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New Pumps

Sally Stone

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Sally Stone

Tonight, I was shopping for a new pair of boots.  I couldn't find anything I really liked, but accidently stumbled upon these at Macy's.  I can't really say I need another pair of high-heel pumps, but how can a girl resist shoes as pretty as these, especially when they are in my (hard-to-find) size?  There are so many things I can wear with these.  They are supposed to be shipped in 5 to 8 days and I can't wait.


INC Zitah Pump.JPG

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Heather Nicole

Those really are nice! I love purple :)


Speaking of hard-to-find sizes, if you ever happen across a magical place with the equivalent of men's 13 wide (I guess that would be 14.5 or 15 wide?), let me know!

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Sally Stone

Kay, I did find them online.  I was on the Macy's website, my go to store for clothes, but in the past I had only ever seen women's shoes up to size 12.  I wear a 13 medium width and these were my size, so, I was pleasantly surprised, and you know, I just had to buy them.


Heathick, the only shoe brand I know of personally that has women's shoes in those sizes is Pleaser.  Their shoes are sold on Amazon and at Shoemall.com.  

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I'm working my way up -- getting simultaneous high sprains in both ankles when I fall off my shoes seems like the likely outcome otherwise. I'm at low sandals, probably only 1" heels, if that. High enough so when I wear them all day, then put on lounge socks, I can feel the tenons stretching in my calves. My next step will be 2" high, maybe some of those cork wedgy style? Gotta wait for Social Security to arrive, and my first E. patches, too. Yay! But now I think I'll go shopping....


~~A hug for everybody from Lee~~

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On 10/1/2020 at 6:59 AM, Sally Stone said:

I wear a 13 medium width and these were my size

Thank you, Sally!  I am 12.5-13 myself, but never tried the Macy's online.  I will give it a look! 


Enjoy those pumps!  They will look awesome on you❣️

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Sally Stone



Just got a text letting me know my shoes have arrived, so on Sunday morning, when the mall opens, I will go to pick them up.  Can't wait to try them on.

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Monique Fish

Greetings All, DSW has women sizes up to 13. I just ordered a pair of size 13 pumps that are arriving at my local store on Monday for me to pick up. They will also deliver them to you house for free if the orders are over a certain amount.  The options at size 13 are a little limited compared to the other sizes. When I did buy the pumps there were over 190 shoes / boots that came in size 13. 

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Sally Stone

I just wanted to follow up regarding my new shoes.  Walked in them all morning and they were obviously pretty stiff for being new, but they felt really great.  They shouldn't take very long to break in.  I took a picture wearing them, so you can see how they look on real feet.

INC Pump2.jpg

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Those are gorgeous! Well worth the breaking in blisters.

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Oh!  that's them!  Thank you for sharing that photo @Sally Stone!  Beautiful shoes and they really accentuate your gorgeous legs❣️

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Sally Stone

Well, a pretty pair of pumps can make anyone's legs look great.  That's why we all love high-heels so much, right?


Kay, these are keepers.  I actually have a purple dress that will go great with these.

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hey Sally-they are pretty shoes and you do have nice legs.  I hope you are going to post a picture of you wearing the purple dress and the new shoes.!

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Those shoes are gorgeous 🥰 and I have to say...with or without the pumps, your legs are lovely too!


