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Violence And Hate Crimes Against The Transgendered

Have you been the victim of violence or a hate crime?  

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  1. 1. Do you know a transgender victim of violence or a hate crime?

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  2. 2. Have you been the victim of violence or a hate crime?

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Guest Jennifer T

Hi Sophia. I see that you differentiate between murder and manslaughter. And your comments tend to imply that if it's manslaughter you can see varying degrees. What is it about 'murder' that cements your stance? Is it semantics? If someone who was truly insane or suffered from a mental condition killed someone, could you then label that manslaughter? Or would that still be murder and worthy of the same punishment as a genius who methodically plans and kills?

I guess I see many shades of grey.

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Guest sophia.gentry58

Hi Jennifer,

I guess what I really have a problem with is people not being willing to accept responsibility for their actions. All things being equal I have no right to put my hands on anyone unless I am protecting life and or limb. I say all things being equal because I realize there are people who do not fit this category because their minds are deficient in a way that prohibits them from functioning on a cognitive level that is deemed necessary to be considered competent. In such cases murder is by reason of insanity. Everyone else are or should be accountable and responsible for their actions.

If my wife and I get in an argument and I push her, she trips and hits her head on the corner of a coffee table and dies as a result, that's manslaughter and I should be held accountable to that action and accept responsibility for what punishment may follow. However, if my son gets molested by his martial arts instructor, then kidnapped before the perpetrator (perp) is caught and I hear on the tv that the perp is being brought in by the police at the local airport, I make my way to the airport and basically "lay in wait" for the perp to be brought pass me before I shoot him in the head, killing him; that's 1st degree murder. Make no mistake about it, me pushing my wife and causing her death and me shooting a man in the head, causing his death have two of the exact same ingredients; in both scenarios I would have been emotional when I did the acts, but both would have been precipitated by a thought, perhaps and most likely many thoughts that would have led up to and during the act itself.

My punishment for accidently killing my wife should be less severe than if I cautiously planned to kill a person. But, however, how many times did I think about how mad my wife made me before I pushed her? How many times did I even think about pushing her before I actually put my hands on her at all? How many times would I have thought about a man's hands on my son's body before I thought about taking his life?

Our conversation started out with us talking about hate crimes and whether a person should be held liable for their thoughts or should they be punished for their acts of destruction regardless of the thought(s)behind the deed. I think a person has the opportunity, all things being equal, to control their thoughts before their destructive deeds, if not, all I care about is that you pay for your action(s) because you failed to control your thoughts.


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Guest Jennifer T

Understood. Though I think i still disagree. And that's ok. I believe the motive (or thought) behind the deed contributes to the severity of the deed, it's probable outcome and it's eventual consequence. Humans are emotional beings. Our system of justice will and does reflect that. Were we Vulcan things would be different. (attempt at a little levity)

Thank you for taking the time and effort to discuss this with me. I've enjoyed the process. Though next time maybe we can choose a less serious topic. :-)

Peace to you, this day.

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Guest molly'ssofem

Very thought provoking indeed.I agree.murder is murder.degrees of murder still come to murder and to be murdered for being hated or simply to be robbed still leaves the victim DEAD!!And if the end result is the same then it is right that the penalty for it should be too.

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  • Forum Moderator

The LGBT community has long been a target of hate crimes as we all know. This crime in 1973 was terrible but because of the mind set of the country nothing positive came out of the horror. ( http://www.npr.org/2016/06/24/483134445/out-of-ashes-an-unwavering-resolve-thats-the-legacy-we-never-ran-away?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20160624 ) . If there is anything good coming out of the terror in Orlando it is because times have definitely changed. Maybe it will have positive results. Regardless I hope we can continue to make progress without tragedies.



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  • 2 years later...

