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First Time In Public...

Guest Veronica Fallon

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Guest Veronica Fallon

Hi girls,

I've been dressing for many years, but tomorrow will be my first time in public as a woman. I'm going to my first Tri-ESS meeting about an hour from home, & I plan to stop for gas on the way there & again for a six-pack on the way back. I'm sooo excited to be taking this huge (for me anyways!) step, but I'm also frightened to death! I like to feel my silicone breasts jiggle, but NOT from shaking with fear (hee, hee)!! I'm really hoping for a good night's sleep tonight so I'll be at my best tomorrow, but I'm pretty wound-up with all that's going on in my head. Any last-minute advice for a shaky girl????

Humble Hugz,


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  • Root Admin

Hi Veronica,

The best advice I can give is, square your shoulders back, hold your head up and present an air of confidense. You may be shaking in your shoes but if you present that air of confidense, you'll do fine.

MaryEllen :)

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Guest rebecka43

I was so scrared the frist time I went out to the only way I could do it, if I got really drunk, then The thing I did not realize was I have some pretty good friends and they got me to the point that I can go out straight as a arrow now, they have taken me to the mall were we when shopping all day even bought a bunch of cute panties at victory secerts, they have taken me out to lunch, and out shoe shopping so I have been out a many times now and it dose get easier with each and every time you go out, but I still get alittlte nevrous even know most of the people that I have meet when I have been out have been really nice,right from the sales lady at victory serects, to are waitress at the pizza place, now you will always get a strange look herre and there but there are so many nice people out there who cares about the ones that do not undrestand Love always Rebecka :rolleyes:

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Guest rachael devry

ss:mellow: hi talking with you girls is great. the anticipation must be overwhelming. i here i am trying to muster the courage to go shopping for a new wardrobe. so this is the advice i be taking. illjust look my best and everything will take care of itself. it sounds good now. but ill be sweating bullets. good luck and let me know how you make out. hugs, rachael

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Guest Krystyna_Marie
ss:mellow: hi talking with you girls is great. the anticipation must be overwhelming. i here i am trying to muster the courage to go shopping for a new wardrobe. so this is the advice i be taking. illjust look my best and everything will take care of itself. it sounds good now. but ill be sweating bullets. good luck and let me know how you make out. hugs, rachael

I had my first nyt "out" en femme tonight. Needed smokes, was already dressed, I climbed in my car, and drove around for a while in 3" heels, black pinstripe stockings (fancy undies of course!), a silver and black sparkle skirt (mid thigh - I have nice legs), a white linen blouse, pearl necklace and bracelet, hair and face fully done, stuffed bra. I drove around to a few convenience stores, even got out at one that looked open, but was locked up tight. Back in the car until I found La Mercadita, and there are no cars in the lot save one (I figured the clerk). I checked myself in the rearview, heart pounding in my ears, and grabbed my handbag, and stepped from the car. I walked the walk I've been practicing in the heels, and strode through the door. Wonderful friendly female clerk, and older female helper (maybe the owner?) behind the counter. Young girl did a glance, and then a short double take, and then a big smile at me, a shy downward glance, then the big smile again. It was really lovely, she even hunted down my brand of cigs, another smile at the end.

I hopped back in the car, mission accomplished. Oh my God, I did it! This is so cute!!!

Love ya - XOXO


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Guest AmberBrownCD

arent we all sooo cute? Great stories everybody. ooh ;) they always ID me when I buy cigs or beer dressed (Im 22) and Im always like.... "uuh umm okay let me..." (I get nervious like Im 16 again) then after handing them my ID card, I get a big smile and its all good. :)