There’s no doubt this combination is going to turn some heads, hon😉


Susan R🌷

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    • DeeDee
      o/ Early 40's, does that mean I can play too? Pleased to meet you!  It alwasy makes me so sad to see just how many people equate Christianity with the word "conservative" like they go together, when Jesus spent his life subverting the cultural norms of his day. I just always thought I was crap at being a man until my 40th birthday, then I just sort of got hit in the face with dysphoria  and it has been an emotional ride, but a very rewarding one the last couple of years. I am glad you are finding yourself @lachallenger there are plenty of different threads to read through, or just start your own if there is a topic you want to talk about.  
    • Heather Nicole
      Definitely. And as much as I love that about them, it also makes me worry: If I transition, will the nice, soft comfortable female clothing (excepting bras, of course, still figuring out those...), will they just start to feel like the generic men's clothes I've become disappointed with?
    • Aidan5
      I am smack middle of 6 siblings, only one blood related brother, who joined the navy. I am the only kid left besides my adopted 2 year old sister. I really relate to you, I wasn't allowed to talk to people online, even if I knew them in person and they went to my school (I had a phone for like a month and since then I have had it taken away) Yeah the "Tough love" I totally get but I don't even get that anymore, she makes sure I know I am not her child and she doesn't even wanna try to fix our relationship. Oh yeah chores, originally the chores were spread out among 3 children and even then we were overwhelmed with the amount there was, but now since the other 2 moved out I am alone and I have taken all the chores and if I don't complete the chores, I am not allowed to do school for the day, oh yeah I am not even allowed in my room the whole day, I have to stay downstairs all day, I am only allowed to go upstairs to sleep for the night. I am upstairs for more than 5 minutes I get yelled at.    I do have moving plans they are 100% secure. My really supportive aunt (on my mom's side) is going to take me in. Funny thing is that my parents hold a grudge against her (My dad and stepmom) (My mom died when I was 6) So my "Parents" cut my aunt out of my life because she was the only one to stick up for my brother and I, but I have found ways to keep in contact. But I should be moving out in 5 months maximum, either around Christmas or my 18th birthday :)) (April 21st)    Feel free to write as much as you want, I enjoy reading that there are others who are like me, but made it out alive :)) I personally find it inspiring and I can't express my gratitude for you :DD Thank you for taking the time to respond and share your story :)) 
    • Heather Nicole
      I'm not sure I can be of any help, and I'm sorry if I'm not (I'm an AMAB questioning things, maybe transfeminine, maybe MtF, we'll see how therapy goes). But if I can offer anything, I think it's maybe worth pointing out that even a lot of AMABs, particularly ones with some extra bodyweight (which is a LOT of people these days, and definitely includes me ever since I was 13!) have entirely noticeable "chest twins". But, for these people, really nobody thinks anything of it, or even gives it a second glance. Such people are far more likely to be called out as overweight than have any gender-related attention paid to their less than flat chest. (And even being called out as overweight is pretty rare anymore, given how common it's become.)   And yes, I realize maybe it's not exactly the same thing. I understand you've mentioned non-binary as a possibility. And sure, there can be technical differences in the underlying internal tissue in the chest. And there can be shape differences (but then, everyone with anything on their chest has different shapes and proportions going on anyway.) But I think it may be worth trying to keep in mind that there are a lot of people in this world (again, like me!) with plain-as-day twin protrusions on their chests, that nobody would mistake for being a ciswomen. (And don't forget, pectoral muscles are also twin-upper-chest-protrusions, too!!)   Although we don't usually think about things this way on a conscious level, everyone these days really is so accustomed to seeing guys (and amabs like me) with less-than-flat chests, so that as long as the other cues suggest "not a ciswoman", people will see you and register "not a woman" before their subconscious will even notice your chest.   At least, that's my 2 cents (2 pence?) anyway. If it helps, then great, if not and I'm way off-base, then just kindly disregard!  
    • gina-nicole-t
      @lachallenger Welcome her also and thanks for your story. I am also in my late 40's just like you and @Vanessa Michelle. It took me an also long time to figure out who I was and that I was born in the totally wrong body just like you. I am an agnostic currently because my religion has completely turned their back on me. Such is life in America currently. I have yet to find an accepting religion in the Christian Faith that I was raised in. I am glad to have met the both of you on this site.    Gina 
    • gina-nicole-t
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @lachallenger Thanks for joining the forums and sharing your story! Welcome! We are all in different places of our stories and I know you'll find the love and acceptance you deserve here as well as people eager to talk and help any way they can in the process. Thanks for trusting us with your story. I am also late 40's and have only recently accepted who I have always been. That's all the further I have taken it other than telling 2 friends. I also come from the Christian faith and that was the last hurdle I had to overcome to believe I was ok and that God not only still loved me, but accepted me exactly as I am. Bless you and again, welcome!! ❤️
    • Heather Nicole
      Wow, so much great music and videos just in the last couple pages alone!     That's awesome, I love that!   A metal band named Accept...that sounds very familiar to me. Can't quite place it, but I'm certain I've listed to some of their stuff before. I love it when artists cross genre lines as big as that. Pat Boone of all people once did a whole album of heavy metal covers, "In a Metal Mood", but in his own style. Several of them in particular were really good!         @Abi I've always loved that Bruce Hornsby song, but it's been so long I'd managed to forget about it. Very glad you posted it, the sound of it takes me straight back to my childhood (a good time).   @Shay I'm familiar with that Brubeck song, too. A genuine classic, without a doubt. Those Sting/Shaggy videos are priceless, too, I didn't know about them, thanks for sharing.   And thanks also for the info about Paul Carrack! It's the first I've heard that name, and while a couple of those those songs are new to me ("I Think It's Gonna Last" and "Over My Shoulder") I've always been a fan of those other songs. I had no idea there was any connection! "The Living Years" and "Don't Shed a Tear" in particular are also songs that take me right back to being a kid (And, of course the Def Leppard one @gina-nicole-t posted does too  I always loved the sheer, raw power in any good metal song or power ballad.)     @Susan RThat orchestrated Smooth Criminal cover blew me away!  
