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Living Two-Spirit?

Guest Nawat

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On 2/18/2011 at 10:52 PM, Guest Nawat said:

I was wondering if anyone has been actively trying to live what is suggested by the English translation, "Two Spirit"? Is there a way you have found to balance the male and female spirits and be happy? I'm new and still exploring the forums, but there is so much talk about transitioning it seems that no one wants to live in the body they have and use their two genders together... Is that because the only reason I think it might be possible because I haven't spent enough time thinking about who I am and how I want to live my life? Or is it possible to live both?

The simple answer is yes, but you have to have the strength to chose which bathroom you are going to use. Otherwise, the four rights .apply: the right to self a determination, the right to self-awareness, the right to self-advocacy, and the right to self-care. These are your rights as a person.

Still don't forget the three responsibilities. Visibility, accountability, and authenticity are your promises to the world. People will only believe if you don't violate those rules because they have to obey the former rules themselves.

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I find this interesting in many ways as very few, if any, people can say, genetically,  they are racially pure to one particular race and culture and it is becoming very aparent these days that people are similarly somewhere on the gender spectrum, not 100% male or female.

From this my simplified suggestion is that maybe someone who is 'two spirit' is in actuality 'multi spirited' - relaxed and at one with people and life!


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On March 12, 2017 at 8:35 AM, Squallsong said:


Many tribes were matrilineal (men joined their wife's "tribe") and many European men had Native wives (which began Metis culture).  Some of your verbal histories may help uncover this.


Indeed! The Cherokee were Matrilineal. It is though a grandmother from whom my ancestry came.  But in speaking with a relative this weekend, I think I might have uncovered the disconnect. I will dig deeper. 

I agree with pretty much all you've said here. And I am who I am. 


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  • 8 months later...

          The first time I heard this term was when during a Cherokee new years ceremony I told the shaman and his wife I was Trans-gender. It was a great moment fore they immediately smiled and said you feel with two spirits. Now, I will admit I was a little perplexed at first having been raised in a christian environment and all. Where we are taught about the one spirit we have. The concept was truly alien to me.

           They sat me down and explained that the was that I feel the side that was born male as well as the side(the greater side) that called for the woman in me. He said it also explained the balance of me being able to bounce between fantasy and reality, felt great night or day, and God and Goddess. They said I sat at the precipice of two worlds as it were.I kinda liked that and I was more able to reconcile the feelings I was having.

             I love night and day, wolves and dragons  etc.. I am now able to draw on that feeling and manifest it into a more positive me. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.


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  • 11 months later...

I very much live this life and it is quite possible. I work with people less than understanding, so when I come home my transition is complete. Not perfect but I am content. I did HRT for a while and will be moving back to it on a low dose soon enough, so I have feminine shape and to me that makes me content at home. :)

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  • 10 months later...

Sadly, we (this community) don’t often reply quickly to topics or dialogues, and when we do, those with whom we were conversing may no longer be around.  I. This conversation, I had been addressing @TeamEffort, but it appears they last visited here March of 2017.  


I have given much much thought lately to what is being termed ‘cultural appropriation’ (CA) and the idea of ‘two spirit’.


As I’ve mentioned, most of my life I’ve believed I’ve had Cherokee ancestry. The stories were handed down to me and when I was young I tirelessly studied the Cherokee Nation, beginning when I first read “Burt My Heart at Wounded Knee”. I learned much and began attending powwows and other Native American events; enthralled with the histories and cultures of the Indigenous Nations of the Eastern US.  


Later in life my fascination for my Celtic heritage also thrived and blossomed into a full blown genealogy research/study, including the DNA testing mentioned earlier.  I was initially shocked to find out that my DNA yielded no connection with the Native Americans.  And though it did not initially dawn on me, there existed two major reasons for this. First, and this was the rabbit hole I first descended, there must be a disconnect in the oral stories handed down to me.  My further research revealed that this is the most likely scenario; that one of my great grandmothers, the one who raised my blood relatives, was not actually my great grandmother by blood, but rather she raised the children. Her husband was actually the brother of my great grandfather. But my family always believed her to be my legitimate great grandmother. 


