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2 days dressed as Denise loved it


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I've cross-dressed all my life and been out a few times over the years

Usually in the evening I never went out in the daytime but the past year I dressed a lot more. Started wearing my nails longer and having them polished. I never dreamt I'd be able to go into a Macy's or a Paschal or Wawa or store dressed as Denise. I liked it so much I even started on HRT back in May. But after two months I stopped cuz I want to find a girlfriend. Recently divorced I'm an older crossdresser but I present fairly well. Well I'm seeking out counseling and therapy on Monday I had a full set of coffin nails put on and spa pedicure Tuesday and Wednesday I spent the whole day as Denise doing everything I would normally do as Dennis. I'm starting to wonder I'm I really just a crossdresser or am I really transgender. What's great about cross-dressing is you could come home take it off and go back to being you. But now I'm ask myself who is the real me. I went to my favorite Golf course sports pub the girls knew about my cross-dressing from pictures I show them. Word a pleasantly surprised when I came in as Denise I couldn't get enough compliments it felt so good to be accepted in society as a woman. Followed that by going to the casino. No I'm not taking a break purple palace off my longer coffin shaped nails I'm really starting to enjoy the look and feel and you're not that long. I didn't get gel so I could take the color off if needed. How many crossdressers would go out and buy mode with a full set of coffin shaped nails. I love the look and feel so much I've been doing it but this is the first time I got a full set of nails put on. I like the advantages of cross dressing but then I like being too nice also I'm at a crossroad




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When I came out to my wife last year I really didn't know whether I just needed to be a man spend time dressing as a woman or if I needed more than that. I had a number of therapy sessions with a counsellor specialising in gender and sexuality issues and we agreed at the end that I could be regarded as Gender Fluid primarily because when I am Niamh I want to be regarded as a Woman and experience being a woman, not as a man who is dressed as a woman, but I also enjoy time as a man. The other area which indicated to my therapist and I that I was transgender was my desire to experience MTF hormone treatment.


I'm taking things slowly and I don't know if I will ever wish to be a woman full time. In my fantasy - I could have a button to change between genders at will. Unfortunately life is not like that. 

You have to come to your own conclusions as to where you need to go, but working with a good gender therapist should help you understand what that is.

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Well for years I want to get my ears pierced.if I could go round in semi guy mode with longer coffin shaped nails polish too beautiful purple the girls gave me so many compliments on how nice my nails look I went ahead and got my ears pierced at Claire's tonight. Number 5 diamond studs. The girl was like 19 years old and we talked and she said she was intrigued by me I went there in semi guy mode at a girl's spare flats on some skinny jeans and a little bit of eye makeup she said I made her day that I was so confident in myself.I can't wait till they heal up so I could change out the studs and start wearing some really girly earrings when I dress up bigger hoops I'm really starting to enjoy my feminine side more and more everyday

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Sally Stone

Sounds to me as though you are more than a crossdresser Denise, at least that's the sense I'm getting.  At the end of the day though, it doesn't really matter how we try to identify.  Clearly, it's more important to find our happy place. 


My happy place is expressing two genders and not having to choose one over the other.   And long ago, I stopped trying to classify myself with a label.  I used the term crossdresser when describing myself, for many years, but I realized it only described what I was doing, not who I am.   After years of trying to find a category to put myself into, I had a bit of an epiphany and realized that I am unique, in fact each of us is unique, so trying to find a singular category that fits us, is next to impossible.  


I express my feminine side socially at least one day a week, occasionally more, sometimes less, it depends on work and life chores, but that time as Sally makes me very happy and keeps me fulfilled.  I have every confidence you'll find happiness and contentment as well.  It may be your current path, or a something completely different, but you'll certainly find your way.

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Nice response Sally. I think you're right Sally but even though I think like a woman and I like to dress as a woman I still like to be there and take care of women Yeah tonight a girl that I like and that I treat good said I'm taking you out to dinner wherever you want to go. Well I was Dennis and she knows about my cross-dressing but I wasn't taking off my nail polish I like it so much and she didn't mind whatsoever he went to a sport pub,

I usually go to  after golf .

 I brought the servers  flowers and some donuts from the Amish market

I'm just friends with this girl Drr but it feels good just to be around a girl either as Dennis or Denise

At least she came back to my place we looked at old photos hung out had coffee and spent three hours here.I know I'm only going to be your friend but I  really think she likes me but religion is in the way . Tomorrow I'm dressing I'm going to the mall to see this girl  Linsey that help me with my makeup last year and to tip the girl who just pierced my ears .I never tipped her and I'm going to get dressed up as Denise and try to look good tomorrow

 I did get a nice long hug from her I didn't try anything else she knows that I like being a woman. And she likes me still.



