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The rowboat from England arrived!


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I just received in the mail a letter about my birth certificate.  The Registrar General has received my Gender Recognition Certificate (which is more than I have!) and is giving me information on applying for my new birth certificate.  The letter was mailed May 21st!! 


I assume that, with the shortage of transatlantic flights due to covid-19, they sent it over on a rowboat.  So maybe the rowboat with my Gender Recognition Certificate, which was allegedly mailed on May 13th, is nearing port, too.


Anyway, it's good news.  Things have been happening overseas.  I didn't really care about the GRC.  It was merely a step I had to take before getting my new birth certificate.  That process can get under way now.  I actually have a sample in my possession of a birth certificate with my proper name and proper gender on it!  It has "SAMPLE" stencilled across it, but it looks good!

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Wow that was slow, yet excellent news Kathy after all and having that piece of paper with the correct info on it, is such a wonderful feeling. Hopefully the "official" copy is not far behind.





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I have a magazine subscription from somewhere in Great Britain. A while back they sent me a card that said, "Because of COVID, our overseas mail is bollocks. Please bear with us." Then there was a link to their online copy, free of charge for the inconvenience. The point being that yeah, shipping overseas is a mess right now.


Even so, congratulations! I hope to get the last bit of paperwork I need to start changing my birth certificate in a couple of weeks.



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Congratulations Kathy on the news about your certificate.  That is terribly slow service though. Yikes!  I recently sent a card to a friend in Israel and it took about 5 days.  

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Carolyn Marie

That's great news, Kathy.  A rowboat is certainly better than no boat, right?  Congrats!


49 minutes ago, Jackie C. said:

A while back they sent me a card that said, "Because of COVID, our overseas mail is bollocks. Please bear with us."


I love the English that the British speak.  I never get tired of reading or listening to it.  I, too, am waiting on a magazine from the U.K.  It's probably on the same row boat.


Carolyn Marie


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Congratulations, Kathy!  It's awesome to receive confirmation of progress.

Had too Google "bollocks" @Jackie C..  Hmmmm... love that word! (specially definition #1 in Oxfords Dictionary).  Might have to find a way to insert that into my sentences ?

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It can be pretty bad everywhere. I am waiting for some parts from Russia which appear to have been waiting for transport for a couple of weeks. The internal post appears to be  good there. It is international.


I should point out though, that in the lockdown, government departments have been working a very much reduced service. I think I have seen that some are effectively providing emergency service only so clerical things may be slow. Passports are aother issue!



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We waited 8 weeks for two nighties to come from China.  I think they rowed around the Horn and must have encountered a storm.

 I do enjoy the language of the  British Isles.  It is one of the few close enough to proper East Coast english that i rarely need sub titles. :D





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@KayC Although it is a word for the male anatomy - if you do try to fit it in, the word is a synonym for rubbish and should be used in phrases such as "Why do politicians always talk such utter bollocks?". Unless you are trying to say that something is absolutely fantastic in which case, for some unknown reason it can be described as, "the dog's bllocks". Either way it is not for pleasant company though, it isn't a swear word as such, but it is considered a crass term to use.

Delivery times are atrocious right now, but services are slowly starting up again and getting better. @KathyLauren I'm sure it will all be sorted soon!

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52 minutes ago, DeeDee said:

Either way it is not for pleasant company though, it isn't a swear word as such, but it is considered a crass term to use.

Thank you, DeeDee❣️  I was just trying to be funny ? I realized from the definition I would probably best not try to use it myself .. but I did think it was an interesting term/slang. 

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I hope that the shipping is quicker in the other direction, as I have just ordered a part for my Chevy from Miami, Florida.  Not that there is any rush, as there are no car shows to go to at the moment.



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22 minutes ago, Robin said:

Not that there is any rush, as there are no car shows to go to at the moment.

:(  I trust they will return soon! 

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Hi Jani,


Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed, that social events will return to normal in the not too distant future.  At the moment, gatherings are extremely limited, unless there are sufficient numbers to prevent the police from doing anything about it.



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3 hours ago, Robin said:

I hope that the shipping is quicker in the other direction


Me too.  My next step is to return the form the sent me, with payment, telling them how many copies of my birth certificate I want.  Let's hope it's not the same rowboat going the other way!

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Wonder of wonders, the second rowboat from England docked today.  I now have my official Gender Recognition Certificate.  It only took 84 days! ?  Onward with the Brits and my birth certificate...


And somewhere between here and Ottawa is a snail with covid, carrying my application to update my citizenship records.  Which, if it ever goes through, will allow me to get a proper passport.  So I can go to all the places I can't go to because of travel restrictions.


It's a good thing I have a sense of humour about this stuff, because I'd have to cry if I didn't.

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26 minutes ago, KathyLauren said:

So I can go to all the places I can't go to because of travel restrictions.


It's a good thing I have a sense of humour about this stuff, because I'd have to cry if I didn't.


Oh Yes!  The places we will go!   Having a sense of humor is the only way to deal with this.  Otherwise we'd go insane!!


