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I'm more or less transgender since childhood (mtf). I'm crazy about being pregnant and being a mother. This is my unfulfilling dream. I often dream that I'm living an ordinary female life with my husband and kids. I'm almost a thirty-year-old freak. Does anyone have similar to me?

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Jackie C.

Hey sweetie!


First off, you're not a freak. Lots of us have fantasies about being preggers and raising a family. Personally, I'm more wired to be a cool aunt, but I could totally raise a kid if someone else did the heavy lifting.


Secondly, welcome to Transpulse! We're glad you're here. Please, feel free to look around and ask any questions you might have. Within the bounds of the site rules, naturally.



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Jackie C. - thank You.

It was a little joke with this freak, although it's bizarre for the biological man to dream of being pregnant. Pregnancy seems so sweet and wonderful to me. To have such a close relationship with the child from the beginning and to feel baby's movements in body is, in my opinion, emotional fulfillment.

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Jackie C.

You are most welcome. We live to serve.


You have to be careful with some of those jokes. I know plenty of transwomen who get torn up by the fact they can't get pregnant and plenty more that have been conditioned to think that's there's something wrong with them. I live in the US. The environment for us here... could be better. 😜


Again, welcome to Transpulse. I look forward to getting to know you better.



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I know what it means to be confused about not being able to get pregnant, this is my problem. Sometimes I dream that I'm carrying one child in my belly and the other, already born, I'm nursing, feeding, etc. And we are "waiting for daddy's return to home after work". Sometimes I dream that I'm in the skin of my friend who already has two children, and the third is on the way. I dream that I am her and I give birth at home, a supportive husband is by my side and the midwife instructs me how to breathe and push the baby.

For me, making a joke of it all is a pretty good strategy for dealing with unrealistic desires, but I understand that it might be indigestible to someone else.

About the environment - I know the current US president is anti-transgender, it is rather similar in my country, but there is no full consequence here.


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3 hours ago, Danusia said:

I'm crazy about being pregnant and being a mother.

I was always so jealous of my ex when I watched her nursing.

Welcome, Danusia

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Heather Nicole
2 hours ago, Danusia said:

Pregnancy seems so sweet and wonderful to me. To have such a close relationship with the child from the beginning and to feel baby's movements in body is, in my opinion, emotional fulfillment.


For me, it doesn't seem quite as strong as it appears to be for you, and I'd be terrified of the nausea, morning sickness, labor pains, etc. But I definitely do feel much the same way about it as you (and also for nursing, too), and I know there others here who do as well. Doesn't help that a much younger co-worker of mine is pregnant and my sister just had her second arrival this year.

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Carolyn Marie

Welcome to Trans Pulse, Danusia.  I hope that you find the support, friendship and solid information that you're looking for.




Carolyn Marie

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2 hours ago, Heather Nicole said:


For me, it doesn't seem quite as strong as it appears to be for you, and I'd be terrified of the nausea, morning sickness, labor pains, etc. But I definitely do feel much the same way about it as you (and also for nursing, too)

I'm also aware of some pain and difficulties during the pregnancy, but I have got incomprehensible attraction to be pregnant. All I'm writing about are the desires that cannot be fulfilled and cannot be verified, so I use mild phrases like "it seems" and not "it is for sure".

btw, I'm very pleased that my person was warmly welcomed by portal users. I feel understood by others.

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Hey, welcome Danusia!! I feel like motherhood among many us is a very valid want, and the thought of carrying a child too--there's no reason you can't still raise one tbh, find someone you care about is how I see it. Quite easy to understand actually, friendo! :) Though personally not sure I could see myself as anything but as another gremlin myself lmao!


Take care,


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13 hours ago, Danusia said:

it's bizarre for the biological man to dream of being pregnant. Pregnancy seems so sweet and wonderful to me.

Welcome @Danusia...a pleasure to meet you. Maybe it seems somewhat bizarre today but probably not to our future great grandchildren. Times are changing every day a little at a time.


3 hours ago, JillPilled said:

I feel like motherhood among many us is a very valid want, and the thought of carrying a child too

I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve had this discussion with my wife several times since coming out to her two years ago.  This is a discussion I NEVER thought would ever take place..lol  Transition has caused a lot of “firsts” in our marriage. Not that childbirth would’ve ever been an option even if technology could somehow make it possible...never at my late age. Regardless, it has been something I have thought about periodically my entire life even while knowing full well it would never happen. Child birth and child bearing are miracles and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience something so wonderful and fulfilling.


