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how many of you are musicians


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i have been so surprised yet not surprised how many of my new lady friends are musicians. I have been a musician and songwriter since those darm british guys the Beatles bit me with the music bug on a Sunday in Feb. 1964. I have been in bands ever since, nearly signed with Atlantic Records because of a regional hit I wrote and sang but the band imploded. I am a lefty who plays left handed hofner violin bass and acoustic guitar and still love creating new in my studio. Because of you amazing ladies supporting me, in kess than a month, i came out to some friends, wife, and consulted on HRT and start next week and it is amazing how wonderful I feel for the longest time.

I am writing a new song I long like to share when it is ready. It is called "Where You Been So Long".



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I want to listen to that songs.

Will it available in iTunes?

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No but I will send it to you 

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I’m a lefty who plays guitar right handed. Also dabbling on the uke, piano and just inherited a fiddle. Before I hit my first puberty, I could really sing, my voice broke in a not great spot between octaves and as result really turned me off singing for a long time. I’ve been practicing again and have slowly been increasing my range, but have a long way to go. Hoping it well help with vocal feminization too. 


Haven’t tried my hand at writing yet. I’d love to hear some of your songs. Do you them have up anywhere?

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actually i have a sound,cloud account and i could probably send you some mp3 here or at an email. i qwill give you my email in a messsage  cant remrmber my soundcloud butci think it is my male name mike petee

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Patti Anne

You can count me. I started playing guitar at 12. Self taught. From there, piano, bass and drums. I do some writing as well, but it's usually after a heartbreak of some sort. I have a studio in my house, but really haven't used it much. As time goes by, I will. 

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Susan R

I’m not a musician in any sense of the word. I played drums throughout my high school years at a friend’s house. My parents were always encouraging us kids to play an instrument but I was only interested in percussion and specifically drums.  I asked them if they would allow me to buy a drum set. They said, yes, as long as you don’t play it after dinner time (~6pm). My senior year, I saved up and spent $500 on a used Pearl drum set a friend had which barely fit in my bedroom. I played it whenever I could prior to my father coming home from work. He would always come home and have a few drinks before dinner. One day he came home an hour early and walked into my room. I stopped and asked him if it’s ok to continue to play. He said, “Oh sure. You play them pretty good.“  He goes upstairs to have his drinks and I start to play again. Three mins. later (no joke), he screams at the top of his lungs...louder than my drums, “Will you turn that  xxxx off!?!”


Needless to say, I sold them for $300 the next week and I’ve never played since...lol


Susan R?

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I like playing music, but I am not a musician.  I can learn the notes, the rhythms, the expression, whatever is written in the music or heard on a recording.  But I can't compose anything or improvise my way out of a wet paper bag.  I was playing in a band one time, a paying gig, and and one of my band mates yelled, "Take it away, <deadname>!"  I nearly died.  I didn't "take it away".  I just kept on playing the song the way it was written.  Afterwards, I told him, "Don't ever do that to me again!"


My mother tried to teach me piano when I was a kid.  That was a fail.  In high school, I played clarinet in the school concert band, and I kept it up in a military band when I was in the air force.  (Sneaky trick that: the base band counted as a "secondary duty", and got me out of other nasty secondary duties like being base garbage officer.)  taught myself a few guitar chords, and I learned to play the hammered dulcimer.  I recorded a CD of hammered dulcimer music, which sold about two copies. 


Currently, I play tenor sax in a community concert band.  I took a break for my surgery, but they then cancelled the rest of the season due to covid-19.

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I am happy to see so many music topics here lately on our forums :) Music is a universal language, and brings people together.


  Growing up we had an old, i mean really old upright piano in our home, that I used bang on, I began to become interested in how the notes worked together, and taught myself some basic songs. I started playing guitar at 10, using my Mom's nylon string folk guitar she used in her teaching. Turns out I'm a lefty, and turned her guitar around the way that was most comfortable for me. Needless to say none of the chord fingering charts she had worked for me, so I had to improvise my fingering. Later I would become interested in the Bass Guitar and bought my first brand new 1978 Fender P (still have it) and practiced in my basement before joining my first band. I've always had a day job, but was able to supplement my income playing in working bands here in the Seattle area since the mid 80's as a bass guitarist. Even had the opportunities to open for national touring acts. I transitioned while in this one working cover band, and playing gigs as my true self was simply wonderful. The experience that saw my realization of a dream to be "a girl in the band". Nothing felt better then hearing someone yell out at this one gig "That lady bass player rocks !"......



