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I love You. Will I ever be able to say goodbye?

Maid In Bedlam

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Maid In Bedlam

Its been nearly 40 years since my mum Passed away. I was just 12 years old at the time. I'm now in my 50s as you may have guessed.

She died significantly awful way. She had pernicious anaemia. Which in itself now it isn't so bad but back in the 70s it was quite a life changer. Anyway cut a long story short from what I could gather from my farther they were doing clinical trials for a new drug that was supposedly a potential cure. I'm sure at the time my parents were over the moon and wanted nothing more than for her to be better. Of course, all trials come with risks and sadly this new treatment affected my mother negatively. That's an understatement being honest. The treatment involved radiation therapy. I can only say My mother died in agony. Think of what you would experience should the bomb have ever dropped. Your bodies building blocks slowly fall apart. her skin began to fall off. Her hair fell out. Sores over her whole body. Some nights i use to stay up with her to give my dad a rest. I was only young and there wasnt much i could have done in reality but  it gave my father a rest. Nausea vomiting and being so ill that You lose the ability to do anything without terrible pain and suffering. I cannot emphasis how  horrific it was. I can still recall back from there the day she went. The hospital basically let her home to die. Of course, we were all devastated. But I think but then I never realised the true repercussions of losing my mother at such an early age. Then I was still more kind of interested in what my next toy was going to be and when can I go out on my bike. My actions then I still do regret to this day. But Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I have a picture up of my Mum and Dad in my living room. It was there wedding day and they look so happy. I look at it every day in the hope that by some miracle it would bring them both back as my dad has now passed also. You really don't know what you have until its gone.


Mothers and fathers day is always pretty hard for me. Mothers day more as I got much more time with my dad. More so with the way the world is today. Ok, so ill admit now she would have been in her late 80s and even have passed more naturally. But I would have had so much more time with her. I'm sure that my mother would have been totally fine with me transforming into a daughter. both my parents were very liberal about things like that and I'm sure would have accepted and embraced me, my life and the way I turned out.  I live many miles away from their gravesites but every year I kind of make a pilgrimage to visit their graves and say hello and pay my respects.

I have come to realize that our relationship I had with her was complicated. Unfortunately, it was based on her being ill, and she died before I got we got a chance to resolve that. She never got the opportunity to see me as an adult and I regret that. I came to relish the attention I got from her when she was sick and I came to believe it was the only way I was capable of receiving her affections. Because she was so desperately and pervasively ill, there was never as an opportunity to step out of that role and test what it would have been like to try to receive her love as a healthy woman. I would have liked to have had that chance.
I suppose even if the illness was with her during the precious moments I had with her. She did relay onto me the elements of survival. I can testify to this without any hesitation. simply because I'm still here to this day and able to write this.

I am an only child. I suppose I have to think myself lucky that im here. As before i was concieved My parents had to get permission in a way that my conception wasnt going to put her in motal danger.

I would love to believe that they are still there in some spiritual way. Just a few weeks ago. I found a white feather where there shouldn't have been one. It was just floating there. Where it had come from I just don't know. But as the saying goes. Its someone looking down on you. I would like to think it was my Mother.

 As I start to get into my autumn years. I What like to have been able to turn back time and changed things around with the knowledge that I could have spent all my time with her laughing and making the most as I really would have known what little time there was left for us to be together.


There are many things I regret from my childhood. I suppose in a way I was naughty. I suppose all children are more than we would care to admit. I was just too young to know any better. I Still regularly chastise myself . Almost beat myself with a self-imagined stick.  Why Couldn't I have been better? I was it I  just being a perfect child was so difficult?



I am not sure why and more recently this affects me more than ever. I suppose it may be because I just need someone to say. "It's ok You did what you could and made something of your life. You have lived your life till now and both your Mother and Father would be proud and happy of your achievements" I would like to think this is so but there is always an element of doubt in my mind. Always that spectre of doubt sitting on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. I suppose I will never know now. It's far too late.

One thing i have learnt in life is As more the time passes as more i realise that there's really nothing permanent in this world...The ones you used to call friends are just people u've meet and the ones that you loved are just people who left your life...There are some that won't ever be forgotten and some that you don't even remember but if you still have really important people in your life remember to always tell them how much they mean to you and don't miss any chance to laugh  and always remember to say "i love you"


Im not sure why i needed to post this. Especially to a group of strangers. In reality other than a conncetion on the internet that is all we are. I speak to my partner about it. He trys to understand but I dont think he ever will truly.

Ill admit sometimes i post a load of rubbish. In fact most of the time I drift in and out of here now. I find i have moved on and now no longer define myself as trans anything. Trans was the journey, The Transition. Now im a woman and i find with each post i read I have little or no connection anymore. Im not about to do anything i will regret. I just wanted to share this part of my life and hope that some will be able to take a little from it.

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Mary Jane

in a way i know how you probably felt when you typed this I'm still young plus not that good at advice, still in high school life seems so unraveled, so hidden that it seems like it can be anything yet basing my future from my past it doesn't seem good. last school year (2019-2020 school year) I don't know why but its like something popped open and pretty much the whole year was emotionally hard for me i even thought i would do suicide thankfully there's a part of me that just wont let me. but point being all i can really say and i know it might not help is and i quote "keep moving forward" (heard it from a movie but its an important thing everyone needs to keep doing)

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There's one thing even a stranger on the Internet can tell you, without having personally known your parents: You don't have to feel guilty about having anticipated and enjoyed traditional childhood things such as bicycles when you were a kid. Your parents were certainly glad you got the chance to be a carefree kid every now and then, in spite of your mother's illness. I'm sorry the radiation treatment failed her so badly.

