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Electrolysis while erect

Dana Michelle

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Dana Michelle

This might be a TMI topic for some. I will probably start genital electrolysis soon and am worried about getting erections during the treatment. I get erect when having genital exams at the doctor, but that lasts less than a minute, so I don't become fully erect until after my pants are back up. My concern is if this could offend the electrologist, or seem like being flipped off so to speak. I've also worried about offending doctors but it seems less likely since I was only partially erect while my pants were down. I know the pain could make it less likely to happen during electrolysis but I won't know for sure until it happens. Does anyone know if it is normal for this to happen either at the doctor or electrologist?  Does anyone know if they get offended when it happens?

Another concern is that I will have a video visit with the surgeon for vaginoplasty and the surgeon may have to examine my genitals to see the distribution of hair to determine which areas should be treated. I expect this to mean I will either have to show my genitals through the video visit or take pictures and e-mail them to the doctor. One thing that worries me about this if computer hackers could intercept it. Also, one time I took pictures of myself on a tablet and it automatically uploaded them to the Google cloud. I deleted them from the cloud but it continued to upload them and I could not figure out how to change the settings so it would not. I ended up having to delete them from the tablet as well. I really don't want a picture of you know what being uploaded (in case I would have to take pictures as opposed to showing it on the video).

I'd probably also have to put a chair next to the door to prevent it from opening while I have the video visit. The latch is not very strong. I'd be too embarrassed to tell my family not to come in my room because I'd have to show my body on a virtual doctor's appointment. They usually don't barge in when the door is entirely shut but occasionally do when they are mad/frustrated.


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  • Admin

The electrologists who do the work on those areas are used to a variety of anatomical reactions from their clients and are pretty nonchalant about it.  A saving element is that you will be using a topical anesthetic which may reduce the "active risk" during the treatment, but you will be applying it at home, and any thrill will occur there.  You might want to think about postponing the treatments until you have about a year and a half on HRT when things do calm down and sensations change that affect spontaneous erections.  Calming down and using mindful breathing will also help, and time also simply helps out when fear has lessened.  When you associate actual pain with what is going on, it may also cut your reactions.  Electro does hurt, thus the topical anesthetic. 


I would suggest you wait and check with the doctor as to how they want you to submit photographic evidence of your genitals  I did not show my underside to my surgeon until two days before the actual surgery when she gave me the GI clean-out solution.  I am not sure whether you are dreading or hoping for unauthorized disclosure up there, but safest way is for your local doctor to send necessary information via a medical courier they and your surgeon agree on.  While you are at it, give information waivers for a two year period to  your GP, a pre chosen Gynecologist, and your Surgeon for the best preparation for aftercare.

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Dana Michelle
1 hour ago, VickySGV said:

The electrologists who do the work on those areas are used to a variety of anatomical reactions from their clients and are pretty nonchalant about it. 

That's good to know.

1 hour ago, VickySGV said:

You might want to think about postponing the treatments until you have about a year and a half on HRT when things do calm down and sensations change that affect spontaneous erections. 

I've been on hormones for 2 1/2 years now. I have erections less frequently but still have them. I have not had a genital exam since starting HRT so I don't know how my body would react on hormones.

1 hour ago, VickySGV said:

I am not sure whether you are dreading or hoping for unauthorized disclosure up there, but safest way is for your local doctor to send necessary information via a medical courier they and your surgeon agree on.

I'm dreading the idea that a hacker or someone else unauthorized will see pictures of my genitals. I would rather a doctor examine me in person so I wouldn't have to worry about sending pictures through the Internet.

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I can't speak from any experience with regard to the treatments - so I'll leave that to others. However I can give you my views on the security side of things both as an IT consultant and photographer.