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Posted (edited)

omg i know another reason now why i was drawn to you ladies. I would love to share our music and colaborate when you might like.

if you would like to hear some of my stuff and perhaps cowrite and add stuff to tracks, PM me for my E-mail address:  maybe we can form the All Trans Band.. 




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I can play a washboard or a set of spoons with a lot of practice, but not really a musician myself, nevertheless I am one of the Founding Members of The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles.  My primary work is in-house audio engineer if needed along with sound recording.  The gang was part of a couple of Pantene hair product commercials last Christmas, and has been vocal back-up to several other artists in live performances over the last three years.  This is the best one that has played in 5 + countries we know about.



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Posted (edited)

That means you are definitely a musician - sound engineering and back up vocals are extremely important and valuable - I'd love to send you some of my work - if you'd like let me know at <e-mail>


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Tory Aoi

I'm so glad I found this thread.  I am also a musician, primarily instrumental not so much vocal myself.  I do a little bit of writing and I have a project that is focused on my experiences as trans that I recently started.  Maybe as I make progress with it I'll start a separate thread but here's a sample clip if anyone might be interested.  It's still rather rough, though.




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I like to think I am I don’t believe my neighbors think so

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25 minutes ago, Joslynn said:

I like to think I am I don’t believe my neighbors think so


My neighbors have a favorite song they want me to sing ---- "Over The Hill And Far Away". 

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I play guitar and piano some, but I love to write songs? well, I love to write in general 

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Very nice @Tory Aoi Thank you for sharing.



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Teri Anne

I play guitar but build and repair guitars as a side line thing.

Used to play in a band years ago I blame the Beatles and the Stones for that.

Currently doing more melodic metal projects with a few friends when there is studio time.

I did a project with another friend a few years ago but he moved away and I never got a copy of the music.

Here is a pic of the rig I use at home


019 (500x334).jpg

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wow...definitely a serious musician...how cool.. 

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Very nice gear @Teri Anne

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I am not much into metal although I aprreciate any style of music done well...


I was just thinking about a Hamer left handed guitar I had that I sol to a young guy in Phoenix who was so knocked out that I had one because he was really into metal and had to have a right hander modified back then. The sad thing is I packaged it as unbreakable as I could and UPS still managed to snap the neck. I felt so bad for the young man.

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Teri Anne

Sorry you had one break in shipping.

I have sold and shipped guitars all over the world and have been really lucky not to have any breakage issues.

I was big into vintage guitars ( 50's and 60's Fender and Gibson guitars) and bought and sold 100's of them.

Did guitar shows all over the mid section of the country and met some great artists such as Vince Gill. Johnny Cash and many others.

I met Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) at the NAMM show in Nashville Tenn in 2004 and we chatted over coffee for 30 mins or so. Very nice guy and very intelligent as well.

I have done roadie and guitar tech work for a few different bands and met many artists while out on tour.

Its hard work and not the most glamorous job but fun all the same.

I'm more a metal head but love all kinds of music.

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how cool is that - that was the only guitar I ever had issues with in shipping.


The work of a roadie is under appreciated. I've had to do both load PA, set up and establish proper sound and perform and then....alas...tear down, pack up, uload and store. Although unfortunately I never did get a chance to go out on tour but I think I can empathize with the hard work - as we did do some 3 or 4 day regional things so I got a taste and as Silver said in a bitter sweet song .




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Teri Anne

Yeah load in and load out was never easy then push on to the next show 500 miles away.

I was used to that lifestyle being an over the road truck driver for 40+ years.

Not actually performing in the band I still had to keep an eye on the band and if one of the guys had issues with an instrument I had to get him his back up guitar.

I got to play at sound check which was fine with me  so I dialed in the bass and guitar amps with the house sound guys. I occasionally would cut loose with some awesome riffage with the amps cranked up if it was an outdoor show.  Just a job but fun and hard work.