The second possibility, and what I want to share here, is that it is possible to have a particular ethnicity without having that ethnicity’s DNA. We each receive 50% of our DNA from our mother and 50% from our father, which means we each may not inherit DNA coding from ancestry that does exist in our familial lines. This intrigues me because it opens a world of possibilities.  In our modern western world, in reality, most of us have mixed ethnic lineage.  There is so much cross cultural ethnicity in the US, that I believe it would be impossible for most to truly have pure ethnic lines.  I think we each have predominant lines and those are typically what we focus on. But it doesn’t preclude other heritage.  My DNA is predominately of north Western Europe (British Isles, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France and Nordic), But it also reveals a small percentage of DNA from east Africa, consistent with the peoples of the Bantu migration. Which leads me to another line I’d absolutely love to follow, but have not yet found any written or oral traditions. I will keep researching.


So how does this relate to cultural appropriation.  I attend multiple Celtic and European Renaissance events annually.  I’ve witnessed many African Americans wearing kilts and other traditional wear of the British Isles. Is this wrong? Are they appropriating a cultural heritage that isn’t theirs? If I were to show up at an African Cultural event wearing traditional Shona or Zulu attire, would this be wrong? Would it be offensive to those around because I ‘look’ different than they?  Well, personally I think the answer would be s little more complicated than a simple yes or no. I think it would rely more of the intent. It I knew, studied, took pride in and desired to connect more with my African heritage, I’d say there was nothing wrong with it, that I wasn’t committing CA. But those of more visibly obvious African Heritage might take offense until they learned more about me, or might white skin may be enough for others to not care and claim I was committing an offense anyway.  So then, you have to choose personally what is prudent and what your own deep convictions call you to.  In my prior example of non white kilt wearers, I personally think it’s awesome. They, like me, probably have some interesting heritage, written, verbal or DNA, that I think would make excellent conversation.


And I also find it personally cool complimentary when someone traditionally ‘outside’ my cultural heritage takes interest in and desires to be part of it. 


Now, bringing it back to the idea of Two-Spirit. The traditional understanding of the Native Americans of the spiritual and cultural beliefs regarding transgendered people is unique to their cultures and definitely a vital part of the pre-European histories. And I don’t think anyone can take that from them.  But embracing the philosophy of two-spirit, whether by ethnic relation or by intellectual or spiritual connection to the ideology, should be a personal journey and celebrated by those who seek to keep the cultural heritage alive.  The Nations of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas often adopted European ideas, tools and people into their cultures. The Great Plains buffalo hunting tribes fared greater once they appropriated  rifles. And many white children grew up in differing tribes becoming as much ‘Native American’ as their red brothers and sisters. 


So I smoke the peace pipe. I learn the ways of the Eastern Woodlands, the ways those here before me knew. And I take pride in a heritage that may not be mine by blood, but is mine by history and by spirit. And I recognize the two-spirit nature of Jennifer and T. 



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5 hours ago, Jennifer T said:

Sadly, we (this community) don’t often reply quickly to topics or dialogues, and when we do, those with whom we were conversing may no longer be around.  I. This conversation, I had been addressing @TeamEffort, but it appears they last visited here March of 2017.


Unfortunately, people come and go from this (and other forums) for reasons we never know.  Some try us for a while and may not think its for them, get bored, or are off to the next thing.   I had asked this question among the moderators a couple years ago.  It seems to be a recurring issue.  


@Jennifer T Sometimes the thread is so focused such that it is not of interest to many others, or people are unsure how to respond.  I think we serve the people who want to be part of an online group and find it beneficial.  I've stayed because I appreciate the support I received when I started my journey and I want to give back as I can.  Were all have our reasons for being here. 



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2 hours ago, Jani said:


Unfortunately, people come and go from this (and other forums) for reasons we never know.  Some try us for a while and may not think its for them, get bored, or are off to the next thing.   I had asked this question among the moderators a couple years ago.  It seems to be a recurring issue.  


@Jennifer T Sometimes the thread is so focused such that it is not of interest to many others, or people are unsure how to respond.  I think we serve the people who want to be part of an online group and find it beneficial.  I've stayed because I appreciate the support I received when I started my journey and I want to give back as I can.  Were all have our reasons for being here. 



