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Trans Woman Murdered In Philadelphia On Monday Morning

Carolyn Marie

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I do not think so. For now, our lives do not matter to many or most of the general public. Sadly I worry if we will need an Emmet Till or Matthew Shepard moment, for people to wake up and start marching.

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I think that the commander and thief may care enough to incite this kind of violence.  His administration has managed to stir a big pot of hate soup and we are one of the ingredients.  We may feel a pressure to hide but fortunately there are many good folks who care as well.





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I do not know. As an African American Transgender woman I think Trump's failure in this area is by not being a leader and pushing for polices such as the ban against Transgender citizens to serve in the military. Standing back from that point, what upsets me even more than his actions is the inaction of the rest of society to stand with us. Especially within the African American community. 


A little over a year ago I watched the horrifying cell phone video of the brutal beating of a Transgender woman Muhlaysia Booker, in the region of Dallas, Texas. The video was forwarded to me by another Transgender woman of Color. When I saw the link title I assumed and expected what the video would show. A single African American woman being assaulted over and over by a group of Caucasian men in a pickup truck with Trump 2016 bumper stickers and Confederate flags ripping through the wind. What they say about assumptions is so true as my heart was ripped out when I saw Booker was beaten by a group of people who shared the same skin tone as her and myself. In less than a week, Muhlaysia Booker's body was found shot dead in the streets of Dallas. Since last year I have read the news reports and time and time again, it is often the same. Transgender Woman of Color killed, person of Color charged for her murder.


A few months ago, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement, my friend sent me another video link. In the middle of the protest with people chanting "Black Lives Matter", there was a young Transgender Woman of Color getting beaten in a parking lot of a small convenience store. Once again, the ones beating her shared her skin tone. The girl had to seek shelter in a store where people who appeared to be of Middle Eastern heritage, stood between her and what should have been "her people." The chant of the mob still sits with me today .... "Send 'IT' out or we will burn this (store) M-F'r down!!" The same anger towards general society was turned against someone just like me.


I will close with this. I want Trump out of office in January at the same time as someone who is Transgender..Black, White, Asian, Hispanic... What I need is for society to change. Anti Transgender views existed well before Trump to a point that I feel he just rode the wave of pre-existing hatred. JK Rawlings is not a Trump supporter, at the same time we see a world wide celebrity promote anti-Transbender views. I would love to have many more of leaders..especially African American leaders, on the Left or the Right say, "Yes Black Lives Matter... and that includes those who are Transgendered." From where I am sitting Black Lives Matter, currently only exist for Cis/Straight Blacks. I say this because in most of the videos, what is equally painful to watch is that often while the Transgender woman is getting beaten .... there is a crowd of African Americans cheering in support of the beating stronger than the shouts at a Make American Great rally when Trump takes the stage.


'In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Martin Luther King. 


Final question ... does any think that any Transgender issues will be presented at the first Presidential debate tonight....


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1 hour ago, KMTAL said:

Final question ... does any think that any Transgender issues will be presented at the first Presidential debate tonight....

I doubt it.


Myself, I am careful about where I go and when.  But I realize that I do have white privilege.  The majority of those being murdered are POC.


I don't know….  A lot of people just seem to need somebody to hate on.  To be honest, I don't expect things to get better.


Hell, I don't know what to say.  Every time I see this I feel more helpless.  And I know I don't see the half of it.

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Carolyn Marie
1 hour ago, KMTAL said:

'In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Martin Luther King. 




Eloquent words from Rev. King, and a moving and thoughtful post from you, KMTAL.  Thank you for your words.