I think your concerns about the "cloud" aspect and being hacked are not the area you really need to address. There is so much porn out there, I really think chances of pics of your "bits" being used from hacking cloud communications are minimal. The area you need to be much more concerned about is your phone itself. How secure have you made that? Do you have a tight password/fingerprint recognition in place? Have you ensured that you've got encryption switched on?  And the reason I say about this is because, if your phone is stolen or even inadvertently picked up - the person doing that  is way more likely to know that phone relates to you which would make it as a minimum embarrassing and at worst - something which could be used maliciously against you.  And lets face it, it is only people we know in some way who are really of concern should they see these images. Also - once you've taken the photo, deleting it does not delete it - usually it gets moved into a trash/bin folder and then only later does it get deleted - but again it is not really deleted - it's still there on the phone storage/card and someone with appropriate software can find and extract it.

So worry about the phone, and less about the cloud. As to sending the photos by courier I'm not sure I think this is a much better option - particularly with physical prints. Personally I'd take my chances with electronic delivery but ensure some precautions are in place such as using an encrypted zip file.

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Heather Nicole

For what it's worth, either for you, or for anyone in a similar position, I also have a strong background in tech and also in computer programming and security, and in my professional opinion, what @Niamh said is definitely accurate.

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Dana Michelle

It turns out that I will have to send pictures of my genitals, but not until I've had several sessions of electrolysis (so the surgeon can see how much progress I'm making). I mentioned my concern to my therapist and she said that anything sent through the health provider's website is very highly encrypted (to comply with HIPPA). I'll probably take the pictures with my desktop computer (which has a lower change of being stolen than a phone) and I'll use the shred command in Linux to delete them once I send them.


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  • 5 weeks later...

I'm new here and just started my HRT a couple days ago. I intend to go through electrolysis as well and am worried about the same thing happening.


I do agree with what VickySGV said about them likely being used to pretty much everything. If you're really that worried about it, just tell them it could happen. If it's not a surprise and you explain why it could happen, they shouldn't get offended.

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Dana Michelle
18 hours ago, ThankOurTroops said:

I'm new here and just started my HRT a couple days ago. I intend to go through electrolysis as well and am worried about the same thing happening.


I do agree with what VickySGV said about them likely being used to pretty much everything. If you're really that worried about it, just tell them it could happen. If it's not a surprise and you explain why it could happen, they shouldn't get offended.

I wrote an update on another thread about genital electrolysis: https://www.transgenderpulse.com/forums/topic/81722-where-to-draw-the-line-for-genital-electrolysis/ . I did end up getting an erection at the beginning of my first session but the electrologist didn't react to it. For most of the session, I think it was in a partially erect stage (probably more flaccid than erect) for the rest of the visit. The second visit it only happened as I was taking my clothes off but it was going away by the time I laid on the table, and didn't really happen at the third (I've had three sessions so far), so it seems as I'm getting used to having electrolysis sessions while half undressed, erections are becoming less common. Although erections are caused by sexual excitement, for me they seem to be also caused anxiety related to sexuality or modesty.

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Heather Nicole

@Dana Michelle: I'm glad to hear that you seem to be getting through it alright, and that it seems to be getting easier.


I may be a complete novice here, but I've always gotten the impression that professional workers who have the possibility of encountering erections during the course of their usual line of work tend to already be trained to be fully-aware of what all us AMAB's are already naturally well-aware of: that the "stuff" down there tends to have a mind of it's own!!!


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On 10/28/2020 at 9:03 PM, Dana Michelle said:

Although erections are caused by sexual excitement

That's what I'm worried about.  Mostly centered around who does it. If I'm sitting in the room waiting and a beautiful young woman walks through the door, then I'll be concerned. I might even say that it could happen. Although having anyone handle everything down there may cause it. We'll see.

