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FaceApp, where have you been all my life!!

Heather Nicole

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Heather Nicole

Ok, so I'm probably incredibly late to this, but this forum has just introduced me to the absurd wonders of FaceApp and I'm totally hooked!


Judging by what it thinks I looked like as a kid, I'm pretty well aware this software is far more for fun goofing around than it is for accuracy. But even still, the first time I gave it a selfie and hit the "Female" button, my heart instantly leapt straight out of my chest and I felt all fluttery for hours...That "photo" is now my profile picture :). (I swear, if I could look anything like that, I would come straight out to everyone, work, family and strangers, right now!, and have a name change application submitted within the hour!! (Ugh..if only I could decide on a name!))


Other top candidates include these works of deliriously intoxicating fantasy:







Just as fun, although not half as pretty, is this amusing nightmare ;) :




That one never stops cracking me up! :) I'll spare everyone the masculine one that makes me look like an unholy union between Santa Claus and my biological father! ;)


What cool images have other people come up with through this?

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Its The Mirror of Erised that App. I have spent hours under its spell.


(Apologies for the reference to She Who Shall Not Be Named)

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Yes, FaceApp was pretty much what set me over the edge from 'thought CDing would be the answer til the end' to 'must transition NOW'. 


Seeing 'myself' 'outside' did it. And seeing 'myself' in everyday mode as opposed to a made up for cocktail hour mode.


I use it now with the eraser function to see how the hair I'm growing out looks if my face was more feminine, do the gender swap and erase the hair it adds. 


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Ok so I am a FaceApp addict but, I wasn't sure how everyone looked at this kind of thing. I would say out of hundreds of them I have only really loved a couple. There is absolutely no chance I could ever look as good as this app makes me look. One thing I have found to be amusing as well is the fact that once in a while it will say I am female and offer to switch me to male. UH NO.... I am on the fence about sharing so please forgive me. I would love to share but, I have a feeling some people are bothered by this. I would love to hear opinions.



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I'm probably the only one who has a problem with faceapp. It's not a flaw of the app but how it could potentially make someone feel.


I admit that I use it, a lot, but the issues I see is with the gender swap feature. I caught myself using it to determine if I looked passing or not and that would set mood for the day. Sometimes I thought I looked really cute and femme but that app said "male". That put me in a very depressed state, feeling like I don't pass at all.


I quickly realized what was going on and am now careful when and how I use it but I see the potential for someone to do something rash because an app told them they weren't passing.

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Sally Stone



You aren't the only one that has issues with an app like this.  And really, I don't mean to disparage anyone who uses it for entertainment.  While I think it can be entertaining, my worry is that I would rely on the result to affirm myself.  There is already so much pressure in our society to look a certain way.  If the world is going to see me the way I am in reality, I think I want to see myself the same way.  Now, if the app could look beneath the skin and see my inner beauty, that would be an app I might actually try. 

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@ElizabethStar and @Sally Stone, that is exactly why I said I am on the fence with sharing the pictures I have made of myself. @Heathick please do not take this as any kind of an attack on you or anyone that wants to share these. Like I said, I love this app. I just see how this could not only make some of us feel off for the day when we can't get the desired pick we want but, it could even make other people that are seeing these feel down too. I really am not meaning to harm your thread. I'm very sorry. 

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Heather Nicole
2 hours ago, Abi said:

@ElizabethStar and @Sally Stone, that is exactly why I said I am on the fence with sharing the pictures I have made of myself. @Heathick please do not take this as any kind of an attack on you or anyone that wants to share these. Like I said, I love this app. I just see how this could not only make some of us feel off for the day when we can't get the desired pick we want but, it could even make other people that are seeing these feel down too. I really am not meaning to harm your thread. I'm very sorry. 


OMG, no!, Don't worry or feel bad on my account!!! I totally get it!! (But, OMG, that's so sweet of you to worry about it!!!)


Hey, I'm still a total newcomer to all of this: these forums, the LGBT+ community, having the freedom to interact with wonderful people in a way that doesn't require me to subconsciously censor myself to adhere to masculine standards...and definitely also to FaceApp as well (I didn't even know it existed a week or so ago!, and I certainly never actually touched it until just the other day!) If anything, I worry about my naive enthusiasm for a sparkling new toy inadvertently tugging the wrong way on anyone's emotions. And when I first sensed there may be any hint of dissent about the app, I worried whether I should have even posted anything.