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    • Bri2021
      It's dress nice day for me at work. The dress is sleeveless and I don't like showing my tats on my shoulders so a cover is needed.  I like my turquoise dragonfly necklace with this because it accents the small amount of turquoise in the dress.  Big hair courtesy of wanting some sunshine and braving the 38 degree morning commute with the top down. haha 
    • Shay
    • Willow
      Hi @KymmieL of course you can.  Anytime.   I'm always here for you or anyone else that I can help.   Willow
    • KymmieL
      God, I hate my body. MMM I may have expressed that some other time, or 5. As normal up early even with getting up for almost 2 hours last night. Probably pass out in the chair later. @Willow I may call on your expertise once again. Let me see what I come up with.    At least I am alone today my youngest came home early yesterday. Saying they wanted him at another school today.   Hope, everyone has a good day. Again waiting for the coffee to warm up.    Kymmie
    • Jeanette West
      My co-workers and I have discussed on many occasions the change in our characters and personalities due to working in our environment. I haven't dealt with the rawness life can throw at one, but I deal with the people who initiated that rawness, and it most certainly has a deleterious affect. We as a whole become much darker people; attitudes towards others, life, humour, perception, and most problematic; interactions, or caring. I was in the airport getting ready to come to Chicago for my surgeries when a sanctimonious '70's something female approached me (I was all by myself at the farthest point from anyone as I don't like crowds), specifically came 75-feet just to tell me, "excuse me but I see you're not wearing a mask". I had been staring into space, lost in my thoughts when my mouth kicked in to overdrive and responded for me, "quit harassing me, shut the f&&* up and go away". Ten years ago this would never have happened, but being around the dregs of society have peeled away the layers of civility to the point I police my mouth by waiting for a half second before responding to someone. Poor timing on this female. I have drifted away from many people I once knew because I simply no longer know how to relate to others who don't know what I do about the black aspect of human beings.
    • Bri2021
      I've had 3 mugs on "Counter Culture #46 coffee this morning but apparently is wasn't enough. I slipped on my knee high boots and left the house thinking, "hmmm they feel a little tight today, it must be the thicker socks".  nope, wrong feet!  SMH. I had to go back inside to set things right and start the day off on the right foot.   I need a day off. hahahaha.  
    • LaurenA
      Alas in my state the law says they can fire you for no reason at all.  There are laws for sex and race discrimination but none for gender.  My plan is to get my job back and spend a few months showing them what I'm worth again.  During that time I'll try to very gently sound management out on the issue.  Still not sure how I'm going to do that.  I'll base my decision then on what I find out.  Sort of a bootstrapping operation.
    • CD Rachel
      Good morning everyone. Just getting to my second cup of coffee. I am off from work today so i am getting a late start to my day. My cat is super excited that I am home and has not left me alone for a minute since i got up.   I am very excited to be starting with my new therapist today. I have not been in a therapy session since December 28 . It has been too long a wait to get started on working on the new me.   Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!   Rachel
    • Niamh
      Just some ideas...   If there is sex/gender discrimination legislation in place (I don't know enough about your country/state to know) then your gender identification should not matter and they could be breaking the law if they made it so. I see no reason why you shouldn't pursue your return to work if they want you and you want to work.   If they want you, it is surely your skills and the economic value to the company that is why they've asked you back. Why would your gender status change this?   If you do not need to work (financially) then it seems to me that you hold all the cards. I'm in a not far dissimilar situation but in the UK and with considerable publicity around gender rights. I don't need to work (financially), but I enjoy my job. I'm also genderfluid/bigender and spend part of my time as Niamh, the rest as a man. I may start HRT or not, but whether or not I would would not be influenced by my work situation. I decided to tell my employer and key colleagues at work on the basis that if anyone had an issue or caused problems I could either:   Leave, because I didn't need the money   or   Take legal action if I wanted to stay, primarily to make a precedent for anyone who DID need the money.   It seems that if your colleagues are unable to recognise your value as a productive member of their team, just because you may present as a woman sometimes, are the really people you want to work with.   So far I haven't encountered a single person at work who has been negative or derogatory about my life choice, but I realise my role, my employer and the country in which I live may be a very different environment to yours.
    • Chloe Cozee
      @mindy Thank you!
    • Jandi
    • Willow
      As I read back, there is no way I could manage without the lighted magnifying mirror.
    • Willow
      Hi   new to this blog. My wife used to be a beauty consultant.  She taught me to put liquid eyeliner right at the base of my lashes and on my eyelid.  Followed by a lash primer and then the mascara.  This gives me fuller and longer lashes. Last is the eye shadow which helps to hide the jittery hand.  I’m no good at all with a pencil so I have to use liquid. Oh and whatever you do don’t blink.   Willow
    • Willow
      Good morning   i hope everyone is able to end the week on an up beat.  The support coming from your employer is really great.  The changes at the federal level are encouraging for all of us.   I usually start my morning with my Facebook friends then come here.  As I read posts I find myself looking for the “like” button.  lol   im sure if there was one we’d quickly fill the server space with like buttons.  Not much happening here.  Expecting rain later.  I do wish I could get on my boat.  All this time to do nothing.  Three more weeks at least is going to drive me crazy.  At least I get this big bandage off this time next week. But in its place I’ll be in an air cast.  Which I can take off to shower or sleep.   Willow
    • Mmindy
      Good morning @Chloe CozeeThe new profile picture looks great!   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
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