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Name Change


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Jeanette West
On 9/25/2020 at 1:54 PM, HollyNoel said:

@Jeanette West If you feel it's time, then go for it. Only you can decide the point when you want to take the name change step. After bawling my eyes out the other night while filling out my paperwork, I'm not really sure I'm ready to change my name legally. I might need more time to come to terms with shedding my old name. I got to talk to my therapist before I make that move. Anyway, whenever you do it, make sure you are ready.

Thank you Holly, that makes perfect sense, which is prolly why it flew right over my head. :) I know the exact time....

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@Jeanette West Hugs for you girl. I have to wait until next Monday to see my therapist to talk about this and several other things. I wish you luck, I'm finding this step to be harder than I thought.. lol.

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Heather Nicole
On 9/28/2020 at 7:01 PM, MomTGDaughter said:

I named her Sheela, still deciding on a middle name. 


Sheela is a beautiful name. It's always been one of my favorites.

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5 hours ago, Heathick said:


Sheela is a beautiful name. It's always been one of my favorites.

Thank you!

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I totally get what you’re saying about it feeling like a death. It wasn’t until I started putting together a shortlist of names that I realised how attached I was to my old one, and unfortunately there isn’t a neutral/masculine version that I can easily switch to. It’s traditionally a girl’s name, and I’m not a girl, so for me it was about choosing something that fit, and that I loved just as much, if not more, which is why the process took forever. “Jack” was a character I created when I was a kid, and has always been in the running- although when I started this search, I was really drawn to “Gabriel”. I also have the added challenge of needing to change my surname as well, because it’s my dad’s, and he’s no longer in my life. I haven’t legally changed anything yet, but when I do, I will likely shed some tears. Names are such a fundamental part of us, and it’s why choosing a new one is so difficult. Giving yourself more time to come to terms with this was absolutely the right call.

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I changed my name last November. I had picked Jocelyn out about 6 years ago. I have never hated my old name (Michael). I felt that I could not use Michelle as that is my sisters name. Because I am not completely out in the world I chose a compromise when I changed my name. I chose to keep Michael as my middle name for now, although I think I might change it to Marie in the future. I really like the sound of Jocelyn Marie. I also changed my last name as well because my old last name was from my step-father. I proudly took my maternal grandfathers name. after 55 years it has taken some time to get used to not hearing Michael but I am more comfortable in the world as Jocelyn.



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Moms been trying to get me to keep Michael and just change the middle name from Andrew to Andie. I would but as much as it would be a pain, I need to change to a full feminine name. I'm even thinking of changing my last name but probably wont. I kinda want to start all fresh, starting with my birth gender and ending with my name. lol

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9 hours ago, HollyNoel said:

Moms been trying to get me to keep Michael and just change the middle name from Andrew to Andie. I would but as much as it would be a pain, I need to change to a full feminine name. I'm even thinking of changing my last name but probably wont. I kinda want to start all fresh, starting with my birth gender and ending with my name. lol

I think it's so important to have a female name, how about "Michelle?" 

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10 hours ago, HollyNoel said:

I would but as much as it would be a pain, I need to change to a full feminine name.

I understand the need for this but if it becomes too much of an issue maybe a female version of Michael like Makayla. But Michelle is traditionally used for Michael. Although I still like Holly Elizabeth.

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Jeanette West

I was lucky in this respect: I asked my mom what she was going to name me had I been a girl, she instantly replied, "Jeanette", and I liked it so....

What floored me was my mom having that on the tip of her tongue after all those years. Made me feel pretty well loved.

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@Jeanette West - I had a statement from my mom years ago that she would name her daughter Amber Marie, which is how I came to the name that I selected. We talked about it on Saturday and I told her that was the female name that I selected and her face just lit up and was happy I went with it.


@HollyNoel It may take time, but your mom may still come around. It is hard to change identities. I was dressed as Amber last night and my wife kept calling me by my male name that she is used to. She apologized, which was fine because we were in private, but I am going to talk to her about not being overly apologetic in public, as that can make things worse actually (by drawing attention to it).

