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OK so here might be a fun question for everyone.


After you started presenting as either a woman or man, have you ever either dated someone you knew, like a guy friend or a girl friend, or have you been hit on buy someone you knew? I would love to know if transitioning changed the friend dynamic or made old friends think differently about you. You don't have to respond and you don't have to get specific with any details. I'm just curious if old friends see you as a completely different person after your transition.

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Some were a bit negative but most accepted in time. I once joked with someone about dating when he showed a photo of himself dressed for a formal night out. I am not sure how impressed he was but it didn't totally go down like a lead balloon lol.


That said, quite a number of people did see me in a new light and became far friendlier than previously. Dating - maybe no, but friendships yes.



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Hi Tracy, I had a few guy friends that I grew up with as a kid that I haven't seen in a really long time. Some I haven't talked to in 35 years. I had a best friend as a kid that I spent all day every day with that is one of the ones I haven't talked to and I've been wondering what he would say to me as a woman. I'm not interested in dating him but it would be interesting to find out if he would hit on the female me if he didn't know or if he did know. I know I wouldn't mind it being that nothing would be the result, but having someone interested in me like that, I consider a compliment. I never got that as a guy and I had absolutely no skills at that game as the male version on me. Like I said this is just a fun little thing to see if past friends saw you guys differently now that you've changed.  hugs Holly

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I get hit on a lot, but I'm usually too stupid to realise, or if I do I panic and run away!


People in general are much friendlier to me now than they were to 'him'.

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DragonflyGirl, I was that same way as a male, I have no idea if I was being hit on or girls were just being nice. If I thought they might be interested in me I would go into desperate nice guy, no girl wants that. Now I will hopefully have guys or girls make the moves on me. I figure dating will be so much easier now.. lol

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  • 5 weeks later...

I haven't been hit on that I know of but a couple of people have flirted with me. Of course I didn't realize until I was halfway back to car, replaying the events in my head.  The other girls at work are a lot friendlier and interact with me more since my official outing to the company. One girl grabbed my butt. And then there is a young woman I work pretty close with that I'm started to think she's got a thing for me. I posted this elsewhere but...I was at my work station and she approached with her phone in had.  As I turned around she said she was going to show me picture of a cute guy she had  met but when she saw me she remembered she was gay. She never showed my the picture. I had forgotten that also earlier in the day she made it a point to tell me that her and her partner are now in an open relationship. She had also, weeks before, stated that when thing start opening up again that she wants me to go to coffee shops and poetry reads with her and some  friends. It sounds like a runaround way to ask for a date but I've been wrong before.

I read somewhere that when a woman  sees a guy she likes she'll bit her bottom lip.  there's this guy who works at a gas station near my house, so I'm there a lot. The other day I found myself biting my lip as soon as I saw him. I didn't realize it at first except it took a couple tries, to bite my own lip. So now it appears my lips are changing shape too. It's been a long, long time since I dated a guy and don't think i want to but I had a subconscious reaction. Sexuality is so confusing.




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On 8/8/2020 at 11:56 AM, HollyNoel said:

DragonflyGirl, I was that same way as a male, I have no idea if I was being hit on or girls were just being nice. If I thought they might be interested in me I would go into desperate nice guy, no girl wants that. Now I will hopefully have guys or girls make the moves on me. I figure dating will be so much easier now.. lol


I've always gone stupidly nice and smiley if I think someone's interested! It's shyness more than anything.


I also go near enough mute. My brain panics and loses the ability to string sentences together.


Most normal people then decide to leave me alone! 

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OMG Elizabeth, you should see where that will lead to. I haven't found anyone I'm interested in but if I did I would go for it. Dating is already hard enough so when you find someone your interested in you should go for it.

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1 hour ago, ElizabethStar said:

I read somewhere that when a woman sees a guy she likes she'll bit her bottom lip. 


I hope this isn't common knowledge as I'm always biting my lip!


Thank goodness for masks!

