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Amazing Wig Value

Sally Stone

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Sally Stone

Let me start by saying that the best way to buy a wig continues to be in person, at a salon.  Be forewarned, you'll most likely pay top dollar, since salons generally. mostly, stock higher end wigs.  If you are a savvy shopper and know a couple of things about making a wig take on your own style, however, there are still some amazing bargains available from the internet.  Take this past week, for instance.  I found an amazing wig on Amazon for only $24 US dollars.  I'm not naive, so I ordered said wig not really expecting much, even though the online photos looked quite promising.  In fact, the attached photos are directly from the website.  For the price, I figured purchasing it was relatively low-risk.   


When the wig came the next day and I took it out of the package, I was completely blown away by its quality.  The synthetic fibers are thick and lush, while overall workmanship appears very high.  I have paid well over $100 dollars for name brand wigs that weren't this nice looking and feeling.


The thing about ordering a wig is that they are generally packed tightly right after being tied, so when you first remove them from their package, they are usually kind of flat without any body.  Consequently, if you put it on immediately, without working a little body and fluff into the fibers, the wig isn't going to show its potential.  So, I shook out the fibers by holding the wig upside down, fluffed the fibers around the part with a large-tooth comb and then I used the palm of my hand (gentle heat) to wake up the bangs.  If you don't do this first, the bangs will just lay across the face listlessly.  And remember, synthetic wigs don't respond well to heated appliances-it is very easy to melt the fibers, permanently damaging them. 


With just a little prep, I got my wig to look almost exactly like the wigs in the attached photos, again, for only $24 dollars.  I'll be wearing this one tomorrow, and if I can keep my face from breaking the camera lens, I'll take a couple of photos.



Wig Buy Mix Color 3.JPG

Wig Buy1 Mix Color 3.JPG

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Looks great, @Sally Stone!  I love that styling and color.  I am sure you will look beautiful with this on!

@Caramason1971 we were just talking about wigs.  Check this out❣️


Sally can you share the brand? 

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  • Forum Moderator

Love those caramel highlights. Great style and length too.❤️

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Sally Stone



The brand is "Wig Buy."  I believe these are made in Japan.  

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2 hours ago, Sally Stone said:

The brand is "Wig Buy."  I believe these are made in Japan.

Thank you, Sally❣️

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Sally Stone

So, as promised,  here is  picture of me with the new wig.

Sally WB (1).jpeg

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Carolyn Marie

That's very nice, Sally.  :goodjob:


Carolyn Marie

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    • Danusia
      I know what it means to be confused about not being able to get pregnant, this is my problem. Sometimes I dream that I'm carrying one child in my belly and the other, already born, I'm nursing, feeding, etc. And we are "waiting for daddy's return to home after work". Sometimes I dream that I'm in the skin of my friend who already has two children, and the third is on the way. I dream that I am her and I give birth at home, a supportive husband is by my side and the midwife instructs me how to breathe and push the baby. For me, making a joke of it all is a pretty good strategy for dealing with unrealistic desires, but I understand that it might be indigestible to someone else. About the environment - I know the current US president is anti-transgender, it is rather similar in my country, but there is no full consequence here.    
    • Jackie C.
      Personally, I just gritted my teeth, pulled on my big-girl panties and went for it. The fear of exposure and shame went away after a few public outings where nobody so much as raised an eyebrow in my direction. I was pretty indifferent to my male persona's appearance. I simply did not care. Not so with appearing as a woman. I color-coordinate my gym outfits. Nobody cares about my gym outfits, but I still put together a coordinated look to go sweat in. It's like night and day.   The point being that going out as yourself is kind of a rite of passage. There's always some fear in the beginning. I have a friend who likened us to vampires because we only come out at night and shy away from bright lights. With practice though, comes confidence. Take the plunge!   Hugs!
    • MiloR
      Hi everyone ! Ok, so... I think I have a question, which might be quite simple, but the anwser to it may not be so. How to deal with feelings of shame regarding gender ? It's just something that I struggle with a lot, and even if I tell myself that I musn't be ashamed to think I'm probably a guy, knowing it and feeling it really are different stories. And I think my shame is blocking me from acknowledging what I feel most comfortable with in being and in the way I want to present. Because for example I feel sad when I dress as a woman, but so embarrassed when I dress as a man because some part of me tells me it's inappropriate or even dangerous... And so, experimenting and presenting myself as who I want to be gets cloaked by my fears and some kind of stupid conviction that it's somehow "bad" and that I'm not normal... So if you had any advice for me to feel a bit better about myself (also to have a clearer idea of who I am without constantly judging if what I do is good/bad), or tell me how you managed to let go of that specific fear of not being normal or anything, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm aware shame must be a common feeling, but you know, if you had any tricks... I think I could see better who I am rather than who I'm taught to be.
    • Shay
      @Jackie C. Better awkward poking then finding problem.
    • Shay
      Just kidding words of wisdom Cyndee
    • Jackie C.
      You are most welcome. We live to serve.   You have to be careful with some of those jokes. I know plenty of transwomen who get torn up by the fact they can't get pregnant and plenty more that have been conditioned to think that's there's something wrong with them. I live in the US. The environment for us here... could be better. 😜   Again, welcome to Transpulse. I look forward to getting to know you better.   Hugs!
    • Danusia
      Jackie C. - thank You. It was a little joke with this freak, although it's bizarre for the biological man to dream of being pregnant. Pregnancy seems so sweet and wonderful to me. To have such a close relationship with the child from the beginning and to feel baby's movements in body is, in my opinion, emotional fulfillment.
    • Jackie C.
      Totally worth it. My only regret is not doing it back when I was eighteen.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      If *I* do it, you're going to be animated. Not putting my face up there thanks.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Had appointment with OB/GYN. Awkward poking.   Hugs!
    • Jandi
      I am also sorry if I offended anyone here.   I have friends on both sides of the fence.  I hate that there even is a fence. (In my family, we basically cancel each other out at the poles.)  As for the 'Rona, there's not much point in arguing over where or who it came from.  The thing is, it's here now, and we need to deal with it the best we can.  It's a pity it has been so politicized.   I already voted.  And I went in person.  And since I don't really "pass" at all, it was obvious that I was a transwoman.  I guess I just wanted to make a point.  For some reason that seemed important to me.   This election has been so depressing for me.  People are even going to court over which votes to actually count… Like, why? And being stuck at home only makes it worse. Sometimes I just want to "self-medicate" till it's over. Just how I feel these days.
    • Jackie C.
      Hey sweetie!   First off, you're not a freak. Lots of us have fantasies about being preggers and raising a family. Personally, I'm more wired to be a cool aunt, but I could totally raise a kid if someone else did the heavy lifting.   Secondly, welcome to Transpulse! We're glad you're here. Please, feel free to look around and ask any questions you might have. Within the bounds of the site rules, naturally.   Hugs!
    • Danusia
      I'm more or less transgender since childhood (mtf). I'm crazy about being pregnant and being a mother. This is my unfulfilling dream. I often dream that I'm living an ordinary female life with my husband and kids. I'm almost a thirty-year-old freak. Does anyone have similar to me?
    • Shay
      Just kidding words of wisdom Cyndee
    • Shay
      inner one ear outer the other..... 😇
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