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Professional Clothing Fittings


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So as the topic reads, has anyone had a professional clothing fitting? And did you do it presenting as male? Right now I'm just starting out and have absolutely nothing, I don't even know my correct size. I'm big as in obese and have like a 65 waist in mens sizes. I would love to know what size I am so that I can shop and fill my closet, I need to know trans friendly places that will be willing to help me out. Any suggestions as to where I can go to get fitted for my correct size.


Thanks girls. hugs

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Holly, there are lots of size conversion scales for men’s to women’s clothing sizes. A good place to start is designer/manufacturers website. A lot will have size guides that reference actual measurements. They will just get you in the ball park. Women’s clothing sizes are entirely arbitrary and vary wildly between companies and designers. Even within the same designer. You will need to try them on, there is really no other way. If you’re shopping online, do so from retailers with really good return policies, as you’ll likely need to buy them in a couple sizes and the return the ones which don't fit. 

I am typically anywhere from a 12 to a 16 and a large to an XL and sometimes even a XXL. 

As for professional fittings, lots of retailers will offer fittings. Check their websites. I’ve never done one. 

Happy wardrobe building! Hugs!

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Thank you Sara. You are an angel. I will check the websites to see if they have fittings.

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That's a great resource and charts @VickySGV.  Thank you!


@HollyNoel I can attest to the accuracy of the information provided by Vicky.  I eventually found my "right" sizes by trial and error and reading reviews on Amazon for "fits as advertised" or not.  (wish I had this resource before that)

Be careful if you are buying online and the vendor is an Asian outlet, because their size charts are different and you need to go up two full sizes normally (like I am XL in US sizes, but XXL or XXXL if its in Asian sizes)


Have fun shopping❣️

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Thank you girls for the link. Am going to check for places that can fit me. I kind of want the fitting by a person just because getting fitted makes me think I'm a princess being dressed for the ball. Lol

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OMG that's a lot of information. There is things there I didn't know. Now I know how to measure for my size. I'm glad I bought the cloth measure tape.

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Clothing stores have been very helpful, I have been able to take my MtoF daughter to get outfits and were very accomodating taking her measurements and pulling different sizes for her. 

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MTGDaughter, I wish my mother was as accepting as you are for your daughter. I would have transitioned 40 years ago. Anyway, a week ago I called Victoria's Secrete about fitting trans girls, we talked for 30 minutes and she told me that they would fit anyone that needed under garments. I mentioned that I was obese and just starting to transition and that I had no clue as to what size I was and that I doubted that they would have anything in my size and that what I was really looking for is a professional fitting to find my size so that I would know. She said that I could come in and they would help me find my size because every woman deserved to find proper fitting clothing. She said she personally loved helping "new" women look their best. All I had to do is go in my local shop and explain my situation to the salesperson and she should be more than happy helping me out. I'm so glad that being trans is becoming more accepted these days, and I'm happy that I won't have to feel awkward going in and buying what I need.

