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I Am A Christian, Don't Hate Me


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I Am A Christian, Don’t Hate Me

By Sally Michelle Jackson

Why it began I don’t understand or claim to know how

But being a Christian has become a bad thing now

I think about what I have seen and we have only ourselves to blame

For preaching and thumping our Bibles and shouting sermons of shame

Teaching intolerance and hatred in such a holy name

To blame others and judge them was not why he came

He was sent to save us from all that we had become

He died for our sins and just look what we have done

We are not to judge and yet it seems that is all that we do

All I can say is that I am no worse or no better than you

Christ told us all we need to love one another

But we love this one and yet hate his brother

The Bible is a guide but not to pick and choose

You cannot just decide which passage to use

Taken together it is both a history of man and a suggested plan

Picking and choosing it becomes a guide book to a hatred of man

I hear what they say on the radio and TV

I hear it in sermons and ask is it just me

Am I alone in believing that Christ’s simple message of love

Began long before and still resonates in the heavens above

I am no better than anyone here thou I am transgenderd

But I know in my heart that his love is still to me tendered

Jesus the Christ has offered his love is my true savior and friend

I offer my friendship and love to even those who have sinned

He offered me the keys to his Father’s kingdom and bid that I share

For there is no hate no need to fear there is room for all who care

I treat each day with love as the gift that it is

No need to wonder whose gift – it is his.

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Thanks, Evan.

That means a lot coming from you.

I know that you mean what you say.

Love ya,


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Guest Lisa marie

Lovely poem

Describes why i've decided never to read the bible even tho i was saved by (what i belive to be christ) , i saw his image on all the walls in my entiery room, a amazing experience.

Yet i've chosen to keep my belief to myself and this poem describes well why. i belive in god but not the religion. (massing of people with sometimes their own agenda)

I know he has plans for me, or i would surely be dead long ago, i dont know what it is yet but i know its something to do with love for other human beings and helping those in need, i just need time to sort my own life out first before i can go out and help others.

Thank you Sally, its nice to see a christian with feet on the ground.


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Guest gentleman1


I am really impressed with this poem. I also want to thank you because your views of God comfort me and help when the acusations of others, that I am only a rebellious person at enmity against God for defying the way He made me, ring in my head. I hope you understood that as awkward as it was written, but that's why I don't write lovely poems. I really like it and I think I'll find myself checking it out from time to time. Thanks for sharing it. You are truly lovely. - Shawn

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Guest Joanna Phipps

I begrudge none their choice of path, I might dispise some of the methods but those are not the person they are the religion (read dogma) that has been pounded into that person.

Christ was inclusive, after all who did he hang around with but all the people that others didnt want. I would imagine that were he around today he would have no problem hanging round with any of us, I supsect that he would have a hard time getting into many of "his" churches. Considering the way many of them are about dress code.

I have often said, I have no problem with God and Jesus, its just some of the followers who give me fits.

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Guest Neuro
I have often said, I have no problem with God and Jesus, its just some of the followers who give me fits.

To risk sounding cliche:



I love this poem, it really speaks the truth. God told us 'love one another', not 'outcast and torment your brothers.'

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Guest skyy

it truely warms my heart to see that there still are true christians out there. even at 17, my heart has grown colder and colder towards religion. i sometimes forget that there are still people out there that understand what life and love are about. i dont hate christianity, in fact, i admire it. i just forget sometimes that there is still good in the world. thanks sally, your poem really make me feel happier, and helps me to forgive those who have lost sight of what is good. and forgiveness is the way to true freedom and peace of mind. :)

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Guest Joanna Phipps

Ok this might get me chucked out of this discussion however here goes:

I have found greater acceptance in many pagan forums and gatherings than I ever did in the dogma, legalism hypocrisy of many "christian" churches. In many places and among many people christianity has lost site of its original mission, the doctrine of love, of acceptance, of helping the down trodden

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Guest Joanna Phipps
it truely warms my heart to see that there still are true christians out there. even at 17, my heart has grown colder and colder towards religion. i sometimes forget that there are still people out there that understand what life and love are about. i dont hate christianity, in fact, i admire it. i just forget sometimes that there is still good in the world. thanks sally, your poem really make me feel happier, and helps me to forgive those who have lost sight of what is good. and forgiveness is the way to true freedom and peace of mind. :)

Many religions have grown dogmatic and legalistic; the child like faith which Christ wanted his followers to have is the one which can sustain and comfort. 

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i like this the most

it is TOTAL truth and i understand

everyone not just christians pick and choose who they like by what they see etc

and like you said its wrong, we are suppose to love everyone reguardless

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Guest Justme

Hi Sally. great poem. You are absolutely right. Jesus came to show us love and a way to be in right relationship with Him and with others. In the Bible. Jesus was a rebel. He found friends in people that were the unwanted....the lepers ...taxpayers....people that back then were seen as "less than." The Bible says that God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. that God chooses the least likely....to present His message. So...Sally.....if we are one of those people....I think we are in great company. Thanks so much for sharing your writing.

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Guest Zandra

This poem is absolutely beautiful. I felt every word right down into my heart. It's sad that in this day and age I'm almost ashamed to call myself a Christian. Even in my own mind now, some of the first images that come up include the people protesting at those soldiers' funerals... preaching words of hate and intolerance.. placing judgement on others when that's God's duty... Your poem reminded me that I'm not alone out there, and maybe one day the majority will see the light one day.

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Lovely poems.