I kinda feel the same way, really. I'll admit, the first time I used it, I went straight for the "Female" button not really expecting much, and when I saw what it came back with (my current profile pic), my heart nearly leapt straight out of my chest and I felt all fluttery for hours! But it didn't take long for me to catch on that the images were most likely highly unrealistic (however intoxicating). I'd say my biggest clue was the fact that the app's "teen" and "child" age filters looked like stock photo models and nothing remotely similar to how I actually used to appear at those ages! ;)


So I totally get it, and I would never want to raise a topic that would make anyone here uncomfortable! You're all so kind, and warm, and genuine, and caring after all! Heck, I'm the who feels sorry for naively bringing up anything potentially sensitive or controversial!


TBH, I actually struggled a bit deciding whether or not to use the image FaceApp created for me as my profile pic. I ended up going with it, maybe selfishly, because I'm so in love with the idea of getting to be seen (even by myself) as anything similar to "her". But my hesitation, and I still worry about this, is giving anyone an unrealistic idea of potential real-world results. I was actually going to make a post in the "about the forum itself" section suggesting that maybe signatures should be displayed on user's profile pages (if technically feasible with this forum software). I modified my signature to hopefully make it clear that my profile pic isn't real, but then I noticed that when you visit this forum on a phone instead of a desktop browser, the signatures aren't shown...:(

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11 hours ago, ElizabethStar said:

I'm probably the only one who has a problem with faceapp. It's not a flaw of the app but how it could potentially make someone feel.


On the various sites I visit, your take is the majority position. Many of us are quite irate about FaceApp and the like, saying it's 'dishonest'. To me, it's not all that much different than wigs, padding and makeup. And for those in the closet apps can be a way to satisfy a need to see themselves the way they need to without risking whatever they're in the closet trying to protect.

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  • Forum Moderator

Late to the party but I have to tell you...I’m impressed with the technology used in this app. I downloaded this app tonight to check out this gender swapping capability it has. It is so impressive how the algorithm seems to work to switch, stitch and re-render everything so well.


I started out using my current avatar pic in my blue tie dyed tunic and did a gender swap. What came back was an image that looked very much like a Pre-HRT photo of me in from way back in 2003 but of course the female version was taken just recently. The image with me in the black shirt at the bottom was the pic taken in 2003.


Just thought i’d share something fun. Maybe some of you others could see if your gender swap looks like an old picture of you and if you do try it...post it if you’re comfortable sharing yourself in your previous gender.


Susan R🌷





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I enjoyed the whole part about coming out right away to everyone if you looked like that...it made me laugh.  I don't know FaceApp (yet), but who can't relate to that.


And the name thing is no small challenge.  I really struggled with it, for all kinds of reasons.

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Heather Nicole
5 hours ago, Ann Winslow said:

I enjoyed the whole part about coming out right away to everyone if you looked like that...it made me laugh.  I don't know FaceApp (yet), but who can't relate to that.


Aww, glad to hear :)


5 hours ago, Ann Winslow said:

And the name thing is no small challenge.  I really struggled with it, for all kinds of reasons.




@Susan R: I hope I'm not crossing any lines by saying so, but FWIW, you look great in any gender!