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    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🐈   Happy birthday KathrineJulia!🎂 Happy birthday Michelle 2010!🎂 Happy birthday Shiratori!🎂 Happy birthday Woahshutitdown!🎂 Hope you have a beautiful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Susan R
      So sorry to hear about this, Gina. I can’t even see this person’s logic in requiring you to post any avatar pic whatsoever.  It’s this sort of thing that has kept me off of all mainstream social media sites but I had no idea that this stuff could happen on a ‘community’ based social media site put in place to specially serve and help members like us.   Susan R🌷
    • magical realism
      As far as I understand thats perfectly normal for all women. I think I read somewhere that those kind of low grade feelings are from liking how you look,when you feel attractive and confident about yourself and really great about yourself you get strong attractive feelings. Cause feeling sexy is sexy. I think a lot of women get that way sometimes on a good day from what I understand.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Hey @Chloe Cozee!! Thanks for sharing more of your story sis! I love it! You are an amazing woman and you sound like you're coming along nicely. I'm proud of you. Love the profile pic too, btw ❤️
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Hi @tomiand welcome!! Idk how I missed this post until now, but I am glad you're here and I hope you feel at home. Thanks for sharing your story with us. ❤️
    • magical realism
      Thank you for posting this,Ive been going through similar issues with my family. I just didnt realize it was guilt. I was always and kind of still am afraid of what might happen if i appear to them one day as the person i really am. My father especially,hes a conservative legally blind tejano kinda guy, machismo plays a big part in his self worth. He hasnt been very stable as hes gotten older, (hes in his 70s) and hes still gets down on himself a lot. I get really worried sometimes if he found out suddenly that his son is actually his daughter, he might break down and never come back, or just disown me entirely, or both. Its still something im working on, but im trying my best to get past it. Little steps.
    • Astrid
      Consider finding an experienced gender therapist and have both of you attend sessions.  This made a real difference for me and my spouse.....   Best wishes,   Astrid 
    • Susan R
      @Chloe Cozee I like this quote very much. It can apply in a general sense to many different life situations but has even more meaning for me when thinking about it in terms of one’s personal journey of transition. Thanks for sharing this!   Susan R🌷
    • gina-nicole-t
      I have never been a member of another forum except this one, and am glad to be a member of it. The biggest problem I have had with the community has been on social media. I was messaged by another trans woman on a social media account that I have had for 12 years. She demanded that I put up a real picture of myself on my profile. When I explained that I didn't have one due to the pandemic putting off my surgeries, she demanded I change my name or leave the platform. I changed my name and she has basically outed me to every trans person on this platform. I know realize that Pride and everything I was looking forward too will now not be an enjoyable experience post surgery and post pandemic for me. I would honestly like to know who put certain people in charge of making new trans people's lives miserable? We all went through the same thing. Yes some of you are more beautiful than some of us. That doesn't give you the right to make our lives worse. I don't ever hear Lavern Cox, Trace Lysette, or Jamie Clayton judging anyone.  Respectfully,  Gina
    • KatieP
      I have been to PHR in Wilmette, IL several times over the past 18 months, each time with Dr. Z doing the twilight and facial numbing. While I liked the man (and really liked his daughter when she came through one time), I have always thought he was exceptionally cavalier with his numbing, which made me worry a lot about how he would be in an actual surgery. For instance, he uses one hand with the syringe, and the other hand is not stabilizing my head/face. Several times the needle has gone through my cheek, into my mouth, leaving a bunch of lidocaine in my mouth, and then straight through the inside to another part of my skin. Even with the twilight medicine it is literally the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life so far. And MANY people have had amazing results from Dr. Z. For me though, he came off the list of possibles after my second round of numbing with him.    Katie
    • Jani
      That's awesome @Heather Nicole.  My mother is of the same descent and she's going strong in her late 80's.  
    • Jani
      Hi @AudreyI'm in southern NH and snow is pretty non-existent here.  Not much further up north due to warm spells and rain we've had.  I imagine ski areas are making snow but I don't know how much they work on cross country trails.  You'd probably have to go pretty far north to get consistent coverage at state parks and trails.   Jani  
    • Brianna1
      I am new to transgender. Realized it about a year ago. Have wardrobe and do some feminine things. Trying to stay married and not hurt her anymore then I have. Want to start hrt and that is her biggest hang up besides being married to a woman. Any advice how to smooth things over?
    • LaurenA
      I guess I don't believe anything I read on almost all of the social networks. They're all too easy to scam and all under regulated.
    • DonkeySocks
      Hi, Tyler! Others have mentioned exercise and self-awareness, awareness of your tendencies. Those things will definitely help. Exercise can actually make you less hungry. I might add that if you know you're going to sometimes really want to make yourself feel better with food, stock up on high-fiber foods so you have something tasty, comforting, but also healthy and filling available anytime. Low-fiber sweet foods probably aren't going to make you feel as good in the long run. High-fiber desserts can give you both a decent snack and a feelgood food. My go-to would be oatmeal cookies, but whatever works! If you make your own desserts, you can add a little less sugar than called for, to up the fiber proportionately. Cookies and brownies freeze well. I make brownies with part whole-wheat flour and flax seed.
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