I have lost my faith in Christianity for a while as Baptist and Catholic. I went back to church and people would be cool for a while until I get to know them and turned around they won't live their christian life outside of the church. I choose Catholic again once more because I have people there who don't judge me for who I am.

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You describe my feelings quite well. I am ashamed to be a Christian in today's world, but I really shouldn't be, for I believe in true Christianity which is based in love. And no one should be ashamed to practice that. There are basically only two passages one needs to know - For God so loved the world..., and Love your God with all your heart and soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Following those will lead to true happiness.

An interesting but sad commentary is to watch as so-called 'Christian' churches and communities become ever more strident, that more and more people become lost, not knowing which way to turn.

Sometimes I think part of the problem with many mainline churches is that they're afraid to preach the real good news, for fear that they will either 1. lose membership and therefore $$$ or 2. anger the politcal establishment so that they will be looked at more closely. As long as the bucks come in to build ever greater edifices, they don't rock the boat by preaching the message of Jesus and demanding people actually read, listen, and understand it.

The final stanza of the song (not the dancer) Lord of the Dance says it all - I'll live in you if you'll live in Me.


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Guest Robin Winter


I know Christians are stereotyped as being intolerant, but they're hardly the only ones. It seems to me that those most vehement in fighting for their causes inevitably become what they profess to despise.

I believe there are only 3 evils in the world. Intolerance, Ignorance(the willful sort) and Greed. I have no love for any who nurture these qualities, but last time I checked, being Christian doesn't preclude their absence or their presence.

If you're a good person, I don't care who you pray to.


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Beautiful poem Sally............it got me thinking about just how sad it is that so many people end up leaving the church because of the hypocrisy & bigotry. That really makes me mad!! What right do "they" have to, essentially, force people out of the church through what amounts to emotional abuse? Some days I wish I could return to the church, but I have been sorely disappointed too many times.

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Guest miss kindheart

Dear Sally,

<<<< hug >>> :friends:

Just when I thought I had read all of your poems I find this one :doh1:

:groupwavereversed::score: :score: :groupwavereversed:

How could I ever hate you :dunno::unsure:

Don't you know that I love you :harhar:

:wub: vanna

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A lovely poem, Sally. I try to live my life in this fashion each day.

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Thanks for bumping this gennee.

I would agree Sally that many Christians are this way, but I really believe they are the vocal minority. I know at work there are a few devout Christian women I know and they still treat me with kindness and caring after I came out. I don't believe they necessarily agree with my transition but nevertheless they still treat me using the golden rule. One has always invited me into her home for special occasions, another spent two hours after work on a Friday helping me with makeup.


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    • Jacqui
      @Willow and @QuestioningAmber, thanks for your thoughtful replies!   Willow, while I am grateful for your kind, supportive words, I'm not sure I deserve all that much credit!  Only my gender therapist is going to deal with me face-to-face as Jacqui.  You go out as Willow when you are in Charleston, where multiple people know you as her.  What's more, Jacqui has never 'put herself together' yet (my profile pic is courtesy of FaceApp, using a 10-year old picture of me).  Willow has a look already -- hairstyle, clothes, jewelry (I love your starfish earrings, by the way) -- and you have faced someplace in the world as your true self.  I am dieting, letting my hair grow, and doing a lot of planning, but that's it for now (unless my self-acceptance takes the form of a step-wise progression where I eventually wind up attending my therapy sessions in full feminine regalia -- talk about a wow moment!  I think I'd have to find a 'big sister' to help me get to that point.  Right now I have trouble visualizing myself that way just walking from my car to the therapist's door!)   By the way, when you are in Charleston, have you ever tried the restaurant called "Husk"?  It's supposed to be pretty special -- all locally-sourced cuisine.  I read about it in a New Yorker article some years ago.   Amber, I'm glad that you are finding opportunities to use your preferred name (which is beautiful, by the way).  I'm a little surprised your therapist has not offered to use your preferred name in your sessions (unless they are not doing gender therapy with you).    
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      Looking towards it and always wanted it,we always worked together very well knowing I would be good at it.Two other people applied for it,they liked my resume better
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      I almost went with the name Sheila, it was pretty high on my list. I chose Star for my middle name so I could have something that sounded fun and spunky. But I like the way it sounds, Elizabeth-Star and If I want I can just go by Star since it will be a legal part of my name. When I updated my Facebook it says Star is not real name and I will have to furnish legal proof in order to use it although other people have used it. I can't say if they had problems or not but it's silly that a computer is telling me what I can use for a name.
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      I named her Sheela, still deciding on a middle name. 
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      My first Monday went pretty good. It was slow so I kept score to see how it went. I receive a total of 51 calls. I got my name right on 48 of the calls but I had 2 customer ask for me by my dead name so I only dropped the ball 1 time. I was ma'am and sir 1 time each  by customers. The customer that sir-ed me obviously didn't listen to my introduction as I got my name right. Our IT guy also called me sir, literally, right after we correctly my name on my mobile email we forgot to check.   I only got dead named about a half dozen times by co-workers. Most of them awkwardly corrected themselves right away so I let it go. I will give them a little more time since it's only been official for 2 full days but I'm going to start gently correcting people when they get it wrong or just flat-out ignore them. I figure eventually they'll get tired of being corrected or ignored and get it right.   So much is happening here. Reaching mile stone, new jobs, new experiences and a slightly problematic recovery. I do read every post on this thread and wish I had a higher capacity for expressing how I feel for everyone here and what your all going through. You are all amazing and have helped me more that you will ever know.       Lots of Love        
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