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    • MaryMary
      Well, first of all they are entitled to their opinions but it doesn't change anything at all about my reality and the rest of the society. It's just that, their opinions. Also, a lot of things they say is just simply ignorant. They was I see myself is male (like in the expression AMAB).   So if you are someone who see gender totally biogically then yes, I'm a male. That's something I have no control over and that people imposed on me at my birth. I spent a lot of my teenage years going from doctors to doctors because I had ... anatomy related particularities. I'm not intersex but I know what they are going trough because I lived a good portion of it. Enough, in fact, to know both by experience and knowledge that a lot of what they are saying is just not true.   Examples : 1: I know of a person (let's stay gender neutral for the good of the argument) who was intersex. That person was a lab rat all their childhood and at some point they forced them to have male genitals. They don't have womb because of the way the intersex thing was expressed in their development. Yet, they do have XX chromosome and they do have no womb and do have male genitals.   Now, what happens then you think? To me this is a case that express just where they go wrong with their arguments. That person don't identify as male. They just don't. They don't have a womb, don't have and really never had female genitals. They also express themselves in a very masculine way. But still, they identify themselves as a woman and to them it's a form of medical horror that someone dared give them a male genitalia without their consent when they were young.    So what are they? A woman. Why, really???? Because they identify as such. They do have the XX but nobody knows that except themselves and the 100 doctors they saw growing up, lol And more importantly they knew at 30 years old the fact that they had XX chromosome.   2:   Another intersex person that have gone trough the same process as me or others were born with XX, were assigned male genitalia and they are perfectly happy with that and identify as a man. But, they have XX so biogically they are female no? Yet, nothing... nothing about them is female except the chromosome. Are they a woman or a man? Well, a man because they identify as such.   In conclusion, in my opinion, identities are built in the brain. It's a result of zones of our brains developing a certain way and growing in a certain way. It's not "female" brain or "male" brains. It's just the identity software in the brain that is that way. It's also not necessarely related to the soul or other religious beliefs. It's something physical that happens in the brain. To link gender and identities with biological markers are misleading because like I always say if a woman have a big cancer and they must remove the womb, the genitalia and the breasts she will still be a woman. In fact, it's critical for us to realise that for the well being of that person.   Do my examples deal with exceptions? Yes. Trans persons are also the exception. The last statistic I saw is that we are 0.3% of the total population. For me, it's a question of respect. Be it cancer, intersex, transgender or anything else that might affect identity. It's a very small thing to respect the other and use the right pronouns.   If that person want to be activist and have an opinion then good on them. But, that doesn't change anything. The sad thing here is that they are victim and we also are victim of the simplification we make when talking about biological sex. The chromosomes are a good example. XX, XY, I agree that for most people those are good enough and you can extrapolate the gender based on that. But it's not true for everybody. It's not always that simple and that clear.  Some have XX, some XY, some XXY, some XXX, some just X, I've read some articles where people were having a mix! yes! lol   For me it's a question of respect and letting everybody have a chance to emancipate the way they want. Me, I don't know what are my chromosome yet. My family doctor think I am intersex. Many doctors thaught that over the years. I really don't think so... wishfull thinking is my main thaught about that, lol I know I'm trans (or any other words that express that reality) since I'm very young and my voice didn't matured. I had to learn how to talk with a deep voice. I saw many gynechologists growing up without knowing what they wanted and why they were observing me. I identify as a woman and that's should be enough for everybody.   that was my 2 cents... a long post like that it's more like 10 cents at least. lol  
    • Victoria94
      Hello everyone. Been a while since I went on here and wrote, but it has been a really stressfull time. With both my inner struggle and a lot of working. (Yes I tend to work a lot of night shifts when I need to be by myself and think things over) Wanted to keep everyone updated since you all have been so welcoming and offered so much help and inputs.   Since I told my friend about me ha have been very suportive. I told him I was gonna start growing my hair out, but everytime someone comented on how long my hair have become I usally ended up skinning it off. Which he offered me to use him as an "excuse" in that we had both agreed to save our hair to some donation. And if anyone asked my if I was gonna cut it of soon they should call him.   He also helped me get through to my mother as well and got her to realise that I needed to tell her something. She have been maybe a bit to suportive to be hones.😅 She started telling me about other people in the same situation as me as if she was teaching me about the subject, but dhould have realised that she would be a bit much to handle. Had to stop her when she asked if I wanted her to tell my sister about me. Honestly I know she wants to help, but telling my sister should be up to me. And she is coming home tomorow. I am really wondering how and when to tell her and how she will react. All in all I really start to look brighter on things. Might gonna relocate to a bigger town where there is a comunity I can lean on. But for now I am going to the doctor on monday and ask to be sent up to my therapist again and start up where I left things.   I just have to say thanks to you all as well. It was a little nudge from you all, but it set things in motion again and made me feel better.   Love Victoria
    • MaryMary