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Denise it is good to see you enjoying yourself.  I remember finding a cis female friend and simply being accepted by someone as myself made a big difference to my accepting myself.  The picture of you two is great!





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On 10/19/2020 at 6:41 AM, Denisenj said:



It just feels good being a girl now I want to get a nose job I fix my broken nose and thin it out some. I really didn't need my color changed wanted to try white I'm not 2 excited about the white nails I think French would look a whole lot better.


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    • Jackie C.
      Sure, but only when I went off HRT for surgery. Hot flashes and night sweats. Hot flashes are bad, but manageable. My night sweats are miserable. Like somebody dumped a bucket of water on the bed.   Hugs!
    • Willow
      How about hot flashes?  Anybody get suddenly hot and cranky only to have it go away after a while?  I’ve been having that problem for a little while now.     Liz, when I’m not wearing a bra, I show.  When I am wearing a bra, mine are actually too big in the cup and I put a pad in so nothing shows.   I wish I could get a bra with cups of the right size.   Willow
    • Jackie C.
      We had a really nice (and small) gathering yesterday. We stretched the rules a little. My niece has a friend that would have otherwise spent the holiday alone. Her parents are ... not great ... and she was feeling very alone. She burst into tears when she got back to her car because of how nice we were to her. My emotions are mixed. I'm happy we got to make her day better, but I feel terrible that she was feeling so low that our little act of human compassion brought her to tears. She's an adult and I want to adopt her.   Sure, there was food and we put together a puzzle after dinner but making someone else's day better is what I'm going to treasure.   Hugs!
    • Ms Maddie
      I am in control of myself and my life.  I am a positive person. I have love for myself and others and am healthy to be around. Blessings everywhere.
    • Abi
    • Abi
      It sounds like everyone had a great day yesterday. I'm really happy to have read so many wonderful posts. I had my kids and we spent the day stuffing our faces and watching movies or playing video games. They enjoyed the day I think. I'm always sad when they have to leave but, that is exactly why I make sure I am right here and available to them when they are here. I am sad that I have to miss half of their time since my divorce. In a lot of ways I guess I feel lucky I get that. I am thankful for finding the strength to break free of the harshness I was experiencing. I made coffee this morning and have been cooking bacon in the oven. I will be doing all of my holiday shopping online this year. I hope to avoid store as much as possible for the next few weeks. My ex and her family don't care about the virus and had a gathering of over 15 people yesterday and are doing it again today. I can't control that but, I disagree with such blatant disregard of reality in the name of tradition. At the same time, I do understand how difficult life is for people that are not used to being alone. 
    • Jackie C.
      If only it took US about three seconds of screen time and a grindy noise to get where we need to be...   Oh well. I'm still dressed for the gym in my "If you want a perfect girl, go buy a Barbie" tank (gym time pays off, I can ROCK a tank) and my boot-cut jeans with the neat stitching pattern on the sides.   Hugs!
    • Gabriel
      Welcome Layla!   Yup, going crazy, wearing Google down, being so confused that the brain stops knowing up from down, ... me too. As with many others here, working with a gender therapist was my mind's salvation. It would have overcooked otherwise.   This place has been a wonderful support since I joined. I hope it's as helpful to you
    • Jani
      Looking at the photo you've posted I don't understand why you would be clocked.  As to your body not accepting the hormone you take, please find a doctor that will run some blood tests.  As we age our bodies do change and you might have another issue that needs to be addressed.  All my best to you.   Jani
    • Jani
      I'm sorry to hear this happened @Rosalina101011.  That should never be done, especially in a group at a TDOR.
    • Shay
      Such an underrated artist.......... hits with Ace, Squeeze, Mike & The Mechanics and as a solo.......... what a great writer - also has had 2 songs he wrote covered by the Eagles............ not often you hear a whistle solo......    
    • Shay
      This is an ear worm that won't go away - I love the riff, I love his voice..............    
    • Shay
    • Sarahnr1
      I can understand that  so we can continue out here as well of course   if you feel better  about that.   First   again take a look at my sig  and profile  THEN  understand  me when i say  youre NOT  either  Useless or  stupid i am ( i have papers to prove this  (Mild  Intellectual disability among  a gazillion other NP diagnosis )  and yet im still  here  😉   and  youre most  definetly NOT either coward   or anything else  as youre again still here .   Im right here   ready to listen (read  )   so again youre still NOT alone              
    • ElizabethStar
      Fun fact. I noticed the other day when I was wearing my Sage cami top I could see hints of my nipples poking through. This is through a lined bra and the top. Thankfully you can't see them in my pictures but I did wear that top to work. I honestly hope no one noticed but they probably did. Another "Oh well" moment.
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