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Three Hours Forty Five Minutes Of Trans Pride


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  • Root Admin

Where has the time gone?  Our first hour and a half was spent with an panel discussion between Trans actress and some other thing Alexandra Billings and model / actress Isis King, both of who are Black Trans women who are faced with deeper antagonism by society, including their own Black community than I admit that I am in my non-Black community. The have come a long way, but how they can get their own community to be more accepting is a solution they admitted they do not have answers for but a looking for diligently.   One important thing though from them to all of us is to take care of yourselves and find out who you are without a thought that you are too much for you.  Once you know who you are embrace yourself and have no fear of being yourself. You do not have to be anyone else's idea of what a Trans Person is.  If you are a Trans woman you can have days when you are not glamorous, you can have no days of being glamorous and still be one of the bunch.  In fact take plain days and vacations from being a model trans woman or man.  We are our world and the rest of the bigger world does not determine who we are, but in time we can give them the inner beauty of our world as we ourselves discover it.  Pride is a journey of discovery and not a one month party.


Two more hours were spent in a maxed out Zoom Conference with 50 people filling the screens.  It was fun to look at all the participants and who we are IRL.  No two of us were really alike in how we looked. We were comfortable with each other, and no one looked like they did not belong.  Oldest who admitted it was me, and there were a few who looked older than I do but were 8 or 9 years younger and one of our brief appearances was a 10 year old heading for bed.  The 10 year old was Trans male with Cis and Trans moms (the parents were in late 30's. )   Quite an age range.  Big point on the age was there are some of us who have been through the wars so to speak, and all of us addressed the need for much more work to get us where we need to be, and yes some of us oldsters have got to pass the torch onto the younger ones coming up if we are to see our goals met.  The person who brought that up had a bunch of very serious younger faces on the screen for a few minutes but hear and there the thumb nails saw faces look up and smile or with what I can hope were eyes on the future and readiness to take up the work we really need.  Even here the point was that we need PRIDE in our selves, our dreams, maybe a fear or two, but not just for a few days a year, we need it for our lives to have meaning.  The new people who looked a bit scared were assured they would find it in themselves to go forward and would be give help by the community to be the best person they could envision.  Quite an evening.  It was a good one if I am rambling this late.


The weekend resumes Saturday at noon.

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