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      This year my mental health is in slightly better shape than it was last year. My wife and I decided that we are going to decorate this year, we got the tree up (good first step), but still need to decorate it. I think this year we are going to make modifications for the most part, trying to see what family we can, when we can in small gatherings. If we can, we will meet in outside venues like the local Zoo does something called Wild Lights (it may have been mentioned in Secrets of the Zoo, I don't know). The whole Zoo gets decorated in lights and they put on light shows as well. So the plan is to try to see people around that venue as an example. There is also a cookie baking tradition that my wife does with a couple of her long time friends, I suggested this year they do it via Zoom and do a cookie exchange when we go to Zoo lights with them.   I do hope that everybody can find their thing that will be something to hold onto to make it through this rough time of year to be isolated. I understand that it is really difficult.
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      Good morning everyone,🥞   Happy birthday Andi!🎂 Happy birthday Bobbie Scott!🎂 Happy birthday ewwiot!🎂 Happy birthday Grwl!🎂 Happy birthday Julialikesfashion!🎂 Happy birthday Luke75!🎂 Happy birthday Macaela!🎂 Happy birthday RobynNYC!🎂 Hope you have a great day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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      Hi Sarah, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here! You are not alone.   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf🐾
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      At my work we normally only do some very basic decorating, but this year starting with Halloween we've gone all out. Fall/Halloween used to just be some sad foam pumpkins and other little odds and ends, but this year we did fake webs, a ton of paper cutouts all over the walls, a fake ghost, a scarecrow, etc. Thanksgiving was a ton of paper cutouts and printables. Now for Christmas/Hanukkah we have lots of snowflakes and fake trees all over the place in addition to our regular tree and menorahs. We also threw a Santa hat on our scarecrow. We're trying to make things as festive and fun as possible in this dark time and I think it helps people. Meanwhile at home we're considering not getting a tree this year. We normally pick up a live tree, but with everything going on outside and the fact we're not even sure where to put it now, we're thinking of just skipping it this year. It's really sad, but it's an unnecessary expense right now. I've had my co-workers ask about my Christmas shopping and I was a little thrown off. I know it's something people are still compelled to do, but I just hadn't even considered it this year. With the huge spike in case numbers and concern of possible furloughs if we shut down again, I've been avoiding spending any money for unnecessary things.  I see all the things starting for the holidays, but I just don't feel it this year. Even decorating at work is just sort of feels like I'm just going through the motions. We're supposed to decorate at home this weekend and I'm just not sure how into it I will be this year. Hopefully this is all just for this year and next year will be better for everyone.
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      So, since this is my first wig, I know little about maintaining hair/wigs. I have been shaving my head for 20 years now and never had long hair. I am assuming the style it comes in will not maintain through a washing, which is critical to maintenance just like real hair. Anyone have any tips/advice?
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      Hi @Motormouth95!  first time meeting I believe but I want to Congratulate you on your tremendous achievement🎉 You proved to yourself and others that with a clear vector and positive effort you can achieve great things.  Perfect experience for the next steps in you Life!    Thank you for sharing, and hope to hear more from you in the future❣️
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      And why I can't do it anymore....   So lets start of about 8 years ago. I was watching TV and I was like "wow that girl is pretty" (I'm pretty sure it was like Zendaya or some Disney channel star.) Over the next year I would watch TV or go to school and develop these mini 7-yr old crushes on girls.   So I told my mom. I said something like "mom I dont think i like boys anymore, i mean they are cute but girls are cuter" And she was so confused so I told her how I was watching TV and all that stuff happened and she was like just like "oh" My mom's a lesbian and I came out to her as bi before she came out to me.    Time-skip to 5th grade I told her I was only into girls and she was supportive and about it (why wouldn't she be right? But that didn't last long...  When I got into the 6th grade, I realized I was non-binary. My sister who was in 7th grade at the time came out as genderfluid and pan. My mom tried to be accepting but she kept calling them by her birthname after being told their preferred name many times.    The bad part starts this past winter when I came out as ace and she said to me "you know you're going to get cheated on right?"  