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I love my wife and would never do anything to risk my relationship with her, not even a kiss. Although, It would be nice to have friends outside of work again. Given time I probably will hang-out with her, she was the first at my job to know I'm changing, but I will have to draw hard lines. Besides, it's been like 25 years since I've dated a lesbian.

Dating a guy? That's a whole other thing. I admit I'm starting to notice some cute ones around but I don't think they could handle a girl like me . I don't think I'll ever be OK  with dating guys and with what they bring into relationships.

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Elizabeth, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were married, I wouldn't have said anything about you seeing someone else. God I feel so bad right now. I would never tell anyone to get involved with someone else if they are in a committed relationship. Please forgive me.


I'm kind of jealous of you right now, both having someone to come home to and having that other person really be into you. I never dated hardly at all, so dating someone will be a really new thing for me. As far as who I'm into right now, I like girls but to be honest if a guy was into me and I was feeling it, I don't think I would say no. You can't help who you fall for. Besides, we are all women here and the thought of getting married and being a housewife sounds OK to me. I can't help it, I just like the 50s. lol

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It's OK Holly. I wrote a post about a co-work that I think has a thing for me and a cute guy at a gas station so I can understand the confusion.


I love being a housewife.

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I will say about a year into my transition I started noticing more men interacting with me. Since my surgery just over a month ago, now it seems men I know are seeking me out more than ever. Annoying, but entertaining! 

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52 minutes ago, Kylie said:

I will say about a year into my transition I started noticing more men interacting with me.

It's going to happen more? I'm getting close to a year, 9 months as of tomorrow. Oh well, let the entertainment begin.

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On 9/9/2020 at 2:37 AM, Kylie said:

Annoying, but entertaining! 


I enjoy a bit of chivalry!



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Different years in my case.


I had my operations in 1977 and I had no friends back then since few years before, we landed from Ethiopia to Greece.

After my surgery, I started dating but as soon I was telling them my past, they were abandonning.

I then decided not to tell about me when they would find it out by themselves and that was very nasty to start explaining to them, how, when and why. I knew the end, they would leave me aftwewards with insults.


I had several occasions when a guy, plainly on my face said: "are you a m--? no , you are an it, OMG, I want my money back that I paid for your drink"


I am noticing though that things have changed dramatically now, men are very much accepting us and especially in America.

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I told someone I was dating many years before, that I really wished she would give me flowers. She told me that she would but, it didn't feel right to her. I said not to worry about it. She did do it some time later, when I wasn't expecting it at all. I guess she was trying to be nice but that changed the whole relationship. Shortly after that, she said she wasn't happy and broke up with me. I only got that feeling once but, it left me in heaven for days. I hope someday that I get to feel that kind of affection because they just want to do it on their own. We all need to feel someone cares about us. I wish this was the case for all of us. We have so much love to offer the people that we care for. It's really wonderful to even get a taste of that in return, you know? I won't date again unless I have made it through my transition. At this point, that's the only way I could see ever feel right in a relationship again. 

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I would love for someone to buy me flowers. I have to buy my own.


Last Valentines day a co-worker gave me a little pink butterfly pin that I now wear on the lapel of my work jacket and a box of chocolates.  At the time she was the only one who knew and didn't want me to be left out. It was a very sweet gesture and I almost cried.


3 hours ago, Abi said:

I won't date again unless I have made it through my transition. At this point, that's the only way I could see ever feel right in a relationship again. 

I'm still married but if things  go wrong I feel the same way.

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    My ex was the type of person that always would tell me what she wanted her presents to be. No matter what I did things were never going to get better. If she didn't get her way it only made things worse. I had to break free and find myself again. I'm glad it isn't like that for everyone. I am all for loving other people. I just can't do that until I have that for myself first. For me it has been less joyous displays from other's that have left me shying away from other's. I just want to love myself for who I am and to be happy in my own life. Sorry if I am being a downer. I encourage everyone to be happy as long as they are not hurting other's.