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    • Bobbie Scott
      Hi everyone,When I started transitioning about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I was ecstatic. Now reality is settling in again. I'm getting scared because I know I'm going to have to start coming out to people. I'm really scared of what they're going to think. I'm scared of if I'm going to be able to pass.I already quit once before because my girlfriend broke up with me. When I was was stopped for awhile, I was really miserable. I'm not trying to be a downer. I just want to know if anyone else has felt this way, and how they got through it. I have a therapist, I've joined 3support groups . I really don't want to go back to living the way I was. Even in a group of people I felt alone. I've never felt comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for letting me be part of this group.                Bobbie 
    • Shay
      Another pair I love to listen to me I need a pick me up     
    • Shay
      FOr all of your who had tense times and tears shed and anguish any time this week.... two of my favorite inspirations in my own writing.....    
    • Charlize
      If the time comes Victoria you can assure your sister that you can still change a tire and could perhaps be better after a bad break.  I know i still drive the tractor and just got in from splitting wood.  Girls do those things as well.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • MaryMary
      I'm asexual so there's a lot I don't understand about desire in particular. One thing's for sure is that society don't recognize the worth of a lot of knowledge traditionnaly feminine. I know a girl at a past job that knew everything about cutting hair and makeup (on top of software engineering and QA). She was really good at both and many other things but I feel the guys at work were not giving her the proper credit she deserved. Since I was really young I have the habit of looking at other girls to understand how they do things and to learn what is the frontier of what I can do and cannot do. I always loved woman with deeper voices (Annie Lennox) or tastes that are aligned with mine and out of the ordinary. I love being friend with someone who likes formula 1 for example. I've been a formula 1 fan since I was a child and not many girls like that. At school I knew a girl who loved it as much as me (buying ferrari suits for her baby and everything) and I love love love that when this happen. I always feel like : "phew, I'm ok. I'm not doing something that conflict with my identity because other girls like the same thing"   That phenomena is many the main thing trans that's been there for me since childhood. I wouldn't define this as envy... more like "I'm I ok?" "I'm I valid?" kind of mindset.
    • Berni
      ... also ...   Incredibly cute hat and outfit in your profile pic.   I've kept most of my (nice) boy clothes in the hope to, one day, wear them ironically as if I'm wearing my boyfriend's stuff.   Kind of my end goal / quest ... to wear all my old stuff and still be gendered Female.   Offerings to the HRT faerie have been given.
    • Berni
      Hi @Kestrel McLoughlin,   I'm late to the party, but I loved your introduction. You spoke eloquently of the magic inside each of us. A luminosity. Lovely!
    • Sally Stone
      There’s no denying I have always been attracted physically to women, but whenever I would look upon a woman, much of what I felt was envy more than desire.  It’s been this way for as long as I can remember, so, I always find myself wondering how much different my thoughts are from men that are not trans.    I can’t imagine them wondering how they’d look in that dress, or how wonderful it would be to have those shoes.  Surely, they don’t find themselves envious of that hourglass figure, or those beautiful legs.  Do they acknowledge how expertly that woman’s makeup is applied; do they recognize how flattering the shade of lipstick she’s chosen is?  I wonder, because those are typical of my thoughts when I see a woman.  Simply stated, I don’t want her so much as I want to be her.   So, when a woman catches me staring, she probably thinks of me the way she thinks of all men who stare at women.  I just wish she’d know that my stares weren’t born of lust.  If only she could know that the reason I stare is because of a collection of thoughts and feelings way more complicated.   It’s possible there is still some desire, but it is, and always has been, all about the envy.        
    • Abi
      Hi Kestrel,     Your presence could equally be critical at some point when someone sees your perspective and finds comfort in that thought. No one wants to say the wrong thing but, if we all hold back because of that possibility then the community is lost. All any of us can do is try our best to add where we can and appreciate what has been offered. 
    • Abi
      Ok so I am a FaceApp addict but, I wasn't sure how everyone looked at this kind of thing. I would say out of hundreds of them I have only really loved a couple. There is absolutely no chance I could ever look as good as this app makes me look. One thing I have found to be amusing as well is the fact that once in a while it will say I am female and offer to switch me to male. UH NO.... I am on the fence about sharing so please forgive me. I would love to share but, I have a feeling some people are bothered by this. I would love to hear opinions.    
    • Heathick
      My doc is FaceApp's gender filter I wish I really looked like that!  
    • HollyNoel
      @Heathick To be fair I had a high estrogen level before I started HRT. So I was almost in tears already, the HRT kinda pushed me over the edge.   I was watching the movie Paper Man, had Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Daniels, and Emma Stone in it, and I got to this one part which wasn't really sad, but I cried my eyes out. It's like, OMG Will You Just STOP It!!!  lol. I have depression already, so I cry anyway, but come on. Can't I just watch TV without having a box of tissues sitting within reach. lol
    • Abi
      There is nothing like a great set of brushes and they are often very inexpensive. I always clean them with an antibacterial soap of some sort. I would never use my personal brushes on someone else. I would like the idea of like a ladies night doing makeup and trading secrets but, I would make sure everybody has a healthy supply of options. The first thing I do when I'm going to do my makeup is try to have a general look in mind. Youtube has so many great artists that share their technique. 
    • Lee H
      Wow, Heathick, who's your doc? She has the magic touch.... ~~Lee~~
    • Shay
      @QuestioningAmber wonder in regard to your mom... Great you asked them to read about it.... Super you are spending the day doing something fun 
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