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Makeup Advice?


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I don’t know a lot about makeup, but I’d like to start using it more. Are there any essential products recommended for beginners to start with?


Also, is there any makeup that isn’t noticeable when worn? It would be nice to wear every day, but I’d rather not risk anyone knowing I had makeup on. 




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Hi Hammertime, while most women have skin care regimes that they follow not everyone wears makeup every day, so start by making sure you have a moisturiser.  For the sake of experimenting I would suggest getting a makeup kit (either one aimed at older teens or an adults travel case)  - it will have all the basics and a few brushes, the makeup will not be the best quality but it will help you get practising - unless you are out to any female friends who will all have their own opinion on what constitutes good makeup sellers and would definitely help you out rather than use something that they consider rubbish. The other thing is to make sure you have something to help remove the makeup!

Wearing makeup while looking like you aren't wearing makeup is the golden goal for everyone other than stage performers, but essentially it boils down to picking the right foundation for your skin tones and then blending what you wear in well enough. Less is always more unless you are trying for an over the top glam look. Youtube has some wonderful tutorials. For me personally fake eyelashes and lip gloss can boost my mood really quickly when I can't be bothered trying to "put my face on". Good luck! ?

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Tori M

Excellent suggestion from @DeeDee, start with an inexpensive kit to practice with at home, to get the feel of application.  Nothing too fancy, just the basics and be sure to have remover handy.  I am definitely no makeup artist but I've found a method that works for me.  I always prep with a Dove face wash and a splash of cold water (tightens the pores).  For my androgynous look (stealth makeup around town) I use a powder foundation; it seems less noticeable to me than creams.  No concealer.  I have almost invisible eyelashes, so a light touch of mascara just makes me look "normal".  Be sure it matches your natural color which, for most of us, is some shade of brown.  I lightly pencil in my sparse eyebrows, keeping the shape natural.  Probably want to avoid eyeshadow, but I have found a paIette with a tone that matches my skin and has micro glitter in it that picks up light without adding color.  A very light touch of that with a small brush brightens my eyes, and hides dark circles.  I like tinted lip balm that matches my natural lip color.  Blot off the shine and it looks totally natural.  Be aware that women are very good at noticing changes but if you make the changes gradually, you can probably sneak by.  My gal friends only notice mine once I point it out.  The point is that I can feel it the makeup, I can taste and smell the lip balm and it makes me feel good.

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I have worked for Lancome for several year-and cosmetics with skin care are my expertise.


To start of, as other members here advised you, go with an inexpensive product and I am choosing for you the brand Revlon.


Always apply your foundation to a clean skin, that is important, making certain NO FACE HAIR AND FREE OF FACE FUZZ


In the morning, wash your face (make it a habit)

Apply a generous amount of a moisturizer and let it set for some minutes. Then with a Kleenex, tap gently your face skin to have all left residue come  off to the Kleenex.

Apply a BB Cream making certain that you have chosen the correct shade for you.

Apply under the eyes a Concelear ( choose the one shade lighter from your BB cream)

Set your lovely face with Powder (choose the the shade that is right for you. When applying the powder, invest to  powder brush

Apply  two cots of Mascara in black, then

Apply a a lip gloss of your liking.


Important to define your eyebrows. I cannot help you in that field as I have not the structure in front of me of your face. But do have a lovely shape, an arc.


At nights, do a double cleasing

Take the Day Off with Cleansing Toilettes

Clenase you face with cotton balls Micellar Water

Apply a generous amount of Nivea Soft all over your fave


I am attaching a free face guide Guide


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Lots of great tips here! Thanks for sharing.


At this point, my routine consists just of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and sunscreen. Oh and drinking lots of water. I think skin care is probably the most important part of successful makeup, as you need a good canvas to start with.


I have some makeup, but do not use it regularly, as I am not out socially. The most I'll do when going out is use some makeup to hide my perma eye circles (genetics :( from my mom). 

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Sally Stone



All of the recommendations made by everyone that has commented previously are terrific, however, makeup usage and application is such a personal science.  Therefore, to offer you advice, it would help to know a little more about you and your objectives.  To offer recommendations, I'd like to know if you are trying to hide masculine flaws, or, are you blessed with androgynous features that don't require any camouflage?  Makeup tips that "transform" are quite a bit more involved and require specialized products and techniques that really aren't suitable for genetic women, or those in our sisterhood who possess flawless skin and feminine features.


I'm one of those women who uses makeup to help transform and camouflage my masculine features.  To achieve such ends, I apply makeup a little more heavily than a genetic woman might.  Still, with careful techniques and the right products, I have learned to create a very natural appearance.  I can't say that people don't notice I'm wearing makeup, but the way I apply it makes it look natural.


So, let us all know what you are trying to achieve, and our advice can be more focused and specific.  

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Tori M

@Sally Stone, do you any tips on how to minimize the trachea?

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56 minutes ago, Tori M said:

do you any tips on how to minimize the trachea?


I am not Sally, but that is best done with accessories such as scarves or even necklaces that draw the eyes to the blings or the patterns.  The Turtleneck top is perfect for winter times and other collars that are a bit full can work in summer and still be light weight..   A slightly darker shade of foundation in that area with the other stuff helps too.  Your posture comes in as we'll. 