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Abi honey, I'm so sorry you haven't found that someone to do all those special things for you. I really hope you find that person soon. My therapist say wanting a person to care for you by buying you flowers and jewelry, candy and cards, even buying you drinks and opening doors is only natural and is a feeling all women have. My therapist calls it being taken care of. I don't care what its called, I call it being wanted and I really want it and the feelings it brings. I recently told a girlfriend of mine that I can't wait to have someone to buy me diamonds, right now I have to buy my own. Takes all the special out of a night of "self" passion! lol.

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    Once I realized I was going to need a divorce, I made a vow not to ever ask anyone to do anything like that for me. It just feels like they would only do it as an obligation and not out of their own desire. My ex made giving a gift feel like a responsibility or a chore. I didn't mind a suggestion. I often would ask. The worst part of being with someone that feels they have this kind of right is that they always take more and more, meanwhile giving nothing in return.

    I am fully independent of that hassle now. If I want flowers, I go get them for myself. I prefer living ones that draw butterflies anyway. Don't get me wrong though, I would love the thought of someone actually doing these things because they want to. I just won't allow myself to wait around getting my hopes up either. Personally, I am happy learning to pamper myself.

    I was prepared for the social distancing aspect of the pandemic long before it began. I see so many people tearing themselves to pieces because they can't handle the lack of companionship. Domestic abuse is getting worse since couples have had to actually talk to each other. I even read an article talking about how marriages are falling apart faster because people are unable to fulfill the extramarital affairs they were engaging in to give them whatever they've been missing at home. I see all of this as a virus far more deadly than covid personally. 

    For all the love I know I would enjoy with someone truly special, I lack the desire to seek it. With as negative as that may truly sound, it really is something very positive for me. I have great friends here and get to socialize as I please, I can do whatever I want and whenever I want without the feeling of someone's judgement weighing me down. I am liberated and loving my freedom. 





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On 8/8/2020 at 3:46 AM, DragonflyGirl said:

I get hit on a lot, but I'm usually too stupid to realise, or if I do I panic and run away!


People in general are much friendlier to me now than they were to 'him'.


Me, too, except the "a lot" part, lol.  It looks like several of us have the same reactions??


On 9/11/2020 at 2:18 PM, DragonflyGirl said:


I enjoy a bit of chivalry!



Always gets my attention!


On 9/11/2020 at 3:31 PM, Abi said:

I told someone I was dating many years before, that I really wished she would give me flowers.


I was given flowers once and I loved it!  Never thought about that being the first sign of the end.  Has me wondering now.  I'm sorry to hear the joy of that moment turned into a bad memory for you now.  😢


On 9/11/2020 at 3:31 PM, Abi said:

We have so much love to offer the people that we care for.


This is not the first time I've heard this from trans girls.  I've also heard it from men who are [genuinely] attracted to trans women.  Is our desire for love stronger than the average woman? 🤔

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Abi, it makes me sad to know that you've all but given up on having that special someone to take care of you. I truly hope you find that person and they treat you like the queen you are. Much Hugs Holly.

