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Gym Question

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Dana Michelle
31 minutes ago, SaraAW said:

Dana Michelle, the world outside is a wonderful alternative to a treadmill.

Outside it can get too hot or too cold. I've also heard it can be dangerous to exercise in extreme temperatures (especially for someone with asthma, like me). Also on a treadmill I can maintain a constant speed.

33 minutes ago, SaraAW said:

Leg lifts, squats (multiple variations), lunges and single leg glute bridges are great for glutes, there's lots more bodyweight exercises not listed for glutes. For chest, pushups are a great bodyweight exercise for chest development. Building muscle in those areas, will give you a good foundation of shape to build on, but you will need some fat redistribution to really round those areas out.

Thanks for the suggestions. I can try the gluteal exercises, but I'm concerned pushups and some of the other chest exercises I've heard about because I don't want my arms to get muscular because it can make my shoulders look wider.


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    • Cyndee
      washing over, river above my head
    • Luhleleri
      thank you! it all makes sense when i write it down, but my brain’s in a big mess. i really should contact the GIC, i’m just finding it stressful at the moment 
    • Ms Maddie
      Hair removal was my first priority.   My plan was to complete it before starting HRT and way before surgeries.  I would have, except I went ahead and had hair follicle transplants last year....  Which I love, despite it mixed up my priorities.   I was paying $60/hour for electro which seems normal price, as long as your buying larger blocks of time.  When things stopped in March, I was around $5000 in, plus around 50 hours labor bartered to my former electrologist.  I was going once a month since 2015. Usually 2 hours.   My current hair removal plan is saving up and waiting for Precision Hair Removal in IL to open back up for full face, multi tech, all day high volume clearings.  Not $26.  The tech there is highly recommended for backing up her claims with timely results on transwomen.     If i knew for sure a good rep electro tech where I could go weekly and actually get cleared, I might consider moving there.  I've done a couple consults looking around.  But precision says they could clear me in five mega sessions every ten weeks.  I'm thinking maybe possible since I already had so much done.   One thought on home lasers/electro: I am MUCH slower working on myself than a pro.  And this is a LONG project.  
    • Shay
      waves crashing, cleansing, hopefully healing to
    • Cyndee
      shinning star, that's who you are
    • Shay
      Then you realize you are you
    • Shay
      although my wife was NOT happy when she hear me make the call - there is a local electrolysis salon professional who charges $26 for 15-30 minutes and she is like 10 minutes from my house and I have a consult Monday at 10 AM. My wife did say - get an electric razor and try that and asked if she does wax or electrolsis. I said she has various methods and will let me know Monday.   I am afraid of my wife's reactions to my forward moves towards transition and haven't proached the full surgery wants yet.   I know that when I told her I wanted to go oh HRT she said ok and I sent her links to some of Dr. Z the gender psch in California who talks a lot about older transitioners and how marriages can work out to the positive side but I happened to see her email account a month later and saw she hadn't opened it.   I have always been afraid to talk to her about my issues although she knows about them and even caught me years ago self HRT ing and had me re-visit the psych I used for depression. She has a friend who lost a husband a couple years ago and a long turn patient she cared for as a nurse and recently told my wife she is in a hospital in Germany for depression. My wife told her I was on new meds to help with struggles I've had for over 30 years.   I know and hope she can go through her understanding and phases of grief and come through continuing to love me and support me but I am pretty much a mess right now and even though I mentioned in my most recent blog about Attitude - I know I must continue moving forward for my sake and hope and pray she comes with me but I can't control her destiny or journey and know I must do this for my sanity.   I know the only one I have control of is me and I'm fighting the demon inside that is telling me - don't lose her.   My bigger demon me entire life has been being abandoned and it has happened so often I still feel that it will happen once again.   Thank you to all here who understand and can hold me in your mental arms and comfort me.   Shay  
    • SaraAW
      I often wonder, who am I. 
    • Shay
      Thank you - tried to find out about local electrolysis and sent request - of course no response. Cleveland Clinic suggested several hair removal places so the search begins in Ernest today and I'm don't even know who Ernest is.....
    • Michellle
      That is something this guy would say to me. It’s funny this guy is a service tech also. I wonder if its the same person...lol. I love your comeback, I will use it next time.    Michelle
    • Charlize
      Elizabeth i like that response.  I've mentioned to a couple of men over the years that i am  unfortunately not at attracted to them.  That response might have worked well for Michellle as well, with the possible addition of " you are not that attractive." I think the strangest thing anyone said to me, and it was repeated throughout my life was:  " It is a phase and you will grow out of it." That's strange!  Certainly when you see me now.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jani
      There is a reason an Electrologist goes through hundreds of hours of training.  I honestly would not use a home treatment.  The real deal is time consuming and expensive but it is safe.    
    • Shay
      Still - you sound like a nurse and that is good.   Fly high FREEBIRD....🙂
    •  Kylie
      Sometimes it is hard even as a Nurse. I really don’t know how to handle the ‘wound’ because everything I’m so used to doing for a wound, such as promoting closure is different with this! So having to relearn is difficult. Trying to keep the exterior clean and dry is a lot of work because of I don’t feel much yet so I look every hour or so and make sure it sill isnt saturated and such. Hoping the next few months can continue such as these past two weeks have, with no big issues.    I am getting excited that Tuesday is almost here, means I get to fly home!
    • Shay
      yes - I am in love with the entire FEEL of the song - a buried treasure I can't wait to play....   By the way - my lead player is such a nit picker when it comes to sounds and styles - I'm sure he willemulate the Leslie to a T in NO MATTER WHAt. You should hear his sound on NORWEGIAN WOOD
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