Carolyn Marie

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    • Overalls Bear
      I don't know as I have anything useful to share. But I'll tell you how I persevere. I'm an old man who has struggled (in secret) with his gender identity his whole life. And in addition I've had proclivities that would, nowadays, place me within the ABDL community. I have no one I can talk to about my situation (almost never have had.) I once briefly saw a gender therapist. And having the opportunity to talk about things I had kept deeply hidden literally for decades was immensely comforting. Being on websites such as Trans Pulse is also helpful for me although I never feel as though I really fit in anywhere. So that's kind-of a "mixed bag" so to speak.    The other thing that has become something of a grounding technique for me though is that I spend an inordinate amount of time each day on personal grooming... much more than any "normal" man would... especially old geezers such as myself. (I'll spare you the details... LOL!) I've actually tried giving this process up a couple of times, but found I simply couldn't tolerate the result. I love the solitude everything I do affords me. And I adore the outcome. I've actually tried giving the process up a couple of times. But I soon found I couldn't tolerate it. Now I just know it's just something I want to do / have to do. And it helps. 
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    • Carolyn Marie
      Very interesting and a positive development.  Thanks for posting, Jandi.   Carolyn Marie
    • Abi
    • Abi
    • Abi
    • Lee H
      Hi Mmindy You said, I think my GT would say something like, "There is no "wrong" place for anyone to be on the spectrum between male and female -- however, very few of us are all one or all the other." And she did say something like, "The doctor delivers the baby, takes a quick look and says, 'It's a ____.' But external genitalia do not necessarily define gender. However, we're forced into society's gender expectations based only on that quick look."   Also, throughout history and still today, there are very advanced cultures which recognize and respect more than two genders. The Greeks and Romans. Parts of India still. Gender expectations are social constructs. Gender variations are nature's constructs.   One of the early benefits of GT for me is learning that the whole point is self-acceptance, irrespective of how "far" I go, or where I stop. It's not about fitting someone else's definition of "gender transition." It's all about finding our own definition.      Good luck with your quest.   ~~A hug from Lee~~
    • Abi
    • Gil83rt
      @Charlize Thank you so much for sharing. So wonderful to hear that you and your wife have been together for 51 years! I hope I will be able to comment something similar when my partner and I are in the same position
    • Jandi
      Wow.  53 here and sunny. I do have my fire going, but unfortunately can't watch it without opening the stove door.
    • Gil83rt
      @Susan R, @Gabriel Thank you both for the warm welcome and taking the time to respond. I suppose I'm most frightened that once I start T I won't be able to look at him and find him attractive like I do now. I love kissing him, holding him, pleasing him sexually and he's the most handsome man on the planet to me. I don't know what I'd do if I still loved him this deeply but was so repulsed by men that I can't make myself hold his hand or enjoy kissing him etc. I adore cuddling with him and lying in bed with our noses touching and stroking his hair and sometimes it makes me nervous how handsome I think he is. I don't want to lose that attraction I have for him. And from most of the comments I've had on forums etc. it seems to be the general consensus that 'yes, T does change your orientation and you probably will like women afterwards' so I don't really have much hope it will be different for me. I don't think I'd mind if I was just generally more interested in sex or even found the passing woman attractive, as long as I was still able to be attracted to him, you know? Love is a wonderful thing and I have no intention of ever leaving him, but it would be really really miserable to just wake up one day and not be able to be intimate with him cause he doesn't have boobs and somehow beards now turn me off.  If that happened, do you think stopping HRT would allow me to revert back? It sounds like another depressing option I know but I might be more comfortable if there was some evidence that it is purely a hormonal thing and if I stop the T I will be able to see him the way I do now again. And then I come back round to how things are perfect just as they are (apart from me being in the wrong body) and maybe that's just the sacrifice I have to make in life in order to be with the one I love. I hate this. It's driving me mad. 😭🤦‍♂️
    • Abi
    • Heather Nicole
      Hi, @RadicalEmma! Nice to meet you! ❤️ I like your writing style.   From your backstory, it sounds like we have a lot in common. And we're about the same age, too!   Between your awesome username and utterly adorable profile image, do I detect another Bebop fan??
    • Abi
      This should apply to all relationships in my opinion.
    • Abi
      I am really glad that your experience has helped you. I think it actually made me have them worse at the time but I've been off of it for month's now. Still having tremor's and happy I don't dream much.
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