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  2. Issue-Specific Support Forums

    1. Suicide Prevention

      Most transgender people have attempted suicide at least once in their lives. If you have, please lend your support here to those who are having a bad time now. Suicide is never the answer. If you are suicidal, call the Trans Lifeline at (877) 565-8860 in the US or (877) 330-6366 in Canada, or log in to our live chat room and ask to speak with a crisis moderator.

    2. Alcohol Abuse Support Forum

      A support forum for those who have problems with alcohol.

    3. Drug Abuse Support Forum

      A forum to get help and support if you have drug issues.

    4. Sexual Abuse and Assault Support Forum

      If you have ever been the victim of sexual abuse, molestation, violent sexual assault, or other sexual violation, you will find help and support here.

    5. Cutting and Self-Harm Support Forum

      Cutting and other forms of self-harm are an epidemic among transgender teens. This is a support and prevention forum to discuss issues related to these topics.

    6. Eating Disorders Support Forum

      A forum to discuss and get support if you have - or think you have - an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or compulsive over-eating.

    7. Victims of Hate Crimes and Violence

      This is a forum to discuss hate and violent crimes against transgender people. It is also a place for victims to talk about what happened to them and gain help and support. Nearly 95% of crimes against us are never reported. If you are a victim, please report it here.

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    1. General Forum

      You may discuss any general topic here.  Religion and politics discussions must be held in their appropriate forums only.

    2. Introductions Forum

      Welcome!  Tell us about yourself!

    3. Military Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members

      A place for transgender military veterans and active-duty service members to discuss experiences, benefits, and laws that affect us.

    4. Coming Out

      A place to discuss coming out to family, friends, and co-workers.

    5. Research Studies

      From time to time, TransPulse approves academic research studies to solicit input from our community.  Information on these studies will be posted here.

    6. Member Poetry

      You may post your transgender-related poetry here.  Any poetry posted must be your own and any copyright held must be held by you.  Copyright infringements will be removed as soon as a moderator becomes aware of it, without notice.

  4. Transition Support Forums

    1. General Transition Issues

      This is a dual-gender forum for both FtMs and MtFs. Issues discussed here affect both groups, such as the WPATH Standards of Care.

    2. Therapy and Therapists

      Forum to discuss therapy and its effects.

    3. What Am I? I'm Not Sure.

      New to the site?  Not sure of your identity?  You are not alone.  This is a forum without judgment.  Ask your questions without fear.

    4. Androgyne Forums

      Androgyny is marked by characteristics of both genders resulting in a non-gendered or gender-neutral appearance.

    5. Crossdresser Discussions

      A discussion group for crossdressers.

    6. Female to Male (FtM) Discussions

      A place to discuss topics related to transitioning from female to male.

    7. Male to Female (MtF) Discussions

      A place to discuss issues related to transitioning from male to female.

    8. Intersex Discussions

      An intersex individual is a person (or individual of any unisex species) who is born with genitalia and/or secondary sexual characteristics of indeterminate sex, or which combine features of both sexes.

    9. 446
    10. Passing As Your Target Gender

      A discussion forum about passing as your true gender.

    11. Hormone Replacement Therapy

      A place to discuss hormone replacement therapy and its effects.

    12. Transition Product Info

      This forum is for information about and reviews of products you use in order to feel more authentic during your transition.  Packers, breast forms, whatever it may be - share your experiences here.  Remember, we do not allow advertisements or sales pitches.

    13. Real Life Test Discussions

      A place to discuss transition: legal, workplace, name change, driver's license issues, and more. Tips and tricks on getting through a year or two as another gender.

    14. Transgender Surgeries

      The place to talk about gender affirming surgeries you've had or are planning to have, get physician recommendations, and more.

    15. Post-Op Discussions

      A place to discuss specific issues or general living after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

    16. Transgender Issues

      A forum for discussion of general transgender issues.

    17. WPATH Standards of Care

      A place to discuss the existing standards of care and how they apply to us.