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Hi @Maid In Bedlam Thank you for sharing your story with us. 


Our relationships with our Parents are eternal.  Maybe the feather was a sign of that, even if just metaphorically.  Also, losing our parents is transformational ... no matter at what age.


I am sorry you could not have had a longer relationship with your mother in this lifetime .. but, a parents only true desire is that their children grow up as noble human beings and that they are happy.  If you can be that for your mother, then there is nothing to regret  ❤️

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    • Gabriel
      Welcome Layla!   Yup, going crazy, wearing Google down, being so confused that the brain stops knowing up from down, ... me too. As with many others here, working with a gender therapist was my mind's salvation. It would have overcooked otherwise.   This place has been a wonderful support since I joined. I hope it's as helpful to you
    • Jani
      Looking at the photo you've posted I don't understand why you would be clocked.  As to your body not accepting the hormone you take, please find a doctor that will run some blood tests.  As we age our bodies do change and you might have another issue that needs to be addressed.  All my best to you.   Jani
    • Jani
      I'm sorry to hear this happened @Rosalina101011.  That should never be done, especially in a group at a TDOR.
    • Shay
      Such an underrated artist.......... hits with Ace, Squeeze, Mike & The Mechanics and as a solo.......... what a great writer - also has had 2 songs he wrote covered by the Eagles............ not often you hear a whistle solo......    
    • Shay
      This is an ear worm that won't go away - I love the riff, I love his voice..............    
    • Shay
    • Sarahnr1
      I can understand that  so we can continue out here as well of course   if you feel better  about that.   First   again take a look at my sig  and profile  THEN  understand  me when i say  youre NOT  either  Useless or  stupid i am ( i have papers to prove this  (Mild  Intellectual disability among  a gazillion other NP diagnosis )  and yet im still  here  😉   and  youre most  definetly NOT either coward   or anything else  as youre again still here .   Im right here   ready to listen (read  )   so again youre still NOT alone              
    • ElizabethStar
      Fun fact. I noticed the other day when I was wearing my Sage cami top I could see hints of my nipples poking through. This is through a lined bra and the top. Thankfully you can't see them in my pictures but I did wear that top to work. I honestly hope no one noticed but they probably did. Another "Oh well" moment.
    • KymmieL
      Well everything was great yesterday. Good food good company even kidnapped one of my grandsons. Brought him to Grandma and grandpa's for the weekend. Grandma is going to take him home on Sun. Did some bench racing too. My daughter in law's best friends boy friend is a big car guy. was great talking cars. It has been ages since I was really able to do that.   I'm like you Willow I refuse to shop any of this Holiday. It was bad enough having to work during it. Let alone be part of it.   Hugs, Kymmie
    • ElizabethStar
      I did the google thing too. For over a year I took ever silly online quiz I could find. None of them were really any help. Since then, I realized I was looking for validation rather than answering the question "am I trans?"   But I needed more help than an online quiz and was lucky enough to find a therapist that would help me. As we met and I slowly unloaded 40+ years of BS out of my head it help tremendously for me to see myself without really needing to focus specifically on the obvious gender issue. Once I got all the mental static out of head things fell into place.   I know how hard it is to find therapists around here. I'm about an hour and a half South of you and was driving down to the North side of Chicago to meet with mine. The weekly drive got old fast, I was grateful to start doing session via video.
    • Charlize
      I can't help but agree that alcohol fueled a loss of my inhibitions and my first steps towards my true self.  This gals first high heeled steps were towards the door of a gay bar.  That being said alcohol may have prevented any chance for an early transition.  I could face the world as myself after a few shots but without that fuel......... The night would end and was quickly replaced with guilt and shame.  I am an alcoholic in recovery. Five years into recovery i transitioned.  I faced issues as a sober woman rather than as a drunken man.  I mention this not to say that alcohol does not lower inhibitions.  It does.  It may well give a glimpse of one's true self.  That understanding may help some.  To be a positive experience that glimpse could lead to therapy.  For me it  may a factor in my addiction.   Hugs,   Charlize                    
    • Robin
      When I first started exploring my gender issues, I attended one meeting of a support group.  Sadly, it was an extremely negative experience, and it took me a long while to regain my confidence in my identity.   I am not suggesting that all support groups are bad, but not all groups are necessarily welcoming and beneficial to everyone.   Robin.
    • Ms Maddie
      Thanks.  I'll try.  I do not trust PMs because people report you for what you day in them.  I'm a useless stupid coward -expletive- or id be long gone
    • Ms Maddie
      I don't understand where Rosalina is at because she already transitioned so long back.  Way before I got my diagnosis in 1990s.  Which is still an eternity when I make the mistake of comparing myself to others who got to transition in a different area, time, and situation.   Its frustrating extreme, and still haven't gotten through living and surgeries, so I feel like crap.    Looking that good at some point in the past probably makes this worse for her.     I think support groups suck, and from my experience, they feel the same about me.   I just passionately told myself to commit suicide 100 times in the mirror.  Again.  
    • Shay
      @Rosalina101011 first off I think you have shown how brave and strong you are and you do have friends.... US. We want to help as much as we can and know we understand your pain. You live in an area that is more accepting than most and I think @VickySGV might be able to suggest groups in your area you might reach out to to find companionship and that you are truly human and loved. In regard to anger and frustration I hope you have a therapist you can go to and discuss and a more open doctor to take blood tests and meds to help with the anger. Please hang in there you are a beautiful looking man and I can't imagine how anyone could clock you otherwise.
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