@Jani, my comments weren’t really intended to be a criticism of the Forum, but more of a critique of myself.  It’s been over 2 years since I responded to this topic and I recall when teameffort was agonizing over this issue. 


Yes, we all come and go for reasons of our own. And I sometimes believe this whole transgender thing, which many of us spend a lifetime of effort keeping hidden, predisposes is to wariness in venues like this where we open up. It’s easy to want to run.


My apologies for any insult. 

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I understand but what you wrote is true.  People do come and go.  There was no insult as I saw it. ?



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  • 6 months later...

I really enjoyed this thread and am reading it over again.  I embrace the two spirit concept and agree with the need for balance.

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    • Shay
      Welcome Vincent. I know you will find support and friends and answers here.
    • neo3000
      suits. even tho they're quite formal, blazers and trousers make me feel like a man.  but also the baggy t-shirt/big jacket/straight jeans combo. they make me feel like any other boy my age, it makes me feel very happy.  
    • Nora
      Edit: ...as MOST if not all human beings are lol.
    • Nora
      ...Buuut...crap. This might be one of those social situations where I just shouldn't say anything, but I'm a little drunk, so I'm gonna risk it LOL. Here goes it: The first thing that comes to mind, is...there is no free will. ...For anyone to decide to do anything at all is simply an illusion; a beautiful lie. The reality of the matter is that due to the laws of nature and the laws of physics, EVERYTHING is pre-determined; written in stone the moment gravity first got it's foothold in this most-likely-fake thing humans like to call the Universe. For me to think that I have any kind of say in anything at all just seems to be laughably absurd to me. ...We're all slaves to fatalistic destiny. No one is really responsible or to be blamed for anything in Universe. ...And that's pretty much the only way I've found for me to forgive people who hurt me and others...it's not their fault; they know not what they do lol. The second thing that came to mind is WAY less deep; it's simply that it occurred to me that perhaps a part of me doesn't really like the word "Dysphoria" because it sounds like a mental illness. I'm not sick. Nothing's wrong with me. I'm merely dissatisfied with various aspects of my body, as all human beings are. Thinking of myself as "dysphoric" just feels...WEIRD lol. XD
    • Nora
      Edit: ...and part of middle school before "the incident." Sorry; I zoned out and re-lived some crap for a sec. I'm fine LOL. XD
    • Nora
      Thanks for sharing! That makes a lot more sense; the social dysphoria you describe is something I've felt for literally decades, in the sense I never really got along with the boys and preferred playing house with the girls, especially when I got to be the baby LOL. 😆 Got bullied all throughout elementary school, and part of elementary school before "the incident" happened when I was twelve, and then I prefer to just fast forward five years later at the age of seventeen and just skip that violent-gorey-horror-movie section of my life that led to copious amounts of drug and alcohol abuse which continues to this day despite my nurse's wishes lol. Then the good old fashioned bullying from when I was kid resumed all throughout my five year long firefighting career starting at seventeen. It was nice; I actually enjoyed the hazing; it was WAY nicer than...the period of time we shall never speak of...at least not tonight. =P
    • Nora
    • Nora
      Indeed, I should not care what others think or say, but alas, I just can't help myself lol. I'm terrified of causing a scene. I live in a town fulla cowboys, mountain men and rednecks. ...What if one of them's a psychotic bigot? ...What if they go after my mother? ...What if I can't do anything to protect her? ...I'd probably end up becoming a serial killer who targets transphobes, collecting locks of their hair in a scrapbook as trophies; THAT'S WHAT! Rotflol. 🤣   ...And I just CAN'T let that happen lmao. XD ...I'll get out of the house more in a few years or so LOL. XD
    • Delcina B
      Thanks @stveee ! There are so many common threads in your story & mine. I kind of regret not thinking of feminizing my clothes, it would've given me a bigger wardrobe. ICurrrently: finally ready to face myself, sober, and will begin with a gender therapist who is transitioned. Questioning whether I desire or need to transition to female. I was right there nine months ago, so happy to have found this forum, & a wonderful gender therapist. I too feel more alive & someone is unfolding on this journey into my femme.   Hugs! Delcina
    • Mia Marie
