and we will make the change for you without charge.
    • Jani
      @Scotia Drake Hello dear.  As Jackie noted, Seriously!!  You've been taken for a ride by this doctor and their therapist friend.  Please don't despair as not all doctors are like that.  I think @Jackie C. has given you a good lead.  Get going!   Jani 
    • Jani
      Great idea.  I've seen that even the local Walmart has fabric paints available!  Look in the arts and crafts area.  You can look for a book but use your imagination and have fun. I bought some "puffy paint" a few years go to decorate a shirt for my granddaughter.  Draw, then iron it to get it to puff up!   I'm sure your kids would have fun too!     @Astrid what a great find.  I didn't know this existed.  Thanks for sharing.    Jani
    • Carrie
      See what I mean I meant to say wish not with. lol
    • Jani
      We cancelled a European vacation in December because of this fear that Americans would not be allowed in.  We've rebooked for Spring so we're hoping for the best.    Jani
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