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FtM HRT effects on orgasms?

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Bit of a weird maybe awkward subject I dunno so I guess I'll just dive in?

Soo, I've been on HRT for about seven years now and prior to starting on it I used to have pretty good orgasms, like they'd often (I don't remember if it was every time or not) send tingling sensations out through my body, sometimes right to my fingertips, and it felt great and would take a minute or so to fade. But now my orgasms are really kind of meh in comparison, like it still feels good and I get the release but it's not as intense and the sensation doesn't spread anywhere. I don't know if it's because I'm too impatient to work myself up enough to get it to be intense, I had a long term boyfriend till about 3 years or so ago but no one since then to help me get worked up enough. Unfortunately my memory is as leaky as a sieve so I don't remember if I'd already started losing the intense orgasms prior to our breakup. I mostly kind of forgot they used to be better to be honest, but I was thinking about it recently and wondered if this is normal for transguys on HRT or if this is just a me problem. I was on Sustanon for a few years before finally switching to Nebido about a year and a half ago, and I've had recurring pain issues that mean I'm on Decapeptyl as well, so maybe it's a side effect of that, I don't know. I've heard that 'male orgasms' and 'female orgasms' are different so I expected some kind of change to them but not for them to just be rubbish in comparison. So uh, I don't suppose anyone else happens to have had a similar experience or has some know-how on this subject?

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Jackie C.

While I'm not an expert, I've come at the problem from the other side. The hormones work on your brain. Your brain wiring is literally changing. T is strong as all get out, so I imagine it would have changed pretty quick. I know the physical changes happen faster for FtMs. Less sure about the mental ones. Anyway, I noticed that my orgasms were getting better (though they take longer to achieve) somewhere around six months. While guy orgasms can be intense, they're pretty much BOOM and done. On the plus side (for you anyway) it's pretty easy to reach the finish line. Girl orgasms... well, I need a few (15-20) minutes to catch my breath afterwards but it takes longer to get there and there's a definite afterglow to bask in. Guys don't really bask. They get up and go work on the truck.



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You're right, it is a lot easier uh.. to reach the finish line as you say 😅 I'd forgotten how frustratingly difficult it used to be to be honest, and I guess being able to get there so easily and so quickly now certainly doesn't help in giving it time to build up intensity so maybe that's part of why they're less intense for me than they used to be? And yeah, "BOOM and done" is an accurate way to describe it lol it doesn't take very long to recover now

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