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  20. Why is this forum so quiet? 1 2

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  24. Foundation, concealer?!?!

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    • Jani
      Wonderful!  Keep going!!
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone, 🌷   Happy Birthday Arianna!🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day !   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Mark, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      Glad to hear from you again. 2+ years is great! Enjoy the retreat!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      That's great! One day at a time.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Josie Beth
      What this boils down to is bully dialogue. They don’t like the well thought out policy so they deliberately sabotage it and cry wolf when they know darn well that they are the ones taking the signs down and making lies to justify their bias. It’s all made up. This is a very good example of a false flag. 
    • Josie Beth
      Yes confirmation bias is a very real thing. That’s why there’s less and less dialogue going on. But I would say this if it didn’t also happen on YouTube, that most of the channels I have watched are settling down a bit and there is quite a lot of more rational discussion than there used to be. And the trolls are more obviously so disconnected in their commentary it’s easy to ignore them and make them go away. But there’s still quite a bit of echo chambering going on too, and this is particularly popular among the older generations, they just don’t want to read or hear anything but things that validate them. I suppose it’s also part of the younger generations too but either way it’s about something that none of us can really effect much change about and it’s usually carried around like a battle cry, but the silliest part of it is all this emotional energy is wasted on an issue that is not even remotely as important as something much closer to home and more attainable, and these far flung issues are the ones I keep getting bombarded with by family from all different kinds of groups. Some liberal, some conservative. It’s like this addiction to artificially inflated controversy. Either that or they latch on to these ready made meal versions of the story that totally ignore any and all the real points of a story and focus on false theories or use redirection to steer the narrative away from the real issue. I finally just have to tell them to stop flooding my emails with these things and keep it on Facebook. And usually the controversy has commentary attached by a family member of some sort like “the audacity!”. Yes mom, dad, auntie, this horrible person has the audacity to exercise their rights and you don’t approve. Whoopdy flipping do. It’s earth shattering. I guess we’re all going to die if this trend of self determination keeps happening. What’ll happen next, people will start actually thinking for themselves? Oh I’m cowering in my tennies. 
    • tracy_j
      I think it's finding what suits you best. I have never got on with boyshorts at all. Not being over there, I won't go into brands but, in general, I have found quality panties better. Obviously womenswear is only designed to cover a small bulge so tucking is really essential.   I tend to wear bikini, hi-leg or full brief dependant on situation, how I am feeling or what I am wearing.   Tracy
    • Regn
      Thanks Charlize and everyone. I’ve done two days. The medication helps a lot.
    • mini
      thank all of you  for the splendid advice    
    • mini
      hello   i appreciate the advice as i was having a terrible time tucking and staying in place especially walking they were always slipping out or never in proper place.  I will be taking the tips and trying them out in the morning . I was afraid to try tape as hair would be pulled out. I will be trying the pull from behind and panty method as well as other great advice.    I do have one other question and that is going to gym as i am not allowed to use the other gym so how do i get used to being comfortable in those situations.
    • VickySGV
      I am not really sure where this is headed just now, but it does underscore the need for understanding of what and who Trans people are.  The mythology and the fantasy about us needs to be fully bashed out of some heads and replaced with better stuff. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2019/09/students-protest-schools-trans-bathroom-policy-vicious-rumors-spread/     Carolyn Marie   Published courtesy of Zack Ford's Blog, "Fording the River Styx"
    • Carolyn Marie
      http://www.epgn.com/news/breaking-news/15219-plaintiffs-in-boyertown-trans-restroom-policy-case-withdraw-litigation-ending-years-long-legal-battle   Good news is always welcome news.   Carolyn Marie   Published courtesy of Zack Ford's Blog, "Fording the River Styx"
    • Susan R
      Welcome Markjvp,  Glad you found this forum. You'll find great support here and many with a similar back story.  One benefit you have at your age is time.  I put off doing anything about my situation until middle age.  You have access to support and knowledge that people my age could never dreamed of way back when!  Take advantage of them all.   My Best to you, Susan R🌷
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