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Trans kids and sports (and other transitions)...


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Hi - I'm new here! I have a transgender son (age 11) who has really only come out over the summer. So although it's not very new to him (and he has brought the possibility up before with me), it's new to others - friends, school, etc....  So he decided to start the school year with male pronouns. The school has been GREAT. But the timing is just very tricky - I had already signed him up for two girls soccer teams because you sign up so early. Today is his first game - he knows two girls on the team but they don't know that he is "he". Nobody there really does since school just started (with just 10 kids in a class) - so he is JUST NOW socially transitioning. Just curious if anyone else has been in this awkward place and has any advice (should I tell the coach, who can't really do much?). I don't think he is ready to fully jump to a boys soccer team right now - and I don't know if that's possible since the season starts today. Just tricky timing.....  Thank you!

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Hi, Gretch.  Welcome, and thank you for supporting your son.


There are awkward moments in any transition, and this is undoubtedly one of them.  Using male pronouns while playing on a girls' team is, well, awkward.  I can understand that it is too late to switch him to a boys' team for this season, but it wouldn't hurt to talk to the coaches anyway.  It is early in the seasn, and maybe they can accommodate him.


I don't really have any solutions.  I mostly just wanted to welcome you.




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Hello @Gretchand welcome.  While I don't have any specific advise I would suggest reaching out to a gender counselor for your son and possibly for you.  He is likely to be faced with more than he expects as he transitions and it can be difficult to process.  As adults we know thew world can be a rough place.  I always recommend getting as much assistance as possible.  Talking to the team coach would be a good start although as you note they wouldn't be able to do much.  You might want to speak with their school first, maybe a counselor or the principal to inform them of what's going on in your child's world.



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Thank you both! Yes, I am trying to find individual therapy for him - it's hard. I spent a LOT of time for my other son (they are twins) calling around for therapy for his general anxiety and have never been able to find a therapist who works with this age, has capacity, accepts insurance...... then pandemic hit. So I am also concerned for my cis son who has anxiety and I can't find help. So now for my trans son - I am calling around for therapists. The school guidance counselor is great and all the teachers have immediately adopted male pronouns which is helpful. I have an appointment with a gender therapy program - in a couple weeks. It's just not the individual therapy that I think he needs. So yes....   still looking....  in the meantime I also worry about my other son so it's all very overwhelming! Thank you for the support and any suggestions.

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10 hours ago, Gretch said:

It's just not the individual therapy that I think he needs.


You're not wrong. Peers that know what you're going through are very helpful. I can't help feeling that your sons are in good hands though.



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      Heather you need to road trip down to DC some weekend and we will go shopping.  I'm sure we can find some stuff to make you feel cute. In fact, I think we need to coordinate a shopping day for a bunch of us.
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      I've been on HRT for 7 weeks and didn't really feel any different until yesterday I became an emotional wreck over the stupidest things and started crying at commercials and -crap-. lol. My wife laughed pretty hard about my state.  I noticed the last week my nipples had become "sensitive" but then this morning looking in the mirror noticed they were "budding". I have to admit, I kinda freaked out.  I've been wanting this but to actually see a physical change occur made the HRT decision real for the first time for me.  I'm better now but I was really worried about the fact the I freaked out and began questioning whether that reaction might have been a sign I wasn't ready.   In other fun news, A client came into the shop today and as we were talking asked how long I had been here. I thought he was asking about the biz so told him 11 years in this location then he corrected me and ask how long I had been here.  I told him the whole time since I owned it. He looked puzzled and said he's been coming for 10 years off on an on and thought someone else owned it.  I enlightened him by saying, Oh, I use to be Rick and had a lot less hair.  It clicked for him then and he asked how long the transition had been happening and congrats.  I told him just since summer and then he told me he had transitioned 19 years ago!  Wow, I had no clue.  We had a great conversation about the differences in treatment availabilities and public acceptance and then went about our days.  I've been in biz for a long time and had no clue we had any trans clients.  It's really cool to know we do.
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      Very cute wig!   
    • Bri2020
      Oh Heather, I'm so sorry. Even when we know it's coming it is still heart wrenching.  Here's to remembering all that was good about his life.  Hang in there.  Hugs Bri
    • Shay
      Therapist in 30 minutes, need it.🤥
    • SaraAW
      It was the hardest thing ive ever had to do myself. It takes an incredible amount of courage to do that. Well done. I hope the best for you in this. Hugs!
    • Jandi
      Hi sparky Welcome I think it's like this for all of us.  We're not clones of each other. I think this was the big break for me.  I finally stoped fighting myself, and accepted who I was.  That freed me to really explore the parts of me that I had repressed for years out of fear.
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      I'm still standing (Yeah, yeah, yeah)   (thanks Elton & Bernie)
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      @Victoria_ Very cute!   @KymmieL Very happy to hear you're coming out work went well.    @KendraML Congrats on the new car! It's always exciting to learn how a new vehicle responds to you.   @Emily michelle Congrats on your 6 months!!! Those moments when you can really see yourself are so wonderful.
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      Not where it needs to be but a step in the right direction.        https://nypost.com/2020/10/21/pope-francis-calls-for-civil-union-laws-for-same-sex-couples/
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      @Victoria_ I agree - really cute photo   @QuestioningAmber the reduction of anxiety and calmness has been my favorite part of HRT so far - hoping the body starts doing its thing but I'm happy with anxiety and depression reduction - that along has reduced the gender dysphoria.
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      Hope all goes well, Jayna.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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      My 2 cents, it's just my opinion : No we can't. But, I suspect people are mixing periods symptoms with hormonal imbalance. Because the human body control hormones in a very complex way taking a pill can never replicate this delicate balance. So maybe sometimes the hormones you take doesn't match what the body need or phenomenons like that. If you are like me and forget to take them then maybe you will feel the consequences. I'm very skeptic about that, even when it's me feeling such things because I know just how much my brain react when it comes to dysphoria. I'm not trying to argue here, but for me when I feel things like that I'm just telling myself : "hey there brain, wishfull thinking" But hey, maybe I'm just wrong and I do have cramps and not just something like irritable bowel syndrome
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      ok - another WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Under appreciated bass player.................    
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