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Sally Stone



I think Vicky about covered it, so I can't add too much to her recommendations.  My Adams apple is quite prominent, unfortunately, and I used to worry about it a great deal.  I realized though I wasn't fooling most people regarding my birth gender, so I just stopped obsessing.  That doesn't mean I don't take steps to minimize it, and I use the technique Vicky mentions: applying a darker shade of foundation on it.


One other tip I pair with the foundation trick, is one I learned from a prominent style consultant.  At first, what she told me seemed very counter intuitive: she told me to actually avoid high-neck blouses.  She said they draw an admirer's eye directly to the area of the neck you are trying to conceal; kind of like an arrow pointing directly at the Adam's apple.  Of course, she wasn't speaking of a turtleneck style that covers the Adam's apple entirely.  They are effective if the season and weather support them, but they aren't very practical for warm weather.  The consultant told me to actually wear lower cut blouses that accentuate more of the bosom.  She said it tends to keep the focus off the Adam's apple.  I have heeded her advice ever since, and it has helped me be much more confident in my appearance.  Hope this all helps? 

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Tori M

Thanks ladies.  Actually, I've tried and use these methods.  The low front tops is a biggie and I don't wear short necklaces, even the large onyx I have that, despite it's size, still attracts the eye upward.  I once tried a cowl neck sweater and ironically it just seemed to frame my neck.  I've just begun experimenting with concealer bordered by foundation left, right, and above with mixed results.  I will get a darker shade of my foundation and try that.  Do you apply anything below the Adam's apple?  I've been stopping at the lower edge.


One of our worst angles is when we lift our heads to look up (as a birder I look up a lot)... do you think a different shading under the chin/jaw might distract at all?  Since my underchin gets no sun (which I'm trying to work on if the sun would ever come out! grrr), it's the whitest space of all and I have trouble toning it.  Can never seem to get enough foundation there.


Thanks again!

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Perhaps some sort of intricate collar that would cover  your adams apple not every time but as a sometimes fix?

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12 hours ago, Sally Stone said:

The consultant told me to actually wear lower cut blouses that accentuate more of the bosom.  She said it tends to keep the focus off the Adam's apple.

If you have any kind of cleavage, I absolutely guarantee you the men (and maybe most women) will NOT be looking at your adams apple.  Since we became Homo erectus (walking upright) we are biologically wired to notice cleavage ?  

... but I like the darker foundation idea .. thanks @Tori M❣️

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good discussion - I learned a lot, I used an eyebrow pencil to darken the contour above my tiny breasts and rubbed in to accentuate the little I have and that helps draw the eye away from my Ichobod Crane Adam's Apple... ?

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Tori M

I like boat neck tops, or at least a deep V.  All of that bare skin is definitely a distraction.  My boobs are wide-spaced so I've bought bras appropriate and comfortable with that but I guess I should try something that gives me a little cleavage and just deal with the odd feeling.  Can you tell I prefer comfort over looks? LOL  Now, if I lived in some place that had summers (there I go again! lol), I would just live in shorts, sandals and tank tops.

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You do what feels good to you - after all your opinion is the most important anyway ??

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Goodness, this thread expanded since last time I checked 0.o 

Thank you gals so much for the advice!! I didn’t realize skin care was so important to a feminine look. 

@Sally Stone, sorry for not going more into detail about my objectives. As someone cursed with masculine features, learning to feminize my face is the main goal. I inquired about natural-looking makeup products since I’m not out to my family yet and wondered if I could get away with wearing anything without them noticing. 

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i think i have been a little over zealous trying to feminize my face. It could very well epilating too much or new face cream but there are a couple areas that bubbled up a little and a few other bumps. i am treating it with lidocane and will back off for a few days then try each cream first ti,se if i am alegic and taje it sloer. i might be overstressing this male body with things it is not used to, like washing and moisrurizing daily.

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Sally Stone



One of the things to think about in regards to exfoliating, is that if you are still shaving, then exfoliating isn't really necessary.  That razor, being dragged across your face, is exfoliation in hyperdrive.  Adding any kind of chemical exfoliation is just plain brutal on your skin and can actually lead to skin problems.  I'm a firm believer that if you still have to shave, exfoliation products are really only beneficial when used on the parts of the face where we don't shave, like the forehead.


Women exfoliate with chemicals because they don't normally shave their faces.    Of course, once hair is removed permanently, then exfoliating regularly probably has its merits; but until then, I think this is one of those facial care regimens that really doesn't apply to us.




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Yes, I agree Sally. I use the exfoliating cleansers and creams on just my nose, cheeks and forehead. My nose and the parts of the cheeks just under my eyes, closest to my nose are my problem areas. For the beard area, it's just a gentle cleanser and moisturizers.

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thank you for the advice - I think my issue is epilating TOO often - but now I know about exfoliating and the reasons you give are excellent.

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20 hours ago, Sally Stone said:

That razor, being dragged across your face, is exfoliation in hyperdrive. 

Yep!  I noticed my beard area is so smooth, I've begun expanding the area of my razor's path to high cheek (above the hairline) and even forehead.  Seems to help. (just be careful)

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KayC, you could also use a mild chemical exfoliant. Like a moisturizer or cleanser with salicylic acid. It’s gentler than running a razor all over your face. 

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thank you @SaraAW❣️  its great to get lots of different advice here.

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you are so right...i am just starting and it is so wonderful to have advice from those who are meticuous in learning the details. thank you all so much.....

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I agree, I have learned a lot from folks on here. Now that I've come out to my sister, who is an aesthetician, I hope to get lots more advice that I can use and pass on.

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