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but I bet you LOVED it - if music is in your dna you cannot be without it in some way, shape or form...

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    • Emily michelle
      Wow Elizabeth you have a lot of talent 
    • ElizabethStar
      I love the look and feel of leggings. And there are soo many cute styles and prints out there. I have a pair of 4 inch workout shorts (not the best) I wear under them. They help to keep stuff contained so I can wear shorter tops. One of my life goals is to never wear jeans in public again. And since I want to add dresses and skirts but my legs look like they've never seen sunlight I'll  have to (happily) figure-out this whole pantyhose thing.
    • ElizabethStar
      Does setting powder make that much of a difference?
    • ElizabethStar
      I never got into laser cutting, it's 3d printing and not my design. My designs are usually a little more complex. Last summer I designed and built an exoskeleton (my 3rd version). It's powered or anything. More like a costume. The tricky parts were: every part had to fit within a 6inch cube (it made for quit the puzzle), all the joints are supported with metal BB's (for bearings) and some Velcro straps. No glue, no screws or any other foreign materials. I loved the engineering challenge.
    • Emily michelle
      That’s really cool Elizabeth!   Hi Willow I don’t really use much concealer now mainly under my eyes. Once I started getting laser i stopped using orange concealer. I should try setting powder. I would also like to learn contouring. 
    • tracy_j
      I know this is specific but just at the moment insurance companies seem to be making a point of dragging their heels over paying in general quite a lot of the time.   I have not looked into it but I wonder which is to be favoured - coverage via health insurance which is iffy at times over payout through company (and location?) or coverage via health (NHS here) which is limited by resources.   Tracy
    • Danusia
      @Jackie C.But in leggings femininity can "escape" through the legs 😄.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Thousands of U.S. trans people fly to Thailand for GCS surgeries every year. But Thailand's own trans folk are not well treated.   https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20201028-thailand-s-first-transgender-mp-dismissed-from-parliament     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://news.bloomberglaw.com/health-law-and-business/blue-cross-of-california-fined-over-transgender-coverage-delay     The text of this article is only partially visible due to Bloomberg's pay wall.  But its enough to get the gist.   Carolyn Marie
    • jae bear
      oh my dear Jackie, I’m sure you realize by now I am completely shameless! I mean last weeks video is already over 15,000 views and climbing and all because I talked about dilation! I think I disappointed so many people keeping it clean! Then again I always make my videos as generically clean as possible because the possibility of young people in transition watching is always very real... I’m extremely fascinated by your new project, I would really like to know what you come up with, I’d like to see it, I might even be able to use it on the channel if you’re willing to come up with something! I’m always struggling to come up with something funny at the end of the video, maybe you could do something funny or help me tell a joke and I could be the voice actor?
    • Willow
      @ElizabethStar is that a laser cutter?  Cute ears.   @Emily michelle generally less is more but you do have to color correct to hide the blueish grey that can show through from any facial hair.  Blend blend blend! Using a foundation brush.  And top it all off with a setting powder.   hugs   willow
    • Susan R
      @Ithani Keep your head up, hon. If there one thing I know for sure...change is always right around the corner. Take a deep breath and know that things will improve.   Before I let you go....Can I ask what you have done or are doing for yourself to combat this? Are you trying to handle his on your own? Do you have any real life local support or allies?   Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Hello and welcome @Cristie Bauman. Nice to meet you. You’ve come to the right place for sure. I for one would love to read your story. I’m sure you have some very unique stories to share within your journey thus far and likely more coming soon. Like you, I knew I was a girl at a very young age (4y.o.). I was told that boys don’t act or dress like girls at that early age. It didn’t change who I was inside. I was 56 before I finally said enough is enough and started living my life for me. I’m happy to see you are doing the same. Good for you!   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • ElizabethStar
      I decided to print up a cat ear headband for spooky season.  
    • Emily michelle
      It’s very boring lol. The weather has been cold and raining so I can’t go outside either. I have been doing a bunch of cleaning around the house. Also I managed to pick out my thanksgiving outfit. I have also been working on my hair and makeup. I was quite happy, I use a bb cream instead of foundation. So I was putting way too much on apparently. And it bothered me on how it looked. So i tried to do it with hardly any and it turned out great. 
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