    18. Health Issues

      This forum is a place to discuss the various aches, pains, and other complaints we all have.  Please avoid playing doctor or applying your diagnosis or treatment to other members' situations - only a visit to a qualified health care professional can determine the right course of treatment.

    19. Diet and Exercise

      Many people understand that it is difficult to lose weight after starting hormones.  This a forum to discuss diet and exercise during and after medical transition.

    20. Fashion

      A place to discuss fashion for all members, including clothing questions, sizing, and more.

    21. Beauty

      Discuss beauty and cosmetics tips and tricks here.

  5. Career and Workplace Issues

    1. Job Search

      Searching for work is one of the biggest challenges faced by the transgender community.  Here you can ask for advice on the process.

    2. Academia

      If you're a student or if you work in the education field, this is the forum to discuss issues surrounding your work.

    3. Corporate and Office Environments

      This forum is a catch-all for the nine-to-fivers, whether you're an administrative assistant, an executive, or anywhere in between.

    4. Health Care and Social Services

      If you work in health care, social services, hospice, or another related industry, your workplace questions can be addressed here.

    5. Law Enforcement and Emergency Response

      Law enforcement and corrections officers, firefighters, EMS employees, dispatchers, and others who work in emergency response can use this forum to discuss their workplace issues.

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    6. Service and Hospitality Industries

      Retail, food service, restaurant, hotel, and other service industry employees can find help with their workplace issues here.

    7. Other Fields

      If your career field doesn't have a specific category above, you can get advice on workplace issues here.

  6. News, Activism, Politics, and Events

    1. News

      This is the place to discuss news topics that affect our community. Discussions related to politics and activism should be posted here as well. This is also the place to list upcoming conferences and other gatherings.

    2. Uplifting News

      A place for news and events that lift the spirits.

    3. Politics

      Discussion forum for political topics, both general and specific to the transgender community.

    4. Transgender Activism

      Transgender activism and protests.

    5. Events, Conferences, and Gatherings

      Events and conferences of interest to the trans community.

  7. Parents, Family, and Friends of Transgender Individuals

    1. Parents of Transgender Children Support Forum

      A place for parents of transgender kids to discuss their problems and concerns.

    2. Family and Friends of Transgender People

      A place for partners, wives, husbands, significant others, friends, and family of transgender people to discuss their concerns and get advice.

  8. Spirituality

    1. Buddhism


    2. Christianity

      Christianity, all sects.

    3. Mormonism


    4. Hinduism


    5. Islam


    6. Judaism


    7. Two-Spirit

      Two-Spirit faiths, both Native American and other.

    8. Wicca


    9. Other Faiths

      Other religions and spiritual beliefs.

    10. Non-Deistic Spirituality

      Non-deistic spirituality.

  9. Entertainment

    1. Movies

      Discuss and review movies.  Nothing beyond an "R" rating.

    2. Television

      What do you - or don't you - like on TV, cable, and streaming services?

    3. Jokes and Humor

      Jokes and humor. Keep it clean. No ethnic or other derogatory jokes. What makes you laugh?

    4. Games and Gaming

      Board games, card games, video games - you name it.  What do you play?

    5. Books

      Books and book reviews, favorite authors, favorite genres, and more.

    6. Videos

      A place for your YouTube and other video links.  PG13 or below.  No underwear shots.  People must be fully clothed.  Instructional videos related to the trans community should also be posted here.

    7. Music

      What sort of music do you - or don't you - enjoy?

    8. Artwork

      This is for your artwork, not someone else's copyrighted art.  Because of bandwidth limits, you should use the insert image option and link to the image on your Photobucket, Imgur, or other storage account, or your own web space.  Images uploaded to the forum will be deleted.  Images must be site friendly / age-suitable or they will be deleted.

    9. Gadgets and Tech

      This is a place to discuss the ever-changing landscape of technology.