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    • Jackie C.
      On the plus side, if you get full depth, your doctor will be checking your prostate from the front.   Hugs!
    • RhondaS
      I've always been emotional so so far for me it's the same.   I do think the genital effects you mentioned are happening. Have had a couple moments of slight breast irritation/pain. And some easing of a tension of possible dysphoria that was so low key but constant that I had tuned it out until it went away. 
    • Mickey
      Seeing everyone's stories about their encounters with the police has me shaking my head in disbelief. Here in Memphis the police have a very bad reputation with Trans people, particularly Trans women. Black Trans women are routinely stopped here, just walking to the grocery store. Given prostitution charges, if not rape by an authority figure.   I know of one girl that was on the way home from the grocery store, with bags of groceries. She was stopped by a cop, who told her that she could perform fellatio on him, or get a prostitution charge. She did what he demanded, and still went to jail with a prostitution charge. Another girl was in jail on a false charge and beaten very badly by a deputy jailer. She filed a lawsuit. Had video evidence and everything. Hell, her story, with the video of her beating, was on the news. When she got out of jail, she filed a lawsuit. And was murdered shortly after she filed it.   I am terrified of having any kind of encounter with the police.
    • Susan R
      Yes, I only mentioned “political beliefs” in case your children were older. It can make all the difference in the world. My oldest daughter has always been bi so I thought for sure she’d be completely accepting. It might have been if it wasn’t for the fact that she married one of the biggest trump supporters this side of the Rockies one week prior to my coming out to the world.   Oh, I believe that is the most accepting age. My grand children are all ages 9 thru 13. My experience says yes there are many successful outcomes in that age range. It’s not as common reading about unsuccessful outcomes with children. I think one of the more important things when you come out to them is to make sure you let them know you’ll always be there for them and your love for them will not change but only grow stronger.   Best of luck, Jade. I know it’ll be emotional and difficult at the beginning but you’ll do fine.   Susan R🌷  
    • KMTAL
      I do not think so. For now, our lives do not matter to many or most of the general public. Sadly I worry if we will need an Emmet Till or Matthew Shepard moment, for people to wake up and start marching.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2020/09/28/transgender-woman-killed-west-philadelphia-shooting-police-say/   By most counts this is murder #28 this year.  Does anyone outside this community even give a damn?   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/09/28/los-angeles-man-sentenced-25-life-killing-transgender-woman/   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.startribune.com/court-separate-locker-room-violated-transgender-boy-s-right/572564792/     Carolyn Marie
    • Jade Diaz
      I wish I could say I had a better marriage but the truth is it was always pretty rough - mostly because of me and the way I tried to hide the truth from my wife for all those years. The disclosure itself was rough but we got past that rough spot reasonably quickly. We share a common goal of trying to part without causing each other a lot of unnecessary pain (it still hurts of course)   My son is 11 and my daughter is 9. They don't really have "political beliefs" yet but I know this will probably be difficult for them to accept. I have a lot of low key anxiety about it, but at the same time it feels a long way off.   In truth, I spent a decent amount of time reading posts in the forum (including your own previous posts on the topic) - I am left wondering if there have been any "successful" outcomes with children in my age range - I guess your grandchildren would possibly qualify there?   Anyway, thank you for welcoming me. I am looking forward to learning and sharing.
    • Msecret
      Good to know. Thank you again @Abi
    • Dana Michelle
      It turns out that I will have to send pictures of my genitals, but not until I've had several sessions of electrolysis (so the surgeon can see how much progress I'm making). I mentioned my concern to my therapist and she said that anything sent through the health provider's website is very highly encrypted (to comply with HIPPA). I'll probably take the pictures with my desktop computer (which has a lower change of being stolen than a phone) and I'll use the shred command in Linux to delete them once I send them.  
    • Emily michelle
      A sweater dress would be cute. I’ve been drawn to cardigans so far. I have gotten 3 already. I’m pretty much hooked on leggings. I just wish I had the boots to go with them.
    • ElizabethStar
      I've been starting to like fall and the fashions more and more over the last few years.  I have seen so many cute outfits but the one that sticks in my mind is a pair of Uggs, leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. Something about it. Maybe it's the simplicity or the "every girl" look, I don't know. There's just something I love about it.   I really want to get a skirt or two but I just can't decide. I'm drawn to mini and over the knee length ones when I should probably be looking at midis and maxis.   I do, at least, have a sweater dress I crocheted last year. Now that I have some semblance of a female body I can start wearing it.
    • KendraML
