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Patti Anne

The Vermont / Oregon connection

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Patti Anne

Well, Shawna and I had some crazy things happen today. The Good news is she's not coming to Oregon to visit. The other good news is it sounds like she was offered a job today about 15 minutes away from our house. It's a government contract and they want her to start yesterday. So, needless to say, things are moving along really really rapidly. It's looking more like I'm going to fly to Vermont and we'll both drive back with a truck loaded with her things. She was talking about driving alone, but there's NO WAY I'm letting her drive X/C by herself. We'll drive together, Thelma and Louise style.


So, as things firm up, we'll repost with progress notes.


Update: She just texted me and she's definitely been hired! They want her here on 6/29! 


PA and SL

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Patti Anne

OOPs... misposted

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Carolyn Marie

Duplicate post.



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Jackie C.
54 minutes ago, Patti Anne said:

We'll drive together, Thelma and Louise style.


Be wary of cliffs. 😋


Congratulations for the both of you! This is a big step and I wish you nothing but luck and happiness!



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Emily michelle

Congrats that’s awesome. I’m glad you two will be together sooner than later.

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Yes the phone interview went well to say the least.  It helps being a veteran when your being hired by a disabled vet owner and everyone in the company is a vet as well.  His bread a butter is government contracts and hiring me evaluates his companies status to include LBGT compliant too.  I just got a $15K per year raise same vacation and a much shorter commute time to work.

The timing is a bit overwhelming and I am feeling a ton of nervous anxiety this morning as I am truly not all wrapped up in VT, but I have always seized opportunity when it is presented so I had to jump.  I'm thankful to @Patti Anne and all her support and love and I am very excited that our life together is starting sooner then later.

Also a big shout out to our newest friend @Tori M who lives fairly close to us in Oregon and is excited for us to get back there.  Its nice to have a new friend in place when moving across country.  

Though honestly I have no intentions of driving my stuff off a cliff so.......  No to Thelma and Louise!


More to come shortly.


I have a phone therapy session in a few minutes so I have to close for now.


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38 minutes ago, ShawnaLeigh said:

Yes the phone interview went well to say the least.

Congratulations Shawna,


I'm so happy for you and @Patti Anne





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Tori M

Wow, what great news!  A great new job, a "new" household in Oregon and an easy cruise (not, lol) across the country.  It will be a busy busy month for you two, but so wonderful you don't have to wait longer to be together.  Am so happy for you!


We paid movers to bring our family out here from VA, but we drove our vehicles and an RV which housed all our pets at the time (3 dogs, 2 birds, 1 cat and a rabbit).  We took it slow, driving about 7-8 hours a day (plus one breakdown day).  It took us 9 days!  The November headwinds in WY had that RV down to 40 mph climbing the Rockies.  I'll never forget that expedition.  Saw some beautiful landscapes that I want to visit with some time to explore someday.


Now don't you two be blowing up any gasoline tankers along the way! lol



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Congratulations, @ShawnaLeigh on the new job!  And good luck to the both of you.  It is exciting!

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      Jackie Nice!!! 🙂  
    • Jackie C.
      That would make you a Seahorse.     Hugs!
    • claire1000
      Thanks Vicky, the thought of getting away from wearing my wig is very enticing
    • Susan R
      Hi @Sophie Watson I watched your video and want to let you know that most of us are forced to deal with haters on some level. Some get it worse than others. The best thing you can do is stay the course and don’t let these people affect your goals. The one thing that helped me coming out socially was knowing that while it may be a huge topic of gossip for a short time, it doesn’t last long. Eventually, people get tired of hearing the same old news over and over. Yes, it’s hard when you know others are taking behind your back but I can tell you, the difficulties with presenting female around your neighborhood and work will level off in short order. As @Jackie C. mentioned, talk to your HR dept., union rep or steward, and maybe your boss if you think they might have your back. It’s their job to make things run smoothly and work out kinks in the workplace. Like many things though, starting out is the biggest obstacle especially when fear and doubt is in the equation. I know you can do this though, Sophie.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Shay
      what are the celtic zodiac signs. my b day is may 29
    • Dinaki
      As Jani mentioned above, you shall meet some downs as well during your path dearest Shay. You have a strong character dear and believe you me, you shall surpass them. Stay  strong Shay during your journey and you shall conquer the few dark sides.
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      I have been listening today to Fleetwood Mac and these ones I like it alot   Sara Gypsy
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      I am another Capricorn. 🙂  
    • Dinaki
    • Dinaki
      (@KathyLauren, I thank you dear, now I learned)
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      Fox. I much prefer the Celtic zodiac. 😄   Hugs!
    • Mary Jane
      for my case well i do think im at least a little transgander but all i can do right now is just socially transition basically just the pronouns and name online right now which pronouns im fine with both he/him and she/her and if i really am trans (which we'll see in at least 2 years) ill ease into it first the pronoun 2nd ill start telling some people to call me Mary Jane (or a better name if i can find any) 3rd is clothes 4th is voice. the hormones might be in between the 2nd and 3rd and if im transexual then ill go for the surgery    buuut... other genders i might be is bigender and genderfluid so yea not all of those are going to apply if im bi or genderfluid
    • VickySGV
      Yes, it is often done on Chemo patients or on post menopausal women.  You may not get completely away from a wig but its a good step to try.  Worst case scenario is you may need a Top Piece which is less than a full wig but the perm will help a lot.   https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/gallery/image/6481-top-piece-3/  
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      Gemini - no wonder I have 2 personalities.... Shay
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      Although The Eagles, Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon), Led Zeppelin, Yes (before they got carried away getting too complicated) and my vocal heroes CSN - when I wrote, I can do up to 8 vocal harmonies and they end up usually sounding like CSN meets James Taylor.
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