And then started making fun of me for being ace When I've been in situations with my gf that could have turned sexual and I felt uncomfortable and she knows Who tells their daughter who's in middle school that your going to be cheated on because you don't want sex?????   Right now I'm in 9th grade and I planned on coming out to my mom as NB but that's not happening  Her and my stepmom say the worst things about people who identify as they Literally yesterday they were talking about Elliot Page and Sam Smith and the part of their convo I heard went a little like this "So now every confused person is trans?" "Her career was flopping that's why she said that, she just needs more money" "Calling people they is wrong! It's grammatically incorrect!" "No babe it's about the personality" "So they are crazy? Like BPD or MPD?" "..." "So I'll call someone they if I see an doctors diagnosis"   Over the summer my sibling called my mom transphobic and she got all defensive saying that she wasn't but they have conversations like this all the time.  If they can't be comfortable/understand people who want to transition or pronouns are they/them I don't feel comfortable coming out to them as someone who identifies as she/he/them    Any thoughts? -squish
    • KayC
      Hi Sarah!  nice to meet you, and Welcome!  as you can see, we share some geographical (and emotional) commonality.  I know how hard it is to find Community here in Japan, but this Forum has been a great help to me and I hope it is for you also.  I think you will find many of us here who are unique individuals but also carry very common feelings and experiences.  Happy you found a gender therapist too!  I know how difficult that is here.  I was fortunate to also find a great therapist and it has been immensely beneficial.   Welcome again❣️  Deep breaths ... one step at a time    
    • QuestioningAmber
      So I am off for the next two days because I had a trip planned that was cancelled and thought I should still keep the days off. I am not quite sure what I am going to do with that time, because too much free time has proven in the past to be a dangerous thing for me. Work has been slow over the past week still, and I have a feeling won't pick up again until the new year which is giving my mind a lot of time to wander, which again, typically not a great thing for my mental health. It's amazing how right now, things are kind of stacked against mental health:     1.) Quarantine/COVID Restrictions     2.) Slow Work     3.) Time Off (Our company is use it or lose it)   I honestly haven't even been in the mood to mess with makeup, hair, or really get out of PJ's, which probably isn't the best thing. I've gotten dressed a few days to pick up food or coffee, but that is about it. I know I shouldn't be doing these kind of behaviors, I just can't seem to get myself motivated.   Today is therapy day, so we'll see what my therapist thinks of all this, I just know I am going to hear it that I am not doing enough to fight the mood driven behavior. Le sigh ... depression sucks.
    • KayC
      Ahhh..  that's so sweet, Gabriel.  I don't think I've ever been quoted before.    I'm happy that mantra means something to you.  Even the smallest of efforts in the right direction will create tremendous changes over time, just like the wind and water can carve away mountains.  When we look back we will see how far we have traveled. Wishing you a wonderful day🙏❣️
    • Willow
      Good morning everyone    nice day again although a chilly start. Sitting here drinking our morning coffee.  Third day in a row for doctors appointments then off until Monday then another one.  Yesterday’s doctor wanted me to come to Charleston to take an esophagram. After it was set up for Next Wednesday I told her I’d had one in 2018.  I sent her the results and she canceled the new one. The old one showed her what she was wanted to see apparently.   our dog came in to bed a couple times last night. The first time she figured out I was awake so she insisted on being rubbed.  The second time she decided she would leave me alone.  Laid with us a little then left.   y’all talk about cats, well our daughter brought one home once.  I was a nice cat.  Decided that I was it’s friend. It would come sleep with us and particularly on my face.  Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cat dander.  Wife and daughter both no your not you just don’t like cats.  I had to go to an allergist to prove it to them before they believed me.  She kept the cat, but not in our house anymore.     years later it ran off during a thunderstorm and they never saw it again.   Willow
    • KathyLauren
      Vulvoplasty, a.k.a. zero-depth vaginoplasty.
    • Robin.C
      Congratulations, studying is hard enough without all that this year has thrown our way.   Hugs Robin
    • Jackie C.
      Congratulations! Today you are a werewolf man. Definitely a man. Probably.   Buckle up and enjoy the ride!   Hugs!
    • Gabriel
      Morning all!   On my second cup of tea. Today a bit overwhelmed with stress at work, a very interesting prospect at my second job, trying to figure out what the heck I want on my gender identity journey and some health issues.   Well, as @KayC says, deep breath and one step at a time. Wishing you all a lovely day
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