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    • Traci Lynn
      Thats really a question that is posed on so many forums, and everyone has good points to make as is evident here. As for myself, I never really CD'd in my life. I knew something was not quite right, and years later found had my own epiphany. I have been on HRT for 6 months now, however I dont say I am a woman, or trangender, or non binary, on genderfluid. I am just me, no one can give you a label except yourself. People may label you, or misgender you, but the only person that matters is you. My goal will ultimately be to become a woman. But there are many stops between here and there. Talking to your therapist is a great start, just saying things aloud to another person helps. Another thought is, if your pursuing therapy to figure out if your transgender then your already on the journey. Traci Lynn
    • TammyAnne
      Definitely. I'm fond of them too. Scottish oatcakes are pretty good too. TA
    • Sabine
      My own experience tells me that cis-gender folk simply never think about it. As in it literally never even occurs to them to question their gender. For them it comes straight out of left field and the only reference point they think they have (which is patently false of course) is sexual. They assume we are gay or lesbian, depending. The truth is that often we are sexually ambiguous, but more importantly, sexuality has nothing to do with our gender conceptions. The other problem is that we "look" like a gender and sound like a gender, and ... have the wrong plumbing to boot. It took me a while to get past it all, and I AM transgender!
    • Michelle F
      I told i am not gay.   Crickets again...   Plus I'm married now...   More crickets rofl...
    • Michelle F
      This is exactly what happened to me. My partner and I got married on Feb 29. I had been in touch with my ex gf in Vegas back last XMAS. She bought us 2 nights in Vegas for wedding present. Before she left she got me alone and asked me, "What benefit do you have changing everything why not just be gay? I would understand that..!"   My answer was this, "a functioning vagina."   She we silent. LoL 
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Lets go with you don't until you do know.  Then you will see you don't for sure.  Thinking you do could only cause you undo stress and even trick your body into feeling worse then you probably really do. Just saying. Be positive.   Its far better then being negative. JMO
    • Mary Jane
      Just had to do the update today rather than Tuesday because things keep reminding me of the virus which makes me worried again but so far nothing has happened to me but from what I know symptoms can happen in 5 days or more so we’ll still see if I do have it or not but I’m guessing I don’t 
    • Emily michelle
      Wow that’s ridiculous people just need to learn to do there job and go home. There is one thing I don’t deal with at work is drama. I pretty gave myself the name crabby I just act crabby around certain people and they avoid me it usually works most of the time. It’s sad I have to do that if not I will lose what is left of my sanity. My old version as pretty much a loner but Emily is a little more social able.
    • Suzanne1
      Well, so far the United Kingdom & Canada have reported, and their perspectives are always interesting.  However, I must confess that I was hoping for an American response, as well.  🤔   Perhaps, later?
    • ShawnaLeigh
      @michelle_kitten well said hon.  Its so true.   I felt an incredible weight lifted off me when I decided to come out.  Even as scared as I was to loose everything I knew and love I just had to do it.  I feel amazing today.
    • Jani
      Do oatmeal cookies count?  I like them.   Jani
    • Jani
      Well spoken Michelle!  This change comes from within.   Jani
    • ToniTone
      Thanks ladies 💕 And no need to apologize, I have little time myself somedays to keep up on these threads. I do this as a journal of sorts for myself on my journey, but also for those of you who want to keep up with me. I appreciate it 💖   ~Toni
    • michelle_kitten
      I think for me there has been one drastic change that has come without a single surgery, which has contributed to my happiness.  I am no longer living a lie.  I am no  longer trying to hide who i am and burning all the time and energy that goes with that.  Living a lie requires work, and is stressful at times.  Living authentically is a lot less stressful, and therefore frees me to be a happier person.
    • Denisenj
