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Ideas to draw out pronouns on random calls

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I posted a request on the "achieving Feminine Voice" but I got no responses - I wanted to test my progress on my voice feminization exercises and making random calls to some stores and  a hair salon to see if they think I am female from my voice on the phone. I tried but no one used ma'am or any language to let me know if they thought I was female. I even tried a hair salon and said I'd have to check with my husband about taking me and that didn't work either.


Any experience and how you used phrases or something to draw out if they thought you were a girl?


Thank You,





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For me it moved from "he" to "her" at some point without me totally understanding why exactly. One thing to keep in mind is that many people who work in public job will actually be thoughtful and avoid using those pronouns if they are not sure. Maybe that's what you are experiencing. Maybe your voice is now in the "androgynous" range and people are more careful?


It's funny because in french it's very much part of a certain "etiquette". I found out that if I call in more serious institutions like banks or government  they tend to call people "madame" or "monsieur". I don't know if it's like that in the usa? Maybe try that, try calling a bank, lol :P


anyway, good luck in your quest ;)

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Good idea - calling government or banks or institutions - I'll give it a try and tell you how it goes.


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Be patient and give it some time. There will be a day you aren’t reaching for the pronoun yet it will find you. It all seems stars only align once the time is right. ❤️

Just keep doing the work for yourself and that day will come. 


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For someone who I imagine is still in some pain - you are amazing and I thank you for the support - I admire you, I am thankful for you, you are my heroine. 

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    • Shay
      @Reverie_Star there is a 2003 movie called Normal with Tom Wilkerson and Jessica Lange. Tom transitions and is definitely not the prettiest woman BUT when his wife (lange) finally accepts him changing she helps with wardrobe and tells Wilkerson... "You have to use what you've been given"  and helped with clothes to compliment her male size and weight.  That made an impression on me. Be real. Accent what attributes you've got and we emphasize less attractive features. I have broad ( wrong broad) shoulders so I find clothes that don't broadcast my shoulders. I have a wide jaw so I use makeup to tone it down. Thin hair - wig helps. You get the idea. Reality is reality including the money available to make changes. It is hard to do but it leads to a happier you. You are unique and no one else has your unique beauty.
    • Jeanette West
      Thank you Holly, that makes perfect sense, which is prolly why it flew right over my head. I know the exact time....
    • Jeanette West
      You have no idea! I have to be careful at work if I start thinking maudlin thoughts I suddenly get something in my eye.
    • Sally Stone
      We are conditioned by our society to accept a certain concept of beauty, and whether we are trans or cis, we are always trying to compare ourselves to that unrealistic concept.   For 90 percent of us, we can't even come close to that artificially high bar.  To maintain a healthy introspective we need to shed society's illusion of what's beautiful and focus on what's important, our inner selves.  That's where the real beauty lies anyway.  
    • Jacqui
      @Tori Mand @Berni, count me in!  My whole adult life, whether I'm with a partner or indulging in autoerotic gratification, I need my nipples to be teased with a fingernail or kissed and licked to achieve orgasm.  Maybe we should form a club . . .     I never thought of correlating this preference with being transfeminine; doing so I find it validating too.    
    • Sally Stone
      Liz,   You don't have to feel obligated to wear a midi or maxi skirt.  Maybe a real short mini isn't so appropriate, but I still wear fashionable above the knee skirts to satisfy my adventurous nature.  Pair a just above the knee hem skirt or dress with a pair of high-heels and you are rocking!
    • HollyNoel
      @Bri2020 I absolutely love that outfit. It's so pretty on you.
    • HollyNoel
      Yeah!  lol. I get the feeling that I'm going to make sure they check at least once or twice a week.. lol
    • Jackie C.
      Hey now, never be down on yourself because you don't happen to be your own type.   Hugs!
    • Shay
      @Reverie_Star I know I am jealous of those I see but I then realize they are not me and I am beautiful to  - maybe not on the outside - but the woman on my inside is amazing and whatever I can do to bring that beauty to the outside I will  - some have the money to do major changes and MOST of us don't - but you know what - it's the woman inside that counts and although I have to work on trying not to be jealous every day and am envious of young women and beautiful mtf's - they are as rare as the super models - so we need to get over it and realize -we are the real deal and just as much a woman as they are and have what outward beauty and voice that I can have for  the body, circumstances and age I have to work with and be the kindest and happiest woman I can be and accept ME for who I am - looks aren't everything and I can testify to that. I always told people I had a face made for radio and that goes for male fake or female real.   THE REAL ME - is much better than the FAKE OTHERS who might be cuter outside but sadder on the inside.  
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