  Folks the topic of hate crimes is sad in it self, that we even have to address this. Yet in our society and world there are those that can not control themselves or their emotions. I have spent my life from the Law Enforcement side, engaging in and seeking out confrontation, That was the nature of the profession. Now in retirement I seek to avoid it, That does not mean to hide and shelter. It means avoid it, side step it, It does not mean to become a victim. With that said, It means that we should develop or have developed a sense of "Situational Awareness" Which in effect should direct us to think that if something or someone looks to be trouble in the making, That would then would be the time to vacate the area. 

  Now what I am going to say may offend some of you, I don't mean to. I travel mostly in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. All three are "Constitutional Carry" states. Yes I carry a firearm at all times, I bought a nice large leather purse, which in the back pocket is a holster that is large enough to contain a full sized pistol, an extra magazine and a small pepper spray. My wish is to go trough the rest of my years "never" needing these items, but I will not allow myself to be hurt or dead for the failure to have them.  Now I know that this is not for everyone and some states have laws that prevent you from being able to do this. Thusly you have to abide by the laws of where you live and travel.  Again I did not write this to offend anyone.



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1 hour ago, Josiep said:

Again I did not write this to offend anyone.


No offense will be taken here, several of us are retired from law enforcement professions, although not all of us were sworn Peace Officers. At times we have had discussions and found other members who own firearms, but we stay away from specific discussion of firearms since some of our members have been harmed by them, or have attempted self harm with them.  Being vigilant and alert to your surroundings, and learning which combination of things you see and hear give you a need for greater vigilance, or actual fear, and knowing how to avoid dangerous situations is literally lifesaving.  

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I'm about as liberal as they come, but I have no problem with responsible gun ownership for personal protection for those who choose to do so. It's not something that I personally feel the need for, but I respect those who choose to exercise that right. 

I do think this must seem a bit strange to our forum friends out side the USA, though. ?


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  • 10 months later...

More of a basic awareness  Mace or Pepper Spay depending on the state you live in a travel in can give you a few minutes to get out of harms way .  In the real world was sprayed a few times in the academy and by a demented partner who had poor aim control and got me as well and the customer of the day .  Used it on a dog when working for the postal service , it stopped the pit bull that had no lease and thought of me as a tasty treat , but it does take some time to react .  Stay safe and aware of where you are , flashlights , horns , and a well charged cell phone .   

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Carolyn Marie
2 hours ago, Kris-Boston said:

More of a basic awareness  Mace or Pepper Spay depending on the state you live in a travel in can give you a few minutes to get out of harms way .    Stay safe and aware of where you are , flashlights , horns , and a well charged cell phone .   


All excellent advice, Kris.  When I take my walks around the neighborhood I usually take my pepper spray (I carry the gel type).  I've never had to use it on man or beast (or a beastly man), but it gives comfort knowing I'm not totally without protection.  Needless to say, its in my handbag all other times, along with a Taser.   Even though I'm an ex-cop, I won't carry a firearm.


Carolyn Marie

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  • 7 months later...

The best offense is a good defense. Hence my motto: Be safe. Be Smart.

Most attackers, either verbally or physically, aren't that formidable for someone who is ready for them.

My father once told me to "Walk like you have a purpose."

I works. If you project confidence most people won't bother you.

Verbal attacks can be ignored. The perpetrator is just looking to see if they can get a rise out of you. Don't justify stupidity with response.

Physical attacks can be avoided by being aware of your surroundings and not putting yourself in unhealthy situations in the first place.

Stay in shape. You can still be feminine looking but also be strong. Predators look for those that look vulnerable to prey on. 

A self defense course can a helpful tool. it can teach you to react without thinking. Because some situations happen so fast you don't have time to think.


My attack happened a long time ago. I allowed myself to be in a situation that I shouldn't have been in.  I was physically assaulted and thrown out a third floor window.  I suffered a head injury and memory loss. I couldn't remember what had happened. The memory didn't come back until 25 years later. I cried my eyes out.

