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Urgent binding advice

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Hello everyone, I ask for help regarding wearing a binder. (TL;DR at the last row)

I em expected to hold my final exam on Saturday, and since we have to dress formally, men are expected NOT to wear shorts.

I have to wear long jeans, which in this terribly hot weather (30+C, 86+F) and my overheating anxiety, are already enough to make me sweat at the thought. But I also have to wear a binder, which makes me sweat and nearly faint from overheating when I'm normally calm and wearing shorts!


Are there ANY alternatives do binding I can use for just one day? Are ace bandages dangerous for those 4 hours (or less)? What do you people suggest, considering I can't go out and buy a sport bra during these three days?


Thank you in advance

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Maybe not but have you a swimsuit which would work? Obviously not something I am expert on but the fabric tends to hold things better.



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Tape may work depending on the brand and how much you sweat, but make sure it's skin safe tape. You may want to test it out another day this week to ensure it holds with sweat. Maybe read a book outside or study or something else while taped and see how long it lasts. Depending on your size you may also be able to get away with the tank top trick. If you have an old sports bra that isn't necessarily compression and a tight tank top then you can put on the sports bra and then the tank top and fold the tank top up over the bulge a few times and it helps to flatten it. Bralettes work instead of sports bras too. This method should stay in place for a few hours depending on how how much you move and the fabrics you use, but safety pins can help hold it the tank top up if needed. 

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I do NOT recommend tape or ace bandages. Will you be wearing a suit? If you have a slightly large suit jacket, it will help cover that area from view. Even a sport coat might work. 

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A. Dillon

This might just be a tad too late, but have you ever heard of compression shirts? There are men's compression shirts which are meant to give your body a more masculine shape, and while it doesn't completely flatten your chest, it does greatly reduce your hips and if you wear a dark shirt no one can tell.

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    • MaryEllen
      OMG  That is so awesome. Thank you. ❤️
    • Shay
      wise words - do what you can to nurture relationship but remember there is only one person you have any power to change - you can only plant good seeds.  
    • KymmieL
      Jani you are right. it would be good for me that I would be able to be with my wife more. As she works days and when I am working closings and weekend we have no time for us. Maybe I'll talk to the manager and see just what pay cut I will have.   Kymmie
    • Shay
      @MaryEllen You asked me to send Safe Haven song - here it is.. Hugs, Heather Shay safe haven.mp3
    • Mia Marie
      When applying for new jobs there is a place where you are asked if you have been known by another name. That would be the place to start using your new name but as Jackie says be upfront about yourself and ask if it would be a problem. You also have to tell them that at some point you will be using the new name as your regular name and then the HR records need to be changed.    For me all of this is a bit harder since I didn't come to terms of being trans until after I started.
    • Alexxiss
      Agreed Teri. I’m sorry to hear your experiences with radical feminists, both of you. As someone who underwent conversion therapy from my Christian family, I have to say that was the most oppressed I’ve ever been. Yes back to the point. Personality has a lot to do with passing. You can be beautiful and young but if you are unlikeable it’s unlikely someone will respect your pronouns.
    • Luhleleri
      thank you, this really helps!
    • SaraAW
      One step closer to officially changing my name.  Finally got my wife to sign off on the Notice of Name Change Request form that is a requirement for folks in Ontario to do when married and wish to change their legal name. It was a struggle to get her to sign it. She's still in denial and grieving over the loss of her husband. She was hoping by not signing, she could delay things more.  After explaining several times, I don't need her permission, I am allowed to send the via registered mail and provide that as proof that I notified her, without needing her to sign it, she finally signed it. Saved me the cost of sending it registered mail, but at the cost of some more strain on our marriage.   Now I just need a guarantor to sign off that I have lived in province for at least a year. Hoping my doc will do it without charging me too much. After that $137 and some postage and it should be done. Then changing over everything else in my name. Getting really tired of being referred to my birth name, really looking forward to hearing my name.   Still healing from my sinus/nasal surgery. It's progressing slowly, but noticing major improvement from pre-surgery. Lots of thunderstorms and not a single migraine, let alone even a regular headache.   Hope everyone has a wonderful day today! Hugs!
    • Pixie
      We find that (we're kinda new to tucking since we're DID and not "trans" per se- but several of us ARE girls in a boy body- like me, this is why I'm here) a smaller swimsuit bottom helps a lot. Spandex is a bit "thicker" and more resistant to "loosening" than panties are (any undies, tight when first put on get "looser" as they get worn and warmed and stretched in our experience). A slightly too small (but not dangerously or too uncomfortably) 2pc bottom or like Cheerleaders' bloomers as panties or over panties help TONS to keep things in place and DON'T loosen or "let go" like panties can/will after a while. They are designed, of course, to REMAIN TIGHT for hours on end to preserve modesty.
    • Teri Anne
      Shay if you are from Cleveland do you remember a band called Rocket From The Tombs?  They were part of the original punk bands that came out of Cleveland in the mid 70s.  
    • Shay
      @SaraAW   good choices - I especially love Weezer, They Might Be Giants and DEVo (Devo was right - our country is de-evolving)
    • Shay
      oh I forgot - WMMS played the live version - and Murray Saul would rant for a while and end with " you gotta gotta gotta gotta gotttttttttttttaaaaaaaaa get down....(expletive).....      
    • SaraAW
      Nerd/Geek rock on deck for today. Starting with Weezer. There'll also be some They Might be Giants, Nerf Herder, Moxy Fruvous, Man or Astroman?,  The Protomen, Cake, DEVO and more.
    • Shay
      @Teri Anne   tee hee hee....
    • Shay
      Just right ofr Friday - when I lived in Cleveland in the late 1970's every Friday at 6 PM Murray Saul on WMMS would play this version of Friday on my Mind (Trivia the original version of the song was done by The Easybeats that had Angus Young's older brother Malcolm who went on the form AC/DC) - the other cool thing WMMS did was at 2 PM Sunday morning they played Maggot Brain by Funkadelic....    
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