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Supreme Court rules in favor of LGBTQ rights in landmark decision

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:omg:Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that....It will be interesting to see how it all works out in employment settings. 


Was watching news commentary Monday night when the the SOTUS decision scrolled across the bottom of the screen.  I'll have to look up the write-up on the minority decision.  


Little surprised that this thread hasn't been the scene of a bit more celebratory activity. 🤔

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    • Jani
      Kylie I hope it all went well and you are resting comfortably when you read this.  We'll all thinking of you.   Hugs, Jani
    • Jani
      Wonderful News Emily!!  I hope it works out for you and you find your new passion!
    • Jani
      Hello Rory and welcome!  Take you time to sort out who you are.  In the meantime, please join in.   Jani
    • Jani
      Hello HollyNoel and welcome!  Jackie's site has been very interesting, she's so positive.  Great news about seeing a therapist.  As to makeup, try to experiment and remember less is more!  Please join in the conversation!! Jani
    • Jani
      Its looking much better now.  
    • Jani
      In regard to "Secret 'o Life" isn't it amazing how some songs really hit the point and speak to us in a deep manner?   I've always loved the positive message in "Shower the People". 
    • AcanOfBeans
      Here's how it looks today. Im bruised cause I scratch in my sleep and haven't found a way to stop that aside from taking like 4 benadryl before bed and putting on a bunch of hydrocortisone. Luckily my scars don't itch because I have nerve damage and can't feel them.
    • AcanOfBeans
      I've been taking benadryl but it's only helped for about 2 hours before I'm itchy again. I got stuff to take an oatmeal bath and that had helped a bit as well as piling on hydrocortisone whenever it starts to feel itchy. I'm assuming I'm allergic to one of the flowers cause I know I have no issue with mineral oil (I use scalp oil and that's the main ingredient). It seems like the hives are starting to go away little by little, the other day was the worst with it but now it's calming down a bit. The doctors here are useless so I'm just gonna continue with home treatment.
    • Jani
      Oh Yes!  The places we will go!   Having a sense of humor is the only way to deal with this.  Otherwise we'd go insane!! Jani
    • Jani
      Carla I so sorry to read this but at least your family seems to have escaped major injury.  You are right about how to handle a home invasion.  I am a compulsive door locker, always have been.  Living in a rural area where I cannot see the houses next door I am careful.  But you never know.  Its been a strange year for sure!    Hugs, Jani 
    • KathyLauren
      Wonder of wonders, the second rowboat from England docked today.  I now have my official Gender Recognition Certificate.  It only took 84 days! 🙄  Onward with the Brits and my birth certificate...   And somewhere between here and Ottawa is a snail with covid, carrying my application to update my citizenship records.  Which, if it ever goes through, will allow me to get a proper passport.  So I can go to all the places I can't go to because of travel restrictions.   It's a good thing I have a sense of humour about this stuff, because I'd have to cry if I didn't.
    • Cyndee
      OMG Carla, this is so sad to read. The violence it's seemingly increasing everywhere, people are starting to loose it. I am glad nobody was seriously hurt or killed in this incident and that your family will recover, I am glad the man was arrested, that is not always the case. 2020 is turning out to be so weird, unsettling, and unpredictable. Be vigilant, be careful, be aware.   Hugs   Cyndee
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Overalls Bear, When I go to the store and see the women's clothing section, I often look with yearning. You are definitely not alone.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Justine, I sure know how it feels. Just keep keepin' on.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi everyone,   2020 has been a monumentally horrible year from my perspective. Having been forced to move. Covid 19 striking the U.S.  and the shut down, and the hardships there of that have affected so many. The Floyd murder and ensuing protests and the beligerent response by the government. The increasing political strife. 2020 was already destined to be remembered darkly by me.    Yesterday morning my younger sister was informed by another sister that her family had been brutally attacked in there home. It was a horrifying story.   Two of my sisters live by Cowan Lake, where I grew up as a child. My younger sister Kris, who grew up along with me, lives across the lake from my family home of old, and runs a dog sitting business out of her home. Jan, one of my two older sisters lives right on the lakefront on the bay, along with her ailing husband Ron. Her son Joe and daughter in law Leilani are on an extended visit from New Jersey while Joe receives treatment for his severe back problems here in Grand Rapids. Jan grew up with my other older sister Lin, with a 10 year gap between the Lin and Jan pair and my pair of Kris and myself.   Cowan Lake was an idealic community where everyone knew everyone when I grew up, and it's been this way for the most part through present day. The major troubles with neighbors on the lake usually consisted of somebody going too fast in there boat, or something like that. It is a private lake with a Lake Association. Not a place of high crime, so to speak.   Quite recently a new couple moved into the house next to Jan's place. This last weekend, apparently the husband neighbor (I'll call him John) had to go out of town. He told his wife (I'll call her Jane) that he didn't want her cousin there while he was gone, because her cousin had a violent history. Regardless, Jane invited her cousin over Saturday, along with his girlfriend.   That night shortly after going to bed, Jan heard a woman scream for help. Thinking something might have happened to her son Joe, she ran downstairs where Joe and Lailani where sleeping. Nothing was wrong there. She went back upstairs and opened the door to look outside to see if anything was wrong out there.   Jane's cousin had lost control and chased his girlfriend into Jan's yard. When the cousin saw my sister open the door, he called her an obscenity and rushed through the door into her house without provocation. He punched my sister (a 65 year old woman) in the face, knocking her down, then started kicking her.   Jan's husband Ron called out asking what was happening. The man intercepted Ron in the living room and beat him up. Ron, 70 years old, is nearly crippled by his own ailments and can't walk or stand up well.   By this time, Joe had come upstairs having heard the commotion found and the man beating his mom and stepfather. Joe, with a very bad back, tried wrestling with the man, getting pummeled in the face in the process. Jan got up and grabbed a small knife from the kitchen and tried to stab the man. By this time her family was fighting for there lives. Leilani, a girl wieghing barely more than 100 pounds,  grabbed a French chef knife from the kitchen and yelled at the man to leave. The man finally began to yield, and Joe was able to push him out the door.   The man was arrested walking in the neighborhood that night. Jane never tried to get her cousin to stop, never went to Jan's house to see if they were ok, never called for help or anything.   Thankfully, nobody was killed. In the end, just a lot of bruises and stuff like that.   People ask me why I keep my door locked all the time. In my line of work as a security officer, I've seen a lot of stuff happen. Even in a good neighborhood, bad things can happen. Even if our neighbors are friendly and kindly, who knows who might come visiting them? Protect yourself. Have a plan for home invasion. Plan an escape route, a hiding place, and a course of action should worse come to worse.    It's easy now that things are calm, to think I'd do such and such. But if you suddenly find yourself in a home invasion situation, your first reaction is going to be surprise and shock. Things can happen very fast, and that's not a good time to have to think of a course of action to protect yourself. The first option should be escape if possible. Let them have the run of the place. Your life is more important. If escape is impossible, hiding is the next option. If you've already been spotted, you may have to defend yourself. Have a plan you can fall back on. Avoiding a moment of indecision and confusion can make all the difference. And keep your doors locked. It's not being rude, it's being safe.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾            
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