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Is coming out just constant and forever?

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Hey there friends, I'm having some anxiety about coming out as genderfluid. I feel like it's something that once I do, I'm going to have to keep doing for the rest of my life. For the years I've considered myself a female-aligned enby, I never gave serious consideration to coming out to the general world, as I was stil comfy with she/her pronouns and my birth name...but now that I've found I'm apparently often a guy, I'm much less comfortable with that. But the idea of having to explain and possibly defend myself to every new person I meet, or pick and choose whom to tell...it sounds exhausting. I have social anxiety so even saying "hey they/them pronouns please!" sounds really stressful. Honestly, thinking I was a binary trans guy for a bit felt like such a relief, both because people around me are generally accepting of the existence of binary trans people and because with medical transition I'd eventually be read as a guy and not need to come out anymore. 


How do you do it? Does it get easier?

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Jackie C.

I have my pronouns on a tank top. I don't look especially girly at the gym.


Honestly, only tell the people who are close to you. Everybody else can deal. Bonus points if you make sure to let people know that, "This isn't a secret, tell whoever you like," so it naturally propagates through your social ecosystem. For people you meet out and about? They don't need to know, no matter how you're presenting. Correct them if you like, but all I do when someone misgenders me is raise an eyebrow and give them my, "Really?" look. I'm open and honest if people ask, but otherwise it's not really anyone's business but my own. Your friends will figure out what to call you based on how you're presenting day to day. Everybody else can just deal with it.


Seriously, if someone has a problem, it's their problem. Let them deal with it.



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Carolyn Marie

James, I could not agree with @Jackie C. more.  She said everything I would have, except better.  Explain to who you want to explain to, let the rest figure it out, and that's it.  I came out to a LOT of people at the beginning, either in person or via e-mail.  I only come out to people occasionally nowadays, and only when it's necessary.  So relax and be yourself.




Carolyn Marie

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    • Alexxiss
      There’s no requirement to disclose that you will be transitioning. It’s not your hiring manager’s business, nor the lady at the front desk, nor the owner. When you are ready to transition you may do so in states with protections for trans people. There’s a misconception that you’re doing your employer or future employer or hopeful employer wrong by “hiding” your trans status and future transition plans. It doesn’t matter legally or morally. You don’t owe any corporate or private or public institution of alerting them to your plans. Your transition is irrelevant and distracting to the point of the interview. You are consuming the company’s time during an interview. Keep the focus on your qualifications, personality and technical abilities and general competency to fill a need and turn that company a profit.
    • Alexxiss
      It depends on what you’ll present as. Since you’ll be presenting as male then there’s no need to inform them of your trans status at any point of the hiring/interview process. If you plan on transitioning in a year or six months or even 2 months then just be prepared to contact HR once you’re ready to come out to your coworkers and require people call you your chosen name. This way you can avoid unlawful discrimination pre employment as its nearly impossible to prove discrimination on the basis of anything in hiring without a consistent proven track record of certain well qualified minority applicants otherwise denied employment. Usually you can begin presenting as your gender identity without documentation. Another woman here said her job required legal paperwork for them to honor the name change at all. Most people will find their company will honor a name change in email, verbal address, and memos without documentation. Mind you alot of forum members come from all across the globe, so check your laws and company policy. 
    • Lexi C
      I had a lot of bad once, but i had one fun one I was cleaning one of long time customer house. She is a wonderful woman. I been fully out to all my clients for well over 2yrs. She was on the phone with her daughter and  the conversation want like this "Alex is here." she look over at me "I mean Lexi is here. He such a great guy."  Again she looks over at me " I mean she sucha great guy, NOT a GUY.. a Girl. He is such a great Girl." She look over at me again her face a little red " Jesus f chirst!!! SHE IS A SHE  not he, and I love how hard and special he make me feel." she look at me again her face was all red. I could not stop laughing., I yell out " Veronica just hang up the phone before we both  have a heart attack." Love that woman. and when i get  down that moment always make me laugh
    • Lexi C
      Sorry .Thanks Jackie for the info.   
    • Lexi C
      Thank you ladies...Just don't want to end Homeless again. Cause i got to tell it suck. Esp in NYC in early March until late April. Shay I will def check on the sites. But i have no problem with the coast of the surgeries , cause Medical with cover most it.  It's the coast after....The time off from my business, The coast of recovery..the little things which eventually be come one big thing. Ty again for your support. Totally cool
    • Lexi C
      Teri  Mary i agree with you both. When I every I am in a Lesbian bar or Gay Bar in noho or West Hollywood..I feel super uncomfortable. Alexxiss Dig that Quote . Cause to be honest that exactly how i feel. I trying just be a cutie version of my real gender
    • VickySGV
      The reference I found was for injectable.  
    • Alexxiss
      “I found this in the Pinned thread on the Transgender Forum, titled “Problematic Language.”   “I think one of the big issues comes from within the community itself.  "Boy mode"  "Girl mode"  "boy brain" "girl brain"  "Target Gender" "Preferred Pronouns" and so on. We are not becoming our gender.  We ARE our gender.  We're (some of us) just trying to be cuter versions of our gender “   At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much you pass and to who. It’s about finding people who acknowledge your competency as a human being to analyze yourself and conclude your gender, even if that means you are one of the other 65.
    • RunValRun
      Thank you @Jani, after some consideration I came to the same conclusion. I have been on this journey much longer and need to remember that others are still acclimating to the “new normal” 😏
    • Chloé Rei
      Mine is injectable.  
    • KathyLauren
    • KathyLauren
      I was just about to post this when I saw that @Jani just did, but I'll say it again anyway: Call the GIC now!  The wait lists in the UK are so insane that it will be a couple of years before you get in.  If you call now, you'll have your foot in the door.  That way, if you decide that you are indeed trans, you're on your way and will have less time to wait.  If you decide in the meantime that you are not trans, you can always withdraw from the wait list.
    • Michellle
      I bumped into a coworker while opening the door for the restroom. I was going in and he was coming out. He backed up against the door and said “woh I thought you were going to grab my crotch.” I know he thinks I like guys. I was taking back by that comment. My male ego almost kicked in because I felt like telling him to F off. But I kept it cool and just laughed it off. I don’t know how much longer I can ignore his ignorant comments.   Next time I will be ready with a arsonal of comebacks. There is only so much I can take before I snap. I treat people with respect and kindnesses and expect the same in return. No one else at work has a issue with me and I am grateful. He better watch it , these hormones make me fiery...lol 
    • Jani
      What I wrote wasn't earth shattering news.  You've written a bit here and it seems obvious to me which direction you need to move.  Call you GIC, the wait list is long I've heard.  It may be a year, and you can always cancel  if things change.  In the meantime talking with others is good but be aware of those who have their own agenda.  You make all the decisions in this.  Its about you and no one else.     Jani
    • Luhleleri
      thank you so much, i really needed to hear something like that to be honest. i keep having doubts like “what if the dysphoria isn’t strong enough”, which i think is mostly due to my generations obsession with the dysphoria debate/ tumblr discourse, along with the thing where people get accused of being “trans trenders”. which makes me wonder if i’m just gnc cis and confused because my dysphoria isn’t particularly strong and it sort of disappears and reappears.   i think i’m gonna wait a little while before i take any action, since i want to be 100% sure that i’m trans and that this is the right thing for me to do before i take any lore steps. i think talking about it on forums like this is really helpful, so thank you to you all! i really needed to hear other people’s opinions on this because my brian was just in a gender tangle.   for now i’m just gonna work through my thoughts/ emotions by chatting on forums like this and talking to my bf about it. just to make sure i entirely know that that i’m trans.
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