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Article: Coming Out When You're Married to the Rabbi

Carolyn Marie

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This is a great transition story that can apply to all of us.  The Rabbi connection just makes it a bit more complex for her obviously.

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    • Berni
      Hi @Susan R,   I've had a bit of swelling ... even after the second picture was taken ... so I had a bit of a fat neck for a day or two. This was kind of uncomfortable for a while and made Swallowing food (but thankfully not breathing) difficult. The swelling seems less today (day 3) and I'm much more comfortable and eating is easier.   My neck is a little sore and itchy where the stitches are and quite sore inside where, I guess, they had things poked down my throat so that they could see exactly what they were doing (the procedure was called microlaryngoscopy) ... so my throat is sore "inside" as if I had a normal "sore throat" and my voice is a little hoarse ... again like when you have a traditional sore throat.   By far, the worst part of the procedure, was the effects of general anesthetics .... which always affects me very badly making me I feel  very nauseous for hours afterwards.   The odd thing I feel, which I wasn't expecting, is this feeling of really "outing" myself. Since the operation,  I've been hiding at home a bit because I can't really "explain away" what I've done. I had my Adam's apple removed and its going to be super obvious for weeks while the scars heal. There isnt really a "non-trans" reason for doing that.   So ... here I am with nowhere to hide.   The day after the operation, an old work friend invited me to a party at their house next weekend. There will be a combination of old friends, who haven't seen me for 12 months or more, as well as people I still see at work each day.   There WILL be questions.   I'm a little nervous.
    • Becoming Jordan
      I just tried the app.  Love it
    • Victoria94
      Yes despite of feeling like my hometown feeling a bit narrow when it comes to changes, I am still proud of my home place❤ We just had the first freeze on the road so we are near the challenge of being a driver here Jani
    • MomTGDaughter
      You referred to her by her female pronouns once, thene you want on to use them or they. Why don't you just make it easier for her by referring to her as a girl, she, her and your daughter? 
    • Heathick
      Ok, so I'm probably incredibly late to this, but this forum has just introduced me to the absurd wonders of FaceApp and I'm totally hooked!   Judging by what it thinks I looked like as a kid, I'm pretty well aware this software is far more for fun goofing around than it is for accuracy. But even still, the first time I gave it a selfie and hit the "Female" button, my heart instantly leapt straight out of my chest and I felt all fluttery for hours...That "photo" is now my profile picture :). (I swear, if I could look anything like that, I would come straight out to everyone, work, family and strangers, right now!, and have a name change application submitted within the hour!! (Ugh..if only I could decide on a name!))   Other top candidates include these works of deliriously intoxicating fantasy:         Just as fun, although not half as pretty, is this amusing nightmare :     That one never stops cracking me up! I'll spare everyone the masculine one that makes me look like an unholy union between Santa Claus and my biological father!   What cool images have other people come up with through this?
    • Susan R
      You look great @Berni. It’s hard to believe it was that fast and you’re back and looking like it was nothing. Looks like your doctor did a nice job. I’m curious...Are there any temporary changes in your voice, the feeling while breathing in or out or when you swallow? I realize some differences are natural but how was the overall experience?   Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      @QuestioningAmberThis is the life changing statement that changed it all for me too. Those are such empowering words and so true.   Congratulations on this huge step! You are on a new journey now and I hope your Dad gets the news soon. I can imagine the waiting for his first response is the hardest part.   Wishing you a good outcome, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      An early Congratulations to you @Terri1769! Please keep us updated as to your progress when and if you feel up to it if you feel comfortable doing so.  I wish you all the best and hope your recovery goes smoothly and is as painless as possible.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Astrid
      A wise move. Every vote is so important in these unsettling times!  Congratulations and hugs,   Astrid 
    • Astrid
      So here I am, nonbinary me: my body's unique, thanks to HRT! 
    • ElizabethStar
      @Confused1I decided I'm just going to let that friendship work itself organically.   I still have other good and supportive friends I made during my time down in Arkansas. One that I didn't think would support me is actually very happy for me. Turns out my name is the same as her daughter's middle name.   So far all the responses I've had since coming out on facebook had been positive. I really didn't want to delete my account and have to start over.    
    • Sydneyblue
      Congrats !!! 😃
    • Heathick
      Wow, I guess estrogen can be powerful stuff!   I haven't done any HRT, and I have enough testosterone to know firsthand the odd sensation of crying a river on the inside, but having testosterone completely block all actual crying....And yet, even at that, I still can't stop actually tearing up like crazy every time I see the first "Let it go" in Frozen! I can't imagine how I would fare on estrogen!    
    • QuestioningAmber
      So both letters went out today. I have already heard back from my mom and she says she loves me unconditionally and that she is going to look over the resource that I gave her on some basic questions and what not. I still haven’t heard from my dad yet. That may just be where he hasn’t had a chance to read the letter yet. I am trying to remain optimistic.
    • Confused1
      Congratulation Elizabeth on your coming out. I am as Christian as it gets, but I am also trans. If you want to keep this friend and get a bad response, PM me. I might have some ideas that can help. In the mean time, I'm hoping the rest of your replies are all positive!   Hugs, Mike
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