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How to manage names/pronouns for a genderfluid person

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For the time being I'm going to regard myself as Genderfluid (that's what my counsellor and I agreed was the closest description for my current state of gender identity). During daylight hours I'm spending 3 days a week as Niamh and the other 4 as my male alter-ego. At night I'm a bit of a hybrid as I always wear panties+bra+womens nightwear but no wig or makeup so my appearance is a blend of male and female. This is the compromise that I and my wife has reached. She can accommodate and accept Niamh for so much but if I was to transition to Niamh full time she thinks she may not be able to stay with me. So for now this is the way I am, and to be honest as I don't suffer from any significant dysphoria when I'm in male mode nor looking at my naked body  in the mirror upset me this may be how I remain indefinitely. But Niamh is definitely here to stay.

So the problem is how to manage being out as Niamh in the wide world from a legal/practical identity point of view. There are situations where I may need to produce identity documents (e.g. driving license, passport, bank cards) to support who I am. There seems little point in going through a legal name change process to "Niamh" as that would just create the same problem in the opposite direction. I've considered changing to a neutral name but this doesn't sit well with me. I like my chosen names for the different genders which I present. 

I'm less worked up about the pronouns because I can't imagine how I would expect people to work out which ones to use just based on a day of the week - and if I'm honest - while I understand the importance for some transgender people in relation to pronouns, they mean little to me. I'm "me" whether I'm presenting as Niamh or my male version.  Pronouns are someone else's problem - not mine!


So going back to practical/legal considerations - how do other non-binary/genderfluid people manage this. 


Note I'm from England in the UK so law will be different from elsewhere (even Scotland!)

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I have a friend who identified for a long time as gender-fluid, and who recently started identifying as bi-gender.  They are in the military, which is highly gendered.


My friend uses he/him pronouns when in male mode, and she/her pronouns in female mode.  I tend to use the feminine pronouns because I know her mostly in female mode.  Except when I am talking about them in a situation where her dual identity is relevant, and then I often use they/them pronouns to minimize confusion.  Their stated preference is to use either male or female pronouns depending on their presentation.


They are "out" at work in the air force.  Their official ID is in their male name.  The military does not yet have documents that would handle bigender or gender-fluid members, so their female identity is unofficial, document-wise.  In the workplace, when he is presenting as male, he wears the male uniform, conforms to male grooming regulations, and is addressed as "sir".  When she is presenting as female, she wears the female uniform, conforms to female grooming regulations, and is addressed as "ma'am".  Of course, it is always correct to refer to them as "Capt. <surname>", regardless of presentation.  When on a first-name basis, they use either their male or female first name, depending on presentation.  They use whichever washroom corresponds to their presentation at any particular time.


All of this has official sanction from the brass, so co-workers either go along with it willingly (most people) or reluctantly (a few), but all go along with it.


I understand that not all workplaces have the same kind of adherence to standards that the military does which enable my friend's bi-gender presentation.  On the other hand, the military does have a reputation for conservatism.  So if they can do it, you'd think most workplaces could handle it with a bit of effort.


And, yes, it is a bit of an effort.  I "get it", and I find myself having to stop and think for every pronoun.  I had to proof-read this post carefully and change several of the pronouns for consistence and appropriateness.  But it can be done! :D

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I have thought about changing my legal name, but without changing my gender marker (which would be difficult if not impossible) I don't know if it would be worth it.

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@KathyLauren - Thanks for your response - it is very interesting how the military have responded in your country. But for me, my employment is not a big issue. I work from home almost exclusively and while I spend half the day in teleconferences, we never use video due to the high bandwidth consumption this causes - in a global company like the one I work for, it's difficult enough to get everyone to work well enough on voice. And given that I don't get worked up about how others perceive me, there seems little point in insisting that they call me XXXX/He on Monday and Tuesday and Niamh/she on Wednesday to Friday. The hear the same voice either way.


My issue is much more how to identify myself when out shopping/driving/going to events on those days that I am Niamh, but only have ID documents that show me as XXXX.

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2 hours ago, Niamh said:

My issue is much more how to identify myself when out shopping/driving/going to events on those days that I am Niamh, but only have ID documents that show me as XXXX.


Until I got my official name change, I had no ID in my new name.  That didn't stop me from going out as Kathy, both part-time, initially, and eventually full-time.  I introduced myself as Kathy whenever I was presenting as Kathy, and as <deadname> when in male mode. 


I was seldom asked for identification.  I used credit and debit cards in my old name, but since everything is done electronically these days, with a PIN number, I was never asked to sign either name.  I did get stopped by the police for a registration and insurance check, while presenting as Kathy.  I produced my documents, which were in my old name and showed a bearded guy, and there was no problem.


For a while after my legal name change, I had a driver's license that showed my name as Kathleen, but my sex as male!  That document also got seen by police at a check stop, and got no comment or reaction.  (I did eventually get my gender officially changed, so that is no longer an issue.)


In most places, it is legal to call yourself anything you want, as long as it is not done for fraudulent purposes.  For most everyday purposes, you don't have to have documents that prove that the name is yours.  If your documents don't match your presentation, you might have to do some explaining.  I was ready to do so, especially on those police stops, but I never had to. 


Unless you live somewhere that is exceptionally hostile to out kind, I would suggest just calling yourself Niamh when you are in Niamh mode, and not worrying about it.