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    • Jackie C.
      Salutations @Flowers and welcome to TransPulse!   I'm actually in a similar position to your spouse. While my wife loves me very much, she's still getting used to the idea that I don't want to be the person initiating all the time. Sometimes I just want to have my partner make my toes curl, y'know?   So, first off... communication. Straight up ask what she wants from you in the bedroom. If there's something that you'd like too, now is a good time to bring it up. You don't need a script or a step-by-step guide, just a couple of things that would make her feel good. While you're at it, tell her how you feel. Be open and honest about your insecurities and ask if she'll help you learn what to do.    Second, accept that it's going to be awkward. Think back to your first time. Were you the best lover ever? Of course you weren't. It's like any other skill: You need to practice. Fortunately, practice is fun! You might also encourage her to be more vocal about what she's enjoying during the act. I know I have trouble with this one. I have a problem with concentrating too hard on my partner to pay attention to what's going on over on MY side of the bed. Which is unfortunate, because if I'm not in the right headspace, nothing is going to happen for me anyway.   So, on the subject of headspace. Make sure you're in the mood. I have no earthly idea what you're into, but our foreplay can go on for a while. Take your time with each other. Ease into things and get in synch with each other's bodies. Don't rush and take things as they come. Like my spouse used to remind me when we were younger, "It's not a race." You don't have to jump right into the main act. Tease each other a little (or, you know, a lot).   Heh, @VickySGV just said pretty much the same thing I did, just with less words. 😉   I also wanted to say good on you for supporting your trans wife and trying to be the best spouse you can be. Welcome to the site. We're glad you're here.   Hugs!
    • VickySGV
      We will need to keep our answers here on the discreet side due to the rule about our under 18 members, but I think we can do that.   @Flowers how do you feel about initiating Cuddling?  Not sex up front, just cuddling and being there in mind tune with your wife?  Her body if she is on hormones is going to be becoming more like yours has been and I bet that just the Cuddling was a big help for you.  It is a way to invite EACH OTHER into a part of your life where total body intimacy flows into things. HRT is going to be taking her from the realm of FAST sex to a more female progression to your BIG moment, and it will be the two of you, not just one of you. 
    • VickySGV
      @Transgirlkatie  This is the most excellent take on life for any of us in these times.  Look out and see what you can do for OTHERS, it is a big step and scary at first, but it does so much for our own outlook on life.
    • Flowers
      Hi there. I have a really hard time talking so this seems huge to me. I want to be intimate with my transitioning wife and have sex but I am so awkward at initiating anything. My trans wife feels like I don't like having sex with her but It's not that. It's that I've never been the one to initiate sex, and I'm bad at it and self conscious. She used to initiate it more and I'm experiencing performance anxiety where I never used to experience that because I was never initiating or taking the lead.  I want to express how much I love but I keep end up making her feel bad with my awkwardness and I get more and more self conscious about sex. If you have any advice or similar feelings please feel free to respond:)
    • Delcina B
      Hugs for you Katie! I'm not in your shoes, but we're all wearing the 6 inch heels called COVID. It's depressing sometimes to keep up the safety measures. I used to deal with depression differently than now. These days when I catch myself feeling down I look around at my family or online & see if there's someone I can help out. Even if it's in some small way, it might just make their day better. I definitely feel better when I don't focus on me & my troubles.   Another hug, Delcina
    • LusciousTheLock
      Congratulations!  Good work  
    • KathyLauren
      Someone else with a Zook.  My ride, back in the day, was a Suzuki GT380.  The GT series were two-strokes, so it had credible power for highway riding.  I did a few long vacation trips on it.  But motorcycles are for young folks.  I sold it a long time ago.
    • KathyLauren
      Wow!  I was all set to post a "fingers crossed" message as I caught up on the posts.  But now I get to post a "congratulations"!  That is awesome that your sister and mother support you!!
    • Sarahnr1
