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What do you do with childhood photos

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My MTF daughter didn't come out until she was 20. I'm a super sentimental mom and I don't know what to do about all the photos from her growing up years. I want to be supporting and sensitive. Yet I don't want to just erase the past. Any insight or advice out there?

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Jackie C.

I'd save them. However, your daughter probably doesn't want to see them, so I'd keep them in an album instead of out around the house. We're not usually super nostalgic about the time before our egg cracked and would rather put it behind us.


Not to say it didn't happen of course, but our lives don't really start chugging along before we come out.



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  • Root Admin

The pictures are yours to keep and cherish for what they mean to you.  Keep them private though until you find how she feels about them, if they were taken at times of love they are fine for you to have.  Perhaps for a while they need to go into albums and come off the mantle or piano tops depending on how she feels.  I am a 70+ year old Trans woman and I am doing a project for my grandchildren who know me that includes pictures of me in the child days, and I find it adds to the totality of my personal story.  Her male self, in my opinion needs to be given a place of honor in her life for keeping her alive to become her true self.  In time she will realize that her male guardian was a wonderful and remarkable person for her and others.  Keep the pictures, but do not shove them in her face, but let her know you loved the person who became her as much as you love her today.

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After my mother died, my father threw out all of my childhood photos. I'd give anything to see them again. There are photos I can recall when I knew who I was and I remember the thought inside my head as my mother snapped the shutter on the camera. I was six years old and I knew ... but could never tell.


Keep them safe. I swear she will want to see them some day and she will thankyou.

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Once gone you can never retrieve them. It's just my personal view but I think that until we can fully accept ourselves, both future and past as well as present, we are not totally at peace. When we can then old photographs become part of our story; part of us.



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Maid In Bedlam

Agrees with Tracy



I have my childhood photos in a box tucked away. They do see the light of day once in a while. Same goes for my pre-transition pictures. I would never just throw them out. Even if I am now very diffrent to what i looked like then. I more kind of look on them as a past life. What I was is different from what I am now. We all have a past life so to speak. It may not be the past we wanted but you can't change what has been. But I did learn you can change what is yet to happen. As mentioned in this thread throwing them away will not change what has been and at some point, you will regret it. I would more embrace it as what made us who we are now. Just a stepping stone into the reality now. Parents generally grieve as they say for the child who once was but is no more. But what needs to be realised in some cases is. It's the same person just in a different form and with a different perspective on life itself. I hope that makes sense.


Just my feelings on this.

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I guess it was selfish of me but when I was younger I tried to avoid being in any pictures. I didn't like what I saw so there are very few of me after I was 9 or 10. I'm not sure any exist of me between the ages of 12-19 at all. I would be out sick on school picture day and became the person taking the pics most other times. Pictures were a reminder of what I was physically but not on the inside. With the exception of a family portrait I think what few there are, are all in a tin box in the closet....which is appropriate guess!!! LOL


I've gotten better about letting people take my picture as I realize I'm me no matter what but I'm still the one holding the camera more often than not. I guess that is a part of my life that will always be unreconciled.

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Yeah i struggle with  this issues . . I am not so worried about the baby pictures , but anything after pre-teen make me a bit depress. I agree with some of the ladies. My mom love her pic's. She had then hanging all over her house. So  I didn't make a fuzz cause she need those memories, but once she pass I put in a box  and either use a mark or a white tape to hide my face .While i hate seen my self back in the day's it the only memories i have of my mom.

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I am going to save my daughter's boy pictures, but I am also looking for a digital artist to  retouch these so that they are photos her appearing as a girl. 

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Wow Mom that's a great idea. But As the ladies above my side, they are yr memories so you should keep then for your own 