    • Susan R
      I can’t speak for what “might” happen to you specifically as I’m taking E and not T. In addition to that, everyone’s experiences are so different that it’s futile to speculate on something that has so many variables that can affect the outcome.    I can share with you what happened to my sexual orientation over the 2+ years of taking Estrogen. Growing up I always had interest in men but my desire for them was not nearly as strong as it was for women. I had experiences with both and enjoyed both types of experiences equally. Reducing my T to almost zero and increasing my E to female levels has NOT affected my desire for women in a way or my desire for my cis wife. So what has changed?  My desire for men and women are fairly equal these days. IMHO, it just opened up a few new neural pathways in my brain but thankfully did not close off any previously opened ones.   That being said...your outcome will not likely be anything like mine. Any changes in sexual orientation will also take time to occur. I don’t think you’ll wake up one day and your sexual orientation will be changed. It’s a relatively slow process. But even if sexual orientation was reversible, the other major affects of T aren’t without a huge financial and mental cost.   Susan R🌷
    • ElizabethStar
      So much of this...just brings back memories. I had a step mother that I swear just hated my sister and I. We weren't her kids so we just garbage. My sister left and moved in with a friend when she was 16, so she got away. I was left as the middle kid between two step-siblings. No matter what I did I was wrong and severely punished at the drop of a hat. They called it "tough love",felt more like abuse to me. I wasn't allowed to have friends, wasn't allowed to have a job even though I had one before we moved in with her. I was perpetually grounded and never allowed go anywhere but I was free to do chores whenever I wanted. Oh wait, that was required. This was also in the late 80's so there was not internet or cell phones. I was isolated from the world. School and home, that was it. Eventually for my own sanity I ran away.    I'm not by any means trying to discourage you from moving out. I only ask that you have things figured before you do. I spent 8 years living on the streets and suffered horribly for it. I did things no one should ever have to do to survive and don't want any to ever have to go through what I did. It's taken a lot a therapy to undo the damage and it set my whole life by a decade.   I could write for hours and hours on this but I'll just leave with this. I promise you're not alone.
    • ElizabethStar
      I love the gel polishes. I also have an LED light and having my nails instantly dried is just amazing. I can get a whole lot more creative. Currently pink with black and white speckles. I ended up doing acrylic over the nail I broke Sunday and another that was short cause I broke it last week. I didn't do any fill. Can't really tell with the color scheme. I know they'll probably fall off in a week or two but I'm OK with that. I had one of other girls tell me she was jealous of my nails. Her's look quite nice but her thing was that they're overall a lot smaller so you can't really see any designs.   I've been feeling a lot calmer an happier the last couple of days. I think the new E and P are finally starting to do their thing. My girls are a little ouchy so I'm praying it's a precursor to a growth spurt.
    • lachallenger
      I am 47 years of age, as of this month. I was raised by a single mother, who tried her best to raise a conscientious child, including a very Biblical name and all of the hopes that a parent could put into a child; I still value kindness and compassion, because I was raised with them, quite simply. I did not meet the man who was introduced as my father until I was 14, and despite him periodically visiting my family's house, it wasn't until much later that I knew what kind of a person that he was. I spent a lot of my teen years with a tremendous amount of undirected anger at my environment and myself, disliking mirrors (which I did for a very long time), and generally feeling angry and depressed, without apparent cause.   I first really began asking myself questions about my gender when I was in my mid-20s, sadly during the last years of my mother's life, and she succumbed to cancer, during a time when I was working 15 hour days for 5 days of the week for two years before - to be perfectly blunt the combination of events that preceded and followed this left my mind feeling like so much guacamole, and I remember very little of the years immediately following. During which I and my remaining relative sold the large house I had grown up in and I wound up moving in with very strict Christian Fundamentalist cousins.   After spending a few years with them, I moved and got new work in a different, somewhat larger town - but since my new employer never paid me and I could find no further work, I wound up losing my residence and everything I owned that would not fit into a car. I wound up moving in with a friend that owned a house, though their family showed me the door after 2 weeks - and spent the next decade and change with an emotionally disturbed roommate in a 300 square foot studio apartment.   My present circumstances are much better, with a significant other that accepts who I am, and a house with the two of us and a roommate that are accepting of such differences. The total isolation or near-total isolation since March has allowed me much time for introspection and the shedding of armor I had been wearing around my identity since... my twenties? At minimum since living with the relatives that would as likely as not left me standing in the street if they'd known. This is where I am, discovering who I am, not feeling connected with pronouns, but most definitely understanding that I was not born my correct gender by a long shot.
    • Shay
      My gosh I love these to. Thank you @Abi
    • Shay
    • RadicalEmma
      Thanks for the welcomes! I'm happy to be here. ☺️
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