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What Motivates You?


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    I don't see a thread that is dedicated to motivational or inspirational videos. I know when I am all alone and need a pick me up, a video encouraging me to feel good about myself, can do a world of good. I hope many of you will share the videos that lift you up, when you're feeling down. If not at least this will be where I dump tons of feel good vibes. Enjoy. Now, my only dilemma is, which of the many great videos out there do I start us all off with? :thinking:

This will do nicely I think.



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Can't get by without my glorious metal cheez

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@Mx.Drago Yes!!! Music that motivates is welcome as well. I mainly meant like spoken word but, we all have our own vision of motivation...as we should. Thanks.

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I love music and I use it a lot to get motivation. I'm sorry for the major change in vibe :D lollll

But here's 2 examples of music that motivates me.

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The vibes just fine as far as I'm concerned. Though they may have to move the thread if it takes more of a music theme overall. We shall see. Excellent music choices to get motivated by too. :)

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@Abi Music and music videos, are two totally different beasts, in my opinion.


@MaryMary Ace Base was my jam since I was little. My first cassette tapes were a Christmas classic collection, Queen, and Ace Base.



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@Abi oh I'm sorry, when I think motivation I immediately think of music but I didn't want to derail the thread.



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Motivation takes many forms. There's no wrong one, if it moves you. That's exactly the way this thread should be taken, I think. Videos that motivate. I hope to see many ideas take shape here. It could be many types of videos. Who knows? Maybe one of us is motivated by something someone else never thought of. Perhaps seeing that brief video or sharing that quick thought will change someone else's way they feel about themselves for the positive. That's my hope. I need all the help I can get too. I'm so selfish. LOL.

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I love those kind of videos that have a kind of "challenge" tone to them, a call to action if you will. I would love to make one about "trans is beautifull" but here's a example of the tone I like :


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@MaryMary This is an absolutely awesome video. I will watch it many times. I have a feeling this is one many of us will enjoy. If you get to make your video, I am positive it will be great.

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Susan R
55 minutes ago, MaryMary said:

I love those kind of videos that have a kind of "challenge" tone to them, a call to action if you will. I would love to make one about "trans is beautifull".

Very invigorating video @MaryMary! Wow, it gets your blood pumping just thinking about it after watching. It brings emotion right to the forefront and emboldens the viewer. There was one clip from a movie I had not seen. The teenager who was cutting her hair to look more masculine...Does anyone know what movie that was?


Susan R?

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I love the raw power of this.


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@Mx.Drago That is one of the best speeches Charlie Chaplin ever gave in my opinion. It was such a powerful statement then and has long lasted the test of time. Excellent choice. :thumbsup:

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I needed to hear this today. 


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1 hour ago, Suzanne1 said:

Wow, quite the interesting thread.  I never thought of videos, recorded music, or other entertainment media as a means of motivating oneself.  Humankind never ceases to be interesting (at least to me).


@Suzanne1 Thank you for the compliment on this thread idea. I thought many of us would have a different take on motivation. I can certainly agree that a rational discussion is motivating. I believe we honor each other with patience and understanding. Money is not much of a motivator for me. I see no value in paper but, give me a hot cup of coffee and a pleasant conversation and you'll see the wealth in my eyes. That's just me though. I know we all have our direction and totally respect that.

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The path forward is rarely clear and often quite mysterious. Often, as we take a moment to stop and look behind us, there is a reflection upon what we once saw as so vital, wondering if we made all the right steps. Accepting that change will be the only constant we can count on and preparing for anything we face along the way will provide an opportunity for us to put our best foot forward regardless of what direction we are headed. 

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    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.kolotv.com/2020/09/29/california-will-house-transgender-inmates-by-gender-identity/   The CA legislature and Governor continue to do right by our community.  Let's hope other states follow suit.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.voanews.com/arts-culture/transgender-people-still-criminalized-13-un-member-states-report-finds     Carolyn Marie
    • Aidan5
      Being completely honest, I am feeling trapped, drained and powerless.    I just came to terms that my parents won't let me move until I'm 18. Everyday lectures are draining my energy and will to do anything. I'm expected to preform at 100% everyday and they only give me 3 hours for school each day. I'm really stressing and they are expecting straight A's, which I have at the moment but I'm scared of even getting a B. I couldn't sleep last night and caffeine doesn't work on me, it's just makes me calm. I miss being in person for school because I had support but now I have nothing, of course online helps a lot but it's limited. I just feel cornered and blehhh.  
    • Mary Jane
      ok and thank you! 😄
    • Victoria94
      Well DeeDee The first 15 minutes was really akward and all I could think of was "what have I done" But after that the talk went really well. The worries went away as we talked a little about the topic and switched to another topic for a little while and then back. It was like just any other conversation. Im a bit scared but I feel a sligth relief as some weigths have been lifted off.   Victoria
    • DeeDee
      Victoria, that is wonderful news! You still have your friend, plus he may prove to be a real help for you moving forwards. I'll bet that 2hrs just flew past!
    • DeeDee
      ❤️🧡❤️ Amazing,now you know that both parents are supportive Amber, deep breaths!
    • Dinaki
      Some of us have started the transition when we were very young and had the surgery also at a young age, and not after a man was married to woman ( one or two times) and also having children and grandchildren,then he decides to transition at age 60+...   Face, hands, body, voice etc... were not developed  yet to become as a man and with the hormones, our body fully changed to that woman you see  and admire.  Myself included and many other ladies that I know, have not touched our face surgically ( feminization). Later in life, we may have went under the knife to perhaps have “the French beauty” ( Bardot, Gabor, Lauren etc).   Thats my answer to the OP and Shay dear, we are not fake, that was bold for you to say that!  
    • Mmindy
      I'm listening to all my Mac Davis downloadeds because he set the tone for my teenage years. 
    • Bobbie Scott
      Bri,I think you look great. 
    • Bobbie Scott
      Pretty outfit. 🥰
    • Reverie_Star
      Let me know if you need a co or partner usually on around 10 est most days
    • Shay
      Being like us is not easy and it takes all of us to support us - when you're down look here and you'll find someone to help - when you're up do the same for another one of us who is down. BOTH will make you feel better. Hug
    • QuestioningAmber
      Well I finally got both responses in.   I feel like my mom gave her usual unconditional love statement, however, she is really nervous I can tell about the idea of me transitioning and what it means for me. I know it comes from a place of love, it just a thing where I am not worried about it because if I am not me, how can I be happy. So I think there is some work there that is going to have to take place.   My dad says he understands how this has probably tormented me for so long. He sounds very supportive and is being kind of inquisitive with me. He has kind of stepped on a few land mines (some questions that I right now just gloss over). I think he will be supportive of the transition.   Now that the first round is done, I think it is time to reflect and decide on when to execute the next round. I feel like it may be difficult to talk to my brothers about it, though one is estranged on his accord.
    •  Kylie
      happy Birthday Kathy!
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