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The rowboat from England arrived!


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I just received in the mail a letter about my birth certificate.  The Registrar General has received my Gender Recognition Certificate (which is more than I have!) and is giving me information on applying for my new birth certificate.  The letter was mailed May 21st!! 


I assume that, with the shortage of transatlantic flights due to covid-19, they sent it over on a rowboat.  So maybe the rowboat with my Gender Recognition Certificate, which was allegedly mailed on May 13th, is nearing port, too.


Anyway, it's good news.  Things have been happening overseas.  I didn't really care about the GRC.  It was merely a step I had to take before getting my new birth certificate.  That process can get under way now.  I actually have a sample in my possession of a birth certificate with my proper name and proper gender on it!  It has "SAMPLE" stencilled across it, but it looks good!

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Wow that was slow, yet excellent news Kathy after all and having that piece of paper with the correct info on it, is such a wonderful feeling. Hopefully the "official" copy is not far behind.





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I have a magazine subscription from somewhere in Great Britain. A while back they sent me a card that said, "Because of COVID, our overseas mail is bollocks. Please bear with us." Then there was a link to their online copy, free of charge for the inconvenience. The point being that yeah, shipping overseas is a mess right now.


Even so, congratulations! I hope to get the last bit of paperwork I need to start changing my birth certificate in a couple of weeks.



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Congratulations Kathy on the news about your certificate.  That is terribly slow service though. Yikes!  I recently sent a card to a friend in Israel and it took about 5 days.  

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Carolyn Marie

That's great news, Kathy.  A rowboat is certainly better than no boat, right?  Congrats!


49 minutes ago, Jackie C. said:

A while back they sent me a card that said, "Because of COVID, our overseas mail is bollocks. Please bear with us."


I love the English that the British speak.  I never get tired of reading or listening to it.  I, too, am waiting on a magazine from the U.K.  It's probably on the same row boat.


Carolyn Marie


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Congratulations, Kathy!  It's awesome to receive confirmation of progress.

Had too Google "bollocks" @Jackie C..  Hmmmm... love that word! (specially definition #1 in Oxfords Dictionary).  Might have to find a way to insert that into my sentences ?

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It can be pretty bad everywhere. I am waiting for some parts from Russia which appear to have been waiting for transport for a couple of weeks. The internal post appears to be  good there. It is international.


I should point out though, that in the lockdown, government departments have been working a very much reduced service. I think I have seen that some are effectively providing emergency service only so clerical things may be slow. Passports are aother issue!



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We waited 8 weeks for two nighties to come from China.  I think they rowed around the Horn and must have encountered a storm.

 I do enjoy the language of the  British Isles.  It is one of the few close enough to proper East Coast english that i rarely need sub titles. :D





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@KayC Although it is a word for the male anatomy - if you do try to fit it in, the word is a synonym for rubbish and should be used in phrases such as "Why do politicians always talk such utter bollocks?". Unless you are trying to say that something is absolutely fantastic in which case, for some unknown reason it can be described as, "the dog's bllocks". Either way it is not for pleasant company though, it isn't a swear word as such, but it is considered a crass term to use.

Delivery times are atrocious right now, but services are slowly starting up again and getting better. @KathyLauren I'm sure it will all be sorted soon!

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52 minutes ago, DeeDee said:

Either way it is not for pleasant company though, it isn't a swear word as such, but it is considered a crass term to use.

Thank you, DeeDee❣️  I was just trying to be funny ? I realized from the definition I would probably best not try to use it myself .. but I did think it was an interesting term/slang. 

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I hope that the shipping is quicker in the other direction, as I have just ordered a part for my Chevy from Miami, Florida.  Not that there is any rush, as there are no car shows to go to at the moment.



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22 minutes ago, Robin said:

Not that there is any rush, as there are no car shows to go to at the moment.

:(  I trust they will return soon! 

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Hi Jani,


Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed, that social events will return to normal in the not too distant future.  At the moment, gatherings are extremely limited, unless there are sufficient numbers to prevent the police from doing anything about it.



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3 hours ago, Robin said:

I hope that the shipping is quicker in the other direction


Me too.  My next step is to return the form the sent me, with payment, telling them how many copies of my birth certificate I want.  Let's hope it's not the same rowboat going the other way!

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Wonder of wonders, the second rowboat from England docked today.  I now have my official Gender Recognition Certificate.  It only took 84 days! ?  Onward with the Brits and my birth certificate...


And somewhere between here and Ottawa is a snail with covid, carrying my application to update my citizenship records.  Which, if it ever goes through, will allow me to get a proper passport.  So I can go to all the places I can't go to because of travel restrictions.


It's a good thing I have a sense of humour about this stuff, because I'd have to cry if I didn't.

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26 minutes ago, KathyLauren said:

So I can go to all the places I can't go to because of travel restrictions.