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2 hours ago, KathyLauren said:


Unless you live somewhere that is exceptionally hostile to out kind, I would suggest just calling yourself Niamh when you are in Niamh mode, and not worrying about it.


Thanks @KathyLauren - that does make sense, and I've been out a few times as Niamh, but always had this concern about how to respond if asked by someone in authority why I am in "disguise". It's as much to reassure my wife - particularly if she ever eventually agrees to going out of our home with me when I am Niamh. She has managed many things she didn't think she ever would - but going out somewhere with me as Niamh  is work in progress. One day - maybe, but I need to have covered all the bases and have answers for all her concerns - many of which are mine as well.

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      Kylie sorry your GYN appointment went so bad. Time heals all wounds. as they say.   kymmie
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      I hope you have a better day today ❤️
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      The long and winding road   HUGS   C
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      Great news @Emily michelle! Hope the increase of E and addition of progesterone give you results!    I am up recovering from the horror from my first GYN appointment yesterday. I love the GYN but hated everything else. Hopefully I heal from that both physically and emotionally!    Hope everyone has a great day!
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      Right before electrolysis and therapist appointments my wife said we had to talk. We did and it was a tearful and long discussion but I'm  glad she did. Had I not been on HRT I would have fallen apart but I was loving "in the moment" and gave my complete attention to her concerns.    It drained her and me ... We talked through the electrolysis and I called in to apologize and rescheduled but I did make my appointment with my Therapist and it was a very good meeting.   I am not good with expressing my emotions and she gave me home work to help and she gave wonderful advice to discuss with my wife and welcomed her at any session or alone but felt she isn't ready yet and that we two have more groundwork to do.   I'm lucky. I have a wonderful wife and friends here who understand and co feel so good to finally have a therapist I feel really good about.   I am still drained but hopeful and optomistic
    • Shay
      @MargieK I think you let it come organically and I hope you have built trust in your child to be able to talk openly about feeling. When the topic comes but be supportive if the topic doesn't come up perhaps when stories about transgender come up on tv or news or social media make sure you mention that you understand their issue and are empathetic and build confidence in your child you want to listen.
    • ElizabethStar
      Obviously, I can't tell you how to do it, it's different for everyone and you have to do what feels right.   I can tell you what I did. At work I started by, as silly as it sounds, wearing scrunchies in my hair instead of the regular ties. The color quickly evolved from black to more fem colors. While everyone was distracted by the pink scrunchie in my hair I changed over to flare-leg jeans. Then I started wearing different tops. I did a lot of misdirection over a year. There were a couple things said but I don't think anyone really knew what was happening until I "accidentally" outed myself to the owner. I had somewhere to go after work one day and changed into more suitable clothes before I left.   Outside of work happened a lot quicker. I have a friend that I would go shopping with so I would just dress how I felt. She would help with the little social ques that cis-women already know and I was oblivious to.   The thing is, I don't want to have to bring it up in a conversation and I don't see a reason to. There are people close to me that I just outright told. Other friends that approached  me with fear in there eyes wanting to ask but didn't know how. I voluntarily told them but I've never wanted to or had a reason to bring it up in a conversation.  
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      @Heathick I am so happy you were able to tell your psych. That is a tremendous and exceedingly hard thing to do. It should get easier for you to talk about things and as time goes by it will get easier. 
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      I love it!  Well done, Heather! 
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      Congrats Robin! I’m on my 2nd treatment of laser on my face.
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      That is so weird! Thank you @Rowan. for letting us know about this. I was wondering why there was not the usual influx of junk filling up my inbox of late! Somehow, the form that the contact page used has disappeared!   I've made a simply straightforward one to replace it and will see if I can figure out how to replace the multi-function form that allowed you to choose a subject which then asked some more specific questions depending on the subject. But for now, there is a contact us form back on.
    • Brianna1
      So I am about to come out of closet soon. Have wardrobe and makeup done fairly well. So my question is how do I start telling people I am transgender? M to f. I am 54 years old. Just working on voice now to be able to pass. But to break the ice how do I bring it up in conversation??
    • Robin.C
      Omergerd ... I've got an appointment for electrolysis. Happy dance. I just needed to tell someone 😁 She's super busy this time of year here what with Spring and Summer heading our way over here, so I have to wait 2 weeks; it will fly past I'm sure. Only facial hair to start with and see how I cope. Yippee   Oh and for those following along at home, the home IPL does stuff all for my facial hair but seems to be reducing the foot and hand hair. Becoming less of a Hobbit every day ... hee hee   🤗 Robin
    • Abi
      If you can't vent your problems to your friends, then you need better friends. I'm just sad you are going through all of this. I have to say one thing though. It seems very out of the ordinary to be married and not transparent about who makes however much money. This would be concerning to me. I could care less about who makes the most or how even the split of bills seems but, there is no way I would accept not knowing anything. It may be normal to some people but I think any blurred lines are unhealthy with regards to a spouse. It's really none of my business so, I hope I'm not out of line. This sounds to me like you're being treated like your not an equal. Hiding income from a significant other does not sound like a health relationship. I remember I used to have to hide money to pay bills. I literally hid money for a year to buy my ex a car because, if there was money in the account, it was needing spent. It's not going to help a strained relationship. I hope things start turning around for you.    Abi
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