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New Pumps

Sally Stone

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Sally Stone

Tonight, I was shopping for a new pair of boots.  I couldn't find anything I really liked, but accidently stumbled upon these at Macy's.  I can't really say I need another pair of high-heel pumps, but how can a girl resist shoes as pretty as these, especially when they are in my (hard-to-find) size?  There are so many things I can wear with these.  They are supposed to be shipped in 5 to 8 days and I can't wait.


INC Zitah Pump.JPG

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Heather Nicole

Those really are nice! I love purple :)


Speaking of hard-to-find sizes, if you ever happen across a magical place with the equivalent of men's 13 wide (I guess that would be 14.5 or 15 wide?), let me know!

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Sally Stone

Kay, I did find them online.  I was on the Macy's website, my go to store for clothes, but in the past I had only ever seen women's shoes up to size 12.  I wear a 13 medium width and these were my size, so, I was pleasantly surprised, and you know, I just had to buy them.


Heathick, the only shoe brand I know of personally that has women's shoes in those sizes is Pleaser.  Their shoes are sold on Amazon and at Shoemall.com.  

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I'm working my way up -- getting simultaneous high sprains in both ankles when I fall off my shoes seems like the likely outcome otherwise. I'm at low sandals, probably only 1" heels, if that. High enough so when I wear them all day, then put on lounge socks, I can feel the tenons stretching in my calves. My next step will be 2" high, maybe some of those cork wedgy style? Gotta wait for Social Security to arrive, and my first E. patches, too. Yay! But now I think I'll go shopping....


~~A hug for everybody from Lee~~

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On 10/1/2020 at 6:59 AM, Sally Stone said:

I wear a 13 medium width and these were my size

Thank you, Sally!  I am 12.5-13 myself, but never tried the Macy's online.  I will give it a look! 


Enjoy those pumps!  They will look awesome on you❣️

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Sally Stone



Just got a text letting me know my shoes have arrived, so on Sunday morning, when the mall opens, I will go to pick them up.  Can't wait to try them on.

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Monique Fish

Greetings All, DSW has women sizes up to 13. I just ordered a pair of size 13 pumps that are arriving at my local store on Monday for me to pick up. They will also deliver them to you house for free if the orders are over a certain amount.  The options at size 13 are a little limited compared to the other sizes. When I did buy the pumps there were over 190 shoes / boots that came in size 13. 

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Sally Stone

I just wanted to follow up regarding my new shoes.  Walked in them all morning and they were obviously pretty stiff for being new, but they felt really great.  They shouldn't take very long to break in.  I took a picture wearing them, so you can see how they look on real feet.

INC Pump2.jpg

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Those are gorgeous! Well worth the breaking in blisters.

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Oh!  that's them!  Thank you for sharing that photo @Sally Stone!  Beautiful shoes and they really accentuate your gorgeous legs❣️

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Sally Stone

Well, a pretty pair of pumps can make anyone's legs look great.  That's why we all love high-heels so much, right?


Kay, these are keepers.  I actually have a purple dress that will go great with these.

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hey Sally-they are pretty shoes and you do have nice legs.  I hope you are going to post a picture of you wearing the purple dress and the new shoes.!

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Those shoes are gorgeous 🥰 and I have to say...with or without the pumps, your legs are lovely too!


There’s no doubt this combination is going to turn some heads, hon😉


Susan R🌷

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    • Emily michelle
      Wow Elizabeth you have a lot of talent 
    • ElizabethStar
      I love the look and feel of leggings. And there are soo many cute styles and prints out there. I have a pair of 4 inch workout shorts (not the best) I wear under them. They help to keep stuff contained so I can wear shorter tops. One of my life goals is to never wear jeans in public again. And since I want to add dresses and skirts but my legs look like they've never seen sunlight I'll  have to (happily) figure-out this whole pantyhose thing.
    • ElizabethStar
      Does setting powder make that much of a difference?
    • ElizabethStar
      I never got into laser cutting, it's 3d printing and not my design. My designs are usually a little more complex. Last summer I designed and built an exoskeleton (my 3rd version). It's powered or anything. More like a costume. The tricky parts were: every part had to fit within a 6inch cube (it made for quit the puzzle), all the joints are supported with metal BB's (for bearings) and some Velcro straps. No glue, no screws or any other foreign materials. I loved the engineering challenge.
    • Emily michelle
      That’s really cool Elizabeth!   Hi Willow I don’t really use much concealer now mainly under my eyes. Once I started getting laser i stopped using orange concealer. I should try setting powder. I would also like to learn contouring. 
    • tracy_j
      I know this is specific but just at the moment insurance companies seem to be making a point of dragging their heels over paying in general quite a lot of the time.   I have not looked into it but I wonder which is to be favoured - coverage via health insurance which is iffy at times over payout through company (and location?) or coverage via health (NHS here) which is limited by resources.   Tracy
    • Danusia
      @Jackie C.But in leggings femininity can "escape" through the legs 😄.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Thousands of U.S. trans people fly to Thailand for GCS surgeries every year. But Thailand's own trans folk are not well treated.   https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20201028-thailand-s-first-transgender-mp-dismissed-from-parliament     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://news.bloomberglaw.com/health-law-and-business/blue-cross-of-california-fined-over-transgender-coverage-delay     The text of this article is only partially visible due to Bloomberg's pay wall.  But its enough to get the gist.   Carolyn Marie
    • jae bear
      oh my dear Jackie, I’m sure you realize by now I am completely shameless! I mean last weeks video is already over 15,000 views and climbing and all because I talked about dilation! I think I disappointed so many people keeping it clean! Then again I always make my videos as generically clean as possible because the possibility of young people in transition watching is always very real... I’m extremely fascinated by your new project, I would really like to know what you come up with, I’d like to see it, I might even be able to use it on the channel if you’re willing to come up with something! I’m always struggling to come up with something funny at the end of the video, maybe you could do something funny or help me tell a joke and I could be the voice actor?
    • Willow
      @ElizabethStar is that a laser cutter?  Cute ears.   @Emily michelle generally less is more but you do have to color correct to hide the blueish grey that can show through from any facial hair.  Blend blend blend! Using a foundation brush.  And top it all off with a setting powder.   hugs   willow
    • Susan R
      @Ithani Keep your head up, hon. If there one thing I know for sure...change is always right around the corner. Take a deep breath and know that things will improve.   Before I let you go....Can I ask what you have done or are doing for yourself to combat this? Are you trying to handle his on your own? Do you have any real life local support or allies?   Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Hello and welcome @Cristie Bauman. Nice to meet you. You’ve come to the right place for sure. I for one would love to read your story. I’m sure you have some very unique stories to share within your journey thus far and likely more coming soon. Like you, I knew I was a girl at a very young age (4y.o.). I was told that boys don’t act or dress like girls at that early age. It didn’t change who I was inside. I was 56 before I finally said enough is enough and started living my life for me. I’m happy to see you are doing the same. Good for you!   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • ElizabethStar
      I decided to print up a cat ear headband for spooky season.  
    • Emily michelle
      It’s very boring lol. The weather has been cold and raining so I can’t go outside either. I have been doing a bunch of cleaning around the house. Also I managed to pick out my thanksgiving outfit. I have also been working on my hair and makeup. I was quite happy, I use a bb cream instead of foundation. So I was putting way too much on apparently. And it bothered me on how it looked. So i tried to do it with hardly any and it turned out great. 
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