      Yes, loved that too. I was waking up at night to feed the babies because I liked holding them skin to skin and singing beatles songs like let it be to them (hey, my name is mary so it's my lullaby song lol) I also went to those meetings moms have with my ex and talked with the girls (mostly listen and sometimes talk). I also took the courses for breastfeeding with my ex and knew everything there is to know about that, lol I also created a Mary profile back then and was on a couple of mom facebook groups. I did everything there was to do back then and still my brain is pretty much always thinking about them, how to best do my job of raising them.   I did everything I could, I was loving having children and still love them more then anything.   The male front to me was just that, a front. One thing I realized at the birth of my son is that the male front was not adapted to do the job of father at all. In fact, the real me, Mary is still 100% better at parenting and being the father then the male front could ever be. The birth of my son was the event that basically made it impossible for the male front to keep his dominent possition in my brain. That was the beginning of the end for him. From the birth of my son and since then it'S been Mary all the way and the male front took less and less place until I came out and it died.   Since I took the breastfeeding courses and all I know full well how though and not as instinctive it is for many woman. We think of breastfeeding as something that's natural and automatic but it's far from the case. Many cis woman are not able to do it at all because they lack the education to do it properly or they just can't for other reasons. That's way back in the days there was such a think as womans that were professionnal breastfeeders. There was also a need for woman to get together and actually learn how to do it from older, more experienced woman.   I'm proud when I look back at how it went for me that I was able to help my ex a lot in being able to do it properly. She breastfed the two and it went very well. Also, it's a good think to be skin to skin with a baby and there's no shame in the baby being close to you and your breast. My ex was collecting her milk when she was not able to breastfeed and I was giving the bottle to them and was very close. It happened once that the baby caught a bit of skin and they are sucking hard lol No wonder some woman find it painfull.   The funny thing is to see a newborn baby try to feed and to see just how bad they are at it in the beginning. It becomes easier with the mother learning but also the baby learning 🤣
    • ElizabethStar
      @AbiI'm in the Northern end of Illinois. My town is allowing it. we've only had one kid so far.
    • KymmieL
      I remember at least twice my mom asking me if I wanted to dress as a girl for begging. Of course, my answer was no. I was to manly to dress as a girl.   my how things change. Well today was a bad anniversary, it was last year. It was the first time I fully dressed and went out. I felt so free and alive.  but came home to my unaccepting  wife and youngest. The defecation hit the rotary oscillator.   Kymmie
    • QuestioningAmber
      I actually have envy too of being able to carry children and the idea of being able to breastfeed a child that I carried. I had a fantasy with my wife that she would have one child, we would then swap body parts, and I would carry the second. I know it is just fantasy, and it is part of the reason I don't feel like we could have children (the list is longer than that) because it would trigger so much discomfort for me.
    • QuestioningAmber
      I distinctly doing a Halloween as a girl and only last like 2 or 3 periods in High School. I even tricked a friend into joining an "all girls" Halloween Party that we threw at our apartment in college and each costume had to be female. Oh the times when Halloween felt like the only safe chance I had to be my feminine self because it was all for fun, right? *shifts eyes back and forth*
    • KathyLauren
      By saying that no trans woman is a woman because “woman” means adult female, they are saying that “adult female” means someone born with a vagina, because that is the only attribute of “women” that trans women do not possess.  Yet they later deny that they are “biological essentialists”, thus leaving “adult female” undefined.  Since their entire discussion rests on the definition of “adult female”, the logic of the entire discussion fails.   I am an adult female, a woman, because I was born with a female mind.  There is plenty of evidence that human brains are gender-dimorphism, supporting the concept of a female mind.
    • Emily michelle
      I really wish I could carry a child. I would gladly take a period too. I asked my endocrinologist if I would be able to breastfeed when my wife and I have a baby. She said that since I’m on spiro I can’t apparently it’s not good for milk and also she doesn’t think I could make enough milk. If something happens and I could I would do it in a heartbeat.
    • Astrid
      One way you can chose to come out is by letter.  This is the way that I chose, and there are several others in the Transpulse community who have done the same.  It gives you a chance to carefully decide what you want to say and how to say it (which can be hard if you come out in a speech when you're nervous).     Hugs, and best wishes on your journey ahead!   Astrid
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Sukey.  Your English is excellent, so congrats on that!  I wish you all the best if you choose to come out to your parents.  Good luck with transitioning in China.  I would imagine it will not be easy.  Please do look around the forums and post questions and comments.  We'll be there to support you.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Jandi
      I always loved watching my ex nursing our children, and was very jealous of her. One time when our 2nd was still a newborn, she was laying on my bare chest and managed to find my nipple.  Yikes!  I was completely taken by surprise.  (I considered myself a straight cis guy at the time) I have never forgotten the feeling - even though there was nothing for her of course. Just thinking about it now…  
    • shelly_koleva83
      I want to add that 'male' and 'man', 'female' and 'woman' are not the same. They are separate and they are a bit related to each other, commonly, but not always. I get that for myself! 
    • shelly_koleva83
      Interesting!  Would you explain to me like perceiving that I am a total dummy, how their premise is false?    I get that the whole 'female' term is build on the pure physiological and anatomical 'distinction' between 'men' and 'women'. So, I don't think that genitals determine people, because I know women born with vaginas who are worst than men as aggressors, bullies, etc. But they build their case on this - overrating people genitals to extent that people think that 'female body' defines ' woman' as a role, identity, etc. So, we are forced to accept that we have what is determined by humans (nature don't put and don't cares about labels. Nature allow us to survive GCSurgery), to be 'male body'/organism who has the genital function to impregnate, eventually, nothing more. Okay! But that is just a function that many of us don't relate at all. Many of us don't relate in this way with their penises at all. If tomorrow I woke up with vagina, I will be as better as that 'philosopher' even better!    Please, share your point of view with more details! Write me on PM if you like! 
    • VickySGV
      She had to include Whitmer as the CIC of the General in order to reach the General. The old "just following orders" defense made infamous at Nuremberg.  It will be interesting if Whitmer's response it to tell the General to knock off the policy though.  My question is why this is in Federal Court when for now it is a state matter.  Legal tactics can be as strange as military tactics.  Lets hope the case becomes moot in the next three months.
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