It's a good thing I have a sense of humour about this stuff, because I'd have to cry if I didn't.


Oh Yes!  The places we will go!   Having a sense of humor is the only way to deal with this.  Otherwise we'd go insane!!


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    • Lexi C
      I am 58 , on HRT for over 2yrs., full time, single. Been trying to get my surgeries going before I hit 60. But finding it extremely difficult with my current PPO . My dilemma  is that I am alone and I  keep seen a future of loneliness. And I fear that when I finally get my ffs, VP I will be to old to enjoy the dream and not be able to find that special someone. SO what's the point..
    • Lexi C
    • Lexi C
      Tthanks Valerie. That great to hear
    • breee
      i am wondering if anyone has had different experiences with placing the patch in certain areas of your body? does it really matter? 
    • KatieP
      OMG, Sally!!!   Your post hits me right in the... heart!!!   And, I would like to maybe disagree with your comment that, "I know this isn't probably an issue for those of you living your preferred gender full-time..."   I am older than you, and I AM full time, everywhere. And I worry about this SOOOOO much. In fact, I would say that the surgeries I have had are ALL in response to my thoughts on this point. I have watched my Father-in-Law in his Memory Care unit. He is doing fine, but mostly doesn't recall even his name. If I were in that place, and unable to advocate for myself, what would the people in MY old folk's home treat me like? Probably by that time, I won't care at all. But I still think that I want them to see female when they change MY diapers, and that they hear female, no matter how hard I try or not.   While this may sound a bit morbid, I think that by preparing for my possible future I have ALSO made my current present MUCH better, as it has turned out.   In your case, not being full time, I am thinking such choices might be even harder. I feel for you, even more because of this difficulty...   Katie
    • breee
      hi. from my person experience and the many things ive read here and there when you are transitioning soo many people want to look like a woman, like how you feel. my change came easy to me on account of something i read that sunk in. it went something like this.. its not how you present on the outside but more of how you feel on the inside, because the outside will come as you grow into your new self. i found this very insightful for myself as i was trying to do all things at once, dress, look, walk, talk...yeesh too much lol. start slow..baby steps. change clothing style and wear out in public..people dont notice but you will. wear some low heels with long pants things like that. after a couple of years i was presenting as a full time woman..myself. then i went on hrt. it fit perfectly. tip: make very subtle changes and people wont even notice. trust me it took my sister a year to figure out i had been changing because i did things soo slow...eyebrows, light makeup just a little at atime and before long it felt natural for me to present this way and made me soo confident that i began to not even care what people thought if i did get clocked. ps kids are the most observant of all! i can go on and on with tips i used. look me up if you like..chow.. 
    • Motormouth95
      I switched from boxers to boxer briefs for packing purposes several months ago. I found that i prefer the fit of the latter, and I now pack on a somewhat regular basis, but I've had some "slippage." It's been more annoying than I huge issue, but I want to avoid it if possible when my college starts back next week (Jan. 26th) . (I tried trunks, but I don't like the short legs). I know that getting an actual harness is the best option, but I don't have the time to wait on one to arrive in the mail. That's why I'm thinking of trying a jock strap under my boxer briefs because I can buy them locally. I was wondering if anyone has used them for this purpose before, and if y'all think this might be a possible solution.
    • Carolyn Marie
      That's really a wonderful story to read; not the attack, of course, but the community response.  Hopefully the victim will take heart knowing that she has friends in the community.  The attackers need to be punished, for sure.   Carolyn Marie
    • Heather Nicole
      My favorite part is the line "Channeling Chris Knight?"
    • Heather Nicole
      Oh, you are sooo not alone on this...Can relate sooo much...
    • Erica Gabriel
      Sqweeeee 😊❤️😊
    • ElizabethStar
      I always just call but sometime I have to call a couple of times to get through. My last few appointments have been done tele-health and I was able to get blood work done out by me. They're over an hour from me so I do understand the drive to get there. When I made my first appointment they did ask if I had a preferred name, that's when the name Elizabeth chose me. They're good people there. No one has ever questioned or looked at me strange. Just made me feel normal.
    • JustineM
      A bad situation that has a hopeful end.   https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vehicle-parade-in-mission-draws-strong-support-for-student-attacked-and-beaten-by-peers-1.5877139?fbclid=IwAR0ys3klQAqGXIYfpoRbfniW3wJ7RLvgrFpZKAZsx9u9TswL-BFLkUQ1cDk
    • Abi
      I really wish I wasn't so lonely all the time but, I am to scared to leave this darkness that hides my shadow from me. 😭
    • Jamie68
      I'm guessing Howard Brown is about 1-1/2 hrs. away. I sent them a message once to get an appointment, they didn't respond. It's worth another try. I live about an hour south of the intersection of I-80 and I-55. Thanks
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