As woman, whether cis or trans, we still have many of the same emotions, hopes, and desires. As @JillPilled says..it’s valid. I believe if we took an anonymous (scientific) poll on the subject, I bet trans woman having these desires might mirror those of cis women. However, there are several variables that make that an almost impossible task. Many trans woman are in different stages of acceptance of their identity. The societal non-acceptance of a trans woman giving birth would likely skew the results. The expense and difficulty of actually becoming pregnant would have an impact also.


Thank you for sharing a very personal part of yourself here Danusia. It’s a legitimate yearning that many woman have and it shows you that you are not alone. There are others like myself that have the similar feelings and desires about it as yourself.


Warmest Regards,

Susan R🌷

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Hi @Danusia!  nice to meet you and Welcome!

Everybody here is unique in their own special way, and the Forum is open to express our feelings and desires in a supportive group.  I do remember reading some other posts from Members who had similar feelings about pregnancy, so I hope you will be able to connect with them.


In the mean time ... Deep breaths .. one step at a time❣️

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2 hours ago, KayC said:

I do remember reading some other posts from Members who had similar feelings about pregnancy, so I hope you will be able to connect with them.



I invite all members witn similar feelings and desires to comment. 
Thank You everyone for such nice posts. 
I feel a bit like in some dream cafe/club where you can talk to other moms about motherhood and family life 😊. 
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    • Willow
      My wife and I make custom shirts with heat pressed vinyl.  She found a company that sells t-shirts made out of bamboo. For sure they are the softest ones I’ve ever worn.  They come in all sizes, men’s and women’s and different sleeves.  They hold up to normal washing too.  They are only a little more expensive but well worth it.   unfortunately for me the one iron clad promise I made was never come to bed in women’s things.  So I don’t get to experience that.     My boobets are telling me to be careful with them today.  No harsh fabric rubbing them.  I suppose that’s because I slept in a shirt last night.  My fault, I’m not used to their rules yet.   Willow
    • Sarahnr1
      Youre very welkome dear     Thats  okey we can still talk  and im still here  as you can see  (HUG ) 
    • KayC
      You would think with how much the Feds pay to support Medicaid they could dictate a minimum standard of coverage for the states.  Maybe they can fix this in the next 4 years. Here's another article on the same story ... apparently 10 states currently exclude gender affirming medical coverage. https://www.them.us/story/lawsuit-challenging-west-virginia-ban-trans-medicaid-coverage
    • Willow
      Good morning TGPulse  (said to the tone of good morning Vietnam)   guess m in a good mood this morning.  Looks a little overcast.  It is supposed to rain later.  Guess I won’t be working on the boat today.   coffee is made I’m ready for friends to come sit at my kitchen table.    the hunters are out in the rice fields.  In the early 19th century this was supposed to have  been the largest rice producer in the world.  I find that hard to believe.  Now it’s all just wetland.   we watch a sewing show and a quilting show on PBS starting at 8 every Saturday.  One thing I’ve learned about sewing, it isn’t as easy as it looks.  I’m getting better but even keeping a straight line can be challenging.  Then add to that making a particular type of seam like a double row flat felled seam. My rows of stitches are never straight.   we made new lettering for the boat.  I sure hope I can get that on right. I know the way it’s supposed to be done but I’m just not sure about this.   Enjoy your coffee today.   Willow
    • DeeDee
      Hi Lyla, pleased to meet you. If you just look at statistics being trans is effectively terrifying, it is why so many people place an emphasis on "passing", because it offers the security to be upgraded in society's eyes to the levels of aggression someone happy with their gender from birth is likely to experience. Which can still be scary as statistics. The flipside statistic to violence and prejudice experienced is the suicide and self harm rates, they make not dealing with gender dysphoria just as scary to me!   The strength of your feelings towards packing away the items you have is a very loud and clear signal that you ignore at your peril.  This is why everyone is advised to find a way to seek out a therapist to help talk though these fears safely and without any need to act on them.   When I was first questioning the most helpful exercise I did was not looking at whether or not I was transgender (that was too big and too confusing and scary) but looking at whether or not I was cisgender.   It was about coming to terms with myself and removing the masks I wear every day. Recognising what I do in life as a role in order to play a part expected of me whether self imposed or just reinforced by society or others, and what I do because I want to. The expectations list was way bigger! I wish you all the best in your thinking and exploring.