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    • Emily michelle
      I don’t know anyone that is transgender around me. I’m pretty much in small town middle America. If there is anyone who is transgender it is not spoken of I wish I could make friends with one near me. I consider everyone here my friends and support group. I’m much better this morning. I stayed busy and even started getting rid of some my old things.
    • Sally Stone
      Great points Vicky.  I believe we should apply scientific method to every one of our own personal biases (we all have them).   Unfortunately, we are spring-loaded to the thoughts and ideas that make us comfortable and that's just not objective.   Along similar lines, we have generally lost the ability to engage in true discourse.  Instead, the moment someone makes an argument or comes from a point of different from ours, we declare that person is against us.  "If you aren't with me, you are against me" is a completely counter-productive assumption that stifles understanding and compassion.   We need to listen to understand instead of listening to refute.    
    • Sally Stone
      Thanks Shay!
    • Sally Stone
      Here is another picture of them paired with the red skirt I wore today.
    • Sally Stone
      I posted the stock photo of these booties in the "Payless Back to Life" post here in the Fashion forum, but I thought it might be helpful to anyone considering them, to see what they look like on a real woman's feet (and yes, the woman is me).  They are black, so they don't photograph too well.  I adjusted the brightness of the photo hoping the details would stand out a little more.  These booties are so cute.   The Payless website states that these booties have four-inch heels, but that is clearly not the case.  They are actually just a bit over three-inches in height, so they are really comfortable (well, for me anyway).  I walked in them all-day today and my feet still feel great.    
    • Jackie C.
      I'm thinking that a communist country like the old USSR fell down the same rabbit hole that the US did. The critical problem with Marxist communism has always been the part where the ruling party steps back and just lets the workers do their thing. That never happened because, well obviously. The democratic component was never considered. There was one party. Period. That party worked to enrich itself at the expense of its people. The result was bread lines. Democracy makes the difference. The quality of life in Europe where democratic socialism is currently working is better than ours on all levels. Better education. Better healthcare. Better security. Happier citizens. Nobody's perfect, but a blended approach seems to be working for other people. It seems like a good idea to try. We'll need our own take on it, but we should be able to build a society that works for everybody if we want it. I want it. Do you?   I'm pretty sure the rich won't pay their fair share actually. They're pretty good at hiding money and there are too many people in government at the federal level that want to hide their own money too. I'm going to ask you a question though. If the rich weren't concerned with higher taxes, why are they fighting it? I think that with appropriate leadership and funding for our institutions' (like the chronically underfunded IRS) we can reduce the amount the very rich hide away and smuggle out of the country. No tax system is going to be perfect. The one we have now is killing the middle class and the younger generations. I refuse to sit by and say, "Why bother," because I know that a segment of the population is going to cheat. That's why we have laws and law enforcement. It is your duty as an American to use what power you have to make the country better.     Bad faith argument. "Things suck and they've always sucked so don't try." Yeah, we have a real corruption problem in the federal government. That doesn't mean that all politicians are corrupt. Some absolutely are. I can name names, but I think we all know who they are at this point. Do I think Biden is beyond it? No. I think unless there's a huge blue wave he's not going to be able to get half the things he wants done. Mostly because I've seen it before. The opposition party blocked Obama for his entire second term because they could. Joe is too interested in reaching across the isle when the people across the isle have repeatedly shown that they're not willing to compromise on lining their own pockets.   Again, one side has shown that they REALLY want to be the Communist party we remember from the 80's. I don't want them to seize power. They're really close right now. So please, vote. I'm going to end on a song...     Hugs!    
    • Mia Marie
      Jackie, did you forget the history of the cold war. Russia was a socialist country built on communist thinking. That is where this country will be heading if Biden and Harris win. I do agree with your definitions but what is authoritarianism without socialism. One can't work without the other. Do you really think the rich will pay their fair share of taxes? I know they won't. If the rich were to pay all the taxes they really owed to the government they could move the deficit out of the trillions down into the millions. The plan Biden has proposed which would make the rich pay more taxes will never see the light of day. Non of the taxes collected will become social nor physical country improvements. They will be used to line their own pockets. Always have and always will.
    • Jackie C.
      I agree with this part. We disagree about how we're going to reach our goal.   I'd like to introduce you to Rosemary Ketchum (Wheeling WV City Council), Pluto (Chair of Indiana Green Party) and Christopher Kalcich (Selinsgrove PA Borough Council). I agree that there should be some of us in the federal government as well, but hey, one step at a time. Politicians on the federal level usually get their start in local politics.   Socialism: A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.   Nobody is advocating for this. People are advocating for more socialist programs. The goal here is to provide needs (housing, food, health care, education) to people that might not otherwise have it. Every American deserves to reach their full potential. People can still be rich, we just want people who were born poor to have a chance too. Nobody should have to choose between living indoors and buying medicine for their children.   What you're describing -     - Is actually Authoritarianism.   I will point out that there two forms of socialism. One (the Nazis) happens when you take things away from one group and give them to another. The other, (the one I'd like to see) happens when you try and lift everybody up regardless of the color of their skin or what's in their pants.   Authoritarian: Favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom.   