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Going With Buddhism

Guest angie

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Guest angie

Hello,or shall I say...Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

I was dissatisfied with organized religion. Have been on a spiritual quest

my whole life.I am slow to open up and accept many things,especially religions.

Once I lost spirit at my last church,and slowly quit attending but unable to

attend a main stream church due to my more open bliefs. I wondered spiritually

for a time.It was Miss Jendar that planted the seeds of Buddhism in my mind...

But having my best friend,who's trans also,a member of the local Sokka Gakki

Nichiren Buddhist's,made my choice of trying this religion a lot easier.

From the first education class I attended they have shown interest,made a point

to call me,pick me up for a meeting or service.Now it hasn't been an(Oh this is

so cool I am joining right now)thing.For one,beyond the chanting(which I get a

lot from)the service is like nothing I have ever attended.And that took some time

to adjust to.Slowly I have opened up.Received my Gohonson and display box first.

Recently bought a good set of pink chanting beads and the rest of my alter accouterments.Now I am ready to make that commitment.It is time to really get into

this and see where Buddhism takes me.


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There are many paths to enlightenment and none is really any different as they lead to the same place.

Finding your path is the most important part - I hope that this fills the void that you have been feeling since leaving organized religions.

Peace is just a wonderful idea and I hope that you find contentment.

"Hope, Faith and Love and the greatest of these is Love."


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    • Jandi
      Just shows that transition is not something we do lightly.  It's something you just have to do.
    • Willow Farmer
      Yes Jandi, it is all scary.   I found this forum late in my transitioning.   This thread is right on target in real time.   I am so glad I have found you all.
    • Aurora
      Thank you all. So I now know what to expect as I am preparing for my surgery.  I have been preparing with getting things that I will need.  So I have gotten 64x 12.5 tubes of surgilube and a hand mirror to see down their for when I start to dilate.  I have gotten some wipes, and some pads for after surgery.  I have some loose clothing like PJ bottoms, sweats, dresses, skirts all for after surgery
    • Jani
      I used to ride.  My last bike was a Suzuki 1100.  I fell on ice and broken my wrist 8 years ago and that sort of put fear into me.  Before I figured I would never have to "get off" or if I did it wouldn't be bad.  After falling the all changed and I rode less eventually selling it a few years ago.  Plus it was too large for me.  Previously I rode 750's.  Que sera sera.
    • Jandi
      Good on you too.    I still have to work up the nerve to initiate this step.  It is a little scary.
    • Tasha Marie
      Good morning all. I too am a flight instructor along with my regular job flying. I also restore vintage aircraft. I have a shop and I’m figuring that when I fully transition that is probably what I’ll do then. I can restore them and sell. This way I won’t have to work for someone else. Will see time will tell. On another note yesterday really sucked, had a really bad day with life I’m getting through it but just so hard some days. 
    • Myles97
      My mom hasn’t replied. But my sister called me and said she loves me no matter what. And she is so proud of me. And she is happy to have a brother now. She is calling our mom to help mom process through in a positive way. Hopefully mom is as happy too. My sister is a saint. Please keep sending good vibes and happiness that my mom responds as well 
    • Tasha Marie
      @DrayseThank you
    • Charlize
      I hope your family can embrace you as you are!  Please remember that all of us here have known about our gender issues for long periods.  It may take others some time to understand and accept   hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      I was certainly filled with fear and self doubt.  I’ve met some who said they never had any doubts.  That’s as amazing to me as a cis person who has never had doubts about gender.  I can only wish that was me.  It must be lovely to honestly have no doubts.  Perhaps your doubts are, despite the pain they cause, the best way to understand your path.  As I faced and moved through the doubt and fear I think there was a growing process.  What was once fun and exciting became my life, with the ups and downs life brings.  I’ve found peace with the doubts and in so doing, found peace with myself.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jackie C.
      May the Spider-Goddess hold you in her legs and wrap you safely in her divine silk.   Hugs!
    • Myles97
      @Jackie C.i just sent the text to my mom and sister and I am -censored- terrified. Please send good vibes my way   
    • Sarahnr1
      Just  some   spelling  corrections here  as  this time  i was WAY of  (blushing face  )      (  Spelling  corection ) Belive  me  i know  its  a living pain in the  .....  It has managed to put my life on hold as well JUST when i finaly began to get somewhere  ( found  a LOVELY partner and well we are on hold until things calm down over here HOPFULLY tho were able to finaly meet this spring  )      I understand its hard (despite all the garbage you most likely read about Sweden we are as close to total lock down as can be right now  and we have had restrictions ever since this  started )     Yeah we have that BS  over  here as well  (only its with the Astra  vaccine that have been given a bad rep based  on complete  noncence )     They are working  on it tho and  as  more  adults have takend the vaccine you younger  ones  will be  shielded by those that have takend it . (spelling  corection  )    Charlize     WELL written and i couldent agree with you more. Online  friend  relationships are WAY better then non. & it has most definetly helped me as well  in life .  & like you say who better then  those that actually been in the same  sitution as  youre self are better suited to help and understand  how  you feel  and  able to actually understand  and help you ?      
    • Delcina B
      Myles, Great topic! Self doubt definitely, preceded by years of denial. I'm at the point where I need to explain it to my wife; I'm not exactly sure how she will take it. But I realize this much, I am a happier person & kinder to others when I'm my femme me. I try not to rush things, as long as I relax it seems to naturally evolve as it's supposed to.   Hugs, Delcina
    • Jackie C.
      I happen to know that the number one authority on steam engines in the United States, if not the world is a trans professor. A friend of mine counts her among their friends (they're all steam-engine enthusiasts together). I don't remember where she teaches though. I just remember that it's somewhere fancy.   Hugs!
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