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Wife says go leave house and have the nerve to say what I want .


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Me and my wife had a big bust up cus I ordered a dress from tu sainsbury's. 

I ordered it on the friday and didnt tell her till sunday . She was very angry and said how is she to trust me .

She said go and leave the house and end up were I end up . Cus I've no place to go 

Which is not her concern . I lose everything . I want to go to docs and get blood tests but if I go I will be crippled financially.  But were would I go. I would end up sleeping in my vw transporter . So in there for now and told her I will be honest with her . But my dysphoria she just doesnt get it . To how hard it is to deal with . What do I do 

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Kate whatever you decide should be predicated with you not living on the street.  This is not and would not be a good situation.  Try to re-establish a line of communication that is honest and open.  I know its hard for you.  Its hard on your wife.  You're married and life is a compromise.  Unfortunately your wife has seen this as a one way street (since you didn't tell her about spending the money on the dress) and she have been hurt.  Do what you need to patch things up.   

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Thank you I think that is good advise .

It wasnt the money it's the fact I ordered the dress but didnt tell her .that caused most of the hurt . Due to the fact I have a lit of clothes already and the fact it was secretive to her cus I didnt tell her straight away .

We have patched things up but wounds are fresh . So may take a bit of time .


Kate xx

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Thats good.  Work on being open with her.  It's important to your relationship.  It will in the long term be good for you as well.  




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I think your right there that being open 

In a relationship is good .

Its something I've stopped doing and just keep it all to myself .

Which doesn't help .


Kate xx 

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Kate, unless she is the sole owner or Tennant of the house she cannot legally tell you to leave just like that, she would need to get a court order to get you out, and I can't see that a judge would accept you neglecting to tell your wife about ordering a dress as sufficient grounds for such a court order, however I also agree with what jani said in that being totally open in any relationship is by far the best way to ensure that the relationship is as healthy as can be for all involved. 



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Thank you Daphne

And I think your right . Me and the wife have patched things up now and so I wont be going anywhere.

Thank you all for listening and for your thoughts and support. 



Kate xx

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I'm late to the party, but I agree with @Jani. Open and honest communication are key to making a relationship work. Honestly, hiding my true self from my wife was killing me so I told her WAY before my therapist suggested. Fortunately it worked out. I had no plan B. ?


So yeah, be open and honest with her about what you're feeling. When the world reopens, see if she'll take you clothes shopping. Shopping as a couple is so much better than flying solo. We get one dressing room and go nuts. I've got some of my favorite pieces that way and we're talking about converting the guest bedroom into a walk-in closet.



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My wife likes to shop with me too.

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Well the dress I bought needs a belt 

So me and the wife went shopping and 

While we were looking I showed her a dress I liked she liked it too . So she then bought it for me . It was £63 pounds but was reduced to £ 20 pounds.  So she bought a dress worth £ 63 pounds for me . I was over the moon about that. 

It's a wrap dress with a realy nice print on it .

Which was a realy nice gesture of her

When really she doesnt approve of it .



Kate xx

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Being honest has its perks.  She may come around as time goes on and you can talk openly.



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      Here's another one…   https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2021/01/iowa-bill-criminalize-medical-treatment-transgender-youth-will-outgrow/
    • Willow
      Yes I’m hoping the E goddess friends me soon.  I was on Spironolactone for a year, and Progesterone for nine months before my left nipple showed any signs of life.  That’s when my  endocrinologist gave in and put me on E. Not quite 3 months on that along with the other two. Almost the next day my right nipple woke up.  They both still hurt. I will say I think there has been shape change but not size.  More feminine perk, less male flop.   on another note, saw my foot doctor today because of the wet episode yesterday.  The nurse took out my stitches, and sent me to x-ray. No sooner were the X-rays up when in walked the doctor. Looked everything over and decided I was good, healing nicely x-rays showed everything was as it should be.  Told me stay with the boot and the scooter.  I could take the boot off in bed and I could shower but not soak my foot.  All that and three days early!     This girl would do a happy dance but it would end up one footed hopping until I fell on my face.  😃   happy hugs   Willow
    • Charlize
      My preferences have not changed.  i like men and am flattered when they are attracted to me but i have never been attracted to them.  There is no reason to change that once one transitions.   I did have trouble with that concept years ago before i knew that the way i felt wasn't really weird or that i was some repressing my self as a gay man.  If anything i am a lesbian and have expressed that reality to several men when pressed.   Relax and be yourself!  Sexuality does not, as mentioned above, rule who we are any more than it does the cis gender community.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Shay
    • Shay
    • Shay
      I missed welcoming you but I see you're thoroughly integrated and that's great. Welcome.
    • Mx.Drago
      I use to play D&D 3.5ed and just got the Pathfinder figures just looked cool. I didn't like D&D 4ed. Love painting the new bones miniatures, did the Kickstarter and got a bunch of them cuz no basecoat needed. Did tons of White Wolf LARP including the older versions in college. Sadly the pandemic killed my physical gaming habits, use to go camping for free as an NPC for this one game held on a couple of different sites. Wanted to try the ones out in New Jersey, but will have to wait.😓 Might just go once as a plague doctor character then run off into the woods to hide from people.
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      This is (still) me. Someday soon I hope I will feel less fearful in front of the camera. Working on that self-consciousness demon.   Four months into HRT (anniversary was yesterday), I mostly have extremely sore nipples and what might *barely* be called an A cup. I hope the estrogen goddess gives me her blessings in due time.   Back to work...   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Shay
      Listened to my friend's interview with Bill Payne at the time of The Last Record Album and I forgot about this one...    
    • Jackie C.
      Yeah, funny that. I got real camera-shy about the same time puberty hit. Now? Yeah, take a picture. I look amazing.   Hugs!
    • Jamie68
      I think mine will still grow more. My nipples are still tender, and seem to get hard quite often. I have nice firm "A" breasts now.
    • Drayse
      Thanks @Lexi Cand @Timber Wolffor the nice welcomes.
    • Gabriel
      Hi Robyn I came out to my sons three months ago. They are 14 and 19. The eldest took it in stride, we jocked a bit about it and he's been trying different ways to call me since then. Seems like pops is sticking (I was mama before and his dad is papa). My youngest is another story. First he said he didn't want to know. I gave him time and I told him a couple of weeks later. He was ok with it, but he was more clingy for a few weeks, but he is totally back to normal now. I embraced his need and just showed him that I'm still here for him exactly the same as ever. He is ok and he is aware of it, but he still calls me mama. That is ok, every kid has their process and their timing and that is perfect. I'm not pushing anything. Also, I'm not on HRT yet so there are not physical changes that makes it easier to see things changing.   Love, understanding and time make a good recipe. Seeing what they need, giving them the space to process it and not pushing more information that what they ask for - sharing what you feel is your gender identity and then let them lead with questions (if there is any, thay can be pretty blasé). They will show you how much information is right for them in the questions they ask.   It's only been 15 weeks and my relationship with my eldest already got closer and it is just as good as always with my youngest.   For what you describe your kids will probably be perfectly ok with it.   
    • ElizabethStar
      @Willow I didn’t think about the fuel. I think it just celebrated its 2nd year in the tank. We didn’t get much snow last year.    @Bri2020 I’m holding off on another fashion show for a bit. My friend said she has more clothes for me.    it’s very interesting how I’ve changed. I used to disappear like a ghost at picture time. 
    • Jackie C.
      This is one I personally have trouble with.     My therapist likes to remind me that I don't have to be fighting all the time.   Hugs!
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