      That's no way to live. I have been this way and I am just getting to the point it doesn't really bother me to walk around the women's dept and look to see what treasure I can find to wear. I am in the building stage with my wardrobe and I know it will take me a long time to find just the right garment to buy and wear. I have been working on my transition actually for the last couple of years, but medically transitioning for the last year. I can say I am not as nervous today with wanting to step out as my authentic self. I want to do it more and sometimes it seems exciting and all I can do is smile. I don't care if I am presenting correctly. It is my differences that make me better see what to do next. I have a plan to go to the mall and sit, watch and learn what will make me better. Fear shouldn't become the factor for not presenting in public. You shouldn't care what others think and say.
    • Davie
      "It's not the mountain we conquer,    but ourselves."     — Edmund Hillary 
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Vincent! Glad you're here. I think you'll find it a great place as I have with lots of loving support, advice & acceptance to help you on your journey.   Hugs! Delcina
    • AgnesBardsie
      Thank you for your bravery in sharing your story. It is very helpful!
    • stveee
      I want to feel cute but comfy, so it's either nightshirts/nightgowns lounging around the house, or an off the shoulder top or crop top really makes me feel girly. 
    • stveee
      Hi, my name is Stevie. I started "crossdressing" in early teens, maybe before, by cutting up my clothing. My parents would find piles of them and who knows what they thought. But I just had to do it. Then when I was 16 was the first time I tried on my older sister's tops.    My father suggested I join the Army after high school. I did and would buy clothes for my girlfriends and end up wearing them. I would engage in intimacy but stopped short of sex. I felt like my genitalia was not connected to my mind and felt no pleasure through it.    While in the military I took to binge drinking and severe depression ensued. By the time of discharge, I was suicidal, had several attempts and detoxes. I was admitted into the VA hospital and the first two meds made me numb and psychosis developed. Then, I genuinely tried to take my own life. Finally, a few years later, put on disability and took prozac for around 12 years which helped a bit. I met my first transgender (older transitioned MtF) persons in the VA and basically brought up the idea: why can't I be somewhere in the middle gender? Answer I got was basically Honey, that's not how it works. So facing a transition to female, I think I was 28 at the time, seemed like what I had to do. Or at least, try to live as much female as possible. I ended up marrying because I was lonely and afraid I could not support myself, and she accepted my gender ID and crossdressing. But I was seeing no therapist, no hormones. Started electrolysis in this DIY attempt, and some kind of facial hormone cream which I didn't realize was all short-sighted. Early internet days, shoddy information, sketchy sites.  The marriage was a disaster as there was abuse, drugs, alcohol and our individual psychological issues. Finally was separated, on my own and basically just existing. Using substances to cope. Dead to the world. Continued to keep a wardrobe and just managing the "dual life".  Went through Vocational Rehab in a janitorial program to get back into work. Exterted myself and got the job I have today and making more than I ever did. A few years, tossed my wardrobe (again)...oh, except a few things of course, and thinking the dysphoria will just go away now that I am older. Nope.   Currrently: finally ready to face myself, sober, and will begin with a gender therapist who is transitioned. Questioning whether I desire or need to transition to female. Accumulating another wardrobe. Really regret tossing my shoes and I had some really cool things. I have the feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing a girl in there, buried under years of self-abuse. The fluidity is a bit precarious as the more I accept and go femme, the more alive I feel, like something is unfolding.  But I am still quite boyish and discovering what fits for me right now and the my physical limitations and working with them I guess as I am not just confined to the closet and want to be seen for who I am...which is a work in progress I suppose. There are still things about me that I very much like and don't want to change, and others which seem to cause conflict.  I get some comfort in realizing I do not necessarily have to be either one or the other gender right now, and it's more about how I feel about myself than passing or trying to live up to an ideal image. But sort of feel like a small minority as someone who has not gone through all the changes (yet?) of the transitioned, as I am still outing myself in small steps, in a small circle. I am naturally careful, but honest. I do not fear being hurt so much "out there", as I know from experience I am my own worst enemy and cause my own difficulties more than anyone could ever do.  Thank you for letting me share. I actually hope this has helped someone else who is lurking. After all, "Normal People" don't go years struggling with questioning their gender- we are all Trans here and in different chapters of the same story.  Love you All, S.
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