      Emily, you're between a rock and a hard place, no pun intended. Yeah I've been in conversations with guys that made comments about people like us that were negative what the hell is wrong with us we're not really women. The sly remarks the transphobic and homophobic slurs. I would stick up for transgendered people to a point I said hey listen if it makes them happy leave me alone are they bothering you. Sometimes I'll just sit there and listen to the rhetoric. Oh yes you do working in a male-dominated society on your back underneath of some of this heavy equipment dirt in your eyes hopefully wearing safety glasses. Currently my job has me out with pay for me making a statement over the phone I was overheard and I was just venting. Is younger guy wanted my hours for overtime ,he's already working 50 to 60 hours a pay. Overtime now but he's greedy. So he turn Me in and told them I wanted to hurt myself.I don't want to hurt myself I was just mad that I owe thousands of dollars into the federal and state this year because the government didn't take enough out of my pension. I tell my accountant I should just stick a gun to my head I can't win for losing... This was February 25th and now I'm out of work with administrative leave pay. Do I really want to go back there no. I work with a bunch of jerks and so hostile working environment. My boss allows  it to happen because he's spineless and won't confront anybody.There's a couple guys that could spit in his face and kick him in the balls and he would just say bye Jules see you tomorrow.  And I work in a state university in a heating plant. They don't know what to do with me if they fire me they need a reason I had to undergo a fit for duty evaluation from a state authorized psychiatrist. Yeah and I admitted  to him I cross-dressed and he couldn't understand why. I told him it made me feel good he goes why. My response was why do people put on that virtual reality masks and pretender  their Michael Jordan dunking the ball 10 feet in the air or driving a NASCAR why. Why do people play video games I pick up different weapons and kill people why. He mentioned to one of my counselors that he felt that I had a personality disorder. he also mentions to me that A co-worker said I was going to sabotage and blow up the heating plant on the campus of a universityI hope this University uses as a reason to let me go cuz I'm not going to have a vested pension there and the people I work with are all backstabbers and they'd fabricate stories just to make me look bad so with that said you have a situation going on.3 days after I left one of the co-worker said I want to sabotage and blow up the heating plant. Now this is a campus where students walk within 60 ft of this building ,would you consider that a terroristic threat. So I got mad I gave them the number to the FBI .I wanted them to investigate who said this and when they heard me say this. You're looking at 15 years in Federal prison for making a terroristic threat. So I told HR now I'm in fear for my welfare coming back and  there they're looking into the who said it and when they heard me say it the alleged statement. So I guess we all have our issues in life. Good luck at least I'm getting paid and I'm not using my sick or vacation time.
    • jae bear
      Alex, things happen in time, things happen for a reason, and we aren’t in much control of our lives or anyone else’s life for that matter but we do get to make decisions about the pathway we travel. The best any of us can do is take things one day at a time... I completely understand your anxiety about the length of time, in fact we all understand that too, know that we are all behind you here and want this for you as badly as you do. Sometimes we voice our frustrations to our friends and those we love because we want to be heard... Alex I hear you, I understand you, I will be super excited when you do get those surgeries and I want to share the victory With you when it happens! Keep us all posted! Hugs, Jackie 
    • Denisenj
      I had an hour-and-a-half wait time between counseling sessions before all this went down.. I went to get my nails done at a nail salon. And this girl Juliet had came in and I was dressed up as Denise. As she walked past me she smiled and looked and sat down two seats from me. I said her you realize I'm a guy don't you she goes no and I've been talking on her through messenger since. Yes it was my first time going to her house and she has a boyfriend. Yes I will take your warnings and concerns but she was pretty transparent to me about her living situation.
    • TammyAnne
      I'm another oatmeal person. Usually with blueberries (frozen from jaunts to Maine) or lacking those, dried cranberries or even apples or pears thrown in. It's been a staple of my breakfast for more than twenty five years. And of course, coffee. TA
    • TammyAnne
      Hello and welcome Johanna. I hope you will ask questions and find answers here. I can appreciate your situation with the female nickname, since I also had one that really bothered me for years. But my nickname was formed out of my given name and is vulgar slang for a female body part. The awakening to realize yourself as a female is something several of us share here. TA
    • KathyLauren
      I am glad to see another oatmeal eater.  I have oatmeal with raisins and maple syrup every morning.  Lately, since my surgery, I have added prunes.  Yes, they work!   And toast with marmalade, and tea.  I only have coffee (espresso) on Sundays.
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