    • Ms Maddie
      Ok. Thank you. Still not ready to send horrible things in PMs to anyone.  But you are offering me life by sharing yours. Let's cry now 😭 It's not pretty but it's beauty
    • KayC
      Even though I don't openly dress feminine at home, I have totally converted to wearing women's nightwear exclusively.  I just cannot feel comfortable anymore in men's pj's or shorts. There is a fabric that uses bamboo in its makeup (I think its called Viscose?) and it is divine in its soft feel next to my skin.  And it seems women's waist bands and neck/arm openings are just loser and more comfortable.
    • KayC
      Hi Heather.  I think this is totally natural, and inline with how most of us behave when a bit high.  Our inhibitions drop, and we don't feel as confined to social norms.  We've all felt that way, I am sure, and we've anecdotally probably seen the meek co-worker dancing with a lampshade on their head at the office party.  It probably doesn't mean they want to be a "lamp" but it likely does mean they feel free to openly express themselves and their true feelings that they normally suppress.  If you Google the subject you will find lots of studies about alcohol and effect on inhibitions.  Most declare that its complex, and not always a direct correlation, but seems the connection is clear.   For me, and my definite inhibitions about coming out socially, I would say it would be more of a confirmation of my true self-identity.  But I would probably also prefer that determination be in counsel with a good gender therapist (and I have. and I am) ❤️  
    • Lyla
      I guess I'm going to have to think a lot more about it.  Last night I watched a very scary documentary on YouTube called "The Gender Code".  The scenes of violence in it scared me to the point I felt that this was just too scary and dangerous.  I packed away the few items I had gotten to experiment with gender.  Afterwards I felt angry and depressed and even thought of drowning my feeling in alcohol like I've done in the past.  I guess that's another clue to look at.  Right now I think I'm going to crawl back into my cave and think about this some more.    
    • Sarahnr1
      Then they arent  worth diddly in my eyes  and youre better of  without them .  Nothing wrong  with that  ive been dealing  with shrinks  /docs /you name it  i have dealt  with them all  most of my life.  Got my first  diagnose  at  4. Last  one  when i got  evaluated  for TS. so belive me   i dont judge  nor  am i ashamed  of any of my diagnosis  . i dident choose to be born with them and il be darn if i would be ashamed  of them either. I can count  my reel friends   on my fingers  and  of them ALL  are on line  or  by phone  so again  i understand.    First of all  i understand  and respect  that my friend.  And  further more if i were to reveal to you  all i have  had  going  on  you would  probaly do the same to me as youre friend  have to you.   And you`d be amazed  how many horrible   things i have been  told  in Pms and  still i havent yet  been  scared away.                  
    • BreM
      Realized I loved wearing the dresses and heels instead of the suits and ties.Remember mom and my sisters walking out in dresses wanting to be like them in my teens
    • Gabriel
      It's good to read you found yourself and what worked for you Bre. Congrats, and thank you for sharing.
    • Ms Maddie
      Well I swear it I don't have a gun.   But I guess he did, didn't he?
    • Gabriel
      if I could do it as...
    • Ms Maddie
      My counselors drop me.  They get tired of me because they cannot help and I'm just a Medicaid client.  There is no one in my "real life" near me. Since I changed my name and legalities, my new friends are now a handful of married cis women from a mental health clubhouse in my current county.  My conversations with them consist of me listening to them complain about their husbands  or their struggles losing weight, and their bowel movements omg.   However, I am fortunate to have a long time friend out of state who has become a licensed master's degree therapist later in life.  She knows my history and cares about me.  We don't talk often, but when we do, she gives me lots of her valuable time.   But in the past she called the police to my old address, more than once, out of concern due to things I share with her.  Since this leads to loss of freedom and forced (more like coerced) psych meds at the county, I have to be careful to edit every single thing I share with her and other counselors.  I will not share on this forum not even in "private" messages.  Thank you for offering.   I am positive I am in control of my life I am smiling beneath my mask. I swear I am. Here are my hands. Please don't shoot.
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