It also happens to be the style of government practiced by some of the best buddies (North Korea, Russia, etc.) of our current ruling party. It's also part and parcel of our current system where the government bails out big businesses so they continue to stagnate and keep new, small businesses from sprouting up. It also helps concentrate money into the hands of people who are already very, very, very rich.   I would like to see that stop. Back in the 50's, we understood some things that we've seem to have forgotten. An average adult can work about forty hours a week before productivity starts to suffer, the number is closer to thirty if the job requires a lot of brain work. We understood that the CEO making about twenty times what the lowest paid worker in their company made was sustainable. Our education was top-notch. Most people could get a job with their high school diploma and work within that company for the rest of their lives. The company valued their workers, and helped to take care of them. Civil rights was garbage back then, but we had worker's rights mostly figured out. Now I'm not going to try and tell you anything, but I want you to think about who has been defunding the things that made that possible. Who is attacking the structures who made those worker's rights a thing. Now I want you to think about who made the advances in civil rights and who keeps patching the economy back together every eight years.   For my entire lifetime, there's been a repeating series of recessions. They happen about four years into the reign of one of our political parties. Every time. Then the other party gets into power, and just about gets everything running again. It's running worse, but it's headed in the right direction. The opposing party gets into power, claims credit for everything the previous party did and then promptly drives us off a cliff again. For my entire lifetime, one party has had our military engaged in petty bully wars with tiny, weaker countries to further the interests of our big corporations. For my entire (adult) lifetime, I've seen my tax dollars go to bail out failing corporations while the CEOs that drove it into the ground fail upwards.   This needs to stop. Both major parties are complicit, but only one of them has a faction within it that is saying, "No more." I stand with them.   Hugs!
    • Mmindy
      Good morning/afternoon wherever you are. Hugs for y’all.    “Sometimes a moment of survival is about navigating between rage and joy” ― Malebo Sephod #JoyPublicity
    • VickySGV
      Suspicion and fear of the "different" is the root of more human error than as of yet been given a quantity.  One of my college professors in Behavioral Science who emphasized the Scientific Method of research had a poster in the classroom that asked us "Are you the measure of humanity or the measurer of human behavior?"  His point was that we needed to include ourselves as subjects of our own research, and spent time with each of us discussing an assigned research project to get us to know what we were taking into the project of ourselves and our preconceived ideas about the subject.  At the end of the project we sat down again and subtracted anything that looked like it mirrored the preconceptions.  With those gone, we wrote the projects up for grading.  My response was a little more full than many, but still pretty darn short.  Two of my classmates who wrote "I learned a lot about myself, but almost nothing about what I studied" actually got very high grades.  I got an 85% or high B grade and it had been brutal. 
    • Shay
      I think we have felt the need sometimes and sadly many take their lives because they are unable to handle the pain - but I applaud ALL OF YOU HERE AT TP - myself included - that we fight through the pain - and take what we've been given and conquer our fears - treat yourself extra special today and be proud of all you have managed to overcome and carrying the load you've been given - a load you never asked for. Even The Pain Richard Page Three long years now Since I've seen her face Three long years now Since she left this angry place Her destiny called her But too soon for her age If I'd only listened She might be here today And we're all gonna ride this river And we're all gonna feel the rain And we all take what we're given Even the pain Cold, tired and hungry Now she's movin' with the wind And all I do is worry 'Bout the pain she must be in If only I could see you Tell me why you didn't write Now there's no one to defend you And I can't sleep at night And we see that light before us Through the darkness and the shame But it all breaks down Even the pain So roll on mighty river Take us down to the sea Wash away the muddy water And set us free    
    • Shay
      for all us here at TP
    • Mia Marie
      Let me explain socialism to everyone. Socialism is where the government tells you how to live where you can live, what you can do, basically you will have no choices in life. A socialist government will set up what is called station and you will not be allowed to live outside of the station you are born to with the exception of certain circumstances with which the government allows you to move. Personally I don't need or want anyone making decisions for me in any way or form. You won't have the right to choose the field of work you want. You wouldn't be able to go into business without government permission and they would never let a new business open that endangers the finances of a large business already making millions. This would no longer be a free country where you would be able to walk down the street without fear. I don't need that kind of control nor would I ever want that kind of fear. I don't fear the way this country has been growing. A vote towards socialism is a step backwards. We need to grow in the right direction and we need a true voice, a transgender voice, in government seats. We need a transgender person in one or more government seats. Only then could we get heard. We don't need someone to make our choices for us.
    • Jandi
      I doubt that anyone enjoys paying taxes.  But most folks do enjoy decent roads and the rest of the infrastructure that enable us to function as a society.  These things are also necessary for businesses to operate and prosper.  Elizabeth Warren pointed out that even the wealthy depend on these things to increase their wealth.  A factory cannot function without the working class, why is it too much to expect them to have secure lives? I personally don't expect much from a Biden administration.  But just a little less hostility would be nice. We don't really have a progressive party in this country, only far right, and center-right. Using the label "socialist" as a smear is useless as it can range from gulags to the Nordic Model". And as a veteran, I am offended when it is implied that wanting to improve our country is unpatriotic.   Okay, my rant is over.
    • Shay
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