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What is Your Favorite Song and Why

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I just wrote a blog about songs and some of the back stories. Everyone is effected differently by different pieces of music. But I would like you to tell us what is your favorite song and why.


I'm is, of all things, "Your Song" by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Why? It is simple, deceptively simple, touching, wonderful melody, and reminds me that my best songs generally are simpl, heartfelt ballads that most people can relate to in one way or another.




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I have a favorite bunch of songs that I could all name here. But, I think that if I have to name one I would select the one that is also the most important for me. It's the song that was on my blog post for my coming out and that represent the most the struggle of being trans when I was a teenager. It's one of those song that represent very well just how much of a poor self esteem I had and just how much internalized hate I have.



But the prettiest song amonst my favorites and the most positive / empathic for me is this one :



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Tangerine - Led Zeppelin - the lyrics provide just enough details to allow me to move through time (1000 years in between), and use my imagination. I take away my own personal message from that song. It could mean something completely different to the next person, that's what makes it so great.

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Jackie C.

There are a couple, but right now I have to go with:


Steam Powered Giraffe - Transform


Should be obvious but one, it's a Rabbit song and I adore her. Two, I identify strongly with the sentiment that somehow I needed to change myself to fit in with what people expected. Three, it makes me cry every time.


Steam Powered Giraffe - Malfunction


Is a close second because I strongly identify with the theme of limping through life despite your, um, design flaws and loving yourself anyway. Mental and physical. I'm kind of a wreck. ?

It's taken me a long time to come to terms with how broken I am and to learn to accept and celebrate my (many, many) flaws.



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Oh there are so many, each with its own meaning and reason.  


Cinnamon Girl is a favorite as I started dating when it came out and I was enthralled with the story, the lyrics and melody.  


 Fire by Jimi Hendrix (the studio version) is great as it showcases the bass and drums with his guitar work almost as secondary to the song.  It showed me that those instruments need not stay in the background.   

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I have had two songs here lately mean a lot to me.


This is Me from The Greatest Showman


One More Light from LInkin Park


Both kind of give me that little bit of oomph to keep moving.

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Rory M.

I’m into just and ant classic rock/punk. But lately, it’s been a huge Joan Jett kick.  

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Jackie C.

Joan Jett is awesome, so yeah, perfectly understandable.



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    • Erikka
      My endro order a genetics test. Instead of being standard 46,XY male I am a 47,XXY. She called it Mosaic Klinefelter syndrome. It means that many of my cells have and extra X and some don't. It explains so many things, like delayed puberty, gynecomastia, dental problems, delay in walking. One in 500 boy babies are born with 47, XXY. It is on a spectrum from barely to completely. I fall somewhere in the middle. So a bit more girl than I thought.
    • Jani
      I have two StarCastle albums!  They were given to me years ago.   Blues Image and Red Rider, great songs by these bands!
    • QuestioningAmber
      @Jacqui I still have a hard time with the statement "I am a woman". I have been working with my therapist on this for about a year now, and I don't know when it will be simple to say "I am a woman". I want to say it is a magical journey, but I think it is just shifting your identity in simple ways. One thing I have done is started adopting they/them pronouns as a starting point. I prefer those over he/him and she/her doesn't feel quite right yet. These have all been baby steps I have taken. I hope that is a starting point, and I am also curious what others will have to say.
    • Jacqui
      . . . and you are!
    • Jacqui
      I waltzed into this week fairly stoked by the work my therapist and I did at our last session, in which she helped me through a doorway I was hesitant to cross (having her address me exclusively as "Jacqui").  She also gave me an exercise that immerses me in thinking of myself as "Jacqui" so that I can see how this makes me feel.   I was feeling confident and optimistic, but now that I'm a few days into the week, I'm feeling terrible anxiety and doubt.  In her blog on wordpress in a segment documenting her transition, Rachel Williams says, "I had to learn to accept myself totally as a woman in order to reject my history of male-identification."  When I read those words, my immediate thought was, "How in the world will I ever be able to do that?  Do I have the capability within me?"  Rachel adds that this definitely didn't happen overnight, but still . . . for me right now it feels daunting.  As I said in a response to my very first post, "If this takes me down a certain path, what a jarring displacement it will be to the person that the world and I are accustomed to seeing as 'me'."  When I wrote that, I wasn't so worried about what the world was accustomed to seeing; it was what I was accustomed to seeing that was paramount in my concerns.   I will of course discuss this with my gender therapist at my next session, but if any of you have words of wisdom or encouragement from your own experiences, I would be grateful to receive them.    
    • Berni
      "Good morning sir .. "   Honestly, some days this is absolutely exhausting!   Having my morning coffee at the local mall. Despite the misgendering, I refuse to feel anything but radiant today.   Hope everyone has a great one.
    • DeeDee
      Hi Kestrel, pleased to meet you. 🙂 I think your personality just bubbles through in your outfit (I love the green dress!) and your posts. I'm afraid if I tried to put together a boho look it would just look like I fell in a laundry basket. I seem to alternate between geek chic and smart casual depending on my mood, flared asymmetrical skirts are just gorgeous, but I don't really have a style yet. Who knows. Hope to hear more from you.
    • Emily michelle
      Hi and welcome Vittoria!
    • HollyNoel
      @Jeanette West Hugs for you girl. I have to wait until next Monday to see my therapist to talk about this and several other things. I wish you luck, I'm finding this step to be harder than I thought.. lol.
    • Victoria_
      Thank you girls for your support! Yes, I’m experiencing more freedom, Rome is very different from my little town where everybody knows everybody. Sad to say, my university has a lot of connections with the Catholic Church (everything in Rome has a connection with priests! ) and this isn’t very good for me. But I hope that my friends will support me anyway, you are helping me a lot, reading your stories is a big relief, if you made it, I can do it. I just discovered that one of the support groups in the list is still active, and, surprise, it’s very close to my house!  Hugs and thank you 😊 
    • Shay
      @Reverie_Star there is a 2003 movie called Normal with Tom Wilkerson and Jessica Lange. Tom transitions and is definitely not the prettiest woman BUT when his wife (lange) finally accepts him changing she helps with wardrobe and tells Wilkerson... "You have to use what you've been given"  and helped with clothes to compliment her male size and weight.  That made an impression on me. Be real. Accent what attributes you've got and we emphasize less attractive features. I have broad ( wrong broad) shoulders so I find clothes that don't broadcast my shoulders. I have a wide jaw so I use makeup to tone it down. Thin hair - wig helps. You get the idea. Reality is reality including the money available to make changes. It is hard to do but it leads to a happier you. You are unique and no one else has your unique beauty.
    • Jeanette West
      Thank you Holly, that makes perfect sense, which is prolly why it flew right over my head. I know the exact time....
    • Jeanette West
      You have no idea! I have to be careful at work if I start thinking maudlin thoughts I suddenly get something in my eye.
    • Sally Stone
      We are conditioned by our society to accept a certain concept of beauty, and whether we are trans or cis, we are always trying to compare ourselves to that unrealistic concept.   For 90 percent of us, we can't even come close to that artificially high bar.  To maintain a healthy introspective we need to shed society's illusion of what's beautiful and focus on what's important, our inner selves.  That's where the real beauty lies anyway.  
    • Jacqui
      @Tori Mand @Berni, count me in!  My whole adult life, whether I'm with a partner or indulging in autoerotic gratification, I need my nipples to be teased with a fingernail or kissed and licked to achieve orgasm.  Maybe we should form a club . . .     I never thought of correlating this preference with being transfeminine; doing so I find it validating too.    
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