      Kendra's life,it has been a discovery of whom I am really.First memories of trying on feminine clothing when I was  14 years and curious how comfortable they were to were.I was in the 8th grade at the time after I got home from school doing my homework first if I had any.Mom was gone at work usually coming home around 6:30 PM.Then it was into my mom's closet trying on a few pieces of clothing of hers on.First one was a very favorite dress of hers,I loved how comfortable it was to wear against my skin and put it back the same way she had it.Then it was a couple tops and skirts of hers putting them the same way she had them.I was lucky too,never got caught in the act knowing when she came home from work.Mom never suspected anything something was going on with me seeing I was normal son of hers.Did try on her bras as well being careful to put them back right as well.Even tried on her heels.This was until I was 15 years old.Things stopped when I was 16 living a life as a normal young man doing anything any male would do thinking I was not really female.Then in 2011,what I did when I was 14 and 15 years old came back.This time it was with trying on my wife's clothes on when she was gone,we were dating and I thought I never got caught.I was wrong,she came home early one day and I thought she was mad at me with the oh crap look on my face at first.Instead,she said I looked good in the dress of hers on I tried on and I would look good dressed as female.Did get the idea of getting a couple of her friends of her involved and I was for it.First stop was to a jewelry store getting my ears pierced.Said clip on earring won't cut it also buying me a pair of 2 inch hoop earrings too.Then it was to a second hand store finding me a black knee length dress also finding the perfect pair of 3 inch black heels to go with the dress.Did get fitted for a bra too also get a pair of panties too.A friend of hers had a brunette wig that said my name on.Another friend of her taught me make up application.Said in 6 weeks I was going out with them for the first time.I thought cool,it took me practice to get everything right.My wife was surprised I got it right in 3 tries.Then it was a Saturday,Kendra finally came out 6 weeks after this happened.All said I looked good dressed as a woman and they were right.I loved it and it was part time at first.Then in 2015,I knew I wanted to stay as Kendra in 2016.Began the hair removal which took a year and told my wife I wanted to be Kendra fulltime in 2016.She fully loved the idea and said I look better as Kendra which I agreed with her 100%.I saw wearing of the male wardrobe was getting boring and liked the female wardrobe better.The plans went great with us and tough part was telling my mom she was going to have a new daughter in her life.She saw me as her son.It was in October of 2015 I told her I was going fulltime as female on January 1st,2016.She was speechless,gave her time and space to think things over on this.Finally on January 1st,2016,I said goodbye to my life as male stepping in a salon with the staff ready.I had good long hair which was washed and permanent hair extensions put in also my hair styled,make up and nails done too.When everything was done I loved the results having a reveal party and was surprised my mom was there.My wife loved it,she loved it right away and everyone else said I must be much happier now.Wife even said I look better as a woman.Then I saw the look on my mom's face and said she thought things over good.Finally told me that she finally accepts it and knows she has a daughter that is finally happy.I was glad she came to terms about it.Kendra and I were in the 3rd year of our marriage when this happened and say it brought us together more.In 2017,had my breast augmentation and a trachea shave done.I have a 16 year old son,he was 12 when I went fulltime,he learned to adjust to the changes very well.I taught him can't live with a struggle in your life holding you back.He usually calls me Kendra most of the time now seeing I live a happy life now.
    • Jacqui
      @Willow and @QuestioningAmber, thanks for your thoughtful replies!   Willow, while I am grateful for your kind, supportive words, I'm not sure I deserve all that much credit!  Only my gender therapist is going to deal with me face-to-face as Jacqui.  You go out as Willow when you are in Charleston, where multiple people know you as her.  What's more, Jacqui has never 'put herself together' yet (my profile pic is courtesy of FaceApp, using a 10-year old picture of me).  Willow has a look already -- hairstyle, clothes, jewelry (I love your starfish earrings, by the way) -- and you have faced someplace in the world as your true self.  I am dieting, letting my hair grow, and doing a lot of planning, but that's it for now (unless my self-acceptance takes the form of a step-wise progression where I eventually wind up attending my therapy sessions in full feminine regalia -- talk about a wow moment!  I think I'd have to find a 'big sister' to help me get to that point.  Right now I have trouble visualizing myself that way just walking from my car to the therapist's door!)   By the way, when you are in Charleston, have you ever tried the restaurant called "Husk"?  It's supposed to be pretty special -- all locally-sourced cuisine.  I read about it in a New Yorker article some years ago.   Amber, I'm glad that you are finding opportunities to use your preferred name (which is beautiful, by the way).  I'm a little surprised your therapist has not offered to use your preferred name in your sessions (unless they are not doing gender therapy with you).    
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