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Alex C

bottom and Larynx pre surgery questions

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Alex C

So Tuesday I go for my office con with my  bottom dermatologist Ohara Aivaz at Cedaers concerning the hair remove pre to my bottom surg. I was told it will be done with laser. But my electrolysis tells me that Elec is the only real opp. since I am in my late 50 with gray hair. She said that laser will not remove the hair and it will grow back, leaving me with a sticky bottom. Is she right? Cause Elect is very painful and the numbing cream well only do so much.

         Back Story. I have my own cleaning bus, its all manual labor for about 4 to 9 hrs a day. and I not sure if I will be able to perform with all that pain, which according to my Elect could take from 3 to 7 month to fully remove all the hair from down there.

Has any one had this done pre bottom.

Also have my Larynx surg is in three weeks. Have my last con in 2weeks with doctor Cooper. We decide to do the non evasive laser shorten of my larynx. I Was wondering if anyone here has going through it and how long is the healing process. I need to work as much as I can to save money before my bottom surg, cuz that's going to be at least 2month with out a job.So i really can cancel any cleaning right now. I will ask the Doc this question, but i was wondering if anyone here has going through this and what their exp was. Ty 

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Hi Alex

Yes electrolysis is the only permanent way to get rid of it and you are right the numbing cream does not cut it.  I came across somewhere that you can get a local anaesthetic injection don't know if that would be better or worse.

I found this video clip on voice you want to go about 10 minutes into the video to get to what is more important hope it helps it is from UCLA.


This is what Jackie Rabbit said to me when I commented on her video.


They actually do put a stitch in your vocal cords to hold them together effectively shortening the length of the existing chords overall. If I remember correctly they de-flesh the inside area between the cords below the stitch so that they will fuse together and the stitch or suture holds the vocal cords together long enough for everything to heal over... some surgeons do it differently and there are other procedures but mine is the most common, my surgeon said she follows the procedure that Dr. Kim in Korea uses to good effect. It does take quite some time for your voice to settle down, mine is still settling down after many months, and it’s never really perfect it just is what it is, it roughs up your voice a little but it does the job of feminization and that is the ultimate goal. Nobody ever calls me sir on the phone or in public, everyone who meets me and talks to me considers my voice absolutely female at all times even though I myself still hear a bit of the old voice in there from time to time.
The the following link is from the video she made on it.
Hope some of this helps
Good luck

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Alex C

Ty so much Carrie...Yeah i hope to talk to them 2mor about injection or something..Wow it took that long for yr rehab. I hoping 1 week 2 tops. I can't do with work that long. I went through all my saving . I finally my  some of my customers are return but its still not enough. Thank you be safe

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      OMG - Spooky Tooth is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES along with FREE. And yes - I loved Greg Ridley in both Spooky and Humble Pie and my favorite drum opennings was....        
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      Jani Look forward to seeing you Rami
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      Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! From what I've seen so far on this forum you all seem like lovely people. As far as what Erikka said about my age, when I came out I really felt like I had no other choice if I wanted to keep moving forward in my life. I know not everyone has the same support network and resources to transition while they're younger, and I recognize the privilege I have in that sense. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had come out sooner, but doing so won't change the hand I was dealt. I look up to all of you no matter when you came out, because that takes courage no matter the age.   
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      Hei alle Chris Squire was awesome. I saw Yes on their Fragile  tour in 1972, oddly enough they were the opening act for Black Sabbath. On the subject of great bassists, Greg Ridley, Spooky Tooth and Humble Pie fame, was so solid on laying down some really great bar band bass tracks especially with Humble Pie. Ronnie Lane was another great  bar band bassist. Laying down a great foundation is the make or break factor of a band.
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      Velkommen Rory This is a great support to have in corner. You will find many ideas, informations and opinions here. Many of us are here by way of Jackie Rabbit's vids. I envy your age for transitioning. For many of us life got in our way and it was not possible to get here until later and late in our lives. So read, comment and post. Velsignelser Erikka
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      I got the first one with my ex's blessing. When decided just one ear looked unbalanced and I wanted to have a more feminine look, my ex blew a gasket, She said that with an earring in both ears I would be competing with her  femininity, but while on a business trip I got the other ear pierced and reluctantly accepted it. The second set of holes I had wanted almost as soon as I got the second ear pierced. I waited until several milestones had been reached, one of those was when I finally and completely declared myself to be unapologetically trans. 
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      Thanks Rory! Hugs!
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      It's always exciting to hear when people have the support of their family. Even if they're not perfect all the time it really goes a long way in making it easier to transition. Good luck if/when you tell others and I can't wait to hear more about your journey!
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      Well, birthdays can be unpleasant in any number of ways.  I've never viewed my birthday as being something to celebrate, but it had nothing to do w/ gender identity.  For me it simply marked a day when I became another year older, and a year closer to death.  I now have a related, but different perspective----however, that perspective has even less appreciation for my birthday.
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