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    • shelly_koleva83
      Hey, amazing people!   Sorry, for being all over the place, but I really need to raise this question again!   EDITING!!!   I am browsing my posts and blog and I am seeing these mistakes (some of them done in the process of writing quick and don't have time to check the grammar or else).    So...   My issue is that I am not that illiterate as it looks and I realize that my English is worst most of the time, but ... I can detect some of the mistakes and I want to correct them. I am suggesting:   1. Editing of posts (in the Forum and the Blog) and status, options. It's possible as option. I have seen it in that game forum that is created with Invision Community products as well; 2. Allowing Grammarly will be helpful to reduce some of the typos and others!   Thank you for your time! 
    • Jani
      Talking through the issues is critical for success.  All my best to you!  Hugs,  Jani
    • Jackie C.
      Oh my goodness. That's so sweet, I could die.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      It depends on your situation and your friends. My coming out was super simple, "Hey, I'm trans. Next week I'll be attending (event we were going to) as myself. Does anyone have a problem with that?"   Nobody did.   When I showed up as myself the questions were, "What do we call you?" and "How are you talking so high? Doesn't that hurt your throat?"   The answers were, (my name) and "Voice training for the last year. Also, my falsetto range is up here (demonstration). What I'm doing now is more about resonance. I'm still in my normal range."   Good luck!   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Oh sweetie. Big hugs.   Take it a day at a time. I used to be 299.8 pounds. I never QUITE crested into 300+ territory, but I was headed that way. I'm down to 188.6 as of my last GYN appointment.   So, here's what I did to slim down:   Get Active: This one sucks. Not going to lie. I'm still kicking the rust off after two years. I'm going to get to where I want to be, physically but it's going to take time. You have to keep working at it. On the plus side, it gets easier as you go. PRO TIP: Find someone who knows what they're doing to teach you. I started with $20 and a video I purchased from Amazon. I couldn't do the whole thing at first, but I got there. Now I train with my friend Ray. She used to compete when she was younger. Watch Your Calories: My phone came pre-loaded with an app that I can use to track calories in/calories out and where I'm getting those calories from. No matter what health problems you might have, your body still has to obey the laws of thermodynamics. Cut down on carbs. Load up on proteins. The protein helps you to feel full and your body can't stockpile it the way it can hoard fats and carbs. Drink Plenty of Liquids: When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water (or two) first. It's easy. It's cheap. It's healthy. A ridiculous number of Americans have a weak thirst reflex. Our bodies tell us we're hungry when we're really thirsty. Keep At It: This one is super important. You need to keep working at it. At least four days a week. Don't give up. OK, now here's where I cheated a little: When I started, I paid for a four week course of laser liposuction. It's cool lasers and vibration and was pretty affordable (~$200). I did that because I knew that if I didn't see results, I'd give up and I really didn't want to give up. I couldn't get healthy for deadname, but I could do it for Jackie.   Now, i didn't give up junk food, I'm just careful about it. Once in a while, I'll have a bag of chips (personal size, we're not talking about a family bag), a cookie, or I'll share a bowl of ice cream with my spouse. Maybe even a slice of cheesecake. However, it's not every day and I plan for it. If it doesn't fit into my allotted carb/fat/protein ration for the day, I don't eat it. Period.   See if you can get a friend to help you. I was alone when I started, but I much prefer working out with friends. Best of luck sweetie! Wish you lived closer, I could be your exercise buddy.   Hugs!
    • shelly_koleva83
      Hey!   That is great! I am happy for you! Wow! Incredible! I am speechless! That is so rare this days - the good news, the news about acceptance and love!    Wish you a lot of love, strength and courage in the future!    Hugs! 
    • Rowan.
      @VickySGV You're welcome  Happy to help. I was able to locate the envelope icon that you mentioned. This appears to be a feature that enables one-to-one communication. This is good to know. I haven't been a member of a forum like this for a decade and a half. While they're pretty easy to use, I do like know the little hidden niceties.   @Petra Jane  Thank you for pushing out a fix so quickly! Super-web-dev skills activate  No I'm feeling a bit guilty about what I have done to your inbox... oh my! All the sorries!   I'll probably write my message sometime today. But to sum it up very briefly: The work you are doing here is important, helpful to me, and very appreciated. Thank you <3
    •  Kylie
      @Jackie C. I had granulation tissue she had to excise and use silver nitrate on. It did not hurt during, but for the 12 hours after it was probably the top 3 most painful experiences of my life. It fees a bit better this morning, albeit I am exhausted and not ready to go back in two weeks for a check up to see if it worked enough to avoid additional treatments. 
    • Shay
      Thank you all in all yesterday was rewarding in many ways especially learning I really am on the right path and HRT is really right for me and 
    • Jackie C.
      I'm kind of hoping that the US collapses just like the Soviets did and we mostly fracture into smaller units along ideological lines. I'd like to accomplish that with a minimum of bloodshed, but I think the military is too pumped for that to be a reasonable expectation.   Best case of course is a massive blue wave that lasts a couple of generations. The Republican party dissolves and the Democrats split into conservative and progressive wings.   Vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.   Hugs!
    • Emily michelle
      I hope everything continues to heal I’m sure it’s painful. Have a good day!
    • Jackie C.
      Really? Other than the point he shoved a q-tip to somewhere around my throat, my GYN appointments have been pretty tame. He pokes around a bit. Maybe takes a sample. Nowhere near the horror stories my wife tells me about her visits. I mean it can be a little uncomfortable, but it's not so bad. Then again, you're probably a bit more raw than I was when I saw my GYN the first time (around three-four months post-op I think) so you're probably more sensitive down there than I was.   Hugs!
    • Bobbie Scott
      Good morning girls. I think the hormones are kicking in again. My breasts are starting to grow again.  I'm also getting scared of having to come out to more people eventually. So far I've been able to hide the changes. My biggest fear is no one will want to be around me. I hate this pandemic, because even my support groups meet on line. At least they gave me the opportunity to go out in public.  It's like I want the best of both worlds.  I'm really not happy in my male personality. Last  time I got scared and quit.  Been wanting this all my life. 
    • K.S.S
      Hi, so this is pretty uncomfortable for me, talking about food, because it brings up a lot about my father. During my childhood my mother always had between 2 and 4 jobs, so she wasn't really home to see it and we didn't really tell her because we didn't know it was strange behavior. Of course she isn't stupid and confronted him when I started gaining a lot of weight at only age 2. She did her best trying to keep that stuff out of the house by my father had a "secret" cash flow and he would use it to get his own things at the downtown IGA / CVS store. So, my father would be left with just me because my (half)brother moved out/ ran away and my sister had just started preschool. He would just give me candy because I "needed something to do." As I got older, of course I was overweight so when he was angry with me he'd call me things like "ugly pig". When I got my first pair of glasses I became a dumb/ugly/fat librarian. It always seemed to make him laugh. Around my 14th birthday, we kicked him out and moved, but the damage was kind of done. Now I feel like I use food to pass the time AND when I'm upset but when I'm really hungry, (enough that I feel sick) I can't get myself to eat anything. I tell myself not to snack all the time but I still do about every other day. It doesn't help that no matter how often I explain that I'm struggling with my self control, the people I live with (my sister and her fiance) still pack the house with junk food.  I don't know what to do. If I start paying for therapy I'll never be able to afford my own place, and I'm not even sure where I'd go if I did leave. It feels like I don't matter enough to make the effort, I mean if my sister doesn't care why should I?     
    • KymmieL
      Kylie sorry your GYN appointment went so bad. Time heals all wounds. as they say.   kymmie
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