      Im well aware that cali have been hit hard  and the restrictions  are  WAY tighter  then we  have over  here Katie  so i can understand   youre feelings  i would  too . BUT what i also said  was they WILL  get lighter  dear . And  Katie    you have  alredy  been thru the worst  part  its only a question of time  until  the  vaccination  and  the  situation have   improved. id  say  based  on what youre  predident  not to mention how  state  after state   are beginning to open up gradually ( The theme  parcs  seem to been granted to open up again , with restrictions  yes  but still thats   sign that   gradually as time  goes  and things  improve   the society WILL  open up my friend.   Would  you belive i wasent  even close  as  open and   able to meet  others  online   when i first  started  on the net  (forums  like this  and  others  )  ?   Youre WAY better then you think   my friend  all you need to gain some  self Confidents. The zoom calls  i presume is video talking  (ie   Skype etc....)  ?  Yeah i dont  do that  either   thats  not for  me . And thats OKEY  dear.   Katie   im diagnosed  with SEVERE Sucidal   so belive  me  i understand  you better then you might  think. And have been sucidal from i was a we girl.  And  STILL  here i am  talking to you . My life isent  worth diddley  (well before i met my partner  )  & i had  NOTHING left  to live for and all i could do was trying to make the best  of what life i got  left  on this earth  (natural way ) . And  low  and  behold  that one day this person came in to my life  and gave  me a reason to live and  gave me  the life i have searched  for  all my life  without ever finding  it.  What im trying to say here   is  DONT  GIVE UP  Katie  youre young   you have youre entire life ahead  of  you i dont  i have maybe 15  - 20 tops (us with my  diagnosis  usely leave  roughly 10 -15  years ahead  of  non  diagnosed ) & STILL  im right here  trying my best to do what i can with what life  throws at me to work with.  THATS  what you need to do as well  my young  friend.  Giving  up on life is NOT an option simple as that .     Well then you have way higher  education then me hon and i can guarntee  you you WILL  get job again  with youre backround   please. (im a  Ex long haul  truck driver  ) Yes  right now  things  have  gone down  i give you that BUT   when this is  over   they will be screaming for  workers as  you  to come to work hon.  And so what if youre no good  on online  interviews  im more then shore you are   in person and as i said  this  WILL end   and  there WILL be reel  job interviews again.  Again its  youre self  confidence  thats  down & needs to get a kick in the rear my friend  im shore that  youre more then capule  in this field.    The  main thing to ALWAYS keep in mind  here  is   DONT  give up on youre self  /youre life  Katie . You HAVE to keep fighting  towards  youre goals   in life  (it wont  be easy   it will take a lot  work from youre part  BUT  you CAN do this Katie  of this i have  0 doght.                                                                  
    • Myles97
      Thank you everyone for being along this journey with me so far. I really needed y’all here to help me process through the craziness that was this morning. I love you all so much, and I am finally feeling some relief and affirmation. I hope this continues and that my mom doesn’t regress. 
    • Transgirlkatie
      I don't think I can accept restrictions for another year, that's too much for me. I'm just not good enough at making friends online and zoom calls don't bring me joy. I don't want to kill myself, but it's pretty much the only way to end my pain. And then there's the fact that I won't recover financially till covid is over (I'm an it field service tech and Lyft driver), and I can't get a wfh job because I'm not good at job interviews especially over zoom
    • Jamie68
      Yeah, nobody in their right mind would choose to be like us. More like it chose us and we get to deal with it, like it or not.
    • Jamie68
      Could get awkward. Might want to check if they still fit.
    • AwesomeClaire
      Ok, don't give up, you'll find the right people eventually, it isn't easy for me either, it took me a while (years) to finally find some groups - I found local board game and book clubs (and they still offer these virtually) so I have met some great friends that way. My super close trans friend I met in another FB group, she posted and I saw some common interests and struck up a conversation, I can't believe how close we have become despite living 1,500 miles apart.
    • Tasha Marie
      @JandiWell doesn’t sound like